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Rules of Acquisition


Souta had always said it was the perfect opportunity for me to become Lara Croft or some kind of Avenging Angel. You know, get kited out with all the black leather and cool spy weapons. That's how Sango liked to say her work was like.

Sango had worked for our family for two years now... and she was very good at what she did. Of course, Souta loved the whole conspirator, spy kind of work and always wanted to hear about it from Sango. So she'd romanticise what she did for my father, how she'd battle ninjas and an army of men with automatic machine guns. Yet somehow she'd always make it home without a scratch on her.

Though, it was nothing like that. At all. The whole leather and guns thing was just a fairytale. In reality, Sango wore her old black jeans and boots with a long sleeved black T-shirt with some of those winter gloves that her auntie had knitted her the previous year.

Her work involved spying on people (which was usually just a case of eavesdropping on conversations or just talking information out of people) and sometimes stealing. Stealing is a bad thing... but she only steals from bad people... so that makes it good, ok? She goes in through a window, deactivates any security systems with codes she will have obtained earlier and then she'll literally waltz in, grab what she wants, and then waltz out. Then she hands it to my father and she gets paid lots of money. Not that glamorous, but...

Now I was doing it with her.

My dad says that my powers need to manifest... so he wants to put me in certain situations that might give me better control of them. So here I was, silently creeping along the museum corridor behind Sango who was strolling along like she was out for a Sunday walk in the park... or the museum... in this case at least.

"Are you sure you should walk so loud?" I hissed to her.

She glanced over her shoulder at me, the cloth material of the mask that his the lower half of her face flopped against her shoulder. The same material had been employed to tie her hair up, so only a strip of her face could be seen - her eyes... which was pretty useful. Though I was wearing the same thing, and I was finding it difficult to breathe.

"No one's here, Kagome." She told me quietly. "And the cameras have been switched off, remember?"


Still, I couldn't help but be a little nervous. This was my first time after all. But all we were doing was hunting around to find the place where the Shikon jewel had been displayed.

It may have been a very small, minor mission to test my first time on... but what we were after was a whole lot more important than anything else.

Outside I could hear the wind howling around the corners of the building and the tree branches tapping against the windows. How many times had I jumped at a crash of lightning overhead? Too many times so that I was almost embarrassing myself.

"Why couldn't we have done this tomorrow night?" I whispered, quickly catching up to her as the rain pelting against the roof seemed to grow louder.

"If we wait another night then the Arashi's employee will grab it before me." Sango reminded me.

That would be a decisively bad thing, I decided. Sango was the Higurashi employee, and for a long time she'd had to compete against the other employee to get stuff for us that the Arashi's also wanted. It was a pain in the ass for her and she'd failed numerous times to retrieve stuff for our family because the Arashi family had got it first.

It's a long, long story, with a long, long history behind it. It's a rivalry thing that's been going on since the Sengoku era... but when it all comes down to it the Arashi's are greedy, selfish and evil. They ARE all demons after all.

"You ok?" Sango asked as she seemed to notice how I was falling behind.

"I'm fine." I nodded and caught up again. "I was just thinking about what would happen if it was one of those nights that you came across that guy that you say always gets in your-"

the sound of a slamming door or window cut short my sentence and we both glanced back up the corridor we were moving down. We were completely silent before I shifted a quick glance at Sango. "What was that?"

"The wind...?" she said quietly.

"Or a security guard..." I pointed out.

We waited uneasily for a moment, but no other sounds could be heard after that.

"Ok... I think the Shikon thing is this way." Sango said after a beat and started to jog at a quick pace down the corridor, her feet now moving silently along the floor. Obviously she was being careful now. I felt like saying 'I told you so' but I'm not petty. I hope.

I quickly jogged after her as we approached a four-way junction where four corridors met in one place.

"It's just through there." Sango whispered, pointing through a doorway ahead of us.

We arrived at the junction and were about to run into the room when a third person arrived aiming for the same place. And me, being me, screamed and hid behind Sango.

"You!" Sango growled hotly.

"You!" the other person growled in response.

From my vantage point I could clearly see the other person was male, big, and strong looking. I couldn't tell what he looked like because he was using the same kind of head dress as us, leaving all skin covered up with black except for the eyes... which were violet. He seemed relatively young though, just like us.

"Here to take the Shikon?" Sango braced herself into a fighting stance. "You'll have to go through me!"

"And here I thought you were going to challenge me." The guy scoffed and also took the same stance.

I suddenly felt very worried. "Hey..." I tugged at the back of her jacket. "This isn't a good idea..."

"Girl... I'll distract this guy - you get the Shikon, ok?" Sango whispered back.

"Neither of you are getting past." The guy growled, there was something strange about him that I couldn't quite put my finger on.

"Go!" Sango shouted as she ran at the guy.

I saw her lunge at him, about to complete a jab to the stomach, but instead he just grabbed her arm and spun her around so she thudded against the wall. The move seemed to surprise her... but then I noticed this guy was now aiming for me.

"Wait!" I raised my hands to shield myself from any blows he sent my way and closed my eyes. Yes... if it wasn't already obvious... I can't fight the way Sango can...

