"I have a favor to ask of you."

It was only a twitch of Thoth's finger that indicated his surprise towards her out burst. He knew her creeping around was suspicious, but he thought she would have tried to come up with an excuse and scurry away. In fact this did not happen. He blinked and set his arm out to lean against the wall, most likely to recover from his initial surprise.

"Oh? And what is this 'favor' you ask of?" He asks, barely managing to repress a smirk. Yui paused then. She hadn't realized he would be so quick to listen to her. She had been fully prepared to launch into a hopefully convincing argument, but it seems it hadn't been needed.

"Well, i'm actually trying to figure out what happened to me." She starts slowly- sounding out each word carefully. As she began again she was interrupted.

"I'm getting impatient. Just tell me what assistance you require, or I shall be on my way. I do have things to do." He said stiffly. When he saw her face fall he felt a small twinge of regret.

"I-I'm so sorry to keep you like this. It's not that important anyway..." Yui looked away from Thoth, unable to hide her embarrassment. But what she had said was partially true. It wasn't that important. Her curiosity was starting to get the best of her, and on top of it she was unintentionally about to cause a possible issue with him. She had wanted to ask about their relationship- of course it would have been unwise to deal with such a complicated thing so late at night. She silently thanked his impatience for stopping her before she did something she might regret. At the back of her mind was what she had really come here for, though once she saw the god of Knowledge, those thoughts were pushed aside.

Thoth held a neutral expression on his tanned face. He hadn't meant to upset her; he had only wanted her to ask, possibly beg him to stay. For some reason he wanted to be needed by this human girl. At the thought of wanted to be needed his body stiffened.

Needed? I, the great God of Knowledge, want to be needed? And by this human no less?!

He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn't hear Yui's nervous goodnight and her escape- probably back to her room. By the time he broke out of his turbulent thoughts he had noticed she was no longer there. He muttered a few curses and mentally kicked himself before walking back to his room.

What the Hell am I doing?

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