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Chapter Seven

"Just remember to massage the paste into her skin gently like I showed you, Ms. Brown. I've given you enough to last for five weeks just in case something happens with one of the batches." The brunette witch nodded to the older medi witch as a blushing Susan finished buttoning up her blouse.

"Yes Madam Pomfrey, I'll be careful. I understand how hard this stuff can be to make." Lavender got a nod from the older woman as she turned to Susan.

"If you even need anything, Ms. Bones, please feel free to ask." The young girl nodded, turning to her temporary caretaker.

"Come on, Lavender, let's go. I'll show you where Harry and I stay." The young witch stood to her feet, following her classmate out of the hospital wing and through the halls of the school. The two reached the enchanted staircase, Harry leaning against the wall.

"Ready?" Harry called, getting a nod from Susan as he pulled out a sheet of parchment, tapping it with his wand. "No one's around us, would you like to perform the charms?"

"Better not, I can feel my magic being off and I don't want to risk anything." Lavender looked back and forth between the two as Harry nodded and started to wave his wand over the three of them.

"What's going on?" The brunette questioned, the strawberry blonde girl looking over to her.

"We don't trust very many people anymore, including Dumbledore. Harry's checking to see if any of us are covered under any tracking charms." The Gryffindor nodded as Harry finished up.

"We're clean, let's go. I have the map ready so we'll know if anyone follows. Back entrance or the main?" Susan shrugged.

"Let's do the main. Don't feel like stomping through the Basilisk chamber" Harry nodded.

"Shall we then?"

X Slytherin Private Dorms X

"Mind explaining our new guest, Harry?" Salazar looked at the three teens that entered the private dorm. Lavender stared in awe at the painting of the man before turning to Harry and punching him in the arm.

"Ow! What the hell, Lav?"

"Why the hell didn't you tell me before you were the Heir of Slytherin?! I even guessed it and you pushed it aside like it wasn't even you!" Harry gave the girl a grin, rubbing his arm as the brunette pouted.

"Told you, you would find out at some point. Salazar, this is Lavender Brown, she's trust worthy I assure you. Lavender, this is Salazar Slytherin, my many times great grandfather through my mother's side." The teen blinked in surprise before looking back at Salazar, noticing the man's piercing gaze, gulping slightly as she bowed to the portrait.

"It's an honor to meet one of our school's founders, Lord Slytherin." The founder bowed in return.

"The pleasure is mine, Heiress Brown. Now, will someone please explain what is going on?"

"Lavender's going to be my personal, live-in nurse for a while. I was struck by a Ruby Dragon's tail during the task yesterday and contracted Dragic Poison." Salazar frowned.

"Lavender, Susan, will the two of you head to Susan's room, please? I think we're going to need to have a chat." The three teens were confused at the way the man spoke before he walked out of the painting with a last minute thought. "And Harry, please keep yourself occupied until we're done, alright?" The trio looked to each other and shrugged before the girls headed for Susan's room while Harry left for the dueling room. Once the two girls arrived in Susan's room Salazar spoke up as soon as the door closed.

"Susan, I need you to tell me, right now, how bad was the poisoning?" Susan blinked as she looked at the usually vacant portrait of a large beach with palm trees.

"Umm, Madam Pomfrey told me that my natural healing is drastically reduced and that healing magic was not able to fix all of my injuries. I am to apply the healing salve twice a day for three weeks." The man sighed, rubbing his eyes.

"Susan, I will not lie, I know of what you are. Before you start worrying, don't. If I didn't trust you to be here and around my heir, you would not be here. Now, I need you to listen very carefully, you as well Lavender, can I call you that?" The chocolate eyed teen nodded. "Susan, you will not have a pleasant experience these next few weeks, and that may extend to you as well, Lavender. Susan, the potion you brew every three days; yes I know of it, I invented it after all," Salazar stopped the shocked girl from speaking when he mentioned the potion.

"Anyway, the potion is not going to have the same amount of effectiveness as it normally would. Normally it would completely suppress your other half. As the Dragic Poisoning works its way through your system, the salve that you have to apply is going to cause the potion to work less and less until finally, your body becomes immune from its effects and you will have no choice but to accept it and the powers it comes with." The girl started to panic as Salazar explained what was going to happen as Lavender blinked in confusion.

"Wait, you take a potion to suppress your," a terrified Susan cut the girl off, Salazar watching the girl start to rant, her face showing how frightened she was.

"Yes, and trust me when I say that now I'm absolutely terrified what this means. I have to brew the potion tomorrow to keep on schedule and if this is true which I have little doubt Salazar would lie, you and Harry are in even bigger danger than I thought! I… I can't risk putting the two of you…"

"Susan! I don't care!" Lavender yelled out, freezing the girl in her place. "Listen, I knew what volunteering for this could mean and I will not back down."

"You don't understand! If I stop taking my suppressant or become immune to it almost everyone will be in danger! I may only be half and half but that doesn't stop,"

"Yes I know your kind feed off the life force of others."

"Actually, you're wrong, Lavender." The Slytherin Founder cut in. "It's actually not the life force, just our magic."

"But the way we gather it has not changed nor the possibility of killing those we feed off of from taking too much." Susan had tears in her eyes now.

"Susan, look at me." Lavender grabbed the girl's tear-stained face and made her look in her eyes. "Calm yourself, take a deep breath." The strawberry blonde's eyes glazed over as she complied with the soothing voice of Lavender, Salazar raising a brow in amusement.

"My, my, my Lavender, using Charm Speak are you? I do believe that is Greek in origin if I'm not mistaken." The young teen smiled at the man as Susan backed away, feeling much calmer.

"I've always wanted to be a doctor before I found out I was a witch and that carried over to now when I decided on becoming a Medi-Witch. Now," Lavender turned back to the teen. "Susan, you are my friend and that will never change. I want you to understand that, and I want you to know I understand the consequences of what I'm offering. I am right here offering my magic to you when the time comes, Sue. Succubus or not you are still my friend."


"So you mean to tell me there are NO transcripts for a trial for Sirius Black?!" Gabranth stood at his desk, his magic rolling off him in waves as Amelia calmly cleaned her monocle, unfazed by the man's anger.

"Honestly, Alex, yes. He was thrown in jail without so much of a second thought. His pleas for a trial went unheard for years."

"So, what are we going to do?" Tink asked from the Judge's shoulder, munching on a strawberry that was bigger than half her body.

"How soon can you get a full Wizengamont in session for his official trial?" The woman replaced her eye glass.

