Summary: The story changes when Gine escapes planet Vegeta with her son Goku. Watch how different the storyline and how much a mother will be able to change the outcomes of her son's future. The story will focus at first on Goku and Gine then as time goes…just keep reading.

A/N: The beginning will be some mixture of Bardock the Father of Goku, Dragon Ball Minus, and of course new ideas.



"Gine you need to leave with Kakarot." The tallest saiyan of the two told the smaller one. He faced the sky instead of facing her knowing she won't react positively to his demand and he was right.

Her reaction is just as he predicted "What? No I can't leave you," She shook her head in distress "What about Raditz?"

"He's fine," The two knew he's assigned to work under the prince for some time seeing as he was one of the few saiyans around his age. Saiyan children are rare considering the lack of females "Raditz has a mission with the Prince and won't be back for some time."

Still she refuses to leave "No," her stubbornness was one of her weaknesses "If Frieza's actually planning something than I'll stay here with you and help—EEP!" She squeaked as he grabbed her shoulders glaring right into her eyes. Warm honey met cold onyx and it seems like a life time before one of them spoke.

"You can't be here," He swallowed "Gine you aren't a warrior and very easily be…defeated," he chose his words carefully "I refuse the risk of losing you," his eyes hardened before he closed them pulling her close to his body. Even with the situation at hand Gine could feel herself flush at their close proximity "I just lost my comrades and won't take the risk with you."

Gine closed her eyes pulling on his tail, just a bit, to have him know she understood. After all she was once part of their team. She knew how close he was to his comrades especially his best friend Tora. That didn't mean she was going to leave him all alone and he knew that. He also knew that whatever that space tyrant is planning it was coming quick; which is why he couldn't risk her being on this planet any more.

He lowered his head giving her forehead a small kiss lingering to capture her scent one more time, before their separation. His hand reached her face caressing her cheek bones, taking in any detail he ever took for granted. It wasn't unknown that he captured the affection of the most beautiful saiyan on this planet with her large unique eyes; slightly slanted, long eyelashes, flushed cheeks, beautifully shaped head, her hair that once was long but now reached her shoulders, and finally her pouty pink lips that were meant just for him.

Gine parted her lips slightly as his left hand traced her lips and closed her eyes as his head lowered to capture them. She gave a sigh as he used his other hand to caress her back and lift her up. He had her at eye level now and while she had her eyes closed, his were open with tears that he fought back. He nipped on her bottom lip to have access and she happily gave it to him. For a moment she forgot their troubles, but as soon as she felt his tongue enter she felt herself swallow something, she gasps at him with hurt and betrayed eyes.

"I'm sorry," he kissed her once more before she lost consciousness "I love you." He muttered to her lips and Gine barely registered his words as darkness filled her vision.

He held her for the last time in his arms hardly noticing the now loose tears cascading down his face to hers. The open space pod on the ground holding their youngest son, who was asleep, was now his mate's last love one. He didn't know what the future had in stored for his eldest, but hoped one day they'll all forgive him for his choices. The saiyan male placed his mate beside their son gently. He ruffled his son's hair carefully "Take good care of her Kakarot." He knew their son was born with an average power level for a saiyan infant, but his visions told him he'll amount to someone great and powerful. Pushing the pod's door down the saiyan pressed the glowing green light on the side, taking a few steps back before it blasted away.

"Goodbye." His hands clenched and his tears refused to stop as his anger for the space tyrant grew. He had to do this for their safety; his comrades died because of that fiend, he forced his eldest to take up missions way beyond something a third class child is capable of, he sent his youngest off to some planet light-years away along with his mate. He did this for them and hopefully one day they'll understand why he signed his death wish to Frieza.

He gave a growl like yell to the heavens above for the choices he was forced to make and powered to his fullest intending to take down the tyrant one way or another.


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