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Once Bella left I walked inside where I continued the freak-out I had been having in my mind before Bella showed up.

I'm a merman I thought as I laughed nervously this is awful, how did this even happen? I never went in the Moon Pool. But what if it happened during the time I can't remember?

I didn't even know if it was true, for all I knew it could've been a one-time thing that will never happen again. Unlikely, but that was all the hope I had so I need to test it. I walked into my kitchen and got a glass of water and poured it on myself. I sat down and counted to ten. Nothing happened. I breathed a sigh of relief, but then I felt a tingling sensation in my legs and my legs fused together. It was actually painful the way my bones shifted and became attached. I cried out in agony.

Why does this hurt so much? And why is it taking so long?

Finally the transformation was over and I was staring at a long tail. Now that I was actually getting a good look at it I could see all the little details in it. It was dark blue, almost black, and had a dark glow to it. Each individual little scale had a small spot of black as well. I then realized that I had failed to being a towel with me before I, stupidly, threw water over my head in the middle of my kitchen floor.

Another great idea from me.

I thought back to earlier when I was trying to get my tail to go away, when I threw my hands up in the air a huge gust of wind had blown in drying up my tail. I decided to try it again. I threw my hands up into the air but nothing happened. There must be a specific hand gesture I was supposed to use and I just didn't know what it was. I tried multiple hand gestures until I finally got it right and a gust of wind blew around me drying off my tail. All I had to do was make my hand flat and swipe it in the shape of a C. It wasn't nearly as strong as the one I made earlier for some reason but that didn't really matter, it got the job done. As my tail started to shift back the pain returned, however this time it felt more like he was being torn in half, which in a way his tail kind of was. When it was finally over I just layed on the floor staring at the ceiling, as I gasped for breath. The pain was almost unbearable, and I didn't get it, the girls never ever mentioned any pain coming from the transformation, nor did they ever show any signs of it when he'd seen them transform. I was just really confused and I didn't know what to do. I figured I might as well just stay here for awhile since my legs were still aching.

I stayed in my house for three more days after that and on the fourth day I decided I should go outside and meet up with my friends before they started thinking something was up, although they probably already did.

As I walked along the beach towards Rikki's I saw a shape swimming in the water that I quickly identified as Bella. She looked like she was headed to my house so I decided to turn around and walk back there. When I got back Bella was already lying on my dock, most likely waiting for a towel. Luckily I decided to lay a few out around the floors of my house just in case so I walked in quickly and picked one up and passed it to Bella. She dried off and it never looked like it hurt her in any way.

"Doesn't that hurt?" I asked her.

"What do you mean?" She responded.

"You know, the transformations, wouldn't it hurt to have your legs fusing together or having your tail practically ripped apart?"

She looked at me like I was crazy and then looked like she was thinking, maybe considering the idea.

"Not really" She said "It never has it's always just been like a flash and the boom I have a tail or legs."

I grimaced as I helped her up. This new information certainly wasn't making me feel any better about my own condition.

"So why haven't you left here the past couple days?" She asked.

I sighed.

"Will?" She asked again.

"Just some personal business I didn't and still don't know how to deal with" I replied simply.

"Will what's wrong?"

"I-I can't tell you" I told her.

"Come on, you can trust me with anything"

"Just please, leave it alone!" I said a bit frustrated and kind of angrily.

All of a sudden a strong gust of wind blew across the dock causing a huge wave to roll by, blow Bella's towel into the water, and it nearly blew us in as well. Bella looked at me as a look of complete shock crossed her face, I tried to mirror her expression even though I knew I caused it somehow. I was so confused, I didn't know what was happening and it made me so mad! Then Bella jumped back and before I could look to see why I saw a huge wave coming towards me, I never even had a chance to react before I was completely soaked.

"Bella, please don't freak out"

"Why would I-" She started, but she got cut off when I fell to the ground and started screaming in agony as my bones started to move and my feet starting to stretch into a fin.

It was ten times more painful than the last two times I had transformed. This time I felt as though I could feel each individual scale forcing it's way through my skin. Tears sprung to my eyes. I never cried, but this just hurt so much I couldn't help it. Bella rushed over and sat down next to me and held my head so I was looking at her. I'd expected her to be mad at me but all she did was just look at me like she forgave me.