"For it to be soon I would need Sirius to turn himself in to me and then call an emergency meeting. I would say two, maybe three weeks to get everything in order before calling the meeting." The armored man nodded.

"Very well, Amelia. Once you have everything in place send me a letter and we'll force those that deserve it to pay for their transgressions. Black was a good man to you, the Potters and myself. I will not let them get away with this."

"When that happens will you finally take that helmet off? It's been years since I last saw my brother's face after all, Alex."

"I'm sorry, Amelia, but I lost the right to that name when I left for Bermuda, Alexander Bones no longer exists."

"What about Susan? When will she get to learn her father is still around and is one of the most powerful mage's in the world?"

"Hopefully never, Amelia. I am no father, I lost that right when I left her in your care and left for the Judge's Academy just after Lilith died. I'll admit, I was a fool to leave her behind but at that time, all I could see when I looked at her was her mother. I lost my right to be her father." Amelia sighed standing from her chair.

"She really is the spitting image of her. Take care of yourself, Alex and Tink, please make sure my knucklehead brother doesn't get himself in over his head." Tink waved at the woman with a smile as the Judge Magister watched his sister leave the room.

"You realize Susan is not going to be able to hide behind her suppressant anymore? I give her a week at most before she's fighting for control of her demon blood." Amelia paused as she reached the door.

"Yes, brother, I do. However, I believe she is in good hands with Harry and Lavender. I have never seen her happier than these last two days, especially around Harry. When the situation calls, I have no doubt Harry will help her."

"That I can agree with, if only Susan will get over her fear and kiss the boy already." Amelia's laughter bellowed through the halls as the woman left Gabranth's office.

X One Week after the First Task: Hogwarts Library X

"Any ideas about how to handle the egg yet?" Lavender sat down next to the two teens getting a small smile from Harry while Susan's was more strained.

"We've tried lots of things, Lav, but nothing so far. I think we should-"

"Ah, there you three are." The three looked towards the familiar voice of the Transfiguration teacher as she strode towards them. "I was hoping to find you in the Great Hall but this will do."

"What can we help you with, Professor?" Harry asked the woman while Susan closed her book.

"Since the three of you have been missing a majority of your classes for the last week, I was unsure if the message was delivered to you. On Christmas night, there will be a Yule Ball, as is tradition of the Tournament. All the champions are required to attend and open the Ball with the first dance of the night with their partners." Lavender grinned widely as Harry groaned and held his head.

"Great, now I have to learn to dance." Susan rubbed her forehead as a giggle came from Lavender.

"If that is the case, Mr. Potter you may come to one of my dance classes every night from tomorrow until the eve of Christmas. I will take my leave of you but do try to find a date soon, you two." The stern woman swiftly turned and walked away, leaving the three teens to themselves. Susan stood from her chair, gathering her books and getting a worried glance from her two friends.

"Sue, you ok? You've been a bit pale and shaky all day." Harry got a strained smile for his concern, Lavender's eyes eyeing the girl in suspicion.

"I'm fine, just really tired. I'm heading back to our dorm, don't you worry about me." Lavender stood herself.

"I'll come with you. It's almost time to apply your medicine anyway." Susan stared at her personal nurse in training and nodded.

"I'll join you two in a bit. I have some ideas I want to research before I head back that might let us solve the egg puzzle." The girls left Harry to his studies with smiles, the chocolate eyed girl turning to her half succubus friend.

"You're feeling it aren't you?" Susan nodded, holding her bag tightly in her hand.

"Please, not now. I just want to get back to our dorm and take my potion."

"Sue, you need,"

"I know what I need!" Susan shouted at her friend. "I don't want this, Lavender! I just want to continue being normal!"

"Susan, calm down." The charm speak in her voice forced Susan to calm herself, Lavender guiding her back to their room. "We'll get you through this, Sue, I promise."

The remaining journey was made in silence, Susan's head resting on Lavender's shoulder while the brunette's arm was around her waist, resting on her left hip. Once the two had made it inside the Slytherin private suite, Lavender turned to Susan. "You go take your potion, I'll be there to apply your salve shortly." Susan nodded heading off on her own as Lavender watched her before heading to handle her personal business before grabbing the ointment.

It took Lavender little time to make her way to Susan's room with the jar of salve in her hand to find the door slightly ajar. Pushing it open, she noticed Susan was not in sight, confusion evident in her eyes as she looked around the room. "Susan, are you here?" Lavender closed the door, not noticing the teenage girl behind it as she walked further into the room.


The brunette jumped at the sound of the door being locked and turned, gasping at the look in Susan's eyes as she smirked slightly, stalking forward from her place against the door. "S-Susan?" The smirk on the girl's face widened, Lavender taking a step back with every step Susan took. The teen's eyes shined with a brilliant pink hue, not a single trace of her original brown anywhere to be seen.

"Is something wrong Lav?" The girl shivered from her friend's voice. From her experience with charm speak, Lavender could feel the magic in Susan's voice and could tell what the girl was doing.

"D-Did you take it?" Susan tilted her head to the side innocently, taking another step forward.

"Take what, Lavender." Another shiver and step back told the brunette the bed was just behind her, her calf bumping against it.

"Your… your potion."

"Oooh," Susan took another step, eyeing Lavender closely. "My potion, you say. Well, the thing is, Lav, is that I don't see a need for it anymore. You see," Another step, Susan was just out of reach of her friend. "When I started to gather everything to brew it, I felt something, Lav, something I haven't felt before. It flooded my entire body and I have to say, it's… intoxicating." Susan giggled as Lavender fell onto the bed, shock on her face as a long, leathery black tail with a spade shaped tip snaked its way out from behind Susan's skirt.

"Susan, stop." Lavender tried to command the girl with her own charm speak only to get a lustful smile from Susan as she crawled further onto the bed, trying to get away.

"Charm Speak only works when you're not in a state of fear, Lav." Susan's tail curled around Lavender's right leg and started to caress it as Susan crawled onto the bed. The strawberry blonde hovered over Lavender. "Do you really fear me, Lavender? Think about it." Lavender's eyes glazed slightly, the two unmoving as Susan waited for Lavender's response. Lavender's eyes returned to normal as she responded.

"No, I don't fear you… just," Susan leaned down, her lips barely touching Lavender's as she spoke.

