The Big Bang- Epilogue

That morning Sookie had stood before the Senate subcommittee investigating the bombing at Le Monde that had taken the lives of many humans as well as supernaturals.

"This tragedy will only have meaning if we can use it as a way to bring our races together and move forward hand in hand toward a future united on handling the problems we all face in changing this world for the better.

"As I look around here today I see the faces of many that I know are as invested in this dream as I am, and I see the hope of many more in the ones I have yet to meet. Groups like The Iron Fist will always try and take away our passion to do things better and to make things right, but they can only do that if we let them.

"The bombing of Le Monde unites us all in our cause through the price we have paid to make this dream of better safer world for our children and our children's children a reality. I, for one, will not allow hate to chart the course of this better safer world, and I ask that each of you stand with me, and those who have already pledged their support to make this the world it should be."

Eric had watched the CNN broadcast from the special area for delegate security and he had felt his heart swell with pride when she spoke of the world she would devote herself to creating for her children.

For their children.

This afternoon, Eric and his family were having a picnic in a wide open field on the property he owned in Ă–land. It was a perfect sunny spring afternoon and he held Alaric high on his shoulders as they ran after Sookie and Eliana through a field full of flowers.

Tonight, once the children were tucked away and dreaming he would show the Queen of his heart what she meant to him and how she had changed his entire world with a summons he had dreaded and did everything he could to get out of answering.

Oh, the things I would have missed, he thought as he ran behind her, his chest full of laughter and his heart full of joy. She turned and winked at him with fire in her eyes. A fire that he knew burned only for him.

~The End~