Chapter 2:

Ok I can't remember if I mentioned this in the first chapter, but Naru has a Henge seal on her right shoulder which covers both her eye and makes her appear male. The seal is made so it constantly feeds off her chakra but it only uses a minute amount, so as a failsafe if her chakra drops below 15% the seal will stop drawing chakra from her and real appearance will show. Keep in mind even if she is knocked out the seal will still hold unless her chakra is below the set level. This is made because most ninja will feint at 10% chakra to keep them alive as the rest of that chakra is used to keep body functions working. This seal also does not restrict another henge applied, so therefore Naru is able to henge into her sexy-jutsu.

Also I have no idea how long this story will go for it depends on how much time I have to write this. I have a vague outline, mainly sticking to cannon but maybe with a few extra arcs.

To all SasuNaru fans I am planning on taking this relationship slow and building on it. There will however be fluffy moments between the two but no real lemon until much later.

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Ok now that that is sorted on with the story:

Chapter 2: Team 7

The next day we find Naru waiting in the classroom with her head on the desk waiting for the rest of the students to come in. Lost in her thoughts she didn't notice the dark-headed 'prodigy' sit next to her. Though a certain scream from two running banshees drew her attention to the door of the classroom, some screaming between the two was noted as incomprehensible but vaguely annoying and steadily growing louder.

"I win forehead," was the first screamed.

"No I win Ino-pig, my toe was a centimeter in front of yours." was the next one yelled.

Naru lifted her head up off the desk to look towards the two squabbling girls. "Morning Sakura-chan" she called cheerfully to the pinkette when she came over to her.

"Naruto. Move," was what she responded with.

Naru looked at her with a questioning gaze and then looked next to her to find the object of most girls obsessions, the 'Im-Better-Then-You-Because-Im-Emo-God' Sasuke in the flesh. Shaking her head she jumped up on the desk, crouched down and faced the dark-haired wonderboy. Closely examining his features with a curious expression she then spoke.

"I don't know what everyone sees in you, besides maybe a ducks but." Naru sniggered, "maybe that's why they all look like they want to eat you, because they think you're a duck since they obviously don't eat." That comment earned several laughs and glares among the class. But the boy in question looked like someone had just asked if the sky was falling. Which was something Naru laughed at even harder, until the boy behind her accidentally bumped her, which led to her falling onto Sasuke lips first. Both looked in shock gazing in each other's eyes.

All Naru could seem to think about in that moment was how soft his lips were. The subtle taste of tomato's met her lips, while the scent of standard soap with a touch of sandlewood flooded her senses. She could also vaguely hear Kurama laughing in the background encouraging her to do more than just lock lips with the dark-haired-wonder.

All this happened in mere seconds before reality came crashing down on her on what was happening. She jumped off the boy and started to wipe her tongue frantically, trying to keep up appearances while trying to save face.

Calling out a smart ass comment "Well at least he doesn't taste like duck" was probably the worst thing to say as she finally noticed the entire female population of the class, bar Hinata, death-glaring at her like a pack of savage animals. Getting the sense she needed to run, she picked herself up and bolted to the front door, where she ran smack-bang into Iruka. Who held her by the collar and dragged her into the room.

After calming the class down, Naru moved to go and sit on the otherside of Sakura who in the rukkis took her spot next to wonderboy.

"Ok class listen up," Iruka called out. "From today on you are Genin of Konoha, and are ready to begin your journey out in the world. And just because I am not your Sensei anymore does not mean you can't come and see me for help. Anyway when I call your names you will be placed in teams of three under a Jonin instructor who you will stay with until you reach the rank of Chuunin."

"Team one is ….."

"Team Seven: Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Sasuke under Jonin Hatake Kakashi"

The reactions to this were different, Naru keeping up appearances shouted out "Why does an awesome ninja like me have to pair up with the teme."

