Chapter 1 - And Here Choose I

A/N: Hey all. If you're here to reread, or you're here for the very first time, just know that this story wasn't my best work and it's a bit of random mess. I was experimenting a lot with my first two stories, trying weird things!

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Kim leaned back into her car seat and took a deep breath. The air was still tinged with the smell of smoke and torn earth, but as the car climbed higher, the breeze washed away more of the scent of battle.

"Sooo," Ron said, "Bueno Nacho?"

"Ron," Kim said, "the Bueno Nacho was destroyed? And didn't you just eat at the beach party?"

Beside her, Ron sniffled and spoke in a quiet, squeaky whisper. "Please don't say such horrible things. Three times in less than a year! Do supervillains have no decency?!"

"Riiiight." Kim rolled her eyes, smirked, and propped an arm on the door. A tilt of the wheel, and the car leaned left, giving her a clear view of the earth speeding below them. The ground was littered with patches of fire, smoking craters and still sparking war drones. Many of the enormous four-legged drones had military salvage crews around them, or were taped off by the local police.

"I think trying to find an intact and open Bueno Nacho on post-invasion Earth might be just a bit tricky." Kim looked back to Ron. "But anything is possible for a Possible."

"Alright!" Ron said. "That's the positive attitude I love! Victory nacos all around!"

Kim smirked and gave a little roll of her eyes. She had left the beach party to be with Ron alone in private, but Ron did just singlehandedly defeat an alien invasion. From Ron's pocket, Rufus poked his head out and squeaked excitedly. Over the years, Kim had come to understand this as Rufus' "naco" dance.

It had been just that morning that the Lowardians were defeated, and she still hadn't come down completely from her chemical high. Add in the rushed graduation, the world leaders meet that Drakken attended — that she had politely declined — and then a massive beach party that Ron and her had been shoved into and had escaped not 10 minutes ago; did anyone just stop to breathe before kicking it into overdrive?

She was about to ask Ron if they could just sit and relax for a minute when Wade popped up on her screen.

Kim inwardly groaned, but decided to play coy. "How's the party, Wade?"

"What?" Wade looked confused for a moment, then looked back to the beach behind him. "Oh, it's fine, but that's not why I'm calling."

Ron thunked his head into the dashboard. "Oh, don't supervillains take a day off when the world is saved from an alien invasion by a couple teenagers?!" From the dashboard, Rufus seemed to heartily agree.

Kim sighed, then covered her face in a mask of confidence. "What's the sitch, Wade?"

"You remember that world leader conference in Upperton?" Wade said. "Well, it's about Shego."


"What do you mean, 'I'm not allowed in'?" Kim said. "Okay. I usually don't play this card, but do you know who I am?"

"Sorry," the US military guard said. "No one's allowed in to see the prisoner."

"But Shego didn't do anything!" Kim said. "She was with me the entire time. She helped stop the Lowardians!"

"Not my job to question orders, ma'am."


The door behind the guard open with a hiss. An extremely bulky man stepped out and put a hand on the guard's shoulder. "That's quite enough, Jake."

"Lieutenant general," Kim said without preamble, eying the stars on the bulky man's shoulders, "you've got the wrong woman."

The general gestured to the hall behind him. "Why don't we discuss this inside?"

He led Kim and Ron back to his office where they all sat down. The general offered a bowl of pretzels sitting on the desk which Ron wasted no time in setting on his lap. Rufus promptly dove in.

The general's eye twitched, but he turned back to Kim. "Miss Possible, I'm General Stonewall and the woman known as Shego is not being held accountable for any part of her actions in the battle with the Lowardians."

Kim tensed. "Then why are you holding her? The pardon is still in effect, isn't it?"

"Yeah," Ron said between a mouthful of pretzels. "It applies to Shego too, doesn't it?"

Stonewall leaned forward in his chair and laced his fingers together. "Let me explain. After the conference, most of the supervillains that had been granted temporary immunity were in the lunch room set aside for them. Senior Senor Junior had since left to attend your beach party. This story checks out, according to several eye-witnesses, including one 'Bonnie Rockwaller'."

"But there's something else," Kim said. "Someone who wasn't there."

The general nodded.

