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Chapter One: The Judge of Hogwarts

"Ron, Harry, time to get up dears." Molly Weasley announced as she walked into her youngest son's room. A raven haired boy sat up on the cot he was sleeping on and reached around for his glasses. "Good morning Harry. Ron, get up!" A groan came from the bed next to Harry and Ronald Weasley sat up rubbing his eyes.

"Mum, what time is it?"

"It seven thirty in the morning dears. Come, come, breakfast will be ready soon and we need to take a trip to Diagon Alley today to get your school things." Harry placed his glasses on his face and looked to the retreating form of Mrs. Weasley going downstairs to finish breakfast.

After morning rituals were completed for the two teens they made their way to the kitchen to find Hermione, Ginny, Fred, George and Molly all at the table. "Alright everyone, dig in. We have a lot to do today." Everyone started to dig into their meals when Hermione brought up a question in everyone's mind.

"Mrs. Weasley, I thought all our shopping for school was done while we were at the World Cup?" Molly nodded.

"They were done dear but I received another Hogwarts letter concerning several things. I'll be taking you all to get proper dress clothes and then a trip to Flourish and Blotts for all of you to get a book on a type of Foreign Magic that you would like to learn. Everyone third year and up will be taking a new class this year that deals with that and I hear that the teacher is a master at every Foreign magic style known." The group paused in eating and looked to the woman.

"Do you know who the teacher is?" Molly shook her head.

"No dears. The letters all came from Dumbledore himself with the new additions to the regular list. Since I have no clue on what type of magic you would like to learn we'll be going today and I'll let you all decide for yourselves." Breakfast from that point was filled with talk about what type of magic they might be able to learn. Once everyone had finished and Mrs. Weasley started to use magic to clean up the dishes, the Hogwarts students found themselves flooing to Diagon Alley.

Once Harry had exited the fireplace, he followed his best friend's mother to Madame Malkin's shop where everyone proceeded to be fitted for dress robes.

"Mum, do I really have to do this? What am I gonna need these for anyway? I'm dressed like a girl!" Ron complained while the others just rolled their eyes at the boy.

"Really Ron. Dress robes are for a formal occasion! All that were said in the letters and by Dumbledore was that Fourth Years and above require dress robes. You'll take them and like em!" Molly scolded the boy as Harry took his turn with the woman.

"Ah, Mr. Potter, lovely to see you again. Let's get your measurements." Madame Malkin smiled to the boy and began taking his measurements.

"Ah, Madame Malkin, I see you are quiet busy today." The old woman looked towards her shop's door and gasped.

"Merlin bless me! It's been too long, Alex!" the name made everyone turn to the door and saw a man standing at the entrance of the shop. He was wearing standard muggle clothes: blue jeans, a black t-shirt, black leather belt and a pair of black boots. He was matching the same height of Molly and had short strawberry blond hair. He gave the woman a kind smile.

"It's lovely to see you again, Madame. I hope business has been profitable for you?" The old woman nodded.

"Of course, Alex. Is there anything I can help you with?" The man smiled, his sky blue eyes glowing for a bit.

"No, Madame, just looking for Mrs. Weasley." Molly glared at the man and walked over to him.

"What do you want?"

"Please, Mrs. Weasley, let us speak outside." Alex led the woman outside as Madame Malkin shook her head and went back to Harry.

"Madame, who was that?" Madame Malkin shook her head.

"No one for you to worry about, dear. Now, let me see. I think emerald green would go very well for you. It would compliment your eyes." Everyone watched the woman set about her shop.

Mrs. Weasley didn't return to the group until Hermione had gotten finished with her robes. The woman was annoyed and gathered everyone up once everything was paid for. "To Gringotts everyone! Seems we'll need more if you want to be able to buy anything while you're in Hogsmeade." Everyone followed the woman to the large bank. Hermione turned to Harry with a question in mind.

"Harry, I never got a chance to ask but I was wondering about this for some time. Do you know if your parents left you anything else besides a Trust Vault in their will?" Harry blinked in confusion.

"No, Hermione I don't even know if they had a will." Hermione frowned as Fred and George butted in speaking in their usual twin language.

"You know Harry,"

"You could always,"

"Ask the Goblins."

"They handle everything,"

"When it comes to wills and money."