"Because Naruto, Sasuke had the highest scores while yours were the lowest in the class and as standard procedure the top student is paired up with the last to balance the team" Iruka replied to Narus exclamation.

Inside Naru was glad that the placement didn't change this year, while on the outside she had her arms crossed and was sulking. Next to her Sakura was having a fan-gasim from being on the same team as Duckbutt. And Duckbutt…well safe to say he didn't look too pleased.

"Anyway, Team 8: Hyuuga Hinata, Inuzuka Kiba and Aburame Shino under Jonin Kurenai Yuhi." Iruka continued.

"Team 9 is still in rotation. Team 10: Nara Shikamaru, Akimichi Choji and Yamanaka Ino under Jonin Sarutobi Asuma"

You could hear Ino complaining from the back which Naru decided to ignore.

"Ok everyone, you have an hour for lunch, when you come back your Jonin-sensei will come and collect you" Iruka said dismissing the class.

Naru decided to try to get along with them by inviting her new team to get lunch with her, which was then rejected by Sakura's screaming and Sasuke disappearing in the commotion. Sighing to herself Naru opened one of her storage scrolls and taking out a cup of hot ramen that she had pre-packed that morning and began eating the delicious food-of-the-gods.

She considered stalking Sakura to prank her, but didn't feel in the mood to be shouted at again. So she waited in the room pulling out one of the bingo books she had stored in the scroll to see if there was any information on her new sensei.

The book in question was one she had nicked from the Hokages office and listed all the current alive nins with bounties. Flicking to the page that had Kakashi's picture she memorized his stats and vowed to follow up on him.

The book read:

Hatake Kakashi

Personal Data

Birthday: September 15th

Blood Type: O

Height: 181 cm

Rank: Jonin

Class: A

Known as: Copi Ninja Kakashi/ Sharingan no Kakashi

Bounty: 400 000 Ryo

Reciting the page to memory she sealed the book and her rubbish back up before laying her head on the desk waiting for lunch to end.

…..Time skip 3 ½ hrs later…..

"Where is this guy" Naru complained, getting irritated waiting for their new sensei. Standing up and walking to the front of the room she grabbed the duster and rubbed blue chalk on it before wedging it between the door frame while grabbing some ninja wire and hooked up a bottle of sprinkles with some flour and water mixed in. Snickering to herself she crept back to her seat.

"That isn't going to work dobe, he's a jonin." The emo-boy-wonder stated.

"Yeah Naruto, he isn't going to fall for your prank." The banshee squeaked.

Naru just rolled her eyes, and looked to the door with anticipation as she felt a flicker of chakra from behind. She and the rest of team 7 then noticed a hand grab the wall while to other one opened the door. The world then seemed to slow down as a man stepped inside as the duster fell onto his head. From there the bottle resting ontop of the duster opened and started to leak out, and when I say started I mean before the bottle even dropped a single amount it seemed to disappear and then reappear in the masked-man's hand.

Naru was shocked but then started to laugh as the man's hair had a distinct blue imprint, even though part of the prank didn't work it was still amusing to see the blue smudge in his hair.

"I am so sorry sensei, it was all Naruto's fault, we tried to stop him." Sakura's voice squeaked out.

"My first impression of you is…I hate you. Meet me on the roof in 5minutes." Droned the voice of the masked-man as he flashed away.

"Good on you Naruto, now our sensei hates us." Sakura held towards the blonde as she hit her on the head.

Naru held her head, grumbling that it still worked as she made her way up the stairs with the rest of the deformed team.

….** On the roof **…..

When the pre-teens arrived on the roof they noticed their sensei leaning on the rail facing the benches, and then gestured them to sit down. Once seated the man then asked them to introduce themselves.

"But sensei we all know each other, and you seem suspicious, how 'bout you go first." Naru spoke up.

"Me… mmmmm. My name is Hatake Kakashi…My likes…hmm. Dislikes…. Well I suppose I have a dream…." His voice droned. "Well now, blondie your up."

