AUTHOR'S NOTES: There are TV episodes I've disliked or that annoyed me. This is so far the only TV episode I have truly DESPISED. I HATED 'Meta Fiction'. This episode of Supernatural pissed me off even more than when they killed off Bobby. Bringing Gabriel back but making it a fucking TEASE?!

Sorry. Anyway, I have decided to rewrite the episode keeping some things I did like and redoing the rest. So enjoy the prologue and please share any gripes you happen to have with the episode, just in case there's something I glossed over.

And, oh, yeah... I didn't like Metatron's little dialogue in the beginning, so I did my own.

SUPERNATURAL: Meta Fiction Rewrite

A story's power doesn't come from just one element. It's quite a few of them, actually.

Its characters you root for and hope they achieve their goals or villains you want to see defeated.

Then there's the settings—locations and environments that draw you in to this fictional world and make you want to come back time and time again.

But more than all of that, it's the heart a writer puts into the story. The sense that they care about what the readers think and what they feel while reading.

The thing is, most writers will never give readers what they want. Why would they? It's boring. Readers want happy ever after and for everything to be wrapped up neatly in a perfect package or for the heroes to ride off into the sunset.

Of course, on the other hand, some writers do throw their fans a bone once in a while.


On the surface, it would seem as though Dean Winchester's drive to hunt down Abbadon was a desire to complete a mission. But as he stood in a hot shower, trying to let the sound of the water drown out the steady pounding within him, Dean knew that his current push to eliminate the Queen of Hell was out of fear.

Fear that if he started killing he wouldn't stop.

Fear that he might hurt innocent civilians who just happened to be in the way.

Fear that one of those innocent victims would be his brother, Sam.

Right now it was hard to keep himself grounded, to see anything other than the mission and Dean blamed the rift between himself and Sam.

He didn't blame Sam. Hell, he knew full well why his brother was pissed. But what hurt the most about the mess with letting Gadreel possess Sam was the younger Winchester's protests that he would never have gone to such extremes to save Dean had the roles been reversed.


Sam had shacked up with Ruby, a two-faced demon bitch who had gotten him addicted to demon blood under the guise of helping him take down Lilith—the demon responsible for Dean being in Hell.

Then there had been the situation with the faith healer after Dean had been electrocuted causing massive heart damage.

And the Brewer County Mystery Spot… And the final showdown with Hell's chief torturer, Alastair…

And while not Sam, per say, their father, John Winchester had traded his soul to save Dean after the car accident.

Stepping out of the shower at last, Dean felt both worn down and more hardened than ever. He just wanted it all to be over. He just wanted to go back to normal—fighting monsters with his brother.


Having exhausted his contacts, Sam tried not to feel defeated in his search for Abbadon. He wanted her destroyed if only so he didn't have to worry about Dean anymore. There was something about the First Blade that made Dean… Well, it was just like when Dean had first come back from Purgatory. He was hard, cold, ruthless…

And as much as he tried to fight it, Sam wanted his brother back. He knew that it would only end in pain and heartache, but he wanted to hear Dean call him 'Sammy' again. Wanted to joke over burgers and pie… To not feel like he was alone in the world, even when the two of them were in the same room.

Hearing the sound of wings rustling behind him, Sam whirled around expecting to see his friend, the angel, Castiel. But the celestial being standing there was the last person he'd ever expected to see.

"Hello, Sam," the archangel, Gabriel, said with a cocky grin. "Long time, no see."