"Shortly after Senior Senor Junior left the talks, Shego attacked the delegation of world leaders in the next room."

Kim blinked.

"That's impossible," she said, "Shego is… she's—"

"A criminal?" Ron said. "Evil?"

Kim glared and Ron went back to his pretzels.

"General," Kim said, "surely you have proof of this attack?"

The general glared. "The word of the world's finest leaders and thinkers isn't enough for you, Miss Possible?"

"Well, no, I —"

"Then you're calling our leaders, including the president, liars?"

"No I —"

"Then which is it, Miss Possible?"

Kim scowled and pressed her lips together. "If they're able to talk," Kim said, "then was anyone seriously injured? Any fatalities?"

"Several burns and cuts, but nothing life threatening," the general said, "we put her down pretty quickly."

Kim's blood seemed to freeze over her heart. "Put… down?" she said.

"No way!" Ron said. "Shego could take army guys with both arms tied behind her back." Then, at the general's glare, "Uh, sir." Ron shoved several pretzels into his mouth at once and tried to smile.

"She was captured," the general said. His glare didn't waiver.

"But she escaped," Kim said.

The general looked surprised. "How did you know?"

"Lucky guess," Kim said with a grin. Her heart seemed to be working again. Shego may have been an enemy, but she did help out an awful lot during the invasion, even if it was partly just to save Drakken.

The general nodded. "We're detaining Drakken and the other villains for now, but they all deny involvement, of course. Drakken in particular seemed rather… hm… depressed at Shego's betrayal. She took one of the high speed jets and was last seen heading towards South America by one of our bases that we still have contact with. You've helped us out several times before, Miss Possible, and we know you have a history with Shego. With our satellite systems and the majority of our radar down, we'd like you to go after her."

Kim's mind went instantly into mission mode. "I'll leave right now, general."

Ron hugged the large bowl of pretzels to his chest. "You think I can get a to-go baggie?"


"It doesn't make any sense, Ron," Kim said.

"I know!" Ron said as he waved the small white paper box in front of her. "The military obviously can't afford to-go baggies and had to settle for takeout boxes." He popped another pretzel into his mouth.

"I think those are more expensive," Kim said, "but I was talking about Shego."

"Ooooh. KP, Shego's evil. Just because Drakken might have changed doesn't mean she will! I mean, hello, she attacked us even when you had your memory wiped!"

"Uh, she attacked you, Ron," Kim said, "and she let you get away. She did nothing to me even though she had plenty of opportunity during that fight."

She tilted the car to the side and saw the Panama Canal pass below.

"Besides, that's not the point," she said. "There's no reason for her to attack the world leaders if she didn't have anything to gain from it."

"Maybe it's one of Drakken's crazy plans," Ron said.

"Maybe…" Kim said.

"Face it, Kim," Ron said. "Shego's a bad egg."

"'A bad egg'?" Kim said with a lopsided smirk.

"A rotten apple. A black sheep. A cheese-less naco!"

"I get the picture, Ron."

"Point is, KP, you can't trust her."

"I know, Ron."


Wade appeared on the console screen as they were flying over Southern Brazil.

"Any visual on Shego yet, Wade?" Kim said.

"Not yet," Wade said. "But I managed to hook some of the phone lines through the twins' satellite and I can patch you through to the general. He said he had an update for you."

"Please and thank you," Kim said.

Wade's image winked out and was replaced by audio visualization bars that jumped when the voice talked.

"Kim Possible."

"Yes, General?" Kim said to the jumping bars on the screen.

"Shego was seen abandoning our jet several hours ago and was last seen heading across the Atlantic towards South Africa on a cargo boat. I apologize, but we are only just now getting these reports. At your speeds, you should be able to catch her before she reaches the mainland."

"Thank you, General."

The screen winked out.

"This is so the drama," Kim said, then pressed a button on the console. "Wade, can you give me a fix on Shego?"

"Working on it," Wade said. "I hacked into a few satellites that are still working, but it's patchy. I might lose contact with you over the Atlantic."

"No choice," Kim said. "Whatever Shego's up to, it's not something that can wait. But… I don't know, Wade. Something's up. This entire thing is too weird."

"Shego being Shego is weird now?" Wade said.

