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Chapter 1

The First Day

Anna breathed deeply trying to calm her frazzled nerves. Today would be her first day at her new job working as a security guard at the Arendelle Museum of History and Art. Messing with the buttons on her blue security uniform she wore. Anna gazed up at the beautiful stone building before her the sight left the strawberry blonde both in awe and a little intimidated. Having grown up in one of the poor districts of the city. Anna had never been to the museum before her small family never having the money to take such a trip. This would be the first time she ever set foot in the building.

Taking one last deep breathe Anna walked up the stone steps into the building where she would be meeting her employer and owner of the museum Kai Anderson. Anna had met him once before for her interview which the esteemed museum owner had outside the museum at a coffee shop across the street. Which he claimed to do so to have a more pleasant environment to hold the interview at instead of his office. Kai had explained his reasoning for doing so was his office would leave most possible workers too nervous to be themselves.

Entering the museum Anna's jaw dropped the entrance opened up into a huge atrium a circular skylight bathed the entrance hall in light. Paintings covered the ceiling around the skylight depicting soldiers bravely galloping into battle on horse back. Beautiful sirens luring sailors to their unknowing demise, a mighty dragon wings spread ready to rise to the clouds painted above. The various paintings spanning the ceiling left Anna craning her neck trying to absorb the sight before her.

At the center of the room was the welcome desk that was currently empty as it was still too early for the museum to be open. What caught Anna's attention though was what the desk was built around a stone pillar rose up from behind the circular desk. The pillar only rose slightly above the desk so the figure that was standing on it could be seen clearly. On the pillar made from stunning white marble was the statue of a woman clad in a beautiful dress and cape that seemed to billow behind her from an unknown wind. She stood proudly a golden scepter and a globus cruciger held in each hand her crown too was made of gold a bright blue gem at it's center. Her features carved smoothly gave a powerful aura as if she was daring anyone to bring danger into her museum.

"I see you've met the museum's famed Queen." A voiced spoke out causing Anna to jump and spin around to face the speaker. It was Kai he had a small smile on his aged face. Kai was an older man having owned the museum since his father passed away and left ownership to him. Ownership that he took proudly doing his very best to keep the museum up and running smoothly.

Wearing a dark green suit holding a cane to help support himself due to a bad back from old age. The museum owner always held a pleasant air about him. From what Anna had heard about him he loved his museum dearly, and even after many offers from the city of Arendelle to buy the museum and make it a city funded museum. Kai refused keeping control of the museum within his family.

"Queen?" Anna took another glance at the marble statue now noticing the golden plate placed on the pillar she stood on. Engraved on the plate in neat cursive letters said Queen Elsa the I last great Queen of Arendelle. Anna knew that name everyone who went to school or hell even lived in Arendelle for just little while knew that name. Queen Elsa was the last monarch Arendelle had maybe about a century or two ago before the government changed to a council. Back then Arendelle had been under heavy strain from the old countries of Weselton and the Southern Isles who were trying to gang up on Arendelle in order to take over the country. Despite this the history books said Queen Elsa kept Arendelle prosperous managing to convince Weselton to switch over to Arendelle's side against the Isles. Though it is said that the Isles had the young queen assassinated just as it seemed peace times were on the horizon.

No one knows exactly how it happened there were many theories though it seems as though one day the Queen was alive and well leading Arendelle. Then the next the last of Arendelle's royal family was dead.

Though Arendelle was no longer a monarchy the citizens even to this day held a certain respect for the last Queen that ever ruled.

"It's a beautiful statue sir, is this what they believed Queen Elsa actually looked like?" The old man made his way to Anna leaning on his cane for support.

"This statue is probably one of the more accurate piece of art we have of her the other being her coronation painting that we have in the art wing. Since she was so young when she passed away there aren't many paintings that were done when she was alive. Most were done in her honor after her death." Kai informed sounding much like a teacher in a classroom a very passionate teacher. It is clear from the sparkle in his eyes as he gives the statue a smile that the statue invoked his passion for history.

"I would be lying if I didn't say that she is one of my favorite pieces within this old museum." Kai gave the statue another smile before turning attention to his new guard.

"Now Miss Christian welcome to our humble museum." The elder man clapped his hand together grinning at the new guard.