Harry thought about it for a few minutes and nodded. "Alright I'll ask them while you guys go on ahead to your vaults and I'll meet you all at Flourish and Blotts. Let me ask Mrs. Weasley." Harry hurried to Molly and tapped her on the shoulder as they neared the doors to the great bank.

"Yes dear?"

"Would it be alright if I ask the Goblins to see my parents' wills?" Molly seemed to think on for a bit.

'I suppose it couldn't hurt. Dumbledore did say he'd taken care of everything.' "I don't see why not dear. Would you like for me to go to your vault for you?" Harry shook his head.

"No, I'll go myself. Would it be alright if we meet up at Flourish and Blotts? Or even Florean Fortescue's?" Molly smiled and nodded.

"That would be fine dear. We'll meet you for Ice cream before we go for your books." Harry gave the woman a grateful smile.

"Alright, thanks." The group walked into the bank and Harry headed to a separate teller. Once he neared the counter, he noticed the goblin behind it. "Hello, Griphook nice to see you again." The goblin looked up from a sheet of parchment with a raised brow.

"Mr. Potter? It's an honor to see you again, as well. I am surprised you would remember my name." Harry gave the creature a confused look.

"Why would that be? And please, call me Harry." Griphook nodded and placed his quill down.

"Well, Harry, most wizards think us lower then they are as we are not human. They usually do not concern themselves with our names unless it is with War Chief Ragnok. Now, how may I help you today?"

"I was wondering if I may take a look at my mother and father's wills please. A friend of mine brought up the question of what else they would have left me besides a trust vault." Griphook raised a brow.

"Did your magical guardian not tell you anything, Harry?" Harry blinked in confusion.

"My magical what?" Griphook narrowed his eyes and placed his closed sign up.

"Follow me, Harry. I smell something a foot." Harry was led around the counter and to a separate office where he was told to wait while Griphook retrieved the wills.

Meanwhile, Ron watched as Harry was escorted through a door and looked to his mother as they made their way to the cart that would take them to their vaults. "Hey mum, where's Harry going?" Molly shook her head.

"He's just going to see his parents' wills, dear. Don't worry, he'll be meeting up with us soon." Ron nodded and got into the cart with a grinning pair of twins and a slightly pale Hermione.

"I never did like this thing. Can we go a bit slower?" The goblin smirked and turned to the controls.

"One speed only Ms. Granger."


"So, you are sure you wish to teach something like this? I understand that these are secret arts of the many different nations but do you-" the man before Albus Dumbledore cut him off, his voice muffled but clear as day.

"I have permission from each leader or Minister of the subjects that I am agreeing to teach. They've made me promise not to teach things like family spells or anything that could put their country in a dark spot. Now, will you agree to this or not?" Dumbledore smiled kindly and nodded, his eyes sparkling a bit.

"Very well, old friend."


"Harry, I have returned with the wills." Griphook walked over to the desk and sat on the opposite side of Harry. "If you are ready, I will begin reading them." Harry nodded and Griphook cleared his throat.

"We, Lily Evans and James Potter, being of sound mind, body and soul mark this as our last will and testament. First, to Remus Lupin, a total of ten thousand Galleons shall be transferred to your vault. To Sirius Orion Black, we leave to you guardian ship of Harry James Potter and the title of Godfather. To our son, Harry James Potter, we leave everything else including the title of Lord Potter once he is of the age of fifteen. However, a list of allowances will be left with Gringotts until he has reached the age of fifteen."

"Should in the event that Sirius Black is NOT able to take up Guardian ship of our son, he is to be put in the care of Remus Lupin, Alice Longbottom, Agusta Longbottom, Amelia Bones or, with heavy insistence of Lily Potter, Severus Snape. He is NOT to be placed in the charge of Petunia Dursley under ANY circumstances. So Mote Be It." Griphook placed the will down and looked to Harry who clenched his fists.

"Is there a problem, Harry?" Harry looked up at the goblin with narrowed eyes.

"Who was supposed to carry out this will when it was made?" Griphook looked at the will.

"Albus Dumbledore was the one that should have carried these out the moment you were found."

"I knew it, I knew he had placed me with my mother's sister instead of someone else that they would have wanted!" Griphook narrowed his eyes.

