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He had waited years for this, he had spent years wanting to die, they had shattered his heart and stomped on it. He had loved Kol, but Kol hadn't been able to love him back and that had been fine but still, he had called them all family.

Ever since they were human.

Klaus, Elijah and Finn were the older brothers that he had wanted and needed. Rebekah was his little sister that he could dote on, the one who would bring him flowers.

But Kol?

He loved him, he knew that Kol had became unstable. It was easy enough to see it had been shortly after Elijah had struck him, they had been fighting over Katerina. The details were fuzzy to him, but the only thing he could remember was that Elijah slapped him. Hit him so hard that his cheek bone had shattered and his jaw had broke.

If it hadn't been for Kol and Finn he would of left, he should of left.

Rebekah had changed, he had seen it but the degrading remarks that she made about him cut him deep. It was like she didn't care anymore. Klaus had been the one he could of went to but he was obsessed with breaking the curse, he didn't have time to 'play human' as he called it. Elijah had refused to look at him, most of the time he pretended that he didn't exist.

Finn had tried to help him, bless his soul he did. But Finn had his own problems, Finn was a ripper. He couldn't control his blood lust and he killed people left and right, it had been left to him, Kol had found the whole thing amusing.

They all had in their own little ways. All but Harry.

That was the name he went by those days, and it hadn't changed much. They had enjoyed the way that they had run around in fear and terror, eventually it had gotten to much Harry and Finn had fought. It had been long and bloody, Kol and Klaus had cheered the two on. Rebekah had just stood there and watched with disdain, Elijah had shook his head and had his best disappointed look on.

Finn had won, and it was not due to his age or skill. He had hold of Harry's heart, his undead heart, and for a brief moment Harry had thought that he would of killed him. He had seen it in Finn's eyes he wanted him dead, he would of killed him and he wouldn't of cared about the consequences.


It was Elijah, moral and noble Elijah the one that everyone thought he could do no wrong, but Harry knew. He had seen the monster underneath Elijah's face, he had seen it when he had slapped him.

"Finn let him go."

That was Kol, or was it Klaus?

He couldn't tell, the grip on his heart was painful and the way that Finn tugged at it. It did care, Finn would kill him and then he could be free, free of a family that did love him. Free of a unrequited love.

Finn went flying off him as Klaus and Kol wrestled him to the ground, he was wrapped up in Elijah's arms. Did he really think that he had forgiven him?

He didn't, he couldn't it. He had allowed them to walk all over him, they said he was family and then the next he was been thrown aside. He broke free of Elijah's hold, he didn't need to turn around to see the shock on his face, he walked to both Klaus and Kol and threw them off. He looked at Finn, he could see the tiredness in his eyes the way that he held himself. He knew that he wasn't the only one tired, that Finn wanted it all to end as well. That he wanted to be able to sleep a real nights sleep without worrying, but still Finn had Sage.

"Finn, look at me."

Those tired eyes fell onto him and Harry knew that if it hadn't of been for him and Sage, Finn would of tired to kill himself years ago. Sage came running up the path, harry moved out of the way as he let the two hug, he didn't dare look at Kol. He knew that it would never be returned, that Kol would only see him as a brother.

And he was happy with that.

He stayed with them, but things had changed. Klaus had daggered Finn, Harry had watched as he was daggered, he didn't understand what he had did wrong. It should have been him daggered not Finn, it shouldn't of been Finn.

Then was Kol, Mikael had been chasing them. He had found them in New Orleans, Klaus had been forced to dagger him to keep safe. He knew that Mikael wouldn't hesitate to torture Kol, he would use Kol against him. Thy had ran for years, they had mourned the lose of Marcellus.

He had tried to speak to Klaus about it once, he had tired to help the one he had called big brother. Klaus had staked him.

"You are no longer welcome with us, leave."

So he did, he left. They didn't want him, it was clear that they had never wanted him. That they ere never a family, that he was only a burden to them. His heart broke, it had shattered into a million pieces.