"Thank you sir-"

"Oh I'll have none of that you can just call me Kai everyone else does sir just sounds so formal." Anna grinned having a feeling this job wouldn't be so bad at all with a boss like this.

"Anyway I gave you a brief rundown of what you'll be doing here when I told you got the position so we'll just run through it again while I show you around. After all how can you protect my museum if you can't even find the restrooms!" Anna laughed lightly along with the museum owner as he began to lead Anna around the rest of the museum. Giving the proud figure of Queen Elsa one last glance before following the elder man.

According to Kai Anna had the easier, but probably most vital job at the museum. While the other guards were stationed by the most expensive or rare pieces. Those guards left after their shift was over at the end of the day. While Anna would be stationed at the entrance at the welcome center. During the day she would just make sure no disgruntled visitors would cause any problems, but as the museum closes at 5:30 it was Anna's job after everyone had left to close and lock up the museum. Doing the final sweep making everything is as it should before locking the building for the next day.

It was simple enough which suited Anna fine she didn't try for the job of museum security guard to wrestle down robbers(though that didn't mean she wasn't prepared to do so if it meant protecting the museum and its guests). Anna took the job because being so close to all this history and art seemed like it'd be amazing. The redhead was only here barely a day and she had learned more about Arendelle's history from Kai. Than her teachers in high school tried teaching her in years.

Once they were back at the welcome desk Queen Elsa's stone gaze staring out beyond them Kai gave his new employee a pleasant smile.

"Well, that's about everything you need to know the rest of the staff should be arriving soon so you'll get to met them soon…ah there's some of them are now Rapunzel! Belle! Good morning!" Kai greeted two women both dressed in black slacks and clean white shirts with a grey vest over them. Their name tags displaying which one was Belle and Rapunzel.

"Morning Kai! Oh is this the new guard you said you were hiring it's so nice to meet you I'm Rapunzel if you couldn't see my name tag. You have no idea how great it is to have some else working here other than Kristoff and Belle." The light haired brunette nearly hopped forward to greet Anna. The other gave a mock glare at her folding her arms across her chest.

"Is there something wrong with me and Kristoff Punzi?" Rapunzel grinned moving back over to Belle and wrapping one arm around her shoulders in a one sided hug.

"Oh Don't be like that Belle you know I love you and Kristoff, but you guys always leave me all alone at the welcome desk." Belle shook her head a small smile on her face.

"Well, that sort of is our job you know tour guide and all, there is only so much I can talk about our dear Queen over there before I lose the attention of my group." Belle pointed to the statue of the young queen.

"Don't worry Rapunzel Miss Christian here will be our new closer so she'll be spending her days with you." Kai pointed out laughing at his employees antics as if they were his children.

"Yes! Wait I haven't even given you a chance to introduce yourself I'm so sorry." Anna laughed throughly enjoying the exchange she just witnessed not minding at all.

"It's all right I'm Anna Christian you can just call me Anna though. So you run the welcome desk here?" Rapunzel nodded taking out a key from her pocket and unlocking the door to get into the inside of the circular desk around the statue of Queen Elsa.

"Yep I run the desk here and help any visitors who need help, but sometimes I give tours around the art department name any painting in this museum and I could give you a brief history on it." Anna put her hand on her chin trying to think of a painting she saw on the tour Kai gave her before looking up and deciding on the mural spanning the ceiling above them.

"Okay how about the mural up there?" Anna pointed up Rapunzel just smirked as if the challenge as too easy.

"Easy those paintings up there aren't even that old they were painted when the museum was first built as a gift for the grand opening. I believe the woman who painted them was Alexandra Frost a distant relative of the old Arendelle royal family." Anna gave a small clap impressed at the petite woman's knowledge.

"Thanks if you're impressed by that you should see Belle I don't think there's a bit of history she doesn't know about literally anything. I blame all those books she reads." Anna turned to the darker haired brunette who shrugged.

"I know a good bit at least I try to so I can answer anyone's questions. I give most of the tours except for the art department's of course that's Punzi's department."

"So I could ask you just about anything about a piece here and you'll know it?" Anna asked excitedly bouncing on her heels.

"Not anything there are things even I don't know like Queen Elsa over there no one know's who made that statue or anything else about it. Kai found it in an auction for some of the old Arendelle castle heirlooms even the owner had no clue about it." Kai made a sound of disgust when Belle mentioned how he came to find the marble statue.

