Coming Back

Summary: Felicity hasn't felt the same after she saw Oliver and Sara getting back together. What happens when Sara sees something she wasn't expecting after Tockman shoots Felicity? How will Felicity react? What is really going on with their IT girl? An Olicity story.

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Felicity POV

Things were different. There was no need to soften the truth. When she told him what she had discovered, about Thea's father, he told her she would not loose him.

He shouldn't have said anything.

Because the truth was, she already had. Honestly, she didn't know why she was still on the Team. Sara could do everything she did and more. And the fact that she could kick ass could not be forgotten.

But, apart from that, her friendship with Oliver had changed. At Queen Consolidated she really had started to feel like she was only Oliver's EA. Hell, he almost only spoke to her about work or Arrow business. The somewhat easy friendship was almost non-existent.

At the lair it was the exact same thing. Only Arrow business was spoken to her. She felt like she was really only the IT girl. And lately she had started to feel like she was not even needed for that.

To be honest, she felt, for the first time, in a very long time, truly alone. It's true she still had Diggle, but he also had his life, he couldn't always be with her.

Lately the loneliness had been overwhelming. Most of the nights, she fell asleep with tear tracks on her face. She couldn't sleep or eat properly. And to add to that, Isabel's not so pleasant jabs about her work at QC had started to affect her. Felicity had started to doubt herself and the thought of quitting her current position of Oliver's Executive Assistant and going back to the IT department has crossed her mind.

The only good thing in her life at the moment was her friendship with Thea and Roy. They were the only ones who know how she really felt. And most importantly, they were the only ones who knew everything about her past. Not even Diggle knew why she came to Starling. Sometime she felt has if the only reason she hadn't lost her sanity was because of those two. They were there whenever she needed, only a call away.

The best thing about their friendship was that there was no need to lie to them about anything, including Arrow business. Roy knew everything due to the Mirakuru in his system, which led to his integration on the Team. Thea wasn't technically on the Team but knew about it ever since she was kidnapped after the Undertaking.

What Thea also knew, was that her biological father was not Robert Queen but Malcom Merlyn. She had been at home when Felicity had confronted Moira about it and didn't like the way her mother had talked to Felicity one bit. At the rally she had seen the blond IT girl talking to her brother, and from his reaction, she could only conclude that Felicity had told him everything despite her mother's threats.

Later that night, Thea had asked Roy to go with her to Felicity's place, after she had told him everything she had seen and heard. He was nothing but supportive.

When they got there, they knocked on the door, rang the bell, and nothing. Starting to get worried, Thea mentally apologized to her friend, and used the key Felicity had given her, a couple of weeks ago, to use in case of an emergency, to open the door. What she saw broke her heart.

Felicity as lying on her couch, sobbing, and she could that had been happening for a while. 'Oh God, what happen to her?' Thea asked herself.

"Roy, go get her something to drink please." He nodded with a concerned face. On the way to the kitchen, he stopped by the couch and kissed Felicity's forehead.

"Felicity, sweetheart, what happened? Is everything alright? Does this have anything to do with what you told my brother earlier? At my mother's rally?" With this last question, Felicity quieted almost instantly and her eyes opened, looking fearful.

"I…I have no idea what you're talking about." She said with a small voice, not looking at Thea's face. Looking at Felicity, Thea couldn't help but being angry with his brother. How could he ask Felicity to lie for him, with something like this?

"Fee, honey, look at me." Felicity raised her head to look at Thea, and her heart broke when she saw Felicity's scared face. She could imagine what she was thinking, she was afraid of losing Thea's friendship. And with her past, her fear was almost crippling. "I know. I know everything. I know that my biological father isn't Robert Queen but Malcom Merlyn."

Felicity stared at Thea with an incredulous face.

"You…You know? But…H…How?" She questioned, completely taken by surprise.

"I was there when you confronted my mother. I heard everything. And when I say everything, I mean everything. I went to my room after you left the house." She replied with a small smile.

Felicity could feel her eyes watering up again. Only this time she didn't cry alone. Thea was there and they leaned on one another. Felicity told her how she found out the truth. They talked about Moira and her veiled threats. And then came the subject she really didn't want to talk about. Oliver.

"Now Fee, tell us the truth. What happened with Oliver?" asked Roy, entering the room with some bottled water for the girls. He had decided to give them some alone time, feeling that they needed it.

Thea and Roy looked at Felicity with expecting but supportive eyes.

Felicity took a deep breath and started to talk.

"He noticed that I was not myself during the day, so he corned me to talk about what was bothering me. I didn't know how to start, so, hum, I kind of told him about my father, how he abandoned us, me and my mother" she said with a small voice, and Thea took her hand. "he then asked if there was a problem with my family and I said no, that it was a problem related to his. And the I told him…God, you should have seen his face. He looked so…broken." She said closing her eyes. "After the rally he came to talk to me about you, Thea. He said that for your protection it would be better if you didn't know. And God, he convinced me to agree with him. After that he left." She finished with a small voice, her voice breaking a little in the word left.

Roy and Thea looked at one another and then at Felicity. They could see she was hiding something from them, something she didn't want to tell them. So, Thea decided to try to make her talk about it.

"But that's not all, isn't it Felicity? There's something else." She asked, trying to get Felicity to open up.

With this question, Felicity's eyes got even sadder, and there was something about her posture that screamed defeat, that screamed she had given up on something. When she started to speak, it was with a voice so small, Thea and Roy almost couldn't hear her.

"A few hours ago I decided to go to the Foundry to talk to Oliver, to see if there was something I could do to help him. I should have known better. God, when will I learn that I mean nothing more to him? That I'm just his EA and IT girl?" She asked with a bitter laugh. This scared Thea and Roy. They had only heard her talk like that when referring to one situation located in her past. Never was it related to Oliver. Thea was almost afraid to ask what her brother had done.

"What did he do?" she asked. Felicity looked at the wall, she couldn't look at them while speaking. She didn't know if she could stand tem seeing the hurt and heartbreak in her eyes.

"I saw them as soon as I arrived. Sara and Oliver, on the mats. They didn't even notice I was there, they just continued. God, couldn't they have done it at another place? Did it have to be my sanctuary?" She cried. Thea couldn't help but hug her, while Roy rubbed her back in comforting circles.

Thea and Roy looked at each other incredulously. Oliver had done what? In the Foundry of all places! How could he have done this to Felicity? She wore her heart on her sleeve, everyone could see how much she cared for him.

Thea couldn't believe what her brother had done, but at the moment she ignored her own reactions to the news and focused on her best friend. She had to be there for her. Thank God it's Friday. She'll have the weekend to deal with this. I'll make sure she won't have to set a foot on the Foundry until Monday. Thea though. She looked at Roy and saw the same look she was sure she had in her own eyes. They had a friend to support, and they weren't going anywhere.

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