"It is when she has no reason to be," Kim said. "Can you get into the military records at that base we were just at?"

Wade scratched his cheek. "I'll try, Kim, but if the connection's been cut, it's a closed system. Remote access won't work."

"Just try," Kim said.

Wade nodded. "I'll keep you posted." The screen winked out and Kim turned from southern Brazil towards the east and across the sea.


"So you're really scared, Kim?"

The flight across the Atlantic was both uneventful and quiet. Ron had taken to a nap, and Kim had felt compelled to cuddle beside him, but couldn't with the car in flight. She'd yet to sleep for over two days already, and it was starting to wear her down. Still, she was alert as ever, and her response times seemed to be nearly at the top of their game. She wasn't sure how much longer that would last, though.

"Scared?" Kim said.

"Yeah, you said you were scared too," Ron said, "during the invasion."

Kim nodded slowly, not taking her eyes off the dash as she watched the numbers that indicated her position tick by.

"I am scared," Kim said. "Scared of… the future. What might happen. What might not. You're not the only one who's scared, Ron, but we'll face it together, like we always do."

She looked over and spared him a strained smile, then went back to the instruments.

"It's just so hard to imagine you scared, KP," Ron said.

"I'm always scared of things," Kim said. "Especially on missions. But I can't let that change anything, Ron. I can't let fear control me or influence me. I just have to be… me. I'm scared right now, even."

Ron slumped over the middle console and dug around behind their seats. He pulled out an unopened bag of Tasty's Tantalizing Tortilla Chips. "Why are you scared right now?"

Kim bit her lip. "Because… because something isn't right. This doesn't add up."

"Uh —"

Kim raised a hand to cut him off. "I know, I know," she said. "'It's Shego'."

Ron brought a chip to his lips and then put it back down. Ron not eating was never a good sign. Rufus, however, took his opportunity and dove into the bag. "KP, why are you defending —"

"Kim!" The console blared to life in a wave of static, replaced with the rolling image of Wade. "Kim, can you read me?!"

"Wade?! We're here! What's the sitch?"

"Kim," Wade said again as the screen started to refocus. "Shego's not in South Africa!"


"Of course she is!" Ron said. "Or… somewhere in Africa, right?"

"No!" Wade said. "I had to move the twins' spy satellite to contact you. See, as soon as you entered the dead zone where I couldn't contact you, I got word through the tap in the military com channels I managed to piggyback on."

"You rock, Wade," Kim said. "But wait. If Shego's not in South Africa, where is she?"

"She's back in the facility you were at, Kim," Wade said. "That's why I'm calling you."

"Why would the general lie?" Ron said, but in a way that said he believed Wade without question.

"Wade," Kim said warningly as she realized he had a pained look on his face, "what else did you hear?"

Wade flinched. "Well.. Kim… Shego… they're… they're going to execute her, Kim."

Before another word could be uttered, Kim turned the car so hard to port, the car flipped over, while Ron screamed beside her in his seat. Or rather, from the back seat; he wasn't wearing a seatbelt and was flung to the roof and then the backseat. The car sped steadily north, and Kim kicked on the afterburners for good measure.

"It's no good, Kim," Wade said.

Kim grit her teeth. "What do you mean?"

"Her execution is set for an hour," Wade said. His voice was quiet, morose. "It seems like they wanted to get it done before you were in contact range again."

Kim almost spat; no way she could make that time from the southern Atlantic. "Wade," Kim said. Her jaw was starting to hurt and she consciously tried to loosen it. "Get me the general. And try to reach the twins, too."

"The twins?" Wade said. Then, after Kim sent him a glare, "right! The twins! I'll try."

"Don't try," Kim said. "Just do it."

Wade's fingers went to work on the keyboard. In the background, she could hear the familiar ringtone of a Kimmunicator; the twins still had their models that they used to control their spy satellite. The sound of disconnected phone screeches and "not in service" messages joined the chorus; Wade must have been calling her parents too.

From the backseat, Ron's yelps were muffled by carpet and tossed trash.

"Ron," Kim said.

Rufus was pulling at one of Ron's ankles. After a moment of futile struggle from the mole rat, Ron wiggled and managed to free himself. He sat back in the passenger side chair and strapped in.

