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That name sounded almost as bad as his own and strange.

Strange because he could have sworn he heard it before in the past. It seemed to be buried in his memory. Maybe he had heard the name from his baby years?

"Who's Raditz?"



He pauses, eyes widening, mouth opening slightly in shock at the giant figure. His senses tingled. Something was off and he glanced back to see if his mother could feel it too.

She had a curious look and seemed to be secretly sniffing the room. He did the same.

It wasn't that the man not only appeared intimidating but he hasn't a scent on him, at least not a familiar one. He smelled not human? No. He doesn't smell…alive.



She sighs for the umpteenth time, exhaustion weighing down on her heavily. Papers spread around her temporally room. The rights side messy with stacks of contracts and letters she had read, written, and signature. Only a small portion has been cleared to be approved and sent to the messenger.

Her eyes wandered to the left side, her husbands, and wondered how he had been able to clear his mess within a few days while she still had piles of work to overview.

"I need a break." Fasha mutters.



Did she feel guilty for lying? Not really.

Could she have approached the situation better? Glancing over to the broken frame by her shoes and the scattered glass pieces surrounding the doorway she concluded, this is the better outcome. With a sister like Bulma the result of her meddling could have gone worst, but she was sure she could have intercepted anything. She is Tights Briefs after all.



Amber and charcoal burned the other with resentment neither willing to appease the other, the scenery rapidly changed from serenity of the morning's exploration to a more dangerous setting. It would seem anyone within the castle's range could sense the sudden change of atmosphere. In fact the entire palace had gone silent the moment the two women crossed paths.

"Mom?" Neither woman moved, "I thought you guys weren't coming till Sunday?"


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3. Undecided for now, but possible.

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