"Is she this Petunia Dursley?" Harry nodded and Griphook stood from his chair and started pacing. "I see. Harry, if you wish to press charges you may do so. However, know that you will be in school by the time these charges take place. Not only that, but he is currently listed as your magical guardian and with that, we can't truly do anything until you return after your fifteenth birthday since he is also head of the Wiizengamot. He can stop us at every turn until that day, Harry. Once you reach fifteen then we'll be free to take him down as you will then be Lord Harry James Potter."

"I see. Thank you Griphook." The goblin shook his head.

"It's not a problem Harry. However, I can have a complete listings of your inheritance done for you. It can be done and mailed to you before the start of the term, the second of September at the latest." Harry nodded and watched the Goblin take out a bottle and sliver knife. "All this will require is a bit of your blood. If you will just cut your finger and allow your blood to flow into the bottle and then I'll take you to your family vault where I will show you what you can and cannot take."

"But, I thought I could take whatever I wanted." Griphook shook his head.

"Not so, Harry. You see, this sheet here is a list of items that your parents are trusting you with while everything else is to stay in the vault until you are of the requested age. The majority of these items happens to be books, a trunk and whatever is in your trust vault."

"Wouldn't it be simpler to take the listed items and place them in my trust vault then?" Griphook nodded while scratching his chin.

"You are right, Harry, it would be much simpler. Before we head down to your vault I will have the move made. After all, we goblins do have ways to transfer things from one vault to the next within seconds." Harry nodded as Griphook wrote out a letter and, with a snap of his fingers, vanished both it and the list of allowances. Harry took the offered knife and cut his wrist open without even a flinch, surprising the goblin a bit. Both watched as the bottle slowly filled to halfway before Griphook sealed the boy's wound with some goblin magic.

"Now, Harry, let us go to your vault. I will have the results to you by September second at the latest." Harry followed the goblin teller all the way to the cart and took the ride down to his vault. Once the cart stopped, Griphook got out of the cart and held his hand out. "Your vault key, Harry." Harry handed the key over and the goblin opened the vault. "Everything in the vault is for you to take, Harry. There should be an enchanted trunk that your parents left for you to take. If you bring it here I can tell you the enchantments that are on it."

"Alright, Griphook. Give me a moment." Harry walked into his trust vault and looked about for the trunk. The vault was now filled with books, a strange bird bath looking item and the said trunk that Harry had been after. He walked over and dragged the trunk back to the front where Griphook was waiting.

"Ah, I see it has the more common charms: Feather Light, Fireproof, Waterproof and a shrinking charm for easier transport." The goblin tapped his finger on the trunk and grinned. "This trunk belonged to your mother, it seems. She was very skilled in charms and Runes. This trunk here is such an example of her mastery of those subjects."

"As I said, it has the common charms. It is magically enchanted with multiple compartments, each with its own purpose and enchantments. For example, please wipe some of your blood on the latch here." The Goblin pointed to the center latch and Harry pricked his thumb with the pocket knife Sirius had gotten him for his birthday and wiped his thumb on the lock. The lock glowed brightly for a few seconds before a clicking sound was heard.

"Now, you may set a password. This will keep anyone that tried to break into it from doing so unless they are you. You will need to channel your magic into the lock as you recite the password." Harry took out his wand and touched the lock.

"Basilisk." The lock glowed and another click was heard before the latch lifted, showing the trunk to be unlocked.

"Very good, Harry. Now, I shall explain how to open the compartments. First, tap your wand on the lock and say tomes." Harry did as told and the goblin instructed for him to open the trunk. The compartment was empty at the moment but Harry knew he would be filling it up soon enough. "This is the tomes, or books if you prefer, compartment. This compartment is charmed to hold exactly one hundred large tomes. Should you wish to look for a specific book, merely do the same as you would before opening the trunk and say the name of the book or books you wish to remove and they will be sorted to the top of the pile." Harry nodded and the goblin closed the trunk.

"Now, try potions." Harry tapped the lock with his wand.

"Potions." Harry opened the trunk and found it to be a large container for potion ingredients, caldrons and already made potions.