"You fear the unknown. You don't know what to do, despite all the boasting you've done. You fear reactions from others for such an act of what we'd do. But most of all, you fear how Harry would react." Lavender's breath hitched at the mention of her fellow lion, the feel of Susan's tail coiling around her thigh gently. Susan pulled away slightly, some of the pink melted away in one eye. "I'm afraid too, Lav. I've tried to ignore the feelings but my magic craves," Lavender gasped as the appendage around her thigh moved higher, the end of the tail brushing just to the right of her sacred area, "his presence and touch."

"S-Sue," The half demon licked her lips, her eyes fully pink once more.

"I'm sorry Lav, but I can't hold back anymore." Lavender's breathing picked up as the spaded tip of Susan's tail teased her womanhood through her panties. "But don't worry," Susan leaned down slowly, her own breath coming out in pants. "I'll leave that for Harry to take, from us both." Lavender gasped as her friend's shirt exploded from the back, a pair of leathery black wing extending out as Susan quickly captured her lips with her own, using the surprised gasp of her friend to her advantage.


Harry sighed as he closed his book, rubbing his eyes from reading for so long. Looking at his watch he decided it was time to pack up and head back to see Susan and Lavender before dinner. Once he was packed, he started making his way to his ancestor's private chamber. Turning the corner just before the secret entrance, he collided with someone. Losing his balance and worried about injuring the person he collided with, his seeker reflexes kicked in and he caught the person, twisting them around so that they landed on top of Harry.

"Are you alright?" Harry asked the head of silky blond hair that now rested on his chest. The person lifted their head to look Harry in the eye.

"I'm fine, Potter." Daphne quickly removed herself from Harry's fallen form, the messy raven haired teen getting to his feet as well.

"Sorry about that, Daphne, I wasn't paying attention. I've been busy trying to figure out that egg." The Greengrass heiress nodded as she dusted herself off.

"Understandable, you and Bones have a lot on your plate. How is she, by the way? I understand she's been on bed rest since the first task."

"Yeah, Madam Pomfrey was very insistent that she not practice any magic for a while until the Dragic Poison she was inflicted with runs its course. Lavender has been helping her." The blond nodded.

"I see, it explains the reason she hasn't been in her classes lately. I hope she recovers for the second task."

"I hope so as well. We don't have too much longer before the second task and we have yet to figure out the puzzle." Daphne narrowed her eyes in thought, crossing her arms over her chest.

"What have you tried?" The green eyed champion rubbed the back of his head.

"So far, we've tried opening it different ways but it just continues to screech. Tried burying it underground, superheating it with fire and listening at a distance but nothing has worked yet." Icy blue eyes glinted as Daphne looked up with an idea.

"What about water?"

"That was our next idea, just unsure of how to go about doing it."

"Submerging it in water might be the answer." Harry nodded in agreement.

"That just might do it. Thanks."

"You're welcome." Daphne started to walk away but stopped, turning back to the teen. "Potter, do you have a date to the Yule Ball yet?" Harry shook his head.

"No, just found out about it earlier today."

"Would you be interested in escorting me as your date?" Harry's eyes widened in surprise as a slight dusting of red appeared on his cheeks.

"Um… I… Uh… S-Sure, Daphne. I'd be delighted to. But you have to call me Harry, not Potter." A small smile, something Harry had never seen on the girl's face, was joined by a very feint blush on her own cheeks.

"Thank you Harry. Would you like to meet up over the weekend, to hang out?" Harry nodded.

"Sure, we can go to Hogsmede." Daphne rose a brow.

"And how do you plan on getting us out of Hogwarts without the teachers stopping us? It's not a Hogsmede weekend." Harry grinned.

"You leave that to me. How's Saturday after breakfast?" Daphne eyed the teen before nodding.

"Very well, I will meet you outside the Great Hall?" Harry shook his head.

"The Statue of the One Eyed Witch. It'll make sense when I show you." Daphne agreed before beginning to walk away. "And dress comfortably! It's an outing not class or a fancy dinner!" Daphne waved over her shoulder to show she heard him.


"So, Daphne came up with the suggestion then?" Susan asked her male roommate as he explained the idea Daphne had given him. The young strawberry blond looked relaxed and wore a slight grin as she lounged on the sofa in her pajamas. Harry nodded to her, dressed for bed himself.

"She did when I explained what we've done so far. She even asked me to the ball." Susan smirked at him.

"Look at you, bagging a date with the Ice Queen of Hogwarts. You'll have all the boys jealous, besides those glaring at Fleur's date. I'm going with Lavender myself, just to shake the tree so to speak." Harry chuckled leaning back into the arm chair.

"Trust me, after she dances with me, I might just end up the biggest laughing stock of the entire school." Deep brown eyes rolled in amusement.

"Then you better learn how to dance. Lav and I can help with that."

"Where is she anyway? She's usually still up at this time." Susan shrugged, her grin widening while a slight blush dusted her cheeks.

"She said she was feeling a bit under the weather after we got back from dinner and went right to bed. Maybe she ate something that didn't agree with her or something." The raven haired boy nodded in understanding, noticing the brunette had looked exhausted at dinner.

"Well, I'm off to bed myself. I'll see you in the morning?" Susan nodded, standing to her feet as Harry walked towards the master bedroom while she made her way to her own room. Opening the door, she smiled at the head of brown hair laying on her bed, a peaceful look on Lavender's face as Susan closed the door behind her, lifting the covers from the bed and crawling under them, one of Lavender's chocolate brown eyes opening slightly to see her.

"You're a little early for bed." The Bones heiress grinned down at Lavender.

"Are you saying you don't want me in bed?" Lavender snorted, reaching up and pulling Susan down for a kiss.

"Silly girl." The brunette muttered against her lover's lips. Susan's grin widened as she started to let her hand wander, only for Lavender's to stop it before it could snake its way under her night shirt. "Not right now, Sue. Still exhausted from earlier. Maybe tomorrow while Harry's in class." Susan pouted, getting a giggle from the brunette as she placed a quick kiss on her lips. "Good night, my little devil." Susan cuddled against Lavender's form, wrapping her arms around her and pressing her body to her personal nurse.

"Good night, Lav."

X Cave outside Hogsmede X

Sirius Black looked up at the sound of wings flapping in the wind, a small black eagle fly towards his dog form. The bird landed on the ground just outside the cave, its golden eyes staring at the grim before the animagus reverted into his human form. The eagle flew from the ground to his outstretched arm, allowing the man to remove the letter attached to its leg.

It's task complete, the bird of prey flew off, leaving a curious man looking at the letter, that was not his godson's handwriting but bore the familiar wax seal from his old flame. He opened the letter and began to read, a large grin crossing his face.