All three kids had the same thought….. all we learnt was his name…

Naru smirked on the inside, 'Shall we troll them Kurama' she thought.

"Since he didn't say anything so why should we…. Maybe say something involving your Ramen God or something" was a deep mumble…

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto. I like Cup Ramen and Ramen from Ichiraku's. I dislike waiting the 3minutes for cup ramen. And my dream is to become the Ramen God and be fed ramen all day by judging different flavors. Ooo and I hope to one day make it to Ramen land where everything is Ramen." Naru happily chirped, while inside was laughing with the fox on how silly everything sounded.

"well now, Pinkys turn." Kakashi spoke changing person, stopping Naruto from more remarks about ramen.

"My name is Haruno Sakura, my likes are…." Squeal. "My Hobbies….." Squeal. "My dreams…." Loud squeal. Naru had her hands over her ears.

"And your dislikes." Kakashi cut in.

"Naruto" she yelled.

"Ok then, lastly Emo-boy."
"…My name is Uchiha Sasuke. I don't have many things I like and a lot of things I dislike. My dream, no its more of an ambition, is to kill someone."

Kakashi just looked at his new team and sighed. ' Oh god, I have a fan-girl, an Avenger and Orange-Ramen obsessed jinchuriki.'

"well now that we have been introduce we have a mission."

"nani, nani, nani, whats the mission about Kaka-Sensei"

"It's a survival mission Naruto."

"Survival mission, but we have already done those at the academy sensei" Sakura chirped.

"Yes, but this mission requires you to survive me"

"What do you mean sensei" Naru said cocking her head to the side.

"Well you guys aren't actually genin yet, first you have to past my test. Hehehe when you guys hear this you will flip," he said ignoring the protests and loud remarks from the children. "only 66% of the graduates this year will pass the rest of you will be sent back to the academy for remedial lessons" Kakashi said with his famous eye-smile. Still ignoring the protests he continued, "Anyway, meet me at training ground 3 tomorrow at 5am, oh and don't eat breakfast, you'll throw-up". His eye-smile was the last the trio saw before he poofed out in a cloud of smoke.

"Can you believe that guy," Naru screeched. Sakura followed suit the both of them finally agreeing on something. Sasuke on the other hand just look annoyed, well as annoyed as an Uchiha can look with their single expression. It was the slight furrow and wrinkles on the brow that gave him away though.

"Anyway guys, do you want to have dinner with me and improve our teamwork before tomorrow." Naru tried again to connect with her teammates. But sadly was turned down by both of them again and was accused by Sakura for attempting on asking her out for a date.

After the two were gone Naru let out a heavy sigh and proceeded to head down to the red-light district to get more information on their new Jonin instructor.

The night was lit-up and various noises filled the busy street. The most common sounds were that of slot machines and bells ringing with the constant clang of coins falling into the metal basket as well as the annoying music that sounded from those dreaded machines. While the constant smell hanging in the air was of alcohol and vomit.

"The bird may cry when its feathers are plucked," spoke a quite muffled voice to the big burly guy standing to the side of the casino, the building where most of the noise was coming from.

"And when the birds tears show," the man asked.

"Pray the feathers do not crumble" was the returned reply. A nod was received and the guy stepped to the side reviling a secret door.

"Welcome back Naruto-san" the man spoke

"Takashi" Naru said tilting her head before entering the building.

After the door shut behind her, she followed the dim lighting down the rundown corridor and down two flights of stairs before turning to a door on her left. Knocking three times the flap in the middle of the door opened.

"Name, district and code," spoke a gruff voice.

"Naruto of district 4, CODE: Red Hawk"

There was shuffling at the door and a click before the door opened. Naru walked in to find a large well-lit room with a few couches in the corner and a large green pool-table in the center of the room. There was another door to opposite corner from the couches as well as a coffee machine on the bench of to the side of the room.