"This compartment has two settings and is enchanted with a special stasis charm that will keep everything fresh and unspoiled and can expand into a full potions lab as the second setting. How you see it now is at its normal function while tapping the lock and saying potions lab will have it expand as you open the trunk. I see she has even left all the ingredients she must have had left to you as well. She always did have some rare items. The Gilyweed is one of the many rare things she came across in her time being a witch. No doubt she left her own personal Potion's book to you as well." Harry nodded as the Goblin once again closed the trunk.

"The last few compartments are a clothes compartment, a storage compartment and a runes compartment. The clothes compartment is charmed with a self cleaning and self stitching charm that will clean your clothes and stitch any tears, making them look brand new over a small amount of time. The Storage compartment is just that. It does has a stasis charm to keep everything clean but it's too small for one to live in. The runes compartment is for just that, Runes and Ward stones. Those were some of your mother's best subjects as well. I believe she was last working on a rune combination that would replace the Fidelius Charm. Not really sure how far she got." Harry nodded and the goblin looked to his watch.

"Well, Harry, I believe we should hurry. The Weasley's might be worried about where you are. Is there anything you'd like to take with you?" Harry nodded and walked to the back of the vault, the goblin following with the trunk behind him.

"I want all the books my parents allowed me to have and that pensive." Griphook nodded and with a snap of his fingers the book piled in front of the boy's new trunk while the pensive appeared next to him. Harry opened the tomes compartment and with another snap the books floated into the trunk. He did the same for the pensive and closed the trunk up.

"Also, Harry, should you wish to shrink the size of the trunk so that it's easier to travel with, and to also return it to its normal size, just tap the side of the trunk and say shrink or grow. This makes traveling easier when you need to carry your trunk with you." Harry nodded and tapped the side of the trunk to make it shrink. Harry turned to the pile of money and frowned.

"Griphook, do you know of the new subject being taught at Hogwarts this year?" Griphook nodded.

"Aye, Harry, Foreign Magic, a strange new study indeed. I know of the teacher but, due to Goblin law of Goblin friend confidentiality, I cannot speak his name. I can tell you however that he is a very powerful mage, rivaling even Dumbledore in terms of certain magics. He is one of the few humans to learn and master Goblin Magic and, from what I hear, many others."

"Do you have any recommendations on what type of Foreign Magic I should try?" Griphook rubbed his chin in thought.

"Due to who you're parents are, you may want to try the Black, Red, Green, Arcane, White or Blue Mage magicks," Harry rose a brow at the pronunciation of the word, "of Japan. If you look for creature magic, maybe, if you can get permission from War Chief Ragnok, Goblin Magic. I hear the healing spells of the White Mage magicks are superior to all others, even goblin magic. However, I highly suggest the mage magicks as War Chief will not let anyone that is not a friend of the Goblin Nation and even then it is very rare that he would allow anyone to learn our style of magic." Harry nodded.

"Where would I find tomes on the magic arts you suggested?" Griphook smirked.

"Well, there is Borgin and Burkes in Knockturn Alley. I may also suggest Lucario's Rare Magical Tomes. He's also in Knockturn Alley but he's very resourceful and fair unlike Borgin." Harry nodded.

"Is there anything I can get from Gringotts that will allow me to use money without having to return to my vault time after time?" Griphook nodded and snapped his fingers once more, a wallet appearing in his hands.

"This is a special, Goblin made wallet that is connected to your vault. Just announce the amount you wish to withdraw and it will appear on the counter. This can also work for muggle money by simply concentrating with your magic for the desired amount before you open the wallet. Just a small fee of five Galleons." Harry nodded and took five galleons before pausing and then handing Griphook another hundred with just a thought once the wallet was in his hands.

"Keep the hundred for your help. I don't know if it's much but I can promise to keep my business with you, Griphook." The Goblin nodded with a smirk.

"Well, Harry, if you wish I can take you to my recommended store. I'm sure I can help you convince him to turn over the books you would require at a much lesser price." Harry smirked and nodded.

"If you can, Griphook, there is another two hundred for it. After all, these are very rare books am I right?" Griphook's grin widened and he nodded.

"I believe Harry that you are indeed right. Let us make our way to Lucario's shop."


Harry shook his head from the method of traveling Goblins use. He never apparited before but he knew that it was a strange feeling. Griphook lead the boy into the shop they appeared at and called into the shop. "Lucario! Are you here? I have a customer here that I recommendations for." An old man standing at the register smirked and nodded to the Goblin as they neared.

