chapter 4

Not Quite Friends

After a much needed rest Anna found herself at the museum once again. The day staff had already left which left Anna to go about, and make sure all the exhibits were locked up. Going around the day staff made Anna's job easier doing most of the shutting things down for the day before Anna even arrived. All Anna really had to do was make sure the security cameras were working properly. Heading back to the main entrance Anna froze upon entering the main entrance.

Elsa was gone.

Panic rushed through Anna's veins that Anna has to mentally slap herself to become focus again. She had to think logically, looking up at the skylight the sun was already down. Elsa should have woken up from her stone slumber by now. The front door was locked, and Anna had the only key so Elsa couldn't get out not like she wanted to anyway. More importantly no one could get in, so Elsa had to be somewhere in the museum. Also Elsa's scepter and orb were resting on the pillar where Elsa has been putting them the last few nights.

Getting herself in gear Anna rushed to search for the blonde queen. Combing the museum up and down until finally hearing a soft voice singing down in the Arendelle castle artifacts exhibit.

"Mirror, tell me something." Anna followed the voice searching the halls for the queen.

"Tell me can a heart be turned to stone?" Frowning Anna followed the voice eventually coming to find Elsa standing in front of one of the artifact cases. At her angle Anna couldn't see what artifacts Elsa was looking down at as she sang.

"Mirror, mirror, tell me something, who's the loneliest of all?" Quietly approaching the ancient monarch Anna couldn't help but frown. Elsa sung beautifully the lyrics however were sorrowful filled with the ache the queen has felt being alone all these years.

"You have a beautiful voice." Anna chose not to comment on the pained filled lyrics for now, and focus on Elsa's lovely voice.

Elsa jumped at Anna's voice, spinning around to face the guard. Her expression was clearly shocked to yet again see Anna at the museum.

"You're here again?" There was no anger or biting cold in her voice this time just disbelief.

"Of course Kai has me working as a full time night guard now, so I guess we'll be spending a lot more time together. You had me worried there for a minute disappearing like that, but then again I guess I shouldn't expect you to stay at the welcome desk all night." Anna added the second part after a pause. Smiling warmly Anna tried to get the queen to relax a little as her body just like it was the past few nights was held tense. Shoulders stiff back held straight all most as if she was trained to hold that pose.

"I didn't think you would be returning again." Elsa commented softly eyeing Anna wearily.

"Well, you'd be wrong I'll be coming back every night except Sundays." The Queen's eyes widened at that surprise written all over her face. Before Elsa could respond to it Anna was fishing something out of her pocket.

"I have something for you. I figured since you liked the soda from last night maybe you'd like to try something else." Pulling out of her pocket a chocolate bar, Anna held out the candy to the queen.

"Do you like chocolate?" Hesitantly Elsa nodded, Anna grinned tearing off the wrapper before holding the chocolate bar back out to the queen.

"Here this is a chocolate bar I don't know if you had anything like it before, but these things are delicious!" Shyly Elsa reached out and took the chocolate from Anna's hand, the redhead noticing how the queen was careful so that their fingers didn't brush against each other.

"When I was young King Agdar allowed chocolate during any festivals. It has been decades since I last had any." King Agdar Anna remembered from history class was the previous ruler before Elsa aka the blonde's father. Anna briefly wondered why she referred to him by title instead of just father, but pushed the thought from her head as she watched Elsa take a dainty bite out of the candy.

Elsa's eyes slide shut in pleasure at the taste of the candy. Quickly finishing off the bar clearly loving every chocolate filled bite. Anna smiled at the sight in a brief moment the ancient queen didn't look so sorrowful.

"Thank you, you didn't have to bring me anything though." Elsa gave a small bow showing her gratitude posture still ridged.

"No problem! It was my pleasure no one should have to go long without chocolate. Its a crime in my mind after all chocolate has to be the best food ever invented." Anna grinned happily she might be imagining it, but after eating the chocolate Elsa seemed to become less tense. No longer looking like she was a board though she still didn't look the least bit at ease with Anna.

"So what would you like to do we still have quite awhile till daylight?" A look of confusion came to the queen's face.

"You want to do something with me?"

"Well, of course silly we could walk around the museum, I could tell you about other things from the modern world, or we could just talk if you want." Elsa turned her back to Anna looking down at the display case in front of her, hand positioned over the glass trying to be close to whatever was inside the case.

"I don't believe you would want to be around me. I've been told I'm a very boring person. I'm sure you can find much better ways to entertain yourself during these nights." A righteous anger flared up in Anna at the person who called Elsa boring. Anna didn't even know Elsa that well, but she could tell the blonde was anything but boring.

