Natsu pressed away at his controller.

"Natsu you fucking idiot!" Gray yelled through the mic on his head. Natsu cursed under his breath.

"shut up Gray it ain't my fault it's yours!" Natsu yelled back.

Here is a normal day at the apartment of Natsu and Lucy. Natsu normally plays video games with the guys but...he sucks.


"not my fault dumbass!" Natsu yelled again.

just then the front door opened.

"Natsu can you help me with this giant awesome cake!" Lucy yelled.

"I swear Gray it was that douchbag!" Natsu yelled too concentrated.

Lucy frowned usually Natsu would come running in here like a dog. I mean come on, who wouldn't want a giant awesome cake? Lucy put on her thinking face, he wouldn't come unless he was…...playing video games. she smirked as she put the cake down and snuck up behind Natsu.

"Natsu the trail is that way….." she heard somebody say from the mic.

"I knew that!" Natsu yelled.

Lucy giggled a bit as she jumped on the couch and snatched the controller away.

"HEY!" Natsu yelled. Lucy started playing when-

"Natsu when the fuck did you get so good?"

"hey salamander get over here and help!"

"Natsu I swear you got a genie and wished to be awesome at this game!"

Natsu looked between the screen and Lucy who was expertly clicking away gaping. suddenly she plucked the headphones off of Natsu's head and put them on herself.



"salamander I got to give you props!"
"yea Natsu."

"who you calling Natsu?" Lucy asked with a smirk.






"Natsu you fucking suck! Lucy's better than you!"


"Hime! you're better than two Natsu's combined!"

Lucy smirked as she looked over at Natsu who had his arms crossed and was frowning.

"aw~ come on Natsu your not mad are you?" Lucy asked tracing circles on his arms. Natsu just scrunched up his eyebrows and looked away. Lucy giggled as she leaned in and whispered something in his ear.

"how about you blow this game so I can make it up to you?" she got up and winked at him then entered their bedroom. Natsu's eyes widened.

"well...FUCK THIS GAME!" he yelled as he threw the controller and the mic on the couch and ran off after her.

I don't know what was going through my mind when I wrote this. not my best work and it's really short. XD