The blow never came, and finally I had enough courage to peep open an eye. The guy was looking around, turning this way and that while Sango seemed to be getting over her dizzy spell in the background.

"Where the fuck did she go..." he muttered.

Then I realised... it had happened again.

It usually did happen at times like this. Times when I was hiding from the nanny because she wanted to give me a bath when I was little. For some reason her eyes had suddenly gone blind to the sight of me. Times when I wanted to sneak inside after I'd been out late all night - I'd be able to walk through a room of people and no one would know I was there.

And like right now... someone wanted to attack me... but he couldn't see me. I was invisible... yet only to him.

"Go!" Sango yelled again, her eyes fixing on me a moment before launching a newly angled attack on the Arashi employee.

I quickly took the opportunity to make a run for the room Sango had pointed out earlier. I ran straight past the fighting pair and through the doorway and quickly began hunting around the cabinets and glass cases for the rose pink call of glass or whatever. Outside I could hear grunts and gasps as Sango landed punches or received some. She was tough, I knew she could take it. Actually, I was more concerned for the Arashi guy, cause I certainly wouldn't like to cross Sango on a bad day in a dark alley.

Then I found it - the lone glass case in the corner of the large room, guarded only by a velvet red rope. I quickly hopped over it and ran forward... but my joy quickly sank to the soles of my feet. The label before the glass case said 'Shikon' and gave a little description, but inside the case was a velvet blue cushion with a little indent in it. That was all.

Someone had gotten to it before me.

And all I could think about was how mad my father was going to be when we got home and told him the bad news. Eek!"

"You asshole!" I heard Sango shout from outside.

Best to get hat girl out of there before she murdered him.

I ran out again and grabbed Sango by the arm as she lunged at the boy again. I think I was visible to them both by now. "Let's go." I said quickly, planning to explain in less dire circumstances.

She immediately took off with me, heading down the corridor before they guy knew what was happening. For a moment I thought he was going to give chase, but he just stayed where he was, watching us leave. Come to think of it I don't think I'd like to meet that guy in a dark alley either.

We managed to find our way to the window we had used to enter the museum and jumped down onto the grass below and started to jog away seeing as we weren't in any hurry now.

Sango quickly turned to me as we jogged. "Show me - what does it look like..."

"I don't have it." I answered, wincing behind the material of my mask.

"What?!" Sango stopped dead and pull the lower half of her facial cloth off so it hung to one side and I could see her deadly serious expression. "I told you to get it!"

"It was already gone, there was nothing else to do!" I also tugged the mask away and looked back at the museum down the street. "That guy probably had it..."

"Stupid Miroku..." Sango hissed under her breath, and for a moment I wondered who she was talking about, before realising that had to have been the name of the guy back in there.

After a moment she shook her head and pulled on my arm to get me moving again. "Come on... we better go explain this to your father then."

Once again I found myself cursing the Arashi family for being so damn fast...


Miroku had told me to expect one girl only. He had described her as a raven- haired beauty with a temper to match her athletic skills and tight ass. I found myself wondering how the hell he knew all this because from what I could see, she didn't appear any different from any other girl I've met. Plus, I couldn't really tell her apart from the second girl that was there because they both wore black and covered their hair and faces the same way I did.

Miroku is a lecherous moron, I can't say that enough times.

Of course, he had to be a total moron by injuring his arm and making me go in his place to retrieve the Shikon jewel for my own father before the Higurashi's got to it. Then he'd conveniently pointed out that I had to wear contacts because otherwise this girl named Sango would recognise me as an Arashi, which wasn't a good thing apparently.

But there had been two girls there, and I got completely confused as to which one was supposed to be Sango. After fighting the slightly taller girl I think I had it sussed out. The one with the temper like a raging bull was Sango... but I had no idea who the other one was... plus she seemed to kind of disappear.

Then when she'd suddenly reappeared and pulled the other girl out of the fight I feared the worst.

I ran into the room where the Shikon jewel was displayed and up to the cabinet. I clenched my fists angrily upon discovering that the magic girl had already stolen it before me.

"Shit..." I tugged off the material that hid my face and hair and threw it to the floor.

I was such an idiot! I'd let the Higurashi's get the Shikon jewel... and my father was really not going to like this one bit.

For a moment I felt like smashing the glass case before deciding I didn't really need to leave too much damage in my wake otherwise people would reckon I wasn't Miroku. So instead I just picked up the fallen cloth I'd used to hide my very un-Miroku like white hair and hurried out of the building before I overstayed my welcome.

To tell you the truth I was worried. The Higurashi's had managed to hire someone knew... someone with weird abilities that had managed to fool even me. But I knew as long as the Higurashi's had their hands on the Shikon jewel then our family was in trouble.


"And you just let him GET AWAY with it?!"

I winced as my father's voice seemed to echo around the large dining room. That's the problem with living in such a large house. EVERY sound carries around the rooms and people in the kitchens could probably hear what was being said (yelled) at that very moment.

"It's not like we could have stopped him and taken it from him." Sango sounded miffed.

"He was a big guy, dad." I added quickly.