"Never fly without a seatbelt, KP. Not. Pleasant."

Kim didn't smile. In fact, her lips were little more than a thin, stern, white line.

"KP?" Ron said. "What's the big deal? I mean, yeah, executions are bad, but if she attacked world leaders at the conference —"

"Wade," Kim said, "get me whoever you can above the general while you're at it."

Wade just nodded.

Ron threw his hands in front of him. "And constantly trying to kill you —"

"Try my parents' workplaces, too," Kim said. "They might have gone there to help cleanup."

Wade gave her a look, but he typed away dutifully. "They've been trying to reach the delegation at the conference, actually, but I'll try to reach them."

"KP?" Ron said.

"I got the general," Wade said.

"Miss Possible," General Stonewall's voice said through several crackles. A small phone icon appeared over Wade instead of the audio visualizer this time.

"General," Kim said. She decided to not waste time on pretense and threw caution to the wind. "What's the meaning of this? Why are you executing Shego and so quickly?"

The line was filled with static for a moment.

"Shego," Stonewall said, "was given a fair military tribunal to determine her guilt in the crimes already described to you. Besides these, she's wanted in over 13 countries worldwide and with several outstanding warrants in each. It was determined that execution was the only recourse we had left."

"But the pardon!" Kim said desperately. "And so soon —"

"Shego waived her right to a pardon as soon as she attacked government officials, Miss Possible," Stonewall said. "And after some rowdy behavior, we decided it was best to speed the process up a bit —"

"Which has nothing to do with the fact I'm halfway around the world," Kim spat.

"We couldn't take the risk of you interfering," Stonewall said. "Even if it is a military decision, we couldn't be sure what you would do in this situation, so we eliminated you as a factor. I'm sorry that the scheduling didn't work out entirely in our favor, but —"

"You. Monster," Kim said. "You can't just execute people like this! She helped saved the world!"

"She attacked —"

"That's what you said!" Kim snapped. "Haven't you ever heard of post-traumatic stress, General?"

"I'm afraid the execution will take place as planned, Miss Possible. Good-bye."

A dial tone filled the speakers and Wade cut it off.

"That was productive," he said, still typing. "Still trying to reach your brothers. The phone lines seem to be cut, though. Probably in the Lowardian attack. Still trying their Kimmunicators, though."

"KP…?" Ron said again, very quietly this time.

"Yes, Ron?" Kim said. She felt as if a vein in her neck was going to explode.

"Why are you — I mean — it's just… Shego."

"Just Shego? Just Shego?!" Kim's nostril's flared. "Shego, who saved us on more than one occasion? Shego, who just saved the entire world?"

"Shego, who betrayed us each time she helped, Kim!" Ron said. "She's just going three-for-three!"

Kim fumed. "And if she dies, it's my fault."

"What?" Ron said. "KP, that doesn't even make any sense."

"I'm the one who said she should go along to that world meeting," Kim said. "I though she and Drakken could… you know —"

"Okay, woah," Ron said, "let me stop you right there, KP. I do not need to be thinking about Shego and Drakken!" He shuddered. "Drakken is way too old for her, anyway. Shego's old, but not that old."

Kim blinked. "Huh. You think?" Kim said. "Wait. Ron! Focus!"

"I am focused!"

"Ron, I'm serious —"

"Hicka-bicka-boo?" Jim said sleepily.

"You tweebs!" Kim said. "Where have you been?!"

"Sleeping?" Tim said. "It's barely morning, here."

"I need your help," Kim said.

The twins looked at each other.

"What do you need?" they said together.

Kim was too flustered to find the twin-speak thing freaky.

"I need you two to get me to Middleton in less than an hour."

"Where are you?"

"The middle of the Atlantic," Kim said miserably.

"I'm sending them your coordinates Kim," Wade said.

The twins whistled, then looked at each other again.

"But it's experimental," Tim said.

"Hasn't been tested," Jim said.

"Cool," they said together.

Kim rubbed her forehead. "Tweebs…"

"Alright, alright! Don't burst a vein."

"Do you have those wrist communicators? And any of the older models?"

