Tokyo 2004

"I'm sorry father! Please I'll be a good, just let me stay." a young boy called out to his father as the older man left him at the station platform, completely ignoring the poor child's cries. In the distance he watched his father get stopped by two people, a man and a woman, and seemed to recognise at least one of the two.

"You could of at least waited until I got here before you left." the Japanese man said, dressed in a simple white shirt and black trousers with matching shoes, the woman was dressed in a black skirt with stockings and brown boots with a brown jacket left undone exposing a black tank top.

"I said nine in the morning. It's your own fault your late." the man said with very little emotion, the woman muttered something under her breath as she looked at the child he had just saw the asshole leave behind, "I said I'll take him in. And as his father I would of thought you'd have some trace of humanity left for him." before he got too far away he called out to him, "Yui would be furious you were doing this and you know it. Is your work more important then your own son?" the man just dismissed them as he walked past and into a waiting car and drove off. Leaving the mixed Chinese American woman making a couple of rude gestures as he drove off.

"You sure about this? We don't exactly live in a kid friendly city." the woman asked lighting up a cigarette, "I can't just leave him. And he doesn't have anyone else to turn to, and besides I made a promise to her. I just can't turn away like him." the man said walking towards the little boy, who was struggling to hold back the tears.

"Hi." the man said waving to the child as he took a knee in front of him, "Shinji I don't know if you remember me, but I'm your mothers cousin, Rokuro Okajima." the boy slowly nodded, "Your going to come live with me, but you'll have to listen to what I say. Can you do that?" he said in a gentle tone, not wanting to make Shinji anymore scared then he already was.

He nodded wiping away the tears, "I will." he looked up at Okajima with a big smile, "Good. First things first." he picked up Shinji and placed him on his shoulders while picking up his bag with his free hand, "Everyone were we live calls me Rock, you do the same, alright?", "Alright." he said with a still shaky voice, "Who's she?" he added, pointing to the dark haired woman smoking a few feet away, "That's my wife Revy, say hello.".

Shinji gave a slight bow from his spot on Rock's shoulders, "Hi Revy, I'm Shinji.", "Yeah half-pint I know who you are. You better not be as much of a handful as he is." she said in a relaxed tone, pointing to the both of them. "Come on Rock. Our planes going to leaving in about two hours. And I am not having the window seat again.", "Why's that?" Shinji asked out of the blue before looking away a little embarrassed, "Well Shin, Rock lives up to his name when he's asleep. Nothing short of an explosion could wake him up." she said chuckling at the face Rock gave her, "Funny Revy. But I'll let you in on a secret. I was awake when you were shaking me on the plane." Rock said quickly walking past Revy, who was stopped mid step, he was awake while she was bursting for a piss. "Come back here Rock!".

This is just a short introduction to the whole story that I've got going on, its been on the backburner for a while but thought I'd stick the prologue on just to kick things off, i'll either put the next one on later today or tomorrow, and its.