Sirius Black,

You are hereby requested to turn yourself in to the DMLE or the Judge Magister at Hogwarts for a trial concerning the following charges:

1. Betraying the Potter Family to Dark Lord Voldemort.

2. Accusations of being a Death Eater

3. The Death of Peter Petigrew and several Muggles

If you fail to turn yourself in by midnight on December 31st, you shall be considered guilty and a warrant for your arrest will be issued to all magical and muggle law enforcement.

Now that the business part is out of the way, I can say my own piece. SIRIUS ORION BLACK IF YOU DON'T TURN YOURSELF IN, I WILL REMOVE WHAT MAKE YOU A MAN AND FEED IT TO YOU!

I feel better now. Anyway Sirius, this is one hundred percent legit. Judge Magister Gabranth and I have been working to find any and all evidence of a trial and we've found nothing. Fudge is convinced (More like bribed) you are guilty and deserve nothing less than a Dementor's Kiss. I trust Dumbledore about as far as I can throw Hogwarts Castle with brute strength and that's none at all.

Harry, your godson, told me about what happened this past May and has even offered to testify under Veritiserum and provide memories of the night in question. In order for us to get you a trial we need you to turn yourself in, if not to me, then Gabranth. Please Sirius, I don't want to see you put back in that hell hole unjustly.

I hope to see you soon.

Amelia Anastasia Bones

Regent of House Bones

Director of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement

Sirius gained a giant grin on his face as he turned to the large hippogriff sharing his cave. "Looks like we get to catch a break, Buckbeak. We'll head to Bones Manor tomorrow night." The proud creature bowed its head in a nod.

X Next Day: Slytherin Suite Afternoon X

"Alright, ready Sue?" Harry looked at his roommate as he settled the golden egg on the bottom of a large bathtub.

"Let's crack this egg, Harry." Harry rolled his eyes before opening the egg underwater. Looking to his fellow champion, the two nodded and dipped their heads into the water, triumphant grins coming to their faces as they listened to the repeating song.

Come seek us where our voices sound,

We cannot sing above the ground,

And while you're searching, ponder this;

We've taken what you'll sorely miss,

An hour long you'll have to look,

And recover what we took,

But past an hour — the prospect's black,

Too late, it's gone, it won't come back

(If you seriously need me to tell you where I got that from what the hell are you doing reading Harry Potter Fanfiction?)

The two teens pulled their heads out of the water, Lavender handing the two a towel each to dry off. "Well, what did you find out?" Harry's brow furrowed in thought.

"It's a riddle." The raven haired male repeated the egg's song to her, getting a frown in return.

"Sounds like you'll be dealing with mermaids. If I remember correctly, I think I heard Hagrid talking about some in the Black Lake."

"Which means we'll need methods of breathing underwater, but for what reason? There is very little I would sorely miss they could take." Harry placed the towel around his neck. "I could care less if they took my broom. They wouldn't dare take my family heirlooms or they would risk legal action."

"A person then?" Susan suggested, running her hand through her hair. "That is all I can think of they could mean. I don't have any personal possession I couldn't live without here at Hogwarts."

"That would be the better bet." Lavender tapped her chin in thought. "The issue is who would they take?"

"You." Harry and Susan answered in unison, getting a blush from the medi-witch in training. Harry's eyes widened in realization as he quickly added another name, a slight dusting on his cheeks. "Daphne too. That's the reason for the Yule Ball. They use it to choose who they take for the Champion's captives. They'll take Daphne as mine and Lavender for yours." The two females narrowed their eyes.

"And if that dragon from the first task is any indication, someone will be sure to try and sabotage the task in some way to harm me." Lavender walked around Harry and wrapped her arms around the girl in a hug, pressing Susan's back into her front. Harry lightly growled as he turned to the empty portrait of his ancestor.

"Salazar!" The painting of the man came rushing into the frame.

"Is everything alright? Did you figure out the egg yet?" The Slytherin's descendant explained their theories of the upcoming task, getting a frown. "Your deductions are very possible. There are several different ways to go about this. Gillyweed would allow you to grow gills and webbed hands and feet for a certain amount of time. You could do the Bubble Head charm allowing you to breathe normally but with the added risk of the bubble popping."

"I wonder if there was a way around those. We'll need to work on our silent casting since we won't be able to speak underwater. Our Foreign Magicks might not be very effective since mine rely on incantations and yours are mostly elemental, excluding your healing magic." Harry nodded in agreement at Susan thoughts.

"And I'm sure neither of you wish to attempt transfiguring yourselves into aquatic creatures." The two nodded at Salazar's input.

"I think Gillyweed will be our choice, but let's keep thinking of other ways just to be safe." Susan looked to Harry. "You'll need to tell Daphne. We can't risk her not knowing about what's going to happen, Harry." The green eyed teen nodded.

"I'll tell her tomorrow when we go to Hogsmede." Susan rose a brow with a slight grin while Lavender gaped at him.

"You're going on a date with Slytherin's Ice Queen, and didn't tell me?" The man in the portrait blinked in confusion.

"My Ice Queen? What the devil are you talking about?" Lavender waved Salazar off, staring at Harry.

"Come on, Harry details! You told me you were taking her to the ball but you never mentioned a date for tomorrow with her when it's not even a Hogsmede weekend! How are you able to sneak out of the castle for that?" Harry grinned at the girl, shrugging his shoulders.

"Now where is the fun in that if all my secrets are known, Lavender?" Snatching the towel from Susan's hand, the brunette threw it at Harry, hitting him in the face with the damp cloth as he laughed. "Anyway, I'm going to class. I'll see the two of you later alright?" The two nodded as Harry cast a drying charm on his clothes and headed out of the potion's lab, leaving Susan and Lavender to themselves as Salazar left his frame in thought.

"So," Lavender whispered into Susan's ear, smirking at the shiver the breath on her lover's ear caused. "How does it feel to know Harry's going to the ball with Daphne?" Susan smiled slightly.

"What, you think I'm jealous?" Lavender's hands started to rub the strawberry blonde's stomach.

"Oh, I know you're not jealous, after all, you asked me to the ball." Susan took a deep breath as Lavender's left hand snaked under her shirt. "But we both know, who you would rather go with."

"Lav, you know I want to go with you. Hmm," Susan's eyes closed as Lavender's other hand joined her left, rubbing up and down her stomach and the underside of her bra clad breasts. "Besides, I know you want to go with him just as much." Lavender giggled before leaning in and whispering into her patient's ear.

"True, but while this is fun, we both know who you'd rather be having do this to you don't we?" Susan gasped as her lover nibbled on her ear, grabbing the teens hands that had started to fondle her covered breast before turning to her, brown eyes already half way converted to pink from her lust.

