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Previously on 'Coming Back'

Felicity living room was in shambles. Things were destroyed. Couches were ripped open and books and DVD's were thrown all around the living room. Her clothes, which were in her bedroom to begin with, were ripped apart and discarded around the place. She didn't even want to imagine how her bedroom must look.

But what had her, Diggle and Oliver extremely worried, even though the latter had no understanding of what was going on, was the writing on the wall, directed especially to Felicity.


Things had just gotten way worse than Felicity could ever had imagined.

Chapter 8

Oliver looked around but could not understand what he was seeing. It just didn't make any sense. He could understand the words but he could not relate them with Felicity. Who could possibly want to hurt her?

He recalled how she had looked that day in the office. In the morning she had looked relatively normal but now, looking back, he could see that something had spooked her during the time he was away from the office. Her expression had been similar to the one she had when Felicity had a bomb collar strapped to her neck. Scared but trying to be brave. And then she had left earlier than usual with Thea. Which meant that whatever was going on with Felicity, his sister knew, and if she knew, it was almost certain that Roy knew as well.

He was still staring at the wall when he felt Diggle and Felicity walk into the room. He could feel their eyes on him. He looked around for a few minutes before he focused his attention on them.

The look on Felicity face broke his heart. She was terrified. And he didn't know who had put that look on her face. Once he found out, that person was as good as dead.

"Felicity, what is going on?" He asked in a low tone, trying not to scare her. "You can trust me. Whatever is going on with you, I want to help. Please Felicity." Said Oliver, walking towards her.

"I…I didn't want you to find out like this, I wanted to be the one to tell you once I was ready. It wasn't supposed to be like this…" She started hyperventilating. Diggle helped Felicity sitting down and Oliver kneeled right next to her.

"Please Felicity, tell me what's going on, I want to help you." Oliver said, almost begging.

Felicity didn't say anything, did not respond. She was thinking of how she was going to explain everything to Oliver. Somehow telling him her story was different than telling Diggle or even Roy, Felicity did not want to think about the ramifications of that feeling.

While Felicity thought things over, Oliver was getting even more concerned due to her silence. It was when Oliver was about to speak tat Felicity started talking, only it wasn't to him but to Diggle.

"John, do you mind giving us some time please?" she asked.

"Are you sure?"


"Very tell. In that case, I'm going to have a look around, see if I can see anything. And then I'll call the rest of the guys and Detective Lance. If you need anything I'm only a call away." Once Diggle mentioned Lance Oliver got even more concerned for his blonde friend. If they had involved the police the situation must have been more serious than he had considered.

But under all the concern was also hurt. Was he the only one who didn't know what was going on? He thought.

They had been alone for a couple of minutes when Felicity started talking.

"The person who did this is…is my ex-boyfriend. My ex-boyfriend who got out of jail due to good behavior and because he had therapy." She said, not looking at Oliver.

Once Oliver heard ex-boyfriend and jail and added that to the message written on Felicity's wall, he had a really bad feeling. And the image he was conjuring from the little she had told him was not a good one. He just hopped that what he was thinking about wasn't true.

"Felicity…" he started. He wanted to know the answer to his question, but at the same time he didn't. "Why was he in jail?" he asked with a calm voice.

With Oliver's question, Felicity tried to make herself smaller if possible. And if Oliver's thought things were bad before, now he was sure.

"I put him in there a couple of years ago. Before coming to Starling." She paused, thinking how she was going to explain things without telling too much. There were things she didn't want Oliver to know.

"I put him in jail because he tried to kill me. He put me in the hospital for weeks" she said, not looking at Oliver. She couldn't imagine what he must have looked like.

"He…did…what?" he questioned in what Felicity liked to call his Arrow voice, with some incredulity thrown in.

"Oliver was expecting something bad, but he never expected something like that. How could someone try to kill Felicity? She is everything that is good. He didn't understand, and he needed to.

"There is a lot of things you don't know about me Oliver. Despite what many call a sunny personality, my life has never been an easy one." She said in a somewhat dark voice.

And that just helped Oliver beat himself up again. First he didn't even notice that one of his closest friends wasn't well. And now he was blaming himself for not noticing Felicity's life had been anything but stellar.

"Could you tell me now? Explain what happened with your ex?"

She paused before starting.

"My childhood wasn't exactly a happy one. She started. "I had to start fending for myself when I was only fourteen, and for a while it was tougher than I had thought. When I got my letter from MIT I left and never looked back I never went back to Vegas. Haven't seen my mother since I left."

"You haven't visited?" he asked calmly. He hadn't expected what she said.

"Nope" the popped the p. "Don't have anything to go back to anyway." Somehow hearing Felicity say that about herself was like receiving a punch to the stomach. How was that possible? Felicity was sunshine. Everyone who met her loved her instantaneously.

"Was this when you met him? Your ex?"

"On my first day at MITI met Caitlin, she was my roommate. We just clicked, became best friends, almost sisters. She quickly introduced me to her parents and her boyfriend Jack. They became my family and Caitlin's boyfriend the overprotective big brother I never had. In Vegas I never dated, was too focused on school so that I could get a scholarship and get out of that city. Because of that I had no experience with guys and was very shy. Caitlin and Jack tried to set me up with some of their friends but it never panned out in a relationship." Felicity paused, thinking of how she was going to explain the rest. Oliver didn't say a thing. He could feel that talking about that subject was very hard for Felicity. He didn't want to make things worse than they already were.

"I met Joshua on my second year at MIT. I was working on this coffee shop and he was always around. Anyway, one thing led to another and we started dating. At first everything was going really well and I was happy. And then things started to change gradually. It was so very subtle and manipulative. He started with the little things, theway I used my hair, what I would wear, and then things got worse. It started with comments that he would say as if they were completely normal things to tell another person, things said for the said of being said (or so I thought). And then he escalated to being cruel in what he said and the threats followed soon after. I was so controlled by him, that the first time he hit me I did nothing, just stood there."