A tall and fairly slender woman walked up to Naru, she was wearing a long blue dress with a slit on the side and a pair of heals. She had long wavy brown hair and green eyes.

"Naruto-kun how are you, it has been awhile"

Naru bowed deeply, "I have been great Tomiko-Sama, I have come to ask for information involving a Jonin by name of Hatake Kakashi."

The lady know known as Tomiko sighed, "Still to the point Naruto-kun, very well. I will give you the information I have on Hatake-san, after all I do owe you a favor."

"Thankyou Tomiko-sama," Naruto bowed again.

Tomiko then snapped her fingers and a tallish guy in a suit came up to her, "Get together all the data we have on Hatake Kakashi and bring it down to me" she said in an authoritative voice. The man bowed and then swiftly exited the door nearest to the couches.

"Alright then, while he is getting the information for you shall we talk? It has been so long since you've visited this side of the district when I am actually here."

"It has been about 2years if I recall"

"Indeed. How has Hiko been, you still running for her? Especially since you have graduated no?"

"Hiko-sama had some business in Otafuku-Gai and left this morning. I still run the occasional odd-ends for her but nothing as serious as before."

"Well with your new duties and all I'm surprised to see you down this end. I have heard from the rumor-mill that you are paired with Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura correct?"

"Yes, it still shocks me on how quick the network can spread. Teams were only announced this morning."

This received a nod from Tomiko, "Since the Uchiha is now Genin, do you think he will be included in the management of the 7-districts when he reaches Chuunin?"

With a thoughtful look Naru replied, "I am not too sure, he still seems like he has his head in the clouds involving Itachi. To be honest I don't even think he knows about the districts. Shall I mention it to him?"

"Probably not yet, I will talk to the other heads and we will go from there. Besides we have done pretty well managing the area and keeping it under control without the help of that clan."

Their conversation was then cut off as the tall guy returned with the necessary documents which were then passed to Naruto to view them. She muttered a thankyou and started to skim the document. The contents mainly involved common information and recent locations of the Jonin with a few skill sets and information in the bingo book.

Most information found in the districts are on recent locations as they are apart of civilian spy networks with no ninja training. The most common place for information was the Red-district aka District 4: Lust. This is the district where most of the brothels and whore houses are found. However Naru works as a runner for this district and her target has not attended these establishments so she needed to get her information from the most common district. Yellow District 1: Greed. The head of this area was Tomiko.

After scanning the document a few more times Naru got a pretty good idea on her sensei. It was mentioned that he was chronically late by about 3 hours for anything under a B-rank and he had never passed a team and a few other things. There was also a side comment penned in that the second Genin exam involved bells and teamwork, but the specifics not written.

Closing the file Naru handed the folder back to the man.

"Thankyou Tomiko-sama, this will be helpful."

Tomiko nodded her head, "As lovely as this has been I have to get back to work, I trust you are able to find your own way out."

"Yes, that will not be a problem." Naru stood and bowed, leaving the room from the door in which she entered.

The following morning found Naru walking towards training ground 3 eating an apple and carrying 3 scrolls on her waist belt. The wind was sharp against her skin and the air was fresh to her nose. When she arrived at the open ground the sun had finally risen indicating the time to be around 5 in the morning. She noticed that Sasuke and Sakura had arrived roughly about the same time she did to the meeting point. With a rough 'morning' to the two shinobi she sat down on the grass finishing her apple.

"Morning," Sakura chanted while Sasuke replied with a gruff 'Hn' in response.

Obviously he was not a morning person….well neither a lunch or dinner person either Naru mused to herself…Maybe he wasn't a person at all. Naru squinted her eyes at him, "Teme"

"Dobe," was spat out in a well-oiled response. Well he is definitely human, just not a very sociable one. Naru chuckled in her mind, just lightly enough not to wake Kurama from his nap.