"Ah, welcome, Griphook. May your fortunes increase and your enemies bathe in their blood by your hand. How can I…. Ah, Harry Potter." The old man's shinning gray eyes leveled on the boy. Harry felt something poke at his mind, but ignored it. "I have just the right books for you, Mr. Potter. Come, follow me. As you are his escort, Griphook, I shall give Mr. Potter a good price on these books." Harry followed the man into the back of the store and watched as the man pulled three books off the shelves.

"Now, let's see here. You're very good with defense and attack if your Pratronus and the basilisk you've slain are anything to go by so these will be good for you. You have your mother's skills with potions and I believe if you stop holding back you may have the skills of a master mage so let's add these as well. Alas, we cannot forget its brother." The old man pulled several large tomes off the shelves and placed them in a pile. Harry walked over and looked at the books, raising a brow in curiosity at a few that caught his eye in the pile.

"The White, Green, Arcane and Black Mage arts?" The man nodded.

"I have a feeling you'll become a master of those arts, Mr. Potter. After all, you have the potential to become even more powerful than Professor Dumbledore." Lucario led the boy to the counter and smiled. "You are the first Hogwarts Student to come see me for such things. I know all about the new subject at Hogwarts. Also, Mr. Potter, I would suggest dropping Divination. Maybe something like Runes would be more to your liking. Also, try these for your own time studies." The old man added several more books to the growing pile. "After all, one can't always be too careful on who is trying to work their way into your mind." Lucario winked to the boy and rang up his purchase. "That will be seventeen Galleons, forty sickles and five knuts for all ten books, Mr. Potter." Harry paid the man as Griphook nodded to the old man.

"Griphook, I thank you for bringing Mr. Potter to me for his books. I hope nothing gives you too much trouble in the near future from Mr. Potter's results." Griphook nodded slowly with narrowed eyes.

"Indeed. Come, Harry we must return you to the Weasley's." Harry nodded and thanked the old man before leaving with Griphook. As the two exited the shop, Harry looked to Griphook with a questioning gaze.

"Griphook, how did he know about all that and why was he very specific with the books he gave me?" Griphook shook his head.

"Lucario and his mind magicks put even the most skilled Legilimencer to shame. Every time someone walks into his shop he starts grabbing books the buyer seems to need and he's never been wrong yet. Even our war chief thinks highly of him. Now come we must go." Griphook took hold of Harry's wrist and the two vanished from the spot, missing Lucario's next customers walking in, the younger of the two with strawberry blonde hair.


"Ah, Harry dear, you had us worried for a moment." Molly walked over to the boy as Griphook nodded.

"My apologies, Mrs. Weasley for keeping the boy so long. I hope to see you again, Mr. Potter." Harry turned to the goblin and bowed.

"May your gold flow eternally and your enemies cower in your presence, Griphook." The Goblin smirked and nodded.

"You're learning already, Mister Potter. May your own gold never end and may your enemies fear your very name." Griphook vanished before their eyes as Harry turned back to Molly.

"I finished my shopping already, Mrs. Weasley." Molly nodded.

"Yes I suspected you would. Come now dear lets get some ice cream and then we'll head back home. We have a busy day tomorrow and we must be ready for the train."


The morning of September First came quickly for all who were planning on attending Hogwarts. The Weasley family plus two had arrived right on time for the train. Everyone going boarded the train and found a compartment. Harry, the first of them to get on the train, went to the very last car on the train and opened a compartment door to find it empty. He walked in and sat down, thinking the entire time of what was going to happen this year.

He was so deep in thought that he almost never heard the compartment door open and Ron and Hermione take seats with him.

"What's wrong, Harry?" Harry blinked before shaking his head, ridding himself of his thoughts.

"Just wondering on what trouble I'll get into this year." Harry leaned back in his seat and looked up to the ceiling of the compartment. "So, what type of Magic did the two of you get?"

"Eh, I not gonna take the class. Too much work for me." Ron told the boy while Hermione rolled her eyes.

"Well, I thought about trying the Mind Magics from Japan. I found plenty of books on them but I just got the basics for now. Did you know that there are ways to read a person's-"

"Mind, yeah. There are also ways to protect them too. Griphook told me as much." Hermione nodded before snapping her fingers.

