Gary looked around at where he had arrived. He smiled as he recognized the property. He heard a cacophony coming from the direction of the orchard and he made his way in that direction.

As he exited the orchard on the other side, he was stunned at what he was seeing. He looked around and walked toward the pavilion that was closest.

Molly Weasley was overseeing the kitchen tent. She caught movement from the corner of her eye and turned her head to see who it was. She gasped. Gary was soon being crushed.

"Hello, Molly. It's good to see you. How have you been?"

"We've been very well. We've missed you! Did you just arrive?"

"Yeah," he grinned. He looked out from the Pavilon and asked, "What's all this?"

Molly beamed as she said, "The Weasley Fair!"

He turned his head quickly toward her and said, "Huh?"

The Weasley family had begun it with a post-Hogwarts celebration when Bill returned from his first year. They now had money and hosting a party appealed to them. It was a small extravagance.

The celebration had grown, however, as family and friends had become involved. On the third year, neighbors and friends of their children were invited and they had to hire people to help out. With some backing from the Potters, Blacks, and others, by Bill's fifth year the Weasley Fair was firmly established.

Unlike most purebloods and those of High Society, the Weasleys did not go for lavish balls and stifling conversations with people trying to outdo each other with their wealth and dress.

The Weasleys were all about family and a child's joy was a much greater goal for them than any such trapping of wealth.

"So, it just grew to this." She waved her hands toward the fields. "We're comfortable enough now that we don't have to use all of the land for our personal use or to make extra money. Let me show you around." She got another woman who was close by to supervise the kitchen tent and dragged Gary out toward the crowds.

Molly kept up her chatter as she took him around to various sections, people, and attractions. "We've hired a carnival troupe. We've found that Muggleborns often run them because they can easily move them using magic. What muggles think of as efficiency is really magic they don't see being used. And muggles don't think twice if they see things at a carnival that is unexplained. So, we found two different groups. One does games and animals and another does those big muggle things." She pointed to a section where there were rides Dudley would brag about but he had never seen as a child.

She pointed to another tent. "Was that a goblin?"

Molly said, "That was James' idea. Bella Black and her sisters worked to get the Ministry to approve contacting the families of Muggleborns, so Gringotts has an exchange tent for conversions both ways, Muggle and Magic. James convinced them to reduce fees for the fair."

Gary whistled. "Wow. Why did the Blacks push for that?"

"They got the DMLE to support telling families when the children are still young to reduce the need for obliviations. The Headmaster and the Board of Governors approved the opening of the registry at Hogwarts so that they could be identified. When the Fair really got going, Sirius suggested sending personalized invitations to the Weasley Fair and using it to convince the families. The children have fun, the families see magic, and it's far less threatening or scary than having a strange witch or wizard show up at their door."

Molly took Gary to an area where several families that were obviously muggles with small children were being dazzled by a transfiguration show. Was that the Grangers?

"They have to be at least five to be invited. That's when most accidental magic starts. Narcissa is talking about starting a school for children below Hogwarts age."

Molly took Gary over to the rides. When they arrived, the man at the gate saw who it was and let them in without a word. Molly blushed. "As hosts, we get full access." She looked around and, seeing the red hair which stood out like a beacon, led Gary over to the bumper cars. The two waited for the time to expire before Molly called out, "Boys!"

Three young red-heads turned their heads at the sound of their mother's voice. Seeing who was with her, they jumped out and rushed toward them. Molly smiled as she said, "Arthur and my brothers have the younger ones."

Gary was soon mobbed by the elder Weasley boys. He had to get them to calm down so that he could understand them. Molly left Gary with them and made her way back to the Kitchen tent, after getting his promise that he would join the extended family for the gathering after the carnival closed for the day at 7:00.

Gary had quite a lot of fun being dragged by the three boys to various rides. He had never ridden a Ferris wheel or carousel. For the rest of the afternoon, he enjoyed being the fun uncle and experiencing things he had never been able to as a child.

He was ganged up on by the three in bumper cars but then Percy turned on his brothers and allied himself with Gary.

There were many laughs.

At 6:30, the four made their way back to the Burrow through the orchard. A tent had been raised just to the Burrow side of it and the three boys dragged Gary inside.

The tent contained several people that Gary had seen on the last visit to this timeline. Gary was very busy saying hello and being introduced to a number of families.

The Potters were present. In this world Harry had two younger siblings, a girl and a boy. The boy was still teething.

Sirius had a young son with his wife Marlene. Remus was still single but Sirius was teasing him about his second-cousin's teenage crush.

Regulus was stepping out with a Dorcas Meadowes, who was about three years older than he. But they were happy.

Narcissa had Draco and also a very young girl with her current husband, Caradoc. Gary was always amazed at the archaic names found within the magical world.

Andromeda still only had the one daughter. Young Nymphadora was enough of a handful for any parents.

Bellatrix was still single. She was greatly admired by many wizards but hadn't found the right one. She hadn't worked very hard to find another husband after the first one was so abysmal. She spoiled her nieces and nephew though.

The Prewitts had two young brides. The two were in their late thirties and their wives were in their early twenties. Gary was curious as to how they caught two such beautiful women – being so homely themselves.