"Naruto, don't call Sasuke that," Was screeched followed by a 'smack' and had Naru on the floor holding her abused head. "And what are you eating anyway, Sensei told us not to eat."

"An apple obviously" was said sarcastically, "And Sensei only suggested not eating cause we would throw-up and I don't fancy fighting him without food, besides I heard that Sensei is always late so what he doesn't know can't hurt us." She shrugged her shoulders, "Besides I brought some food with me in case you guys didn't eat." Naru reached to her belt and pulled out the scroll labeled 'food', she pushed a little bit of chakra into the seal before the others could object and with a poof of smoke a variety of food appeared ontop of the scroll.

Naru eyed her teammates who looked at the food suspiciously.

"When did you learn to seal Dobe," Sasuke mumbled but his eye was curious if not a bit jealous. After all sealing was only briefly glanced over in the academy, not fully learnt in the curriculum.

"Since I was 8, jiji had scrolls in his office that I would sometimes look at and it caught my interest." There was no point hiding this from her new teammates, she would rather tell them then ending up on a mission where she would need them but they questioned her every move. 'Besides,' she reasoned with herself, 'I'm really good at it.' She nodded.

"Anyway dig in we can have a good breakfast and go over a plan for when sensei comes."

Still unsure of the magical appearing food Sakura protested saying she was on a diet but sat down next to the two.

"Sakura, you will be a liability to this team if you don't eat. Besides if you feel you need to lose weight increase training and then you can eat more." Naru had more than once come across other females that would diet unnecessarily and in the end their health suffered for it.

Slowly nodding her head, Sakura picked up what looked to be an egg-omelet and nibbled on the food quietly only taking the smallest of bites as if their sensei would appear at any moment. Sasuke, she noted had already started on a ham and tomato croissant.

Smiling Naru ate a bowl of ramen feeling satisfied with herself.

After a while Naru sealed the left overs back into the scroll and turned to face her team.

"I managed to pick some information up on our sensei last night, not much but enough to know that his test will be on teamwork," She started.

"How do you know this," Sakura said in a surprisingly quieter than normal voice.

"Contacts." The tone used ended the question. "So does anyone have a plan?"

"Why should I work with you dobe, I can do this on my own."

"Because Teme," Naru strained, "This is a test of teamwork not some one-man parade."

Sasuke just frowned but dropped the argument, but annoyance was clearly on his face.

"What about an Ambush?" Sakura cut in after seeing that Sasuke was going along with it in her one track mind. "Or maybe traps?"

"mmmm well I'm good at trapping so I can lay a few around the place, it just means if anything happens you will have to stay with me or you'll get caught." Naru said speaking to the two. Sasuke just gruffed and Sakura looked at Naru skeptically.

"I can be the distraction, my taijutsu isn't too bad and I know the fireball jutsu." Sasuke added in irritation, clearly not liking that Naru seemed to take charge but following along anyway.

"I don't know more than the academy jutsus and basic taijutsu, but I could capture and tie rope around Sensei so he doesn't get away." Sakura finished.

"We also don't know what else he has up his sleeves, if this is a test of 'supposed' teamwork and it is the only way to pass we should meet up just after the test has started to go over the plan again." Sasuke continued trying to take command annoyance seeping off him in waves.

Naru nodded in agreement at the plan, before taking off to make her notorious traps.

It was half an hour later when Naru returned, her orange outfit was a little dirty but other than that noting looked out of place.

"Ok I have set up a lot of traps around the area, so everyone should be careful." Naru smiled in a creepy manor. The other two just looked at each other and agreed not to ask.

The rest of the time waiting for their sensei was spent with their backs to each other in peaceful silence. Sakura was still looking at Sasuke every now again with the ever present blush on her cheeks but didn't utter a word. Sasuke looked like he didn't notice but the subtle shifting in his position closer to Naru implied he was uncomfortable with it. Naru on the other hand had a book of seals in her hand and was currently reading a section on elemental seals, changing neutral chakra into a different state and manipulating the form by the process of different symbols. It was in this position that Kakashi found them in when he appeared at 10 o'clock with a friendly 'yo'.