He fled to Hawaii, he had some people who he could call friends, or he thought he did. He had spent, the next few years bouncing around, he didn't go back to America. He didn't dare to, they had no idea if he was alive or not, Harry had the feeling that they didn't care.

He had been living on his own island, it was private and no one knew where it was. No one but him, and he liked it like that. So here he was sat on a beach, the sun was shining down and the waves were gently lapping at the sand. His book was laid open on his lap.

"So this is where you have been."

Fear and shock began to make its way through his veins, there stood a few feet away from him was the people he had once called family, the ones that had once held his heart. But not anymore, he looked at them the way that they were dressed they reminded him of nobles.

"What do you want?"

This wasn't what they were expecting, they had thought that he would of ran to them, hugged them. Not this cold indifference, it wasn't him. It couldn't be. Ester took a step forwards as Harry's eyes landed on her

"Please, come home with us."


It was spoken so coldly, they had been surprised that there hadn't been ice coming from his words, he hadn't even bothered to remove his sunglasses. He hadn't even bothered to look at them, Finn stepped forwards.

"Brother please."

A reaction, a hand came to the sunglasses as if he was going to take them off as Harry stood up. Before they had chance to react Harry had rushed over and pulled Finn in for a hug, Finn embraced him back, then he spotted Sage. A small twitch of the lips that was all he would allow. Sage walked forwards and looked at him


He tilted his head to her


He then turned around and left, there was no goodbye. He ha just left them there on the beach, Ester took another step forwards. She had seen what had happened, seen what had gone wrong. She may of regretted turning her family into monsters and allowing them to live so long and kill so many, but Harry, he had never deserved what they had done to him.

Mikael had left him alone, she didn't know why. No that was wrong she knew why, Mikael loved him, he had always loved him. From the moment that he had came into their home, she had been angry at first. She had been so angry she had threatened him, she had even refused to feed Harry but he had been used to it.

She had felt guilty for days, over it. Mikael had been furious with her.

Then Harry had fallen in love with Kol, and she knew that it would end in disaster. She had been proven right, his heart had been broken and he had left. He had been thrown away like a old newspaper.

But she still had to try, she needed to help him. Try and heal him some how, take away his hurt, his pain.

Mikael had watched as he had walked away, he had turned into something that was other worldly. He couldn't deny that he was in love with him and had been for years, then Ester had found out, they had fought. Long and hard, she had even in spite refused to feed Harry. The anger that he had felt that night was immense, but when Harry said that it was fine, that he was used to it. Made something snap inside of him, he didn't know how or why but it had.

Harry had been so careful as a child, and as a teen. No one had ever seen him undressed, he was awake before everyone, dressed and out before Mikael and Ester had woken. He would come back with a deer slung over his shoulders and a smile on his face. He was always the last to go to bed, when everyone was asleep and no one could see him get changed.

But still that had been when the world was simpler, when all they worried about was the hunt and the next meal. But then there was the werewolves as well, they made life hard by hunting and killing everything.

Mikael shook his head, he couldn't dwell on the past. He looked at Ester who had became a sister to him, their love had long since died out for each other. They were all still stood on the beach, they hadn't moved.

But still they knew were harry was now, and as such they could keep coming back and trying, Mikael had read the reports that had been given to Klaus and Elijah, Harry hadn't left the island in a 100 years. He hadn't made contact with them, and he knew whose fault it was, he knew who to blame.

But he couldn't just blame, Elijah, Klaus, Kol and Rebekah. He was to blame as well, he knew that.

Harry came back and looked at them

"Still here?"

His green eyes that had been so full of life and love were dead. Elijah took a step forwards

"You turned it off."

That was why he hadn't taken them off, why he didn't want them to see his eyes, he didn't have his emotions on, he didn't care and didn't feel. They didn't know what to do, as Harry picked up his stuff and left them for a second time, this time his cold dead eyes had looked at them. Drilled hole into their souls, they didn't know what to do or how they were going to fix it, that was if they could.

Mikael looked at where Harry had been stood, he would get back what was his. He would get back his Harry and kill anyone that stood in his way. After all Harry had been Mikael's since he had first seen him he just hadn't known it.