"Oh! What did he say about your parents' will, Harry?" Harry looked between the two.

"I'm still waiting on a response. Griphook has assured me that I'll be getting an entire inquiry by tomorrow. I never knew it would take so long." Hermione nodded as the compartment door opened once more to show a strawberry blonde fourth year with deep brown eyes.

"Um, I don't mean to intrude but, may I join you?" Harry and Hermione saw the girl's downcast eyes while Ron was looked to her with narrowed eyes.

"Bones, what the bloody hell do you want?" the girl flinched at the boy's tone and turned to leave while Hermione and Harry rounded on Ron.

"Ron! What was that about?!"

"What has she done to you, mate? It's only Susan." Harry turned back to see the girl lifting her trunk. "Susan, you can join us. Ron's just a bit grumpy from having a small breakfast." Susan looked between the three of them as Harry turned to glare at Ron. Ron shrunk under the boy's glare.

"Yeah….. Sorry Susan, come on, take a seat."

"Thanks." Harry helped the girl with her trunk and she took a seat with Harry, taking out a small book in the process. "Don't mind me, I'm going to be studying my Foreign Magics." The girl said nothing else as she buried herself in her book. Harry blinked in confusion while Hermione looked to the cover of the book.

After a few hours, the door opened to show the last person Harry really wanted to see. "Well, well, well, Potter. Got another groupie, eh?" Draco Malfoy smirked as he stood in the doorway of the compartment. "And it's none other than Bones. How low you've sunken to Potter. First, a blood traitor, then, this witch wannabe and now her? No wonder you're always in the hospital by the end of the year if this is who you hang out with." Harry glared up at the boy as Susan flinched and buried herself into her book even more, not that anyone noticed.

"Is there a problem here?" Everyone jumped as a creature appeared from outside the car. Hermione gasped at the tiny winged creature.

"A fairy?!" The fairy nodded and glared up at Malfoy.

"My name is Tink and I'm partners with your Foreign Magics teacher. Now, I ask again, is there a problem here?" Malfoy sneered at the winged girl.

"Our teacher is partners with a lowly fairy? What a disgrace. The man must be a squib." The fairy's normal blue light burned into red.

"Is that so, Mr. Malfoy?" the voice from behind had everyone turn to see a completely cloaked man standing behind Crabbe and Goyle. "I suggest you three get back to your compartments before Tink decides to turn you all into toads. Also, I shall be speaking to your head of house, Mr. Malfoy about your behavior and I will mention to the teacher you have just insulted about you." The power that radiated of the man made the boys pale and run off for their own compartments. The man turned to Tink and nodded, vanishing in a flash of light. Tink crossed her arms and turned back towards the group of teens.

"He won't be causing any more trouble for you for the rest of the ride. See you all at the castle!" Susan was the only one that didn't say farewell as Tink vanished from the compartment. Harry leaned forward and saw the front of the book.

"So, you're learning Aer magic for your foreign magic?" Susan didn't respond. Instead she just nodded to the boy, not trusting her own voice at the moment.

"Best get our robes on then." Hermione drew the attention from the girl as she pointed out the window to show that it had gotten fairly dark, much to the hidden relief of the strawberry haired girl.


After the train had stopped at Hogsmeade Station, everyone watched as Susan flew out of the compartment in a hurry, taking her trunk with a simple spell. Harry and Hermione all watched the girl while Ron grumbled something under his breath that no one caught. The group grabbed their trunks and made their way off the train and soon found Harry and Hermione sitting in a carriage with Neville and Ginny.

"What do you think is up with Susan?" Hermione muttered to Harry.

"I don't know. Maybe we should ask?" Hermione shrugged her shoulders.

"I don't really know. After all, we haven't really mingled outside of Gryffindor. Well, you two maybe, I've got a few friends in Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff but that's about it."

"Just keep me away from those slimy snakes and I'll be fine." Ron grumbled, getting eye rolls from the entire carriage.

The group shortly found themselves in the Great Hall, waiting for the sorting to begin. Harry and Hermione both silently looked over to the Hufflepuff table to see everyone sitting away from Susan. Harry looked up to the staff table and noticed two seats empty.