BELLA'S POV (A/N This is Bella's POV of what just happened)

Suddenly a huge wave started coming up behind Will, I jumped back just in time but Will wasn't so lucky, he had gotten completely soaked.

"Please don't freak out" He said.

"Why would I-" I started but I was cut off when he fell to the ground in pain. I had no idea what was happening, it looked like he was dying.

Suddenly it started to rain and I fell down next to Will with my tail. I don't think he noticed the rain or the fact that I now had a tail though. He did notice however, when I held his head and looked at him. I tried to look forgiving because I think he thought I would be mad at him. I know if I were in his position I would just assume everyone would be mad at me. So I had to let him know I wasn't somehow and this was all I could think of to do at the moment, seeing as he was screaming in pain.

It looked like Will's legs were trying to fuse together when I finally realised what was happening. He was transforming into a merman. I knew I was right once I saw scales appearing on his legs. No, they weren't just appearing on his legs, they were actually breaking through his skin!

No wonder he's in so much pain. I thought. But this made absolutely no sense, the transformation wasn't supposed to hurt, nor was it supposed to take this long. Sure I had transformed already and I got wet after he did.

After what seemed like an eternity -though it was only about 15 seconds- Will's transformation was complete. His dark blue tail was so different in contrast to my bright orange one. It was almost black in some places and seemed to glow with darkness. As soon as his breath started evening out again the rain stopped. Did he do that? I wondered.

"Why is everything wet?" Will asked.

"It rained" I answered simply.


"I think you did it" I suddenly blurted out.

"W-what?! Why?" He stammered.

"Well, the storm started as soon as you felt pain and started screaming and then it stopped after your transformation a minute ago" I explained "Not to mention that earlier, when you got mad, that huge gust of wind almost knocked us off the dock."

"Yeah, I knew about the whole wind thing, but rain!?"

"I know, it's crazy"

We went silent for a moment when I heard voices coming our way. Will must've heard them too because suddenly he was making his way to the edge of the dock, he was probably going to jump in but he wasn't making much progress. I recognized the voices though, so I wasn't moving.

"Will relax, it's just Cleo and Rikki"

"Exactly" He said matter-of-factly before continuing to claw his way across the dock.

"Why does it matter if they find out? It's not like they can tell anyone without exposing themselves"

He paused for a second before answering "I'd rather them not find out at the moment considering I barely know what's happening"

NO POV (A/N Because I'm tired of saying I)

And with that Will continued to claw desperately at the wood as the voices grew closer he became even more desperate to just get into the stupid ocean! Then, to both him and the mermaid next to him's surprise, a wave rose from the water and pulled Will in.

"Haha VICTORY!" He called out jokingly to Bella, who still wore a look of shock on her face. Though that shock was short-lived as Cleo and Rikki walked up behind her.

"Um Bella, why are you on the ground?" Cleo asked.

"And why do you have a tail?" Rikki piped in.

"It just rained, did it not?" Bella pointed out.

"Ah yes, the 15 second thunderstorm" Rikki said in mock wistfulness "I remember it well, one does no easily forget having to grab some kids umbrella to hide from some rain that lasted for all of 15 WHOLE SECONDS. That and it happened about two minutes ago, I'm smart enough to remember that"

"So why are you here?" Cleo asked.

"I was looking for Will, considering no one had seen him for nearly a week now" Bella replied.

"Where is he?"

"Not here" Bella said, almost a little too quickly. Cleo noticed this, but decided not to pursue the matter. "Why are you guys here?"

"Looking for you" Rikki said.

"Well, you found me" Bella said jokingly.

"Do you want a towel or something..?" Cleo asked.

"No thanks," Bella said, remembering Will was under the dock probably waiting for her. "I'm just going to swim home"

"Okaayy, well, bye!" Cleo said as she and Rikki walked off.

Bella crawled across the dock and into the water with ease, having had more practice than Will with maneuvering around on land with a tail, and landed in the water with a splash.

"Now that that's taken care of" Bella started "How would you like to go for your first swim?"

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