"He did what?" growled Oliver. "He put his hands on you like that?" He asked. He wanted to tear the guy to pieces.

If he reacts like that to this I wonder how he'll react to the rest. Thought Felicity.

"Yes" she paused. "Things got worse with time. He became more violent, aggressive and controlling. He put me in the hospital a couple of times. Every time someone asked me something about the injuries I'd give the same old answer, went against something or fell down or another stupid excuse."

Oliver was livid. He didn't want to think of Felicity in the position she had just described. Hurt by the hand of someone who said h cared for her. How could someone hurt her? She was such a good person, inside and outside.

"How did you get out? How did you manage to leave him?" He inquired, he knew that trying to leave a relationship like that was difficult as well as dangerous.

"I could see him getting worse as the days went by and I knew that there would be a day when he would take things too far. I realized that I had to leave at that moment or I would end up dead. Just another statistic. When I finally realized that I had to leave Joshua I talked with Caitlin and her family, which includes Jack. They helped me. When I broke up with him we were in a public place and Jack was nearby. It was hard, I was terrified of what he could do, even in public." She stopped, trying to calm herself.

"After that pat was done Caitlin and I moved into her parent's house. At first I tried to refuse, I didn't want to put them in any danger but they wouldn't take no for an answer." She paused remembering those days. The Stones were truly an incredibly family, she never would be able to thank them enough for what they did for her.

Oliver was looking at her, silently thanking people he had never met. If not for them, he probably would never have met Felicity. Something he couldn't imagine.

"However" she continued "even living with the Stones couldn't help how I felt outside their house. Wherever I would go Joshua would be there as well. He had started stalking me. That was when I finally got a restrain order against him. And that was when things started getting a little bit better. I enjoyed living with Cat and her parents. I never really had a family growing up, so it really was a completely different experience, having someone caring like that. But just like all things good, this too came to an end."

Felicity stopped, taking a deep breath, gaining courage to explain what happened next.

"Everything went to hell, didn't it?" questions Oliver, in a subdued voice.

"Yes. I had been living with the Stones for a while when everything went bad. I was only a couple of week away from getting my diploma and for the first time, in a very long time, I was alone at home. Cat's father and Jack were both at work and Cat and her mother had gone to the grocery store. Both of them had invited me to come but I was working on a personal project and told them to go without me. I was so focused on what I was doing that I didn't notice after a while that I was no longer alone."

"He found you. And he hurt you, didn't he?"

More than you could possibly know. Felicity thought to herself.

"Yes. He tried to kill me. He stabbed me. There was so much pain." She said as quickly as possible, trying to avoid looking at Oliver and putting her hand to her abdomen, the place where he had stabbed her. For a while she had phantom pains, now she only had them a couple times a year, majorly when the nightmares about that day occurred. "And then Joshua was no longer there and Jack was telling me to hold on and then I passed out. It was touch and go for a while. I only remember waking up in the hospital a couple of weeks later."

When Felicity was done telling what happened that day Oliver could barely contain himself, he was so full of rage. He wanted to find Joshua and obliterate him from existence. To think that he almost managed to hurt Felicity in such a way, that she almost died, he deserved the worst kind of punishment that he could come up with.

"You said that Jack was at work. How come he was the one to stop Joshua?" Asked Oliver. During the time that Felicity had been describing what had happened Oliver had gotten up, he could not stand still. His body was practically vibrating, needing to move, to destroy. She almost died and he didn't protect her. At that moment he didn't think of the fact that he had no knowledge of her at the time, he just wanted to hurt the guy that ad hurt her.

"It was his lunch break and he decided to pass by the house and see if everything was alright. Thank god for that, otherwise I would be dead".

"He flinched when he heard her say dead. A world without Felicity Smoak was completely unthinkable.

And then she stopped walking. He wanted to ask her but was afraid of hearing the answer. He closed his eyes. He didn't know I he could look into her eyes when she answered.

"You said it was touch and go for a while. How close were you. To… Not waking up?" He couldn't even say Felicity and dead in the same sentence, there was no way he could relate one word to the other.

Felicity looked at Oliver. She knew that he would not like the news but she sure as Google was not expecting this reaction. It looked like he was barely hanging on. She didn't know how she could deal with this Oliver, one that looked like he was going to explode due to something that had happened to her. She knew that Oliver somewhat cared about her, like he cared about John or even Roy but she could not understand his reaction.

She realized that he was waiting for her answer and decided to end his waiting.

"Too close… I crashed during surgery. Woke up couple of weeks later."

"Fuck" said Oliver. Turning his back to her. He didn't want her to see the expression on his face. He was barely holding the tears in his eyes. But somehow Felicity understood how he was feeling and gave him some space. It was once he was finally in control of himself that he looked at her. And then he remembered what she said in the beginning.

"It was your ex who did this, the one who got out of jail." His voice looked more like a growl when he spoke to Felicity.

"Yes" she confirmed, even if his voice was not looking for confirmation.

"Did Diggle know?"

"Yes…" she responded, not following the way he was thinking.

"Then, why the hell were you alone when you arrived home? Why wasn't someone with you?" He questioned, if she hadn't know him, she would say that the expression she saw in his eyes was rage.

Unknown to them the person who had destroyed Felicity's house hadn't only left a path of destruction but also a way to know what was going on with Felicity. He wanted to know who she was friends with, what were her routines.

And it was through this way that he witnessed Felicity and Oliver's conversation.

He was going to study her, to learn everything about her again, she had changed. This way he could get back what was rightfully his, no matter what he had to do.

He was going to get Felicity back.

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