Ron opened the glove box and pulled out two wrist communicators and a couple older ones. One of the screens was broken. There was also a skinnier Kimmunicator as well. It looked like the twin's thinner models, but the black and yellow paneling that served as grips had been switched out for a sleek black with purple piping on the edges.

"Oh, that's your graduation gift," Tim said. "We figured you could use some upgrades."

"But it uses a pentlithium power cell," Jim said, "not a trilithium one. You can't use it to charge the booster."

"Don't worry about that," Jim said. "Open the console in the middle and plug them all into the ports, except for the new one. It should hopefully give you enough extra power to make the upgrades we made work."

"Hopefully?" Ron said.

"Upgrades?" Kim said. "Booster?"

Another twin glance.

"We were working on your car," Jim said. "Installing a new, high-hypersonic system. Still experimental."

"We were going to start testing next week!" Tim said.

Kim pushed aside the slew of questions she had about that in favor of a single one.

"How do I get it to work?" she said.

"Just enter an access code in the console to activate the feature," Tim said.

"The code is Alpha-Alpha-3-0-5," Jim said.

Ron peered at the console. "Yeah, I don't see any Greek letters on here."

"It's the phonetic alphabet, Ron," Kim said as she punched in the keys.

"Oh!" Ron said. "I knew that. Heh heh…"

A new short screen slid out of the console and folded forward. A percentage was shown that started to tick up along with a bar.

"The system needs to be charged before it can be used," Tim said.

"You're going to be traveling at near reentry speeds, so you'll have to slow down before you reach Middleton," Jim said. "If you don't fry to a crisp first."

"Tweebs…" Kim said.

"Hey, it's not our fault!"

"We didn't have time to test it! We think the car's cooling system should be able to take the heat, though. Might want to go into a low orbit, just to be safe."

Kim nodded, but kept the car steady.

"Thanks tweebs," Kim said. "I owe you guys one. A big one."

Kim cut the feed as they were grinning at each other.

"Wade," Kim said, "are you sure these are actual military guys?"

"Yeah, I even ran a DNA analysis on several of them, including the president! It's definitely them."

"DNA? How did you get —"

"You remember Professor Acari and his tick drone?" Wade said. "Mosquito drones."

"Ah," Kim said. "But how did you get the blood samples in time to test them? Or even have something to compare them to?"

"Don't ask," Wade said. "So what are you going to do?"

"Yeah, KP, what are we going to do?"

Kim stared at the wheel in front of her.

"I don't know," Kim finally said.

"Your mom talked to the president while you were talking with the twins," Wade said. "Several researchers who knew of her even backed her up, but he insisted that this was the right course of action after such an attack. Kim, I don't see how you can stop this. Not with words."

"Then I won't use words," Kim said.

"That's a military installation," Wade said, "not a supervillain lair. You can't just go charging in; they're the good guys here."

"Not from where I'm sitting," Kim said. "Wade, you don't have to help me, but I'm asking you; do you have plans or anything that can help me?"

For a few, agonizing seconds, Wade didn't answer and simply looked down at his screen. Then he typed and his image was replaced with blueprints.

"The facility is locked down tight," Wade said. "Reinforced walls, laser grids, card keys at every door. Even the bathrooms are carded on each side. And if these shipping logs I snagged while I was in the system are correct, they recently acquired several plasma resistant restraints."

"Then this was planned ahead of time," Kim said. The counter for the booster system read 50%.

"Not necessarily," Wade said. "They could have had this facility to hold Shego without this being their specific time and place goal. Besides, who could have predicted that the Lowardians would attack?"

Kim bit her lip and reluctantly agreed. But something still didn't feel right to her.

"There's no way to sneak in," Wade said, "not even for you. At least, not in time to save Shego." Wade pulled up full schematics with the traps and security system laid out, then overlaid it with the guards. Kim hated to admit it, but he was right; she could do it, but not in less than an hour. And she still had to get across an ocean to get to the base. Even if she manged to snag a keycard off one guard, the plans made it clear that only the highest ranks would have access to the inner rooms where a dot labeled "Shego" blinked.

"Can you hack the keycard system?" Kim said.

"No guarantee until you're there," Wade said. "It's a closed system, so you'd have to use the Kimmunicator to give me access."

