Rising from the Ashes

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It was a cold January morning when Harry Potter took a walk around the edges of the Forbidden Forest. The air around him was glistening with his crystalizing breath and only the crunching of the frozen snow beneath his feet could be heard. Several months ago, he wasn't sure about ever walking in the snow again and now he sought shelter in it as if it could freeze his thoughts for a moment or two. Yes, he won the war and fought against his archenemy Voldemort, but this doesn't mean that he won the war in his soul. Ever since, Harry wasn't sure about the path he should take into the future and let himself be guided by friends, reporters, the ministry and oh so much more people. Their advises were all different: some wanted the savior to finish school, some that he would take place in auror training and some wanted him to start a political career as he was now head of two noble houses.

'But no one ever wished for me to become happy.' It was exactly this thought which plagued him every second night when he wasn't dreaming of death, fear and deepest sourness.

Two months after the battle of Hogwarts, the black haired young man decided to live at Hogwarts for a short time so that he could help with rebuilding it before he would move in his former godfathers house at Grimmauld Place 12. Fixing the castle, however, took more time than he expected and no ending was to be seen.

At Christmas he got a lot of fan post, threats, presents from admirers and marriage proposals of witches and wizards he had never met before. Harry read every single letter and was surprised that one of the notes attached to a small parcel was from Draco Malfoy.

Hello Harry Potter,

I'm sure that you are astounded to find a gift from a Malfoy. Well, let me tell you that you shouldn't be. You saved my family from a maniac, my mother and me from sentences in Azkaban and you made sure that my father got a fair trial.

I, and also my mother (even if she will not admit it herself) have to deeply thank you for that.

I am sure you read this note before you took a look in the little box and I would be glad if you open it now.

A bit perplexed, Harry really gripped the small parcel and opened it after searching for any jinxes and courses. When he finished he just found another piece of parchment – empty.

'I hate riddles' the Gryffindor thought while reading along Malfoys letter.

You should have found a small parchment in it – tap it with your wand and it will reveal its secret to you.

Potter again did as he was told and in neatly handwriting he found an address and read on.

I would appreciate it if you take the time to visit me at Malfoy Manor so that I can thank you personally.

Sincerely, Lord Draco Malfoy.

The former Gryffindor was lost of words. Draco Malfoy invited him to his manor to thank him. Why couldn't the blonde just come to Hogwarts and talk to him in the castle? Why does he have to go to this dreadful place? Harry did by nothing like the idea of that, but as he was since two days the approved heir to both the Potter and Black line and therefore Lord Potter-Black he had to act nicely and reply as soon as possible. And so he did.

Dear Lord Draco Malfoy,

To say that I was surprised to find your gift would be understated, but I gladly accept your invitation.

Does January 3rd fit with your plans, around noon?

Sincerely, Lord Harry James Potter-Black

'Lord Harry James Potter-Black. I don't like that. And I don't like the idea of using this signature when writing a former school mate – no matter who it is.'

The rest of Christmas Day, Harry spent looking through the post and going down to the great hall for meals. It wasn't until right before dinner when he took a walk to the owlery to send the letter. He wrangled with his intuition and brain about really sending the answer to Malfoy or not until he simply didn't want to think about it anymore and just did it.

On the evening of January 2nd , at the dining table, McGonagall, headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, asked Harry about his Christmas presents.

"Oh Professor, you know, I got a lot of stuff and much more proposals than usual." 'And threats' he added in his mind.

"More proposals you say. Why not meet some of the candidates? A bit of fun would do good."

As Harry Potter and Minerva were not the only people at the table the savior flushed and just shook his head no.

"Mister Potter," Addressed person knew what would come now and waited for his lecture. "You are an adult man now and you have to handle those proposals with the utmost care! If you deny them and don't even try to date one of the ladies, then there might be rumors about you being gay and not interested in women. I don't think that this is what you want the people of the wizarding world to think about you."

'Shall they.' He knew by heart that all remaining teachers at the table were looking at him now and waited for his answer, but Lord Potter-Black was not in the mood to talk about those private things with people he didn't trust completely.

"Professor McGonagall, I think you should give your attention to the rebuilding of the school and not to my private life." 'Try it nice, be nice.' This was his new mantra when talking to those people who thought they could influence him.

"Mr. Potter you have no right to…" but she was suddenly interrupted by the man opposite her.

