"This is for the good of the world."

I was pinned against the wall. The Egyptian god of knowledge, Thoth, was taking me around the school building, when he pushed me against the wall. After I asked something stupid… probably. I flinch slightly as his face comes closer to my own. After growling at me, I was released. I watch as his figure recedes down the hallway.


"Good morning, Thoth-sama!"

I glance up from my book slightly to look at the human before looking back down at my book again without saying a word. Yui Kusanagi. The human brought here to teach the gods about humans. It seemed that when we first met, she was frightened of me. After some time though, she began to visit the library more often. Every morning to be exact. She always left before I did though, to talk with the other gods. I thought today would be no exception. I heard her close her book and place it back on the shelf. Instead of walking away, she came up to me.

"Um, do you think we can walk together going to class?" She asked. As the words came out, I turned my head sharply to her. Surprise crosses her face at my expression and she continues now that she has my attention.

"I stayed later than I thought I would and it's time for class already so…" The sudden fluttering in my chest is quickly vanishes as I realize that she only wanted to go with me is because we are both going to the same place. I remember the quick flutter in my chest and made a mental note to learn about it. As the god of knowledge, I make sure to know everything. I close my book and set it down with a sigh.

"Ah, but if it's too much trouble I'll just go by myself." She turns to leave. I stand up quickly and pin her against the bookcase.

"It's rude to walk away when someone is responding to your question." I growl as I lean my face closer to hers.

"S-sorry!" she squeaks.

"Now for my answer. Yes, I'll walk with you, but don't expect me to reward your rudeness with doing you a favor." She nods and I release her. Shoving my hands into my pockets, I start walking to class. I hear her running to catch up and I grin slightly.

As we enter the classroom, all eyes were upon us.

"Take a seat. Class will begin shortly." I whisper in her ear. She move to her seat and sits down.


I take a seat and the first thing I notice is the silence. As the lesson ends, I stand up and turn to the gods. Suddenly, I was bombarded with questions.

"fairy-san! Why did you and Thoth come in together?!" Apollon was the first to explode.

"C-calm down! We were just-" I was cut off by more questions.

"Kusanagi, what is the meaning of this!?" Takeru exploded soon after Apollon did.

"It's not like-" I tried again.

"You two seem close." Dionysus grinned in a knowing way.

"No, we're not that-" I was interrupted once again.

"Indeed. So, what's your relationship with him?" I was surprised that the one that asked that was Tsukito.


"Are you going out?" Leave it to Loki to make things more complicated.


"My misfortune must have caused this." Hades was traumatizing himself again.

"No, hades-san. It's not like that at all-"

"Then what is it?!" A chorus of voices asked all at once.

"I said, It's not like that-" This time, an arm reached around me and pulled me in.

"She said it's nothing so stop bugging her." I glance up to see Thoth glaring at the Gods. I take this chance to speak.

"I was just in the library late, so I decided to walk with Thoth-sama to class." I explain and relieved faces broke out around me. Loki still had one thing left to say.

"So then, do you like him?"

"NO!" I burst out because of frustration and anger. Before I could take a breath to continue explaining that I only see him as a friend, Thoth's hand removes itself from my shoulder. I turn quickly to look at him and I'm shocked at the cold expression on his face as he regarded me with contempt. I quickly realize my mistake and take off after him as he walks away. As I exit the classroom, I look left and right but I can't find him. I say a hasty good bye to the gods before running off to look for him.

Where would he be?

After about 2 hours of looking, I place one hand against the wall and look out the window. The sun was setting and I regarded it tiredly. I jump as I figure out where he would be.

The library! Of course!

I ran to the library and sure enough, Thoth was there. I approach him slowly.

"Thoth-sama, I didn't mean-"

I let out a short gasp of pain as my head hits the bookshelf.

In that moment, I knew I had no intention of resisting.

"If you didn't mean that, then what did you mean?" He growls at me angrily. The pain in his face was evident and I knew I was the one who caused it. I feel tears forming and made no move to wipe them away. A small mix of alarm crossed his face and my tears fell freely.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. That's not how I feel about you at all!" The tears start coming faster and then suddenly, his lips were upon mine. My arms were raised above my head as he bit my bottom lip. I gasp in air and he takes that opportunity to deepen the kiss. His tongue explores every inch of my mouth before he pulls back. By this point my tears slowed to the occasional drop.

"I haven't been entirely truthful to you." He say in a husky whisper. Just then, my head began to spin. I didn't stop for a break until I found him. As I fall, I hit the corner of the bookcase, causing it to fall towards me. I close my eyes and brace for the impact of both hitting the floor and the bookcase hitting me. My mind goes blank as I black out. In the distance, I hear Thoth calling my name. Then, nothing.

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