"Bedroom, now." Lavender didn't even get a chance to laugh as Susan covered her mouth with her own, both moaning at the contact before rushing to their shared room.


"Mr. Potter, a word please." Gabranth called out to his student, the boy walking over once he had finished gathering his things. "Have a seat." Harry sat down in the chair opposite of the Judge as the armored man leaned back in his own. "To start things off, how is Ms. Bones doing? I trust she is recovering well?" Harry nodded.

"Yes, it seems the healing salve is working wonderfully, according to Lavender. Although, for the last two days and especially yesterday, she seemed shaky and pale almost like she was deathly ill. Yesterday she left our research session with Lavender saying she was just tired but I don't think that's the case." Gabranth nodded.

"Understandable, given her condition, dealing with Dragic Poison is not a fun experience. Anything else?"

"Well, the weird thing is, when Sue, Lav and I met up for dinner later on, it was like the two had switched roles. Lavender looked exhausted and Susan looked like she never felt better and had a strange glow about her." The Magister's left hand twitched slightly, going unnoticed by Harry.

"I see. I will make a point to speak with Ms. Brown to check on her and Ms. Bones when I have a chance. Unfortunately, I am unable to sate your curiosity on what is going on with them."

"I understand, Your Honor. I would rather hear her secrets from her own mouth of her own free will. It's frustrating at times, people continue to bad mouth her and I have no idea as to why other than she is half human. I think Hermione was trying to tell me once but she's been acting so odd ever since I've started hanging out with Susan."

"And that, Mr. Potter, is why she's trusts you so much. While she hasn't shared her secret with you, she does trust you above everyone here in this school. I can only ask you continue to trust her." Harry nodded as the man continued. "Now, on to the reason I asked you to stay behind. I have just received word from Amelia Bones that she has sent out a letter to Sirius Black, a personal one, not an official DMLE letter since that would be tracked to his location. He has until midnight on New Year's Eve to turn himself in. As soon as he's done so, Amelia will assemble the Wizengamot for an emergency hearing where Sirius will get the trial he should have gotten."

"That's great!" Gabranth nodded in agreement.

"Indeed. I need you to keep this quiet until his trial. I understand you are emancipated and have received your lordships, correct?" Harry gaped at the man, getting a muffled chuckle. "Don't look so surprised, it was a simple task of meeting with Ragnok to verify his Godfather status that allowed me to learn that you are the lord of multiple houses, including Hogwarts."

"I would request to keep that information quiet, if possible, Your Honor. Very, very few people know I've accepted all my lordships and I have a feeling Dumbledore will not be happy."

"I understand. That is all, Mr. Potter, you may go." The teen nodded his thanks to the teacher and left for the library. Once the young lord was out of the classroom Gabranth sighed. "So she's finally done it then. Be careful, Sue."


"So, Harry, how are you getting us to Hogsmede?" Harry grinned at his date as he neared the statue of the One Eyed Witch, Daphne leaning against the wall in a pair of jeans, tennis shoes and an emerald green turtle neck sweater. The teen walked over and looked at the statue.

"Dissendium." The statue slid to the side to reveal the hidden passage, Harry looking towards Daphne with a grin at seeing the slightly surprised look on her face. "Shall we?" The two slipped into the passage, the raven haired male lifting a hand and wandlessly performing the Lumos spell to give them light.

"So, I'm taking a wild guess and saying this goes all the way to Hogsmede?"

"Honeyduke's cellar to be exact. Used this same passage last year when I couldn't go to Hogsmede because my relatives refused to sign my permission slip."

"So that's how you spooked Malfoy and his goons last year?" Harry laughed remembering that.

"Yeah, had him running with his tail between his legs." The two continued to converse all the way through the tunnel, sharing a few stories to the other. It wasn't long before they reached the ladder to Honeyduke's cellar, Harry looking at Daphne with a raised brow.

"Really, you stuck his wand to the inside of his robes and he never noticed until Charms class later that day?" Daphne snorted, crossing her arms.

"Yes, Malfoy was being a very annoying brat and wouldn't stop bothering Tracy and I about going to Hogsmede with him so Tracy stunned him and I used the sticking charm on his wand. I may have also added a Notice Me Not charm as well." Harry laughed, opening the hatch to the cellar slightly, checking for anyone.

"Gives me ideas to use on him the next time he annoys me." The young lord opened the hatch the rest of the way, holding his hand out to help his date out of the secret tunnel.

"So, how do we go about enjoying ourselves without getting in trouble with our teachers for being out of bounds?" Harry reached into his pocket, pulling out a small cloth.

"Ever use a portkey?" Daphne blinked in surprise.

"Yes, but why do you have a portkey? I thought we were going to spend the day in Hogsmede?" Harry shrugged.

"I thought we could use a change in scenery. A nice lunch, some shopping, maybe a movie?"

"Sounds like fun, but how did you get it?" Harry lifted his hand, allowing the young girl to view the house ring on his pinky finger.

"Who's going to stop a lord wanting to shop with his date?" Daphne stared in shock before curtsying.

"My apologies, my lord. I had no idea to whom I was speaking to." Harry rolled his eyes.

"Daphne, I am still the same Harry Potter you asked to the ball. You have no need for all that formal lord speak and what not. We came out here to have fun, not attend a Malfoy dinner party." The blonde haired girl blushed in embarrassment as Harry held out the portkey.

"Right, sorry, Lord… I mean Harry." Harry chuckled as the girl grabbed hold of the item, the two vanishing just as someone opened the cellar door and walked down the stairs.

"Funny, could have sworn I heard voices down here." The man rubbed the back of his head before walking back up the steps with a shrug.

X Several hours later: Stratford Centre: London X

"So let me see if I got this right." Daphne pointed at Harry with her fork, an amused grin on her face. "You knocked out Crabbe and Goyle with a pair of cupcakes laced with a sleeping drought, managed to sneak into the Slytherin common room as said pair and made them look like even bigger fools before you and Weasley could be discovered to have taken their identities. Did I get all that?" Harry nodded with a grin around his straw.

The pair had been spending the last few hours roaming around the mall, window shopping mostly until Daphne found out Harry had little to no wardrobe thanks to his relatives. The young heiress forced the young lord into purchasing several new outfits, as well as teasing him with modeling a few for her as well. By the time lunch rolled around, Harry had purchased several shirts, pants, shorts, boxers and a new pair of tennis shoes.