Kim chewed her lip. "Please give me some other way to get in. Maybe if we talked to some of the other world leaders —"

Wade's eyes drooped. "No can do, Kim. Like I said before, your parents have been trying for the last several hours, ever since you went into the dead zone and we found out about this. No one is budging."

Kim bowed her head. She tried to approach the situation from another angle, a different tactic, but nothing came to her. Maybe…

"Can we get any of the big villains on board?" Kim said after a time. "Maybe Gemini and Dr. Dementor could team up to bust Shego out of there."

"That's the weird thing," Wade said. "I haven't been able to find any of them. They just… disappeared."

"Something is definitely up," Kim said.

"Agreed," Wade said, "but we don't know what. And in any case, it doesn't fit any of their usual M.O.'s to just kill Shego like this."

"Gemini might," Kim said.

"I don't see why he would, though," Wade said. "They've barely even met and using the government to do this doesn't fit Gemini. He's mostly just concerned with Dr. Director."

Kim ground her teeth. Oh yeah, her teeth were going to hurt later.

78% charged. Kim tipped the car and glanced out the window. "Ron, you know I love you right?"

"Of course, KP," Ron said "But I —" Kim hit the auto-pilot button, leaned over the console filled with Kimmunicators and gave him a desperate, forceful kiss. Ron was surprised, then closed his eyes and leaned into it.

That was when Kim shoved the new Kimmunicator into his pocket, along with Rufus, and hit the passenger eject button.

She jerked back and Ron's chair went flying through a momentary hole in the roof. A distant "KP!" could be heard and Kim looked in her mirror to watch the chair's signal flares fire in all directions, and the cruise ship she'd spotted below her was making its way in his general direction.

"Kim," Wade said after a moment. "I —"

"Sorry Wade," Kim said. "Try to erase everything you have. Don't keep any records, okay? I just… I can't let this happen. I have to do this."


Then Kim smashed the screen with her fist and ripped out the speakers.

It was the best gift she could give her friends. If she was caught, hopefully this would give them enough plausible deniability to keep them out of the frying pan.

She crawled into the back seat and pulled down the rear panel for access to the trunk. The percentage ticked to 90%. Hopefully, what she wanted was in the trunk. She was going to need it.


The car shook violently. Kim was sweating like a mad woman as the car made its descent towards the facility. The secondary screen in the steering wheel gave her the transmitted GPS coordinates of the facility.

There was no way this could be government work. Wade must be wrong. He must.

But if he wasn't…

No. She couldn't think about that. She just had to get Shego out of there before they — before… anything happened.

And so her car hurtled downward, still slowing out of hypersonic speeds. A moment later, the intimidating compound of concrete and steel came into view. With the twin's new stealth coating, the car should be undetectable after she dropped below supersonic speeds… in theory. It seemed to work until the missiles started firing at her.

And here she had been hoping to talk. Kim pressed several buttons on the console. The car extended a small cannon and fired two lasers that quickly took out each of the SAM missile sites at the north and south end of the compound, along with all her missile-to-missile counter-measures. She silently thanked her father for making them. Another button press, and Kim hesitated. Then she pressed the final button and missiles flew out from under the car chassis and impacted the side of the reinforced building. A bit of antimatter — also care of her father and "borrowed" by the twins before Kim knew about it — and most of the material was vaporized rather than exploded as shrapnel.

Then Kim rammed the car straight through the hole she had made.

Shego was in the center of the building on the lowest level. It made sense, if you wanted to protect her above everything else. Kim cut away at the steel and concrete with her forward lasers and dug deeper in the facility. Then she'd hit the reinforced panic room at the very center, with the car's front shoved awkwardly through a wall and into a hallway.

Kim hit the auto-defense button and leapt out of the car.

Several guards were waiting for her just around the corner.

"Kimberly Ann Possible," a voice spoke. It was General Stonewall. "Surrender yourself at once to the US military and you will not be harmed."

"No thanks," Kim said, then leapt into the group. Her battle suit knocked goons aside easily and the few that got a chance to fight back went down quickly. The General himself retreated from the battle and ran down the hall.

Kim used the suit's new expanding shield to shove the men to either side of the hallway. The hallway clear, she ran to the door that held Shego and pulled several corrosive "explosives" from her pouch and set them around the door.

