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Shinji just watched as Misato lay down a large white beach towel, her dark blue two piece catching every red blooded male's attention, or at least their contents.
"You know when I said a 'little more open', a beach wasn't the first thing that came to mind." Shinji said as he lay down on his own blue towel in a pair of black shorts, of course he had been the one to carry the towels and the beach umbrella.

They were sat on a beach just outside old Kamakura, it had dark sands and a great view of islands just off the coast, "But I guess I can forget it with this view." he added as he took a mouthful of soda, "Your welcome. Now spill, got anyone special back in Roanapur?" Misato asked with a Cheshire grin, "How did I know you would say that?" Shinji deadpanned as he looked over the top of his shades.

"Because I'm me. Now spill Shinji-kun." with a tired sigh he started with someone who came to mind straight away. "Well there are all sorts of people but I'd know you'd get along with Bao. He runs a bar called the Yellow Flag, thankfully he has a great insurance policy. Its usually gets destroyed every two or three months. You'd be one of the few costumers he's had that doesn't fill the place full of bullets.", "But he's a nice guy right?", "Yeah if you stay on his good side, if not he has shotgun under the counter." Misato looked at him to see if he was joking or not, he wasn't.

"As I mentioned there is Balalaika. She may come off as a cold woman but she is really kind, to me anyway. She runs a trading company and several Hotels and usually gives Rock and the others any jobs that need doing quickly." Misato started rubbing sun cream over her arms and legs as Shinji continued, "There's Sawyer as well. She's a little…odd though, when she was young she had her throat cut and now speaks with an ultra voice. She runs a meat packing plant and is always buying me gifts." suddenly Misato's attention peaked.

"Oh really. Do you buy her gifts?" she said, her grin not faltering as she tried to dig for info on Sawyer, "Well sometimes…But I hardly see her much since my job usually takes me away from that part of the city." what Shinji didn't know was that Sawyer always knew where he was and she sometimes watched him from afar, which was close to being classed as stalking.

"Maybe you should buy her dinner sometime…" Shinji quickly caught on to what his guardian was getting at and he quickly told her the truth, "Its not like that we're just friends. Nothing else." he said slowly turning a beet red colour, "Alright. Alright." she said but she knew better and would tuck that little nugget of information away for later. "Anyone else that warrants a mention?", " is like my odd uncle. He's usually telling bad jokes every time I see him, and he embarrassing me every chance he gets. There was a rumour that he and Balalaika had something going on between them, but I don't know. They do own different shipping companies after-all." Shinji always did wonder but never thought about it in much detail.

"Why are you asking me all this again?" he asked looking up from his prone spot on the towel, "Because…" she lent over and started poking his cheek, "You are a very odd person. One minute your swearing and sarcastic, then the next your all timid and shy. Why is that?", "I don't know…" he tried to move her hand away from poking his cheek but his guardian didn't stop, "Will you stop it!" Misato started laughing as she moved over to Shinji's towel.

From the outside observer the scene would look like a beautiful purple haired woman trying to molest a fourteen year old boy, but the laughter coming from the both of them wiped away and dirty thoughts that people were having and were soon replaced with jealousy for the men. They were watching some kid get tickled by a total babe.

"M-Misato stop!" Shinji said doing his best to stop himself from laughing and failing, "Say uncle!", "No!" she continued tickling Shinji after she hit a sweet spot that was making him squirm, "Say it!", "Alright…UNCLE!" he yelled wide eyed as he saw a familiar man in black knee length shorts and shades walking along the beach.

"Hello Shinji. I was having myself a nice little swim further down the beach but clearly you have…" he looked at Misato and grinned, "A good reason for making so much noise.". Chang stood with his hands in his pockets as he shook his head to someone on the walkway above the beach who was removing his hand from his pocket, "You brought your guards with you!?" Shinji said in disbelief. "Well yeah. I'm not exactly well liked in some places Shinji. And Balalaika can't be watching my ass every time I go somewhere, though I wouldn't mind watching hers…" Chang seemed to drift off into his own little world as memories started flooding his mind.