"Yeah, and by the time we made it back to the second floor bathroom, Hermione was still a cat. It was several days before she was returned to normal if I remember correctly." Daphne laughed at the fact her rival in Runes and Arithmancy being forced to stay a cat.

"It serves her right for trying to seem so knowledgeable. She should have been much more cautious with that potion, she's lucky she didn't end up part cat permanently." Harry rose a brow.

"She's been an annoyance to you I take it?" Daphne nodded.

"Very much so and it's not just to me. While I understand her enthusiasm, she is too reliant on what the books say. Did you know she still hasn't move passed her third spell in Foreign Magicks yet? She is very easy to insult with her by the book attitude and the way she constantly lashes out at our traditions without understanding them is a massive pain." Harry nodded.

"And surprisingly very bigoted. After I helped Susan in the first task she tried to sway me away by saying she's a demon. I would have thought having Professor Lupin as a teacher would have showed her it's not what you are but who." The Slytherin girl nodded her head in understanding.

"I will admit that I was very cautious of her at first but after seeing the two of you hang out so much, I could see she is just as normal as the rest of us."

"I just never cared." Harry shrugged. "Yeah I never knew the truth about her, still don't but I don't really care. Susan Bones is still Susan Bones, just like you are Daphne Greengrass and I'm Harry Potter." The blonde haired girl smiled.

"You keep this up, Potter, and you may just find yourself beating girls away with a stick." Harry snorted, crossing his arms with a blush on his cheeks.

"Please, the only girls I'm even interested in are Susan, Lavender and you. A majority of the girls at Hogwarts only see the Boy Who Lived when they look at me and that just makes me sick to be honest." Daphne blushed, looking down at what was left of her food.

"Um, well that's good to know." Harry blinked looked over to Daphne's red face.

"I said that out loud didn't I?" Daphne nodded a groan coming from her companion. "Sorry."

"No… No need to apologize. Just surprised I think."

X Hogwarts X

Lavender collapsed onto her lover, both girls panting and sweating from their love making. The brunette gently rolled off of Susan, adjusting her position so that she was face to face with the flushed succubus. "That was fun." Lavender rolled her eyes with a grin.

"You say that every time, Sue." The half breed gave a blissful smile to her lover, placing a chaste kiss on her cheek.

"Doesn't make it any less true." The strawberry blonde rolled herself off the bed, stretching as she got to her feet. "I think my urges have finally settled. I didn't feel myself trying to drain everything you have." Lavender sighed, eyeing Susan's wings tattoo on her back and the spade shaped one on her lower back beginning from her tailbone as she stretched.

"Good. I'm not sure how much longer I can keep lying to Harry about this exhaustion, not that I'm really complaining about the sex." The succubus threw a grin over her shoulder.

"Well, if they are settled then I shouldn't need to feed off of anyone's magic for a few days at the most. Gives us plenty of time to concentrate on the Yule Ball." Lavender nodded, nuzzling into the pillow she lay on.

"So, what's in that book you were reading earlier this morning?" Susan turned back to face the girl, smiling at the satisfied look on her lover's face.

"Just some basic abilities about my race. My mother left the book to me to read when I fully embraced my succubus half and well, there are some interesting things in there."

"Like what?" Susan licked her lips and leaned down, whispering into the teen's ear.

"You'll just have to wait to find out, love." A kiss on the cheek and Susan made her way to the attached bathroom, leaving Lavender to watch her hips sway as she walked.

"I'm looking forward to it. I think I might grab a snack, want anything?" Susan smiled and shook her head as she closed the door behind her. With the sound of the shower turning on, Lavender sat up, stretching her own body before getting out of bed and gathering her clothes that were thrown about the floor after using her magic to clean her of the sweat and sexual fluids. Once dressed, she made her way out of the room and towards the entrance of the private dorms.

"Ah, Lavender, heading out for a snack I presume?" the chocolate eyed teen turned and smiled at the portrait of Salazar.

"Yeah, I could use something to eat." The dark haired man gave the girl an amused grin.

"Susan wore you out that much huh?" Lavender's eyes widened, a dark blush dusting her cheeks.

"H-How did you know?" Salazar laughed, pointing at his own neck.

"You have several marks on your neck that I'm guessing she gave you since I know Harry hasn't tried anything with either of you. Also, all of my portraits are connected and sound does travel." The girl groaned, covering her face in embarrassment. "I must admit, I thought Harry would be the one she would have jumped but the two of you proved me wrong."

"Shut up you perv!" Lavender glared at the laughing portrait. Lavender curled the fingers of her right hand, flames igniting within it causing Salazar to hold his hand up in surrender, still grinning.

"Sorry, sorry, just teasing, don't torch the painting." The flames died out in her hands. "Anyway, you might want to take care of those love bites before Harry gets back if you don't want him asking questions." Salazar left his frame before Lavender could retort, the girl pinching the bridge of her nose as she made her way back to Susan's room.

'Better make sure Sue covers her own before Harry gets back as well.'

X Hogwarts Grounds X

Harry helped Daphne out of the hidden passage beneath the Whomping Willow, the two making their way up to the school. "Amazing, simply amazing." Daphne crossed her arms over her chest. "Emancipated lord, a cloak of invisibility, a map that's pretty much alive and you still try to call yourself an average guy?" Harry laughed as they walked across the grounds.

"Trust me, I am nothing special Daphne." The girl rolled her ice blue eyes.

"So says the man that killed a sixty foot Basilisk with a sword, the Sorting Hat and the Headmaster's Phoenix."

"Hey, in all fairness, Dumbledore sent Fawkes with the Sorting Hat and even then I was pretty sure I was a dead man when I got bit by the damned thing."

"There you are!" The two looked towards the entrance to the school only for the two to groan as Malfoy and his two goons made their way towards them. The moment they got close enough, Draco looked disgusted at the sight. "What the devil are you doing with this cheating halfblood, Greengrass? You should be in more respectable company, like myself." Daphne gave the boy a frigid glare.

"If I wanted to find respectable company, Malfoy, there is no one better than Potter." Harry frowned at the cold tone the girl had reverted to. "And here I was actually enjoying the day. My apologies, Potter, but it seems our outing has come to an end. Do give my regards to Bones and Brown for me?" Harry shook his head.

"There is no need for that. Why don't you come visit them? I'm sure it would be much more pleasant than being in the presence of this arrogant ferret and his mindless gorillas." Daphne rose a brow, her face an emotionless mask before nodding. Draco's face burned red in anger as the two made to go around them only for the Malfoy heir to pull out his wand. Harry glared back at the teen. "Malfoy, this is your only warning. Back off, or I will destroy you by calling in the debt you owe me."