Both Sakura and Naru jumped up screaming "Your late," in perfect sync. Sasuke just grunted the displeasure evident on his face.

"Ahhh well you see I came across a black cat and I had to change directions and ended up having to go around the whole village to avoid it."

The three genin sweatdropped at his statement.

In sync again both Sakura and Naru screeched, "Liar" to the lazy Jonin.

Kakashi just seemed to wave off their comment while holding up two bells.

"Well now, you all seem full of energy…," he paused for a but expecting something, when nothing happened amusement appeared on his face before continuing, "Anyway your test is to retrieve these two bells from me before noon, or you will be tied to the stumps without lunch while I'll eat in front of you." A smirk graced his face when the genin looked at him in irritation.

"Wait a minute, Kakashi-sensei there is three off us, how come there are only two bells." Sakura chirped.

A low chuckle escaped from Kakashi, "Well the one who doesn't get a bell would definitely be tied to the stump and then sent back to the academy for failing to complete the mission. Then again you all could fail," there was a light humor in his voice which indicated that he didn't have any hope of this team passing.

The three looked at him with shock on their faces, Naru looked the most stunned. This is the only team she has hope on surviving in. If she was sent back…Naru shook her head clearing those thoughts. Determination etching onto her face as she buried her current thought pattern.

"You can use any weapons or jutsus you like, but you should come at me with the intent to kill."

Sakura gasped, "But sensei, what if you get hurt?"

Kakashi just smiled, "I will be fine Sakura."

Naru scoffed, trying to put up a front, "This coming from a guy who can't even dodge an eraser."

"They say the ones that bark the loudest have no bite."

If it was irritation Kakashi was looking for, Naru refused to cave in. But it would seem weird if she did nothing. So she grabbed a kunai from her pocket and charged at the man. This was definitely not the wisest thing to do: One – she knew she was out matched: Two – her sensei was a flippin jonin: and Three – she was fucken blind in one eye. This was probably the main reason she never even saw him coming, one minute she was charging and standing up right, the next she was on her stomach with Kakashi holding her kunai hand behind her back with the weapon redirected at her.

At least one good thing came of this encounter, the three genin all thought, 'Fast' followed by dread in their stomachs.

"I didn't even say start yet. But at least it looks like you have the intent to kill. Good." He then released Naru back to the duo as he casually placed his hands in his pockets.

He smiled at the group.


The group then seemed to jump into the bushes to gain some distance. Kakashi looked around noting to himself the positions of children before turning back to the front looking directly at the orange clad genin.

"You a strange one aren't you."

Naru looked at the man. She knew she needed to get back to her team to figure something out, but this whole test just seemed rub her the wrong way. Though before she met up with the rest, there was something she had to confirm first.

"The only strange one is you," she retorted before charging again at the man.

Kakashi seemed to sigh, a flash of disappointment crossed his face yet it was not seen by the blonde.

"Lesson 1: Taijutsu." Kakashi called before pulling a book out of his pocket.

Naru jumped back at the movement, but as she saw the little orange book he drew out, her grin turned feral and mischievous. She then moved her fingers in a cross symbol before calling out, "Kage bunshin no justu."

Naru didn't bother looking back as she made her way to where Sasuke was positioned in the trees. Landing next to the stoic boy she grinned at him while his response was a stern glare.

"Don't talk here, lets grab Sakura and I'll explain once we get somewhere safe." Naru whispered then took off with a jump to the pink-headed girls position.

After grabbing Sakura, the trio made their way further in the Forrest while avoiding Narus traps.

"Right now we're far enough away we need to discuss what we are going to do, this whole thing just feels fishy." Naru said starting the conversation.