"Shinji? Do you know him?" Misato asked wondering just why this man had bodyguards wearing Hawaiian shirts and sandals, "Yeah..." he started to say, almost like he was forcing the words out, "He's my uncle. Chang Wai-san, this is Misato Katsuragi." he enjoyed watching Chang's eye buldge slightly at the mention of his full name. "Pleasure to meet you Miss Katsuragi.", "Please just call me Misato. Miss makes me sound old." she corrected, "With such a young lady such as yourself I think that would be impossible.". "Uncle... do I have to phone Balalaika?" Shinji asked raising an eyebrow at his uncle flirting with his guardian, "You wouldn't dare...", "Just what are you doing here anyway?", "Two reasons actually. One is my annual holiday." Shinji held back a loud laugh, "Alright I don't believe that for a second. What the other one.", "Sawyers missing. She was last seen boarding a plane heading here.".

"Why would she come here?" the young pilot asked, "Your kidding right?" Chang said looking over the top of his shades, he looked at Misato after Shinji shook his head, "I take he's told you about Sawyer?" Misato nodded with a large grin on her face, "And I take it that you've picked up on her little behaviour around Shinji.", "Yeah. Just 'friends' according to him." Misato said, quoting friends with her fingers.

"We are just friends!" he shouted, excusing himself to use the restrooms leaving a smiling Chang and a giggling Misato.

"He may think that but Sawyer is attracted to him, he was the first person to see her as she is and not what she looks like.", "And let me guess she's come here to be close to him. Hopefully she's safe, Tokyo-3 isn't exactly safe at night." Chang started laughing at her comment, "What's so funny?", "Sawyer is a very unique young lady. She can easily take of herself, its one of the reasons why she is the ghost of Roanapur." Chang said helping himself to a soda from the ice box.

"What do you mean 'Ghost'?" she asked, Chang looked over his shoulder and couldn't see Shinji anywhere, "Well you know that Roanapur is the capital of crime don't you?" Misato nodded, "Well what he may not of told you is that his family, along with myself have close ties to the criminal underworld. But before you stress yourself out and try to arrest me or whatever, may I remind you that we are his family regardless of what we do and will always looks out for Shinji." Misato sat there completely shocked.

"So you're a criminal?", "Yes. I'm the head of the Triad in Roanapur. And Balalaika is head of the Russian Mafia. And Sawyer…she makes people disappear. But I guarantee you that none of us what to kidnap or blackmail him, before you go off on a crusade of justice or whatever." Chang looked around again, "We're all fond of the kid. He's like the cities own son. But I'm just telling you all this so that were honest with each other if the others are going to come and see him." Misato was silent for a moment, "And we have no interest of setting up in Tokyo-3 or anywhere in Japan." Chang added, "This is just a holiday destination.".

"Alright. But let me say this… If he gets hurt because of any of you I will hunt you down. Got it?" Misato said in such a gentle voice that Chang was taken back slightly by how she had reacted to it, "Um…yes.", "Good." she said as if she just won an argument, "Now there will be no problems in the future. Right?", "If Sawyer turns up at his school you may have a problem.", "Why!?", "She's almost thirty but looks Shinji's age. She could easily mingle with the other students to get closer to Shinji." Misato let out a long sigh and opened her own soda, "So she speaks Japanese then?" Chang nodded and finished his soda off.

"Afraid so. But the worst it will get is that she will just get all flushed and hug him all the time." Chang chuckled, "He'll be her teddy bear." it soon went into long laugh as Chang pictured Sawyer holding Shinji close to her like a teddy bear, "Chang…Chang." Misato said trying to stop the Triad boss from wetting himself as he rolled around on the sand.

Shinji returned and didn't want to begin to understand why Chang was close to wetting himself with laughter and Misato was simply staring at him like he was a piece of meat, "Did I miss something?" Chang stopped laughing and looked at Shinji before falling into fits of giggles again.

The sun peaked out from behind the horizon as they made their way back to Tokyo-3, Misato hadn't said much about what Chang had told her to Shinji and really didn't know how to, 'If their all criminals does that make Shinji-kun one to?' she thought, and it was something that she didn't want to believe either.