"And what debt would that be, scar head?" Harry gave the boy a vicious grin, his female companion gasping as she felt Harry's magic start to seep from his body, a slight blush dusting her cheeks.

'His magic… So powerful.'

"You see, I've been reading up on wizarding customs and traditions over the last few months. Do you remember that duel you challenged me to and didn't show? By magic, you forfeited the duel by doing so, therefore created a debt to be paid." Draco's eyes narrowed in thought before he paled, his wand arm dropping to his side while Crabbe and Goyle had a light sheen to their foreheads from sweating at the powerful presence Harry was producing. "So you do remember and realize what you've done. That's good, it shows you do in fact have a brain."

"You wouldn't dare, my father wouldn't allow it!" Harry's grin grew even cooler, Daphne's eyes widening at the rush of wind surrounding them all, Harry's magic the center of it all as her breathing turned into light panting. The three opposing Slytherins swallowed hard, their instincts telling them to run from the much more power threat before them.

"Also good that you realize what it would mean, but sad to see you really think your dear old daddy could stop me. You're walking on thin ice, Draco. If you piss me off again, you'll regret it. Now, back off!" The bleach blonde heir glared at Harry before turning and quickly walking away, Crabbe and Goyle behind him. Harry took a deep breath and sighed, a smile gracing his lips as he regained control of his wild magic. "That felt so good." He turned to Daphne only to give a muffled gasp in surprise as a pair of lips slammed against his. Daphne pulled away gasping, licking her lips as she looked at Harry with a dazed look.

"That was very, very hot."

"Um, thanks?" Daphne snapped out of her daze and blushed, bowing to the teen.

"S-sorry, milord, I don't know what came over me."

"No, it's fine… I actually enjoyed that." Harry frowned slightly as he registered what she called him. "Daphne, come with me, there is something else I need to tell you before this… whatever this is between us goes any further." Daphne's eyes glinted in something he couldn't identify as he led her into the castle and pulled out his map.

"Where are we going, Harry?" The teen gave his female date a smile.

"Somewhere private." Daphne tilted her head in confusion as Harry led her through the castle. It took little time to reach their destination and Harry gave the girl a nervous smile. "Alright, we're here."

"Where is here?" Daphne questioned, only to watch Harry face the statue of a knight, touching his left hand to the knight's helmet. The statue slid to the side as the wall opened up into a secret entrance. The raven haired lord led his date into the passage, the entrance closing behind him. A snap of Harry's fingers lit candles in all over the room, revealing it to be an office of sorts.

"I found this and two others like it over the last few weeks without Susan and Lavender being around. It's an office, most likely a private study for one of the four founders when they were alive. I would guess Ravenclaw by the looks of it." Daphne looked around at the room in awe. There were bookshelves filled with old tomes, several raven like statues, and blue and bronze banners hanging on the walls with a green Raven embroider on them.

"But I thought Ravenclaw's colors were only blue and bronze. Why the green ravens?" Harry crossed his arms, leaning against the wall near the hidden entrance.

"Because the world has twisted their history. Rowena Ravenclaw was actually married to Salazar Slytherin, and Godric Gryffindor to Helga Hufflepuff. The green raven is to symbolize their marriage. Salazar's office has a similar banner, but with a blue snake." Daphne turned to Harry, looking shocked at the information.

"How do you know this?" Harry pointed to the desk where a single book lay closed.

"Rowena's diary for one and the portrait of Salazar himself."

"Again, how are you average?" Harry laughed, walking over and sitting at the chair behind the desk.

"Ok, I guess you're right, I'm nowhere near average." Daphne took a seat in the lone free chair, the other occupied by a few tomes.

"So, anything else you want to shock me with before the night is over Mr. Historian?" Harry scratched the back of his head.

"Daphne, what do you know about being the lord of multiple houses?" Daphne rose a brow.

"Well, I know that for each line, the lord must have a different lady so that no one heir may claim all those lordships unless the lord dies before an heir could be sired for the other houses. While it is not something that happens very often, it is still something well known to all houses. Why?" Harry held out his hand, willing all of his house rings to appear, causing Daphne's eyes to widen in shock. "How… how is that possible?" Harry grimaced.

"The Potter is an obvious one. I obtained the Perverell lordship from Ignotus Perverell, one of the three brothers of the old legend, through my father. I am the combined direct descendant of Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor, through my parents. Slytherin and Ravenclaw through my mother, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor through my father."

"But that's…. Harry, do you have any idea how much power you have in our government? If everything continues the way they are now, you could control the Wizengamot, almost no one would be able to stop you!" Harry shook his head.

"I'm afraid I don't follow." Daphne licked her lips, eyes glazed over in thought as she explained the significance of Harry's situation.

"The Four Founders' houses each have five votes apiece. But they all pale in comparison to the Perverell vote of ten! Not only that, the Perverell family also has the magical and governmental right to veto any bill or decision made by the Wizengamot without contest." Harry watched as the girl squirmed in her chair, rubbing her thighs together. "Combine that with your Potter house votes and you have 32 votes. That is almost half the Wizengamot. Oh god the things you could do would be almost limitless."

"Daphne, are you ok?" The teen's eyes snapped into focus.

"Yes sorry, just… amazed at the possibilities." Harry shook his head.

"Anyway Daphne, the reason I showed you these rings is to give you a forewarning that if we were to actually become a couple, you would not be the only girl. I was told by Gringotts that I have to marry one woman for each house that I am Lord of. I do not want to be unfair to you by just assuming you would be alright with it. Not only that, but I have to do this before I turn sixteen. Do you understand?" The young heiress said nothing as she got off her chair and walked around to Harry, surprising him by straddling his lap as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Does that mean I can kiss you again, milord?" Harry stiffened at the sultry tone in her voice, quickly narrowing his eyes with a growl, sending a shiver down the girl's back.

"Minx!" Daphne's grin was quickly covered by Harry's lips, a surprised squeak escaping her before she fell into the kiss, pulling Harry tightly against her as Harry took hold of her hips.


"Hey, welcome back." Susan looked up from her position on the couch as the door to the room opened, admitting Harry into the hidden dorm room. The teen wasn't alone however as Daphne entered in behind him, both of them slightly flushed and both were slightly disheveled. Susan eyed them closely as they sat down, the long haired beauty leaning against him with her eyes closed in contentment. Her eyes widened as her newly awakened senses caught the scent of arousal cascading off the two in waves but the succubus was certain nothing happened other than heavy petting. "Seems you two had more fun on your date then Lav and I thought you would."

