Tris's POV

"Alright initiates you will be using the training equipment to help you practice for your fights tomorrow... so use this time wisely" Four yells into the training room as the rest of us start to beat the crap out of the punching bag, I can feel Four eyes on me as I throw a hard punch which causes my knuckles to bleed so I stop and walk to the table with the bandage on top and wrap my hands up. "What's wrong stiff...are you tried already" Peter taunts from behind me "why don't you keep your smart mouth comments to yourself Peter, I'm not in the mood" I say "you know stiff I'm having a hard time believing your sixteen you look twelve" he says I walk closer to him "I may look twelve but trust me I pack a punch" I whisper in his ear I turn to leave but stop myself "and Peter didn't your mother teach you to respect girls or were you too stupid to understand" i say with a smirk before leaving Peter to start punching the bag again.

After a few hours of training Four yells "TIME FOR LUNCH...YOU HAVE THE REST OF THE DAY TO YOURSELF'S" everyone leaves to go the cafeteria. Me, Al, Will, and Christina grab some food before sitting at a table "what did Peter say to you at practice today Tris" Christina asks me "just called me a stiff, no big deal" I say shrugging my shoulders "he's a jackass" "I know he used to be in Candor always picking fights and lying to get people in trouble, I never liked him he's way to stuck up" Christina says.

After lunch we decide to go to the tattoo parlour, as we walk in I see Tori giving a massive man a tattoo on his lower back she looks up and spots me giving me a little wave which I return. I walk around the parlour look at the many different tattoos on the wall when I feel a breath on my ear "thinking about getting another tattoo" Four ask looking at the crows on my lower neck "actually I am" I say with a smirk "really of what" he asks "it will be a surprise" I reply as I walk up to one of the men who work there "what will it be" he asks I lean in to whisper something in his ear he nods and gets to work on the tattoo, I can feel Fours gaze on me probably wondering what am getting but i ignore it. I decided to get the new tattoo on my ankle, when it's done the man show me and wraps it up, I get up and walk to Four "so what did you get" he asks over the loud music "I'll show you tomorrow" I say and leave the parlour shop to walk to the dorms. As soon as my head hits the pillow I fall asleep must have been more tired than I thought.

Tobias POV

As I close my eyes to go to sleep I see myself and Tris climbing up the Ferris wheel at the pier, I see Tris almost falling but I catch her before she can, even though I have a fear of heights and was freaking out. When I open my eyes again I get this weird feeling in my heart like I'm missing someone but not sure what. Why did I dream about Tris, and why did it feel so real.

Sorry that this chapter is short I promise to make the other ones in the future longer :)

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