"Auction I hate to go to such events, but sometimes it's the only way to come across the best pieces in need." A look of confusion came to Anna's face.

"In need?"

"Of course those people at auctions only care about the money's worth of the artifacts they have! When I came upon Elsa's statue you should have seen the condition it was in all covered in moss and all sorts of muck. Most of them there didn't care about the beautiful statue under all that grim. They only cared about what this statue has that crown, scepter, and the globus cruciger are the original ones that Queen Elsa herself held at her own coronation."

Anna's eye's widened looking at the white statue standing in all her glory. Anna couldn't help but wonder if that was what the Queen looked like on her coronation. Standing tall and proud in all her regal glory crown perched on top her head holding the royal artifacts while she was declared queen. Kai continued his rant while Anna looked at the statue with a new sense of wonder.

"Those artifacts are made of pure gold any collector who owned them would be envied by all their peers. There was no way I could let some stuffy old collector horde her! So after a long hard battle I manage to save her from the hands of those stuck up collectors." Both of the long time employees were trying to hold in their laughing at the museum owner's behavior. Anna too was chuckling lightly especially since Kai kept referring to the statue as a 'she' instead of an it.

"He loves telling people that story and don't worry he's not as crazy as he seems he always calls the statue a her." Rapunzel joked lightly Kai giving her a seemingly stern glare.

"She is a she or am I missing something and our last monarch was King Elsa not Queen." Both girls laughed at their bosses antics Anna couldn't help but laugh too.

"No offense or anything sir…I mean Kai but most people don't call statues she they aren't real people after all." Kai adopted a knowing look and smiled at Anna as she spoke.

"Hmmm one tends to forget when you spend as much time as I do with statues, and the longer you work here the more real they become especially Queen Elsa." Anna became briefly puzzled at her boss' words, but it was quickly brushed off as the rest of the staff arrived all greeting Anna warmly as they all began preparing for the coming day.

Anna had to admit the museum staff had quite a wide range of characters working for it. There was Kristoff a fellow guard who was along with his german shepherd guard dog Sven was going on his fifth year of working for the museum. The two of them quickly clicked as friends swapping stories getting to know one another before Kristoff had to report to his post to watch over guests. Making sure no one was using flash photography when they weren't supposed to or trying to touch the exhibits.

There was also Hans which Anna didn't know why but something about him didn't seem right. He was a tour guide and appeared nice enough though Anna had a feeling his smiles were fake for some reason. She brushed it off though as just first day jitters.

Kai had told Anna that there were other's that Anna would meet as the shifts changed within the week, but Anna would be the one constant. The young guard found it strange that Kai would only trust one person to close the museum down every night, but she wouldn't question her boss so soon into her employment.

The day began and guests filled into the museum Anna getting to see them all as they passed through the main hall to get to the rest of the museum. So far Anna had to say her favorite part was watching children first enter the museum many it being their first time. The look of absolute wonder as Queen Elsa's magnificent statue greeted them to the museum would never get old. Sun from the skylight above her bathing her marble skin in a brilliant glow.

At the end of the day Anna bid the rest of the staff farewell as she began to do her sweep of the museum to make sure no one was trying to hide out over night. Satisfied with her sweep completely sure that there was not a soul left in the museum except her. Anna went to turning everything off except the security system of course.

Leaving the security room where all the camera monitors were. Anna left happy that all were functioning making her way back to the main entrance humming a tune to herself. Anna smiled to herself her first day couldn't have gone better walking with a skip in her step Anna went to the welcome desk making sure all the computers were turned off.

The sun was just about set as Anna did a final mental check list to make sure everything she had to do was completed. Before she left though Anna looked to the statue of Queen Elsa once more. While they were on break Kristoff had told her that the last guard who closed the museum always told the statue goodnight as a good luck charm. The museum hadn't had a break in or any major problem for years so Anna figured maybe she should continue the tradition no matter how silly it seemed.

"Good night your majesty," What happened next made Anna freeze where she stood. The young woman had turned around ready to leave for the night when a soft melodious voice rang out.