"You could say that." Susan grinned at the Ice Queen and her crush as she caught a glimpse of a love bite on Daphne's neck.

"Seems you got a bit hot and heavy too." Both teens blushed as Susan tapped the side of her neck. "So, I take it this means Daphne's your girlfriend now?" Harry rubbed the back of his neck, nodding. "Well good, you both look good together." 'And I can feel the lust rolling off the two of you. Lavender's going to be exhausted tomorrow morning.' Neither teen saw the light pink ring forming around her iris, the girl's lust starting to build.

"Thank you, Susan. It means a lot to me." Daphne gave the girl a smile as Harry stood to his feet.

"I'll be right back." The two watched as Harry walked out of the room. Once out of ear shot, Susan sat up and turned to Daphne with a sly grin.

"So, how was it?" Daphne's eyes narrowed. "Oh don't look at me like that. I can taste the lust and arousal in the air around you two, especially from you. I can also tell the two of you haven't gone past heavy petting." Daphne's eyes widened.

"Y-you can taste it?" A lick of her lips was the nonverbal answer, Daphne noticing the darkening pink outline around her iris.

"Ooooh, can I taste it. I envy you, Daphne. You got to do what I'm afraid to, especially now that I was forced to embrace my succubus half. I can sense you're still completely untouched, just as he is. Gods, how I envy you." Daphne gulped, at the lustful gleam in Susan's eye.

"A-Are you-"

"She won't hurt you, Daph." Lavender's voice cut the Greengrass heir off, the brunette walking into the room and sitting down next to Susan, wrapping her arm around the girl's waist. "If she tried I wouldn't let her sleep with me for a week." Susan rolled her eyes, suppressing her lust for her girlfriend.

"I would never do something that could cause Harry to be upset with me like that."

"I know, that's why I know my threat is an empty one. Anyway, I told Harry to go ahead and take a shower while the three of us catch up. So, how was Hogsmede?"

"Oh, he didn't tell you? We never went to Hogsmede for our date, only to be able to travel to where he actually wanted to take me." The two girls stared at the girl in surprise before a devious look appeared on Lavender's face.

"Well, keep going. Details, girl, give us the details." Daphne laughed beginning her tale at the point where she waited for Harry. As the three talked about Daphne's date with Harry, no one noticed Salazar entering his portrait, raising a brow at the new girl in the room. He listened in on the conversation, a small grin coming to his face as he listened to Daphne telling her story. When she reached the part where they met Draco, he noticed she was hesitating slightly. Curious about why the girl was hesitant, he announced his presence.

"Well, I was not aware we had a visitor to our little home." The three girls jumped his surprise, getting a chuckle from the founder as Daphne stared at the portrait wide eyed.

"So you're the one Harry told me about, Salazar Slytherin?" the other two girls looked at Daphne with raised brows as Salazar nodded slightly.

"Maybe. Are you saying you know who he really is then?"

"I know he is the emancipated Lord to five different houses and the heir to a sixth only because of a clause in his parents' will." Susan and Lavender gaped at the girl.

"He told you?"

"He's what to how many?!" Lavender looked to Susan with even more shock. "You knew about this?" Susan ducked her head shyly with a nod. Lavender leaned back against the couch, rubbing her forehead. "I figured the Potter and Slytherin families but there are more? What the hell?" Salazar chuckled.

"He kept it secret for a reason, Lavender and there are a few things even he is unaware of. Please don't ask, I would prefer not to speak of them as they are nearing the point where they would no longer matter."

"You make it sound like he has specific responsibilities he has to take care of." Susan announced, getting a surprised glance from Daphne.

"You mean you don't know what he has to do?" The strawberry blonde tilted her head in confusion while Lavender just stared back and forth between the two. Daphne sighed and looked to Salazar. "I think that would be in our best interests if you'll allow me to stay the night, Lord Salazar." The man waved his hand dismissively at the girl.

"Please, just Salazar, no need for titles here. But to answer your request, yes, you may stay here for the night. It'll be easier to explain that way. Now, I apologize for interrupting your conversation but I was trying to decide if Daphne was a threat so I've heard a great deal about your date." Daphne blush as Susan and Lavender deadpanned at the man.

"Really, Salazar? Eavesdropping?"

"Now, now, I meant no harm. Besides, if anything I've found that she's holding back in her tale, aren't you, Daphne?"

"Um… I don't think… I mean…" Susan licked her lips at the sudden arousal she sensed from Daphne, the lust that was once in her eyes returning in force.

"You found something about him that turned you on didn't you?" Daphne's cheeks gained a red tint as Lavender opened one of her eyes to peek at her lover.

"Susan, your lust is showing again." The girl sensually licked her lips, the pink outline in her eyes beginning to overcome the brown.

"But Lav, she's just… radiating so much lust. Whatever she discovered about him… I'll bet she's damp."

"Susan Bones, calm down or no sex until winter break is over!" The girl pouted but a glare from Lavender forced her to close her eyes and take a deep breath, forcing her other half to become subdued once more. Lavender smiled once she saw her lover's chocolate brown eyes were no longer tinged pink. "Good girl. Now please try to keep your urges in check." Lavender leaned in and whispered into Susan's ear, the half succubus gripping her right thigh to keep herself tame. "Deal?" Susan nodded as Lavender leaned back against the couch once more, looking at Daphne with a stern look. "I think it best you don't think or speak of that while Sue's around you for now. Shall we move on?"

"Right, well, I'll leave the three of you to gossip." The former school founder left his picture frame, Daphne turning to Susan as Harry entered the room, freshly showered.

"You three getting along alright I hope?" The three girls grinned at him.

"Of course, Harry. Were you expecting us to have broken into a fight?" Harry shook his head.

"No, no." the black haired teen looked over to his date. "Shall I take you back to your common room, Daphne?" The blue eyed blonde shook her head.

"No, I'll be staying the night here. Your many times great grandfather is fine with me staying." Susan gained a mischievous grin.

"Why don't you stay with Harry, Daph? I'm sure he'd love to share with you." Daphne and Harry both glowed bright red, sputtering while the succubus laughed with her girlfriend at the look on their faces. "I'm kidding. We'll stay out here for the night, make it a girl's sleepover party." The teen nodded, sitting down next to Daphne, the four teens talking into the later hours of the night. The four finally turned in for the night just passed midnight, Harry asking Dobby for some extra pillows and blankets for the girls.


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