"Besides why would you want to be around someone who is cursed." A shudder ran down Anna's spine. Just the way Elsa said cursed sent all kinds of bad feelings towards the strawberry blonde. The queen said cursed as if she was some kind of monster that needed to be avoided. Well, Anna would be doing no such thing.

"I'd rather hang out with you. If that's all right?" Giving Elsa the chance to tell her to go away seemed like a good plan. Anna would be saddened if Elsa pushed her away of course, but if Elsa allowed her to stay then it would defiantly be a step in the right direction.

"Very well, I warn you I don't do much I normally just wander around until I decide to go back to being stone, or the sun comes up." Anna grimaced at that it deeply saddened the guard that Elsa saw no point in even being normal at night so much so that she didn't do anything with the time she was given.

Walking up to the blonde remaining a safe distance as not to upset the queen. Anna took position next to the queen finally seeing what the queen was looking at in the glass artifact case. It was a chess set an ancient chess set by the looks of it. Though it still was a nice looking set with its stone carved pieces and finely crafted board made of old oak wood. Next to it was a plaque detailing that the chess set once belong to the royal family, and was given to the museum as a gift.

"This was mine once." Elsa stated fingers pressed up against the glass, Anna waited patiently for Elsa to continue.

"My mother gave it to me as a gift for my tenth birthday." It didn't escape Anna's notice that Elsa called her father king, but her mother remained the parental term. She once again brushed it off more concerned about the sorrowful look Elsa had staring down at the chess set. It must hurt so much to see something she used to play with as a child. Be locked up as an ancient artifact being so close to it, but unable to even touch it. Anna wished she had the key to open the case, but only Kai had the keys to the artifact cases.

The two remained silent for a long time, the silence wasn't uncomfortable with Elsa staring longingly at the objects in the case. While Anna watched Elsa trying to gauge how she felt.

"Do you really want to be my friend?" The question came out of no where, but Anna didn't hesitant to answer.


"Why?" Elsa sounded so desperate and confused like being friends was such a foreign concept to her.

"Why not? Besides nobody deserves to be as alone as you've been for the past century."

"The last person I thought was my friend ended up being the reason the prince was able to curse me. King Agdar always told me a ruler has no friends only people who respect and fear you, and he was right. I was stupid and foolish enough to believe he was wrong, and look what happen. I don't even remember what the sun looks like." Elsa's eyes looked tearful she held them in though clutching her eyes closed.

"It's not stupid or foolish to want friends Elsa. Everyone needs a shoulder to lean on when they need it." Anna just now realized that was the first time she called Elsa by her name with no title attached to it. She found she liked the way it just easily rolled off her tongue.

"Yes it is, if I wasn't so stupid to think that we could have been friends they never would have had the chance to let the prince into the castle, and I never would have been cursed!" Elsa's fists clenched in anger before releasing her shoulders slumping. It was clear that even after all these years the pain from this person's betrayal was still raw to the queen.

"It was probably for the best though I was a terrible ruler." Anna's eyes widened was there something history was missing? All history books said Elsa was one of if not the best ruler Arendelle ever had. No, their classroom history books weren't missing something Elsa would have been a great ruler, Anna had a bad feeling about this.

"No way Elsa, I don't know if you have, but you should read a history book. Everyone agrees you are the best ruler Arendelle ever had. Why would you think you weren't a good ruler? Because, I barely know you, and I can tell you were a great ruler." Elsa wrapped her arms around herself turning away from Anna.

"I'd rather not talk about it."Anna wanted to push the issue, but it was clear she wouldn't get anywhere. In Anna's mind Elsa will tell her when she's ready.

"Okay, but Elsa I will never betray you, hurt you, or anything like that. I just want to help you I promise." Turning back arctic blue eyes locked with Anna's teal ones searching for any lies in Anna words.

"You promise?"

"Swear on my life." There was a pause as Elsa appeared to be trying to decide whether or not she could put her trust in Anna.

"I don't know if I can call you a friend yet. I've forgotten what its even like to pretend to have one, but maybe acquaintances is what you could call us?" Anna grinned.

"Acquaintances sounds good to me."

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side note the song Elsa was singing is not mine it is Mirror, Mirror from RWBY by Jefff Williams I find that song does a very good job of expressing what Elsa has been feeling for the last hundred years or so give it a listen if you haven't before I listen to it whenever I write out emotional scenes with Elsa for this fic^^