"I'm usually the one disarming these," Kim murmured as she activated the charges. 3 seconds.

She ran to the side, and the charges went off, melting the key points around the door. A swift yank sent the door teetered forward. And there, shackled in cuffs that were obviously made specifically for her… was Shego.

"Dr. D!" Shego said, her back turned to the door. "About time you showed up! I was starting to get worried."

Kim walked slowly forward, her mind trying to come to terms with what she was doing.

"Dr. D?" Shego said.

Then Kim walked into view as Shego turned a bit to face her.

"Princess?" Shego said.

"Don't be too incredulous or I might leave you here," Kim said then ran forward and started entering the long code she'd memorized to release the locks. Wade had manged to snag it off the com channels and sent it with the blueprints.

Shego laughed. "Alright, where's Dr. D?" Shego said. "He's mind controlling you, right?

The last number entered, the locks released with a minor beep. "Thank you, Wade!"

Shego rubbed a wrist and stared. "Nerd Linger? But —"

"You going to just keep asking questions or do you want to get out of here?" Kim said.

"Where's the rest of your little rescue party?"

"Just me," Kim whispered as she checked the hall and stepped into it. She waved for Shego to follow. "Come on."

"Okay, yeah, this is too weird," Shego said.

"Do you want to stay here?!" Kim whispered.

"Yeah, see, the whispering? Kind of redundant."

Kim groaned, ground her teeth, and stepped out of the doorway, back towards her car. She was gratified when Shego stepped into line behind her.

Then there were at least 50 men and General Stonewall himself blocking their path to the car. Kim smirked as she saw a few guards in the rear trying to get near her car and being zapped for their trouble.

Then the guards opened fire.

Kim's shield came up instantly, and the shots ricocheted wildly into the hall around her.

"That's far enough, Possible," General Stonewall said. "Surrender, and this won't have to get ugly."

"You know," Shego said as she stepped up beside Kim, "you have got to love the hospitality. Really makes you feel wanted. Your suites could use better drapes though."

"Sorry General," Kim said, "but I need you to move now."

Then, as one, Kim and Shego dove into the crowd. Kim was already tired and Shego was moving sluggishly as well, but the guns the guards were carrying weren't effective in close quarters. Not without injuring their own. General Stonewall, however, had some kind of taser resting in the middle of his palm, which he managed to slip under Kim's guard. Kim' s body convulsed.


A green blast and Stonewall was blasted through one of the reinforced walls. Kim felt woozy as Shego slung one of Kim's arms over her shoulder, but Kim quickly tried to recover her bearings. She needed to get out of there.

"The car," she said. Shego obliged, and they ran down the hall, dodging the men who were still standing. When they reached the car, Kim had a chilling thought. "Oh no."

An electrical zap singed the wall where Shego had just been.

"The defense system," Kim groaned.

"Not a problem," Shego said. She bounded with Kim still wobbly, dodging the car's defenses until she was within a few feet and unceremoniously threw Kim at it.

Kim groaned as her face smacked into the glass, which she tapped twice with a finger, rolling it down. She hit the defenses button to turn off the system and crawled inside the cab.

"Come on!" she said.

Shego leaped through the window and started blasting at the guards who were closing in. Kim threw the car into reverse and backed out of the building at high speed, collapsing several roofs along her path.

Then they were free of the building just in time for the missile lock alarm to start beeping.

"Oh that is so wrongsick!" Kim said.

Shego glanced over at the missile lock icon, hit the convertible button on the roof, and said, "got it."

"You can't be serious," Kim said. "It's a fast moving, tiny —"

A green blast of energy fired from both her hands; a few seconds later, a shock wave rocked the car.

Kim quickly turned back around — "okay, you're serious" — and started flipping dials for a quick getaway. "Strap in or something!" Kim slid the roof closed and another missile lock alarm started beeping. She laid on the throttle and the car kicked it back into over-drive, slipping into the supersonic speeds she used to get to Brazil. Another button, and the back of the car fired flares… then the beeping stopped, and the "missile lock" light winked out.

That was it. They were free. And on the run.

"Now," Shego said, "do you mind explaining to me why Miss Priss just wiped the floor with a bunch of government stiffs to rescue me?"

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