Dear Diary,

After all that Sev and I have gone through, this is probably the worst thing to happen.

I just don't get why he can't just leave what that pigheaded James Potter says to him, alone. Everyday it's the same thing; Potter insults Sev, Sev retaliates by hexing Potter, which almost always ends up in a duel. I'm sick of it!

Today was the last straw, the last time I'll put up with this nonsense.

It all started like usual; Potter was antagonizing Severus and Severus attempted to retaliate, resulting in Potter lifting Sev upside down, and hanging by one foot in midair. Of course, by that point I was tired of it, and marched my way to their spot, yelling at Potter to let Severus down. Potter has been following me around since first year, so after some coaxing, he let Sev down.

That's when thing started going downhill. The words at this point are a blur, but one word sticks out more than the rest; Severus Snape, my best friend for six years, had called me a mudblood.

Coming from anyone else, I might've been able to just shrug off my hurt and walk away. This wasn't just anyone though, this was the boy who explained my "freak-ness" and held my hand while we got sorted. This was the boy who even with his fascination with the dark arts, I stuck by him, because best friends stick together, no matter what.

I was hurt, of course I was, but I should've never stooped to James Potter's level and called Severus that vile nickname, the one that made his fingers curl in anger around his wand; Snivellus.

Oh Merlin, Marlene and Alice just came in to tell me that Severus is camped out by the Fat Lady, I should send him off.

Lily Evans

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