He had to dodge a few prank hexes when he said that to them.

Neville Longbottom also had a sister. Little Violet was still nursing.

The Weasley brood was just as large as in his own world. He reintroduced himself to the twins and met the two youngest.

He had a tear as he was told that Ron was given the middle name of Gary in his honor. He hadn't been told that the last time he had visited.

Walburga Black was perhaps the biggest change. She had taken the roll of universal grandmother to every related family. The Potters, Prewitts, and Weasleys had all lost their grandparents to age or disease and she claimed that every child needed a grandparent. She didn't ignore her actual grandson or her nieces' children.

Gary amused himself playing with the youngest children. Their young voices screamed in laughter a number of times throughout the meal.

After the children had all been taken home or put down at the Burrow (there was a sleepover as the fair was still going on the next day) Gary heard all of what had happened since his last visit.

He complimented the Blacks on what they had done as well as those who had been in the Order proper.

The changes were a balm. He wondered exactly why he had been pulled here.

He accepted the Weasley's hospitality. Even though there was little extra room, Molly insisted Gary was always welcome.

The next day he spent once again visiting the Fair. It was the final day. At 4:00, the rides began to close in preparation for the parade. Soon a path was made through the crowds and Arthur and Molly Weasley were driven through on an open carriage pulled by abraxan. Narcissa had access still to her late husband's estate and had arranged it.

The two Weasleys were dressed in traditional and ancient formal wear as they waived to the crowd. The Lord and Lady of the Fair were given quite a few cheers. The carriage stopped in front of a raised stage and the two were escorted by the Prewitt brothers in traditional livery.

Finally, the crowds surrounding the stage quieted in response to Arhtur's motions. "Well! While we do love the fun of hosting the Weasley Fair, I can assure you that I and my wife are looking forward to getting out of these horridly hot clothes!"

Laughs rippled out among the crowd.

"As I look out, I am heartened by what I see. Wizards and witches, muggleborn and pureblood, even a few muggle families and a couple of goblins. We come together to celebrate life and to strengthen the bonds of community." He paused then. "But we cannot forget those that were lost in past troubles. Only a few short years ago, we were threatened by a Dark wizard who preached hatred and fear. He was defeated by brave people doing their part to make a difference. We did our part. Many of you did as well. But there is one person who hasn't been truly acknowledged for what he did to allow us to enjoy our current prosperity. So, even though we didn't tell him we were doing this and he isn't prepared, I want to call our friend, Gary Seven, to the stage."

Gary blushed as he was pointed out by Arthur and the crowd began clapping and cheering. He made his way up until he stood beside the two. Molly hugged him and turned him toward the crowd.

Arthur waved the crowd quiet again and said, "Through his hard work, magical prowess, common sense, and truly deep compassion, Gary here helped to guide us toward defeating that Dark … well, there are families so I won't say that … Dark idiot, Tom Riddle. He called himself a Lord but he was a bully. I can't even begin to explain everything Gary did but I can assure you – and those you know as the heroes who defeated him will verify for me – that without Gary we would have suffered much more greatly and it would be a much darker world for it. So please join me in thanking him."

The crowd cheered and clapped. Finally a chant grew and Gary was pushed forward to give a speech. The crowd grew silent as he mentally composed his remarks.

"Thank you. I'd protest this but I know Molly and I want to avoid the stinging hexes she is so proficient with." Molly looked smug even as the crowd laughed. "I didn't grow up here. I grew up in an environment much more saturated with fear and ignorance. When I first traveled here, I came upon a family who was just starting out and took steps to help them and to make certain they were safe. The things I did and the plans I made were almost entirely predicated upon ensuring they would be happy and healthy. It is would be a much darker world if we, each of us, didn't do what we could to help our neighbors and our community. That this led to Riddle's defeat was almost superfluous. I say almost because I will not cheapen the memory of those lost by so casually dismissing it."

He paused then because he knew that he would soon be moving on.

"I am a Traveler and I have seen much. I do my part here and there to help out. If we all did that, then this community, indeed any community, could never again be threatened with extinction. The community would never allow it. Be good to each other. Learn your history well and do not repeat the mistakes of the past. Hold compassion for each other and charity toward your fellow man. If you can do that, your future will be bright indeed."

He turned and, as he did so, he began glowing. The crowd watched in amazement as the man before them compressed down to a small ball and shot off before disappearing in the setting sunlight. Every person there heard the joyful sound of Phoenix song, giving them all a feeling of love and hope.

It took a good long time before anyone moved.

A/N: That was much longer than I first anticipated and it went in directions I didn't originally plan. I hope the readers enjoyed this. I will post the completed arc as its own story as has been suggested. I add the Omake because, well, I can't help myself sometimes.


He complimented the Blacks on what they had done as well as those who had been in the Order proper.

The changes were a balm. He wondered exactly why he had been pulled here.

As the party wound down, he was suddenly confronted by a determined Bellatrix Black. "You are coming home with me. I am quite certain that my Paterfamilias would approve if he were here."

Gary gulped. "But I won't be here long."

"All the more reason to do this now."

The adults who remained all had a good laugh as Bellatrix pulled Gary away and they disappeared as Bella apparated them away.

The resulting son would be quite spoiled by all of them.