We were alone with him, for which I was partly glad. At least no one would hear us get chewed out by him.

"Do you know what will happen if the Arashi's get their hands on the Shikon and use it?" my father folded his arms and glared down at us two girls.

"Make a necklace?" I guessed.

He slammed his hand down on the table between us and I realised it wasn't a good time to test his patience.

"The Arashi's are nothing but a large family of greedy, violent, no good Inu Youkai! If they use the Shikon they will become even more powerful and will almost definitely overrun our family. Arashi himself will no doubt use it and he will win the election next month!"

Arashi was the head of the Arashi family, also one of dad's rivals when it came to position of Prime Minister. There were three candidates so far. My dad, Mr Arashi and some guy named Supei, also from a family like us. The main question was, who would win? My dad - descended from a long line of Miko, Mr Arashi from a long line of demons, and in one of the few pure blooded families left, or a totally human guy without anything special.

Us three families played around a lot in politics. The Supei family was quite nice and pleasant... but from what I had heard and seen of the Arashi's, they were nothing but cheating dirty dogs. No pun intended.

"Honey, we have to get that Shikon before the election," my dad spoke directly to me, while I thought he should have been speaking to Sango.

"I know..." I nodded and rolled my eyes.

"Or else we'll lose the election and never live it down."

It was a petty feud of pride, if you asked for my opinion.

"The Shikon was created by you great grandmother, Midoriko - it belongs to us."

"Plus the fact it also brings great fortune to the family who possesses it." Sango remarked absently.

"You talk too much for the amount I pay you, Sango. And you fail a lot more times too." My father cast a glare in her direction, she responded just by rolling her eyes. Then my father turned back to me. "I want you to go to the Arashi household... and I want you to bring the Shikon back for me."


Yep, my dad is pretty crazy too. I was even crazier to believe it would work. But I guess I had to do anything in my power to take down the Arashi's.


Dad was angry... namely at me... and when he was angry he liked to let a lot of people know about it.

"You let them escape?! WITH THE SHIKON?!" he roared across the lounge.

He was stood at one end, hopping mad, and I was stood in the doorway at the other end. It was quite a distance and normally two people couldn't have a conversation at that kind of distance... but my dad always liked to prove them wrong.

"I did NOT let them escape!" I yelled back. "The girl they usually employ had a friend - she was different! She couldn't have been human!"

"What are you talking about?" my father frowned, his interest suddenly keen.

"They've hired two people now." He lowered my voice since he seemed to be lowering his to what could have been considered a normal conversation volume. "One of them was Sango Taijiya and the other was a girl with weird powers."

"Was she a demon?" my cousin asked on my right. I forget his name sometimes.

"No, she smelt human... for a while." It was going to be difficult to explain.

"For a while?" my father frowned.

I nodded. "She was there one minute... and then gone the next and I couldn't smell her scent anywhere. I thought I'd imagined her but then she reappeared and dragged the other girl off."

Murmurs went around the room after that.

"Has to be a demon of some kind."

"A Kitsune?"

"Maybe she was a Higurashi - after all, they are descended from Miko's."

Miroku chose that moment to speak up. He stuck out like a sore thumb in a room full of white haired Inu Youkai and when he spoke he received several glares. "It's doubtful that she'd be a Higurashi, because even if they are a bunch of Miko, their family hasn't displayed signs of Miko power for generations. It's more likely she's some kind of demon, or a witch."

"Or maybe she's a nun, like you monk?" one of my uncles ground out.

"Maybe..." Miroku shrugged with one shoulder since his other arm was still in a sling.

I was still amazed at times that Miroku even bothered to stick around. My family treated him like dirt because he was human, and disliked him even more because he was a monk with fairly strong spiritual powers and could very easily kill minor demons if he so wanted. But then again he was being paid by my father... paid a LOT actually...

My father grumbled a sigh and clenched his fists a moment before glancing up at me. "Inuyasha, if the Higurashi's have the Shikon then our chances at winning the election are ruined, you got that?"

With all this trouble going on to win the election I had to wonder if perhaps the Supei's would win anyway. That would be just typical considering the little dispute us and the Higurashi's were having.

"I got it." I said flatly.

"So I want you to go and spy on the Higurashi's tonight." He said quickly. "Find out where they are hiding the Shikon jewel."

"You're kidding!" I growled. "Why me?! Why not Sesshomaru?!"

"Busy." Said a man named Sesshomaru who was 'busy' reading a magazine... was that Vogue he was reading?

"Your brother can't do it, because you have to be human in order to cross the threshold of that damned household." My father practically bristled.

"What about Miroku then?!" I ground out.

Miroku helpfully pointed to his bandaged arm. "Too bad."

"Only you can pass into that household, Inuyasha, all you have to do is retrieve the Shikon jewel. Understand?"

I understood perfectly, didn't mean I had to want to do it though. This was the kind of thing Miroku got paid to do. Of course, me risking my life for my father was not considered a job - it was considered a favour, so I wasn't going to be paid. Meanwhile... even though Miroku wasn't doing any work, he was still being paid.

That just sucked. But I guess I had to do whatever I could to make sure the Higurashi's didn't win the election.

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