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The Story

Chapter 1: Trying a New Dish

It is evening time at the Reads' house. David had just finished cooking dinner for his family.

"Arthur, D.W." calls Mrs. Read, "time for dinner."

"Coming Mom," Arthur and D.W. both say at the same time.

Arthur and D.W. leave their rooms and wash their hands in the bathroom and then head downstairs.

"Smells like hotdogs," says D.W to Arthur. "Is that what we're having?"

"I don't know," says Arthur, "maybe."

They head to the dining room table and sit down. Jane and Kate are sitting at the table too.

David begins to say, "You guys are going to really enjoy this new dish."

"I'm not sure it's new," says D.W., "it smells like hotdogs."

"It is hotdogs," says David.

"Alright!" says D.W. "I love hotdogs!"

"Me too," says Arthur. "But what's so new about it?"

David answers, "That's what I'm going to tell you. These are not the hotdogs you're thinking of."

"Huh?" goes Arthur.

D.W. is getting a little puzzled.

David gets a covered round tray and brings it to the table.

"Family," he says as he's about to uncover the tray, "I give you…"

Then David uncovers the tray and shows the food saying "Hotdog Patties!"

Arthur and D.W. look at each other and ask each other, "Hotdog patties?"

"Dad," asks Arthur, "what are hotdog patties?"

"Yeah," says D.W., "I've heard of hotdogs but I've never heard of hotdog patties."

"These are hotdogs," says David, "that are shaped like hamburgers."

"Interesting," says Arthur.

"I'm not sure about this," says D.W.

"Now, honey," says Jane, "give it a chance. You might like it."

"Okay," says D.W., "it looks weird but, like I said, at least I like hotdogs."

"I'll be the first to try it, Dad," since Arthur.

"I appreciate you being my guinea pig, Arthur," says David, "but I think D.W. should be the first to try it."

David takes a hotdog patty, places it inside a hamburger bun and puts it on D.W.'s plate.

"Go on," says David, "try it?"

"Okay," says D.W., "here goes."

Everyone watches as D.W. brings the sandwich to her mouth and takes a bite and chews it.

After she swallows the first bite, D.W. says "Hey, I like this!"

"I knew you would," says David.

David continues to say, "Well everyone, dig in."

So everyone takes a hotdog patty and puts it in a hamburger bun and they take their bites. With the hotdog patties they have potato chips and baked beans.

"This is really good," says Arthur, "I really like this!"

"I like it to," says Jane.

"If you want," says David, "we can put condiments on it."

"Okay," says Arthur, D.W., and Jane.

David gets the ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and relish out of the refrigerator and puts them on the table.

Everyone enjoys their dinner.

"Can we have this for dinner again?" asks D.W.

"We sure can," says David.

"How about next week?" asks Arthur.

"I don't see why not?" says David. Then he turns to Jane and asks, "You wouldn't mind Honey, would you?"

"Not at all, Dear," she answers.

"And can Buster come?" asks Arthur, "I'm sure he'll like this.

A/N: I normally save the Author's note for the very end of the story but I'll make this exception. I am not totally sure Hotdog patties really do exist or if I just made it up. But I thought about this this morning and I think years ago I thought of hotdogs shaped like hamburgers but still tasting like hotdogs and hamburgers shaped like hotdogs, although I'm not sure the hotdogs Mr. Krabs of Spongebob Squarepants were the same as the hot-dog shaped hamburgers I was thinking of albeit the same ingredients used to make the Krabby Patties were used to make hotdogs. Personally, I like hamburgers a lot more than hotdogs, I'm not generally a big hotdog eater. Plus truth be told, I'm not sure I'd eat hotdogs shaped in a patty, it would be weird to me. I think I'm safer with wiener hotdogs than patty hotdogs. Maybe they do exist, I don't know, I'd have to look it up on the internet, or one of you readers would have to tell me. I mean, just about any kind of meat exists and over the past few years, especially watching Food Network, I've seen new kinds of foods, even new kinds of meats (I think.) I think hotdog patties could exist. If not, they exist on Arthur and can on other cartoons.

Stay Tuned for Chapter 2.