The dark haired had worked on this tune and gesture for days now in his room and was now ready to give it a try in public. He sat in his chair upright, his head held higher than was usual for him which means slightly higher than on eyelevel with his dialog partner, his voice deeper clearer and more voluminous than it had ever been.

"Headmistress McGonagall, let me tell you that I have every right to speak with you in which way I think appropriate." McGonagall was flabbergasted and just opened and closed her mouth again.

"You will listen now very closely to what I am saying – and this counts for everyone listening!" He looked sharply in every pair of eyes that dared meet his. "I will not accept interventions of anyone in my life – may it be private or political. I will not allow anyone to think he or she might be able to control me AND I definitely need no one who tells me that I have to keep in mind what the public could say and think about me." McGonagall tried again to speak but was cut off "And to you, dear headmistress: I am the legal owner of this school and I will not allow you to speak to me as if I am your student. I am Lord Harry James Potter-Black, last of the lines of Gryffindor and I hereby claim your service under my supervision. Did I made myself clear!"

McGonagall might be the new principal but as Potter was not her student anymore and of age as well she was not involved in his hearings on his inheritances. Therefore, she was shocked that this young man accepted his titles and now claims her school to be his and that she is under HIS supervision! She never expected him to do this. Even Albus didn't mention this possibility to her. Lord Potter-Black was still looking at her sternly and awaiting her answer – she bowed her head as a sign of humility.

"Good. I will leave tomorrow morning. If you should need my advice – please send me an owl and I will see what I can do for you. Ah, Ms. Skeeter, nice to see you still can manage being a beetle. I can't wait to read your article tomorrow." Lord Potter turned around, bowed slightly to the audience and said: "Ladies, Gentlemen. Have a pleasant stay in my castle."

He smirked when he saw all the faces turning ashen in front of him and he wished for the first time that Severus Snape was still teacher at Hogwarts because he would have been the only one to not get petrified by him.

The last night at Hogwarts was short for its owner as he had many things needing his attention before he leaves his former home, meets with Malfoy and moves to Grimmauld Place. Of course Lord Malfoy had agreed with the date and time of their meeting and so the defeater of the Dark Lord had to concentrate on the task at hand – being nice to the Malfoys while being in their manor.

After playing every strategy Harry could think of using when talking to his former enemy in his head, he had the feeling that the castle – Hogwarts herself – called for his attention and so he left his small room and strayed through his estate. He let his fingers caress the walls, nodded kindly to the returning ghosts and every so often shared some words with magic of this place.

"What do you need Milady?" The bricks under his palm shuddered with pleasure and a soft voice answered in his head

'Why do you think that I am a Lady, young one?'

"Well, if you were a man than this place wouldn't feel that cozy and attending to the needs of its inhabitants. It feels just like a loving mother."

'Hm, thank you. You asked what I am in need of.' Harry nodded and listened. 'I need a strong headmaster, first of all. As much as I like Minerva, she is not the kind of human this place needs. You must find someone else.'

"Suggestions?" The voice didn't answer "Okay, got it, think of it yourself. What else?"

Still the voice was silent. Harry nodded his head again and moved along the walls just like before. He felt the magic beneath his hands and sometimes a gap in it which he tried to fill with his own power. He knew for a year now that he was stronger and more mature than most people feared. His powers rose every day, so he was not afraid of offering his own school some of it, and still he felt that something held the last part back. Put away in a storage where it got deeper and more ancient than anything else he knew of – waiting for him to be ready and able to handle it.

'You need to train, young one. Hard.' The green eyed man didn't expect Hogwarts to talk to him again and as other people crossed his way at the moment, he did not want them listening to him babbling with thin air.

'I recognized that. Would you help me?'


'Thought so.' In Harrys mind three words formed: Who, What, Where. Well, he knew that he had many estates waiting for new life therefore the Where is easy to answer he thought.

'Trust.' It was nearly a whisper, a wind brushing against his ear and a cold shudder went through him.

"Am I going mad or did just the Bloody Baron talk to me?"

He never got an answer.

Still walking through the snow covered plains, he arranged his thoughts, added two more things to his to-do-list, placed wards around himself so that the Malfoys were not able to sense his powers and stored his emotions in the last corner of his mind – he couldn't need them now. Taking a deep breath and mentally slapping his own shoulder, he apparated to Malfoy Manor.