"You heard Sensei, Naruto only two of us can pass." Sakura added.

"But he didn't say that specifically, besides I said this whole test just rubs me the wrong way."

There was a pause for a few minutes…

"If this is a test of teamwork and the only way to pass is to work together, we should continue with the plan and maybe get some blackmail material if it doesn't work." Sasuke spoke.

"What about the bells?" Sakura chimed.

"We'll still get them," Naru finally added but her face stretched wide in grin Kurama would be proud of, "We will just have to get his book aswell."

"His book?" Sakura and Sasuke questioned.

"Yeah, I don't know if you guys know the book but it's unmistakable. It's the first edition of IchaIcha Paradise. The silver star on the corner gave it away."

Sakura fumed, "Our Sensei's a Pervert."

Sasuke quickly caught on, "Hn"

Naru grinned, "Exactly Teme. Right the plan is staying the same with just the book for another target." The blonde turned away from her team with a fist pump in the air before going back to where they had left their sensei, she had to get back quickly her last clone just popped.

"Dobe," was muttered quietly by the only real male of the team, but his voice held no malice instead it seemed almost endearing. Yes, Sasuke was someone no one would ever figure out.

When Trio reached the clearing Sasuke grabbed a handful of shuriken and threw the metallic objects towards the cyclopean man. But just before the stars hit the man there was a 'poof' of smoke and a log covered in the pointy weapons. Sasuke cursed and just before he ran Naru told him to direct Sensei west towards the trees where a shock and blinding tag was. A quick nod was given and Sasuke ran to where the Jonin was, engaging in a Taijustu battle.

The boy was good, Naru would give him that. No matter how much of a bastard he was,

Sasukes taijustu was the best of their ragged team. This was proven when his fingers almost touched the bell, a feat in which the rest would find challenging.

Sasuke noted that his taijustu was having no effect on the Jonin before flicking through a series of hand symbols which shocked the older man, and called "Katon: Gokakyu no Justu" which led to a massive fire ball flying towards Kakashi.

With the ball of fire covering visibility the Genin lost track of their sensei for a bit before a loud bang and flash sounded directing their attention west towards the direction of the trap.

"Sakura," Naru called, and the pinkette jumped towards the explosion in attempt to tie up their Jonin. Although when she got there, the area was empty.

"Lesson 2: Ninjutsu" Was called before both Sasuke and Sakura where pulled into the earth with only their heads showing. "Doton: Shinjū Zanshu no Jutsu," Kakashi popped up from the ground seconds later with only a few scuff marks from the recent explosion.

"Well now, working together I see," amusement just barely hidden in his voice.

Naru looked on to the scene from her hiding position. She needed to get those two out of the ground if they had any chance of winning.

Pulling out a seal, she placed it on the tree behind her and could start to feel her surroundings take shape. Letting out a slow breath she used her superior stealth skills to sneak around to where her teammates were.

Waiting until Kakashi started moving to the seals placement, Naru crept up to the two stuck genin and proceeded to pull them out motioning them to be quiet.

Just after she managed to pull them both out the surrounding chakra wavered and then broke which indicated the canceling of her seal. Before they could escape Kakashi appeared in front of the rugged genin with his ever constant eye smile.

"Found you"

Naru panicked and pulled out the first seal in her hip-pouch and threw it at the Jonin. On the plus side the seal was sorta scrunched up so you couldn't see the seal on it so the tag was able to catch the Jonin unaware when it went off as it just looked like a scrunched up piece of paper. The down side however was that this particular seal was not made for combat instead it was one of her prank tags. Instead of a stun, a sleep, a bang or any other of her tags, this one went 'poof' and sprayed the Jonin in Orange Paint and goose feathers.

This definitely was not her day, this seal did not allow time to escape instead the shocked Jonin had waves of irritation rolling off him. You know that foreboding feeling you get when you know that you have done something you really shouldn't have and your parents come home. Yeah that was the feeling poor Naru was feeling at this moment.