"Where are the new teachers?" Harry asked and Hermione shook her head as the doors opened and Professor McGonagall led the new first years to the front. Harry didn't really pay attention. Instead, he sort of dazed out, looking at the table, thinking about his classes, books and his own plans on what he wanted to do. He barely noticed Hermione tapping him on the shoulder.

"Harry, the feast is starting." Harry blinked and looked to Hermione.


"Are you ok?" Harry shook his head of his thoughts.

"Yeah, sorry, just thinking." Hermione nodded and started to fill her plate and Harry followed.

The meal went on without much excitement except talk of the World Cup, not that Harry paid much attention. When dinner had finally reached its end, Dumbledore stood from his spot as the tables were magically cleaned, a loud groan coming from Ron as the last of the food on his plate vanished.

"Now that everyone is fed and watered, I have a few announcements that I must address before everyone goes to bed. First, to our new students, welcome and to those who have returned, welcome back. Now, I must let you all know, that the Dark Forest is strictly Forbidden to all students. Also, there will be no Quidditch this year." All the house tables shouted their replies while Dumbledore lifted his wand and a loud bang was heard. "Thank you. Now, as I was going to say. There will be no Quidditch this year because of a special event that has been revived after many years. This year, Hogwarts has the privilege of hosting, the Tri-Wizard Tournament with the schools of Dumstrang and Beauxbatons. They will be arriving on October thirtieth and we shall show the utmost respect to them."

"Further more we have-" the doors to the Great Hall suddenly burst open as two men came walking in calmly. One was a man with grizzled, dark gray hair, one normal brown eye while the other was blue and looking around wildly. From the way he walked you could tell he was missing a leg and he even had numerous scars and a chunk missing from his nose. His companion made several people at the staff table and many of the pure bloods though out the houses gasp in surprise.

The man was clothed from head to toe in dark gray and black armor with a black cape that flowed behind him. On the cape was a strange symbol that no one knew the meaning to. The man's head was covered by a strange, horned helmet that covered his head completely. At his waist was a long, broad sword, its handle golden while the sheath was midnight black. On his shoulder sat a small blue light that Harry, Ron, Hermione and three Slytherins knew to be Tink.

Dumbledore smiled and his eyes sparkled behind his glasses as the two men made their way to the table. "Everyone, may I present to you, your new Professors. Alastor Moody, your Defensive Against the Dark Art professor and Judge Magister Gabranth, your Foreign Magics Professor."


Dumbledore turned to the side to see Minerva and on his other side, Snape, on the floor. He sighed and quickly revived the two as the Judge and Moody stepped up to the table. "I trust you both have had a safe trip?" Dumbledore asked the two quietly.

"About as safe as you can be with a Judge at your side, Albus." Moody growled and a giggle came from Tink.

"We got here just fine, Headmaster. I had Tink and a friend of mine patrolling the train to be sure Black wasn't around." Dumbledore nodded.

"Have you eaten?" Both teachers nodded and Dumbledore smiled. "Very well." The old wizard stood tall and addressed the great hall. "Everyone, it is time to turn in. Prefects, please take your houses to the dormitories. Sleep well everyone." Everyone started to leave the Great Hall while Harry approached the staff table.

"Professor McGonagall, may I have a word with you?" Harry asked the old woman and she nodded.

"Of course Mr. Potter. What is it you wish to talk about?"

"Well, I would like to drop Divination and take Runes, please. I heard that my mother did really well in it so I thought to try and see if I inherited any of her talents." Minerva nodded with a kind smile.

"Certainly Mr. Potter. I will make the changes tonight. If I may, I suggest you send an owl to Flourish and Blotts for the needed books in the morning. Also, I'm sure Ms. Granger will be pleased to help you catch up from the year you missed of the class." Harry nodded and thanked the woman before heading for his house dorm, finding Hermione waiting outside the common room entrance.

"What took you so long, Harry?" Harry scratched the back of his head.

"I was talking to McGonagall about taking Runes instead of Divination. She said yes. I was hoping you would help me catch up to your class." Hermione beamed.

"Great and of course I'll help you catch up. Come on, let's get some sleep." Hermione turned to the Fat Lady, repeating the password for Harry to hear.


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