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I awoke to the sound of a knock at the door. At first I thought I had imagined it, but then I heard it again. I sat up and took in my surroundings, trying to remember the last thing that happened. Oh, yeah. Mulder gave me a cool bath and then snuggled with me. Only, there wasn't a person sleeping next to me like I had hoped for. I look over at my alarm clock and realize that it was already seven o'clock. I slept through most of the day, and I found that I was actually starving. The last thing I ate was Mulder's canned soup, and that was not nearly enough to satisfy my stomach.

I threw the covers off of myself, and I grabbed my robe off the end of the bed. Slipping on my slippers, I decided to investigate the knocking. I wasn't too worried, though. I figured Mulder was probably still here and had ordered himself some Chinese. Chinese, that sounds great, I thought. I must be feeling better, if I feel like eating take-out. And I really was feeling about seventy-five percent better. The cool bath did wonders for my fever.

Upon entering my living room, I see Mulder sitting down on the couch, opening his take-out, on my coffee table. He better not be making a mess. I just carpet cleaned. I go to speak, but I suddenly stop. I want to take a minute and just gaze at Mulder, much like Holman had said we do. He was right, you know.

He was watching Gilligan's Island, which I thought was unusual. But, I too enjoyed that show. I was a sucker for the cheesy humor, which is why I love Mulder. He props his feet up on the coffee table, which I always slap him for. I watch him bring the egg roll up to his mouth and drop some sweet and sour sauce on his shirt, obliviously. There is no denying that he is a slob. I snicker to myself and walk over to the kitchen to grab him a napkin.

"Hey," I squeak out, my voice raspy. I watch him jump and quickly remove his feet from the coffee table. I had him the napkin as he looks confused. I motion to his shirt, and he guiltily smiles.

"Hey, slugger, how are you feeling," he asks me. "Oh, and sorry about my poor manners; I won't do it again."

"Relax, Mulder. My house is your house. It's the least I can do, since you have taken care of me. And I feel better," I add.

"That's good. I enjoy taking care of you and giving you a bath," he winks while I blush.

"Did the delivery guy wake you? I told them to knock silently, but nobody ever listens to me," he questions me.

"Yes, but I needed to wake up anyway. Did you get me anything," I ask peeking into the bag. I know he did, because Mulder is very thoughtful when it comes to me. Unless he is busy ditching me. But that is neither here nor there, at this moment.

"I did. I ordered your favorite, but as always, you are welcome to some of mine," he offers.

"Thank you. I will just go grab a plate and then I'll sit down and eat with you," I state happily. Food sounds so great right now; I didn't want to wait another second.

I walk over, plate in hand, and he reaches for it. I hand it over, watching him dish me out some sweet and sour chicken. He looks over at me, silently asking if it is enough, and I just nod my head. No communication is needed. He goes to give me the plate, but I raise an eye brow at him. He knows immediately what to do. I watch him put an egg roll on the plate, too. Then I smile with satisfaction, reaching out for the plate.

"That was my last egg roll. Consider yourself special," he teases me.

"Because taking care of me wasn't enough proof," I question with playfulness.

"Well, that and the bath were pretty much the real deal. I don't do that for just anybody, Scully. I was a little iffy with the runny nose, though. But, I over looked it, because I know you clean up well," he shoots back, not looking at me. I assume because of fear. Which he was right. I reach right over and punched him in the arm.

"Fox Mulder, I have seen you touch slimy substances. Don't you dare tell me a little runny nose was 'iffy'," I say with air quotes.

"I was kidding, partner. Even when you're sick, you're still beautiful," he deadpans.

I don't know how to respond to that, so I just deflect it. I had no idea Mulder looked at me as beautiful.

"I appreciate you doing all of this, Mulder. I don't know how I can repay you," I feel guilty.

"You don't owe me anything, Scully, and you know that. It is just what we do."

He was right. It is what we do. It is also what married couples do. So what did that say about us? I wasn't sure, and I wasn't about to ask.

I finish my dinner quickly, which doesn't go unnoticed by Mulder. After putting my plate into the kitchen sink for later, I have to use the restroom. When I open my bathroom door, I expected to see my wet clothes and towel on the floor. Instead, the bathroom as clean. There wasn't even a drop of water on the floor. My towel and wet clothes were not on the floor. The bathroom was just as I left it. Mulder had cleaned up, and he had done a good job. I looked over at my laundry bin, and sure enough, there were my dirty clothes. I smiled to myself. He really did care.

After inspecting my face and relieving myself, I went back to the couch, plopping myself down next to Mulder. He looked at me, but looked back at the television. The Chinese was cleaned up, and Mulder looked extremely full.

"You know, you kind of look like Ginger," he states, monotone like.

"Yeah, I guess we have some similar traits," I agree.

"Yeah, but you're not an air head. The only things she has going for her are her face and body. You've got it all, Scully," he explains.

My mouth drops, and I am speechless. He is being incredibly sweet tonight. I've never seen this side of Mulder. So, I don't say anything. I just rest my head on his shoulder and sigh heavily. It is moments like this when I can see myself with Mulder for the rest of our lives. Lost in thought, I felt a kiss the top of my head, and feel Mulder's arm snake around my shoulders.

"This is nice, Mulder. We should do this more often," I sigh, happily.

"Absolutely not, Scully. I don't like when you're sick. I was a nervous wreck," he looks down at me with large eyes.

"Not that, Mulder. I mean this. This whole domestic moment," I point at us. "It's comfortable and I am enjoying this side of you."

"Oh. Of course, Scully. I'd do this every day, if you wanted to," he smiles down at me. I look into his depths, and he seems genuine. At that moment, I knew Mulder truly would have a somewhat domestic life with me. Let's be honest, Mulder and domestic don't mix. But I know he would try for me.

"Well, let's not go crazy. But, I wouldn't mind if we did this once or twice a week," I quickly explain.

"Sounds like a great idea. You say the word, and I am there. Always."

With that, we sat on the couch and watched the marathon of Gilligan's Island. After yawning five times, Mulder declared bed time. He told me to go get comfortable and he'd come in and tuck me in.

"Alright, Scully, everything is turned off and the dishes are put away. Do you need anything else before I leave," he asks me. Yes, Mulder, I need you. But I don't say that.

Instead I say, "No, Mulder, you've done enough. Come to bed."

At first, he freezes in his spot, unsure what to do. But, he recovered quickly. Clearly he was hoping for that response. Mulder had taken care of me all day. The last thing I was going to do was send him home. No, he deserved an award. However, the best I could do was a warm bed and some snuggling. For Mulder, I think that was better than any award, and it was fine by me as well.

Once he got into bed, and we snuggled up, Mulder made his little joke that I knew was coming.

"Can all of our domestic nights end like this, partner?"

"Good night, Mulder," I reply. But I reply with a smile that I know he felt. And to him, that was a yes. Obviously I wanted all my nights to end like this, so I felt it unnecessary to even answer him. We both just knew. Kind of like a married couple, only we weren't.

We weren't married or even dating. We weren't lovers, not yet. I knew in time we would be. What we were was uncanny. What we were was intangible. Best friends, if you will. I was his person and he was my person. We were all the other ever needed in this lifetime. And I was completely okay with that.

The End!

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