Before anything could go any further though the alarm clock rang. Naru sighed, the phrase 'Saved by the bell' ran through her head for a second before dread filled her again. They did not get the bells and in conjunction the book.

Dropping her head, she muttered a defeated 'sorry' to her teammates while they all walked back to the posts.

Surprise, Surprise, Naru was the one who ended up tied to the post when they arrived at their destination. On the outside she was pale as a sheet but inside she was cursing up a storm and pulling her hair out.

A deep rumble calmed her for a bit, "Calm down Naru, you yourself said that this was a test of teamwork that probably had nothing to do with the bells. So stop your shouting you're giving me a headache."

Naru seemed to finally understand Kuramas words and relaxed a bit.

She then brought her attention back onto her now clean sensei that was looking at them in amusement. How he got the paint off him was anyone's guess.

"Right, now that we're here, I have decided that I am not going to send you guys back to the academy." Kakashi said in a light voice with his ever present eye-smile.

The trio looked up at the Jonin hope fluttered in their eyes.

"Ha… We passed," Sakura looked shocked.

"Hn," Sasuke grunted in arrogance.

"That means we pass, all three of us…" Naru yelled squirming in her ropes.

"Yes, all three of you are being dropped from the program." His voice dropped in pitch.

The trio looked at the masked man in shock.

"But, but, sensei why. We worked together as a team, that was the purpose of this test wasn't it."

Kakashi looked towards the blonde with an unreadable expression, he paused for a while looking over the faces of the hopeful genin. It seemed that with Narus words Sasuke and Sakura looked at him in defiance as if taking Narus side.

With a thoughtful look Kakashi asked, "If you got the bells who would get them?"

"Sasuke and Sakura of cause," Naru said her voice not wavering.

"And what about you, you would have failed,"

Naru looked at Kakashi with a wide grin, "I would have gotten your book for ransom and would have Sasuke burn it if you didn't pass all of us."

Kakashi look at the blonde, clearly glad the orange-ninja wasn't able to retrieve his book.

"What was your plan that you had going," Kakashi asked the group.

"Naruto was to make the traps, while Sasuke was the distraction and I was supposed to tie you up and lock a chakra suppresser on you." Sakura included.

Kakashi looked towards Sakura briefly before his eyes returned to Naru. "When did you learn sealing Naruto."

"When I was 8. My traps would have worked to if you weren't so fast," Naru grumbled.

The masked-man looked thoughtful, "What was the seal you used on the tree,"

Naru smiled, "That was one of my new tags, I can't do genjutsu so I modified that tag to release an area of effect genjutsu sorta like the false surrounding technique. It's easy to detect, it's a genjutsu but it can only be dispelled once the tag has been removed and the tags are really easy to detect."

"Well then I'm glad I'm dropping you from the academy program into my team then ne?" Kakashi chuckled.

The trio looked at him as if he grew another head.

"You mean…" Sakura asked hopefully.

"I never said I wasn't going to take you. The phrase 'look underneath the underneath' should be remembered. Besides I like seeing you guys all worked up." Kakashi chuckled again.

"You, You Pervert," Sakura screamed and pointed at their sensei.

Naru sweat-dropped, it seemed this senseis was even more confusing than Sasuke. And Kurama couldn't help but agree.

"Remember this, 'Those that break the rules a trash…but those that abandon their friends are even worse then trash'." Kakashi said with a sorrowful look. "Alright then, starting from today Squad 7 is active." His tone picked up as he smiled again. "Report back here tomorrow morning 6 o'clock." He gave a lazy wave and then 'poofed' disappearing from the area.

The three genin looked at each other in happiness. Sasuke then grabbed a Kunai and cut Narus ropes, with a passing remark at her which was responded with 'Thanks Teme'.

The trio then split up eager to get home.

Ok chapter 2 is complete, sorry this has taken so long.

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