"Good evening to you too." Slowly ever so slowly Anna turned around to where the statue of Queen Elsa once stood. Jaw dropping voice catching in her throat where once a marble statue of Queen Elsa was. Now a what appeared to be a very much human and alive Queen stood. No longer skin made of white marble, but instead pale smooth skin covered her. Soft platinum blonde hair done up just like it was previously carved out of stone golden crown sitting on her head and everything. Bright blue eyes looked down at Anna from her perch on her pillar a soft almost nervous smile on the Queen's lips as she looked down at the guard before her.

The Queen gave a small yawn which she tried to hide behind her hand that in the back of Anna's head if she could think a coherent thought at the moment would call cute.

"I imagine by your expression Kai didn't warn you about me first before giving you the job of protecting the museum." Somehow Anna managed to nod her mind still trying to make sense of all this. The Queen set her artifacts down before climbing down from her place on the pillar.

The light haired woman kept a safe distance from Anna her magenta cape dragging behind her dress slightly billowing from her movements. She looked like she came straight from some middle ages TV show or a renaissance fair. The statue turned woman gave a polite bow before speaking.

"Hello, I am Elsa of Arendelle Kai told me he requested the assistance of someone new to close the museum. I had hoped he would have explained my situation before letting you meet me." Once Anna could see she was waiting for a response from the baffled guard. Anna swallowed thickly finding her voice.

"You…you're alive! Oh MY GOD you were a statue but you're alive is this some sort of joke or something. Is there a hidden camera somewhere or something cause there is no way this is happening. I saw you! You were made of stone no more than two seconds ago!" Anna didn't notice the woman flinch at her small rant.

"I don't know what a camera is or why you think there is one hidden somewhere, but you are not wrong I was a stone statue all day." Anna stared the women down looking for any signs that she was lying. No matter how crazy it sounded Anna saw Queen Elsa's statue it was made of solid heavy marble. There was no way someone could move that without her taking notice so this couldn't be a joke.

"Then how are you alive now?" The Queen took on a forlorn expression and looked away Anna frowned at the depressed look coming from her.

"It's part of my curse Kai tells me that your history says I was assassinated by the Southern Isles. You are not entirely wrong except I wasn't assassinated a prince from the Isles couldn't handle me rejecting his proposal for marriage to join our kingdoms. He just wanted to be King for the power that came with marring me. When I refused he cursed me with ancient magic." The old Queen's eyes became clouded with sadness as she looked up to the sky that was now dark from the sun leaving the sky.

"By day your heart will reflect your soul, by night the stars your only solace, so it shall be forever more a frozen heart made of stone." She recited the words like a prayer a dark morbid prayer turning back to Anna a sad look on her face the Queen spoke again.

"I apologize if I've frightened you, you see during the day I remain a statue at night I become human again, but I can turn back into a statue at will if the need arises. I will remain such until the next night unless I choose to stay a statue the next night. However I always remain stone during the day. I can see my presence bothers you I shall return to stone as not to frighten you any further." Posture still held high just like what one would think a Queen would act. She made her way back to the pillar before she could climb back onto it though. Anna's brain was finally able to process all of what she was just told.

"Wait!" Anna cried out raising a hand out as if to stop her the Queen looked puzzled.

"You don't have to go to back being a statue. That's not really fair after all from what you've told me you've been turning into a statue for what a hundred or so years. I mean you're really Queen Elsa the First?" Elsa nodded and for whatever reason no matter how crazy this whole situation came off as Anna believed her. She had no reason not to believe her there was no way someone could get in and pretend to be the old Queen, and even if they could they could've moved the statue that was now missing.

"Then I think we got off on the wrong foot. No offense but you nearly gave me a heart attack there plus I'm still trying to make sure I didn't trip some time today knock myself out, and I'm dreaming all this right now." This brought a small smile to Elsa's lips.

"I assure this is no dream I'll try my best to explain anything you are questioning right now."

"Thanks and don't you worry my head might just explode from all the questions I have, but first I know who you are so it's only fair you know who I am." Striding quickly across the room Anna held out her hand for the Queen to shake.

"I'm Anna Christian nice to meet you Queen Elsa." Hesitantly Elsa took Anna's hand in a gentle shake. Grinning inwardly Anna couldn't help but think how she thought this job was going to be a simple quiet job guarding some works or art and history. How wrong she was.

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