"Misato is something wrong?" Shinji asked snapping her out of her train of thought, "No. Of course not.", "Well you haven't said anything since we got in the car, almost an hour ago." Misato suddenly realised that it had been almost an hour and she had hardly said two words to him, "I'm sorry Shinji. I guess I've had a little to much sun." she was lying through her teeth but hoped her young ward wouldn't notice.
"Alright. I hope wasn't to much of a problem, I really didn't know he was here." Shinji said. "He was fine Shinji, a little odd like you said but he's a good person to talk to." Misato had decided to leave out the part about the majority of his 'family' being criminals, if he found out then nobody knew how well he would take it and she didn't want to be the one to tell him.

Shinji thought that Chang had said something that Misato may not of wanted to hear, and he wanted to tell her just who his extended family really were but he saw a good friend in Misato and didn't want to loose her, 'She would kick me out and call the police down on them. I couldn't do that to them.' his thoughts were all jumbled up at the moment but he just wanted to get some rest and get his school work done for Monday.

It was a few days later when Misato invited Ritsuko around for dinner, when Shinji asked why she said it was to simply catch up, with work being so hectic it had been a while.

Ritsuko sat at the table and stared at the questionable food in front of her, part of her was interested as a scientist about what this actually was made of but she knew it was Misato's attempt at 'cooking', "Just what is this exactly?" she asked as she let the brown liquid pour off her spoon. "Its curry." Misato said after downing some of her beer, "I see your still eating instant foods…", "Hey you were invited to dinner so don't complain!" the purple haired captain pointed a set of chopsticks at her friend as Shinji stepped up next to her, "Misato-san?" she looked up at him and opened up a large pot of heated noodles, "Stick some of that stuff on top of this".

She pulled the cover back and Shinji poured the thick brown liquid onto the cup noodle and he quickly wanted to be the one cooking today, but even though he was meant to be cooking all the meals for a month, Misato had insisted on it when she invited Ritsuko over for dinner.

Deciding that the food would most likely evolve into some new life-form if left alone Ritsuko took a mouthful, and quickly suppressed the overwhelming feeling to spit it back out, 'This is terrible. How can she eat like this?' she thought as she heard a small thud, looking over to PenPen she saw the small water fowl had lost the battle to stay upright after tasting the meal. "Misato don't take this the wrong way but next time you invite me over…Make sure its Shinji's turn to cook.", "You like it don't you Shinji!?" Misato said putting him on the spot, not that he wasn't used to it lately.

"Well…Its got a unique flavour." he said as convincingly as he could manage while trying not to heave, he was thankful of his time of playing cards with Rock had giving him a poker face, "See he likes it!" she yelled happily completely missing the blank expressions her two dinner companions gave each other. "You know Shinji you shouldn't let Misato have such a negative influence on your life. You should move out while you still have a chance." Ritsuko said taking a mouthful of her beer, "But I'm used to it. And back home it was pretty much the same.", "He's right Ritsuko, don't underestimate a persons ability to adapt." Misato said with a slight slur.

Thankfully their taste buds decided to stop working after the first couple of mouthfuls, and dinner continued along until Misato was on her fourth beer and Ritsuko was enjoying a cigarette next to the open porch door, "Shinji could you do me a little favour?" Ritsuko said suddenly in a very friendly manner, "W-What is it?" he curiously asked, not really trusting the blonde scientist with any kind of favour. "Well I forgot to give Rei her new I.D card before she left Nerv today. Could you drop it off for me on your way in tomorrow?", "Sure I guess I could do that." he said taking the I.D card from her, but he couldn't help but stare at the exotic girl.

"He's checking out Rei's picture?" Misato slurred out making Shinji go red, "I was not!" he said trying to cut off his guardians chuckling, "Oh look I made him blush.", "Misato I was not staring at her!" but she shook her head and held up her empty beer can as if it was important, "But now you got a reason to go to Rei's place…" she started giggling as the beer began to add up, "I don't even know her!".

"Is she always like this?" Ritsuko asked as she tossed her finished cigarette out the door, "You should know, you've known her longer then I have. But at least now she'll stop teasing me." he began clearing the table, "Oh! Maybe Sawyer might turn up!" she yelled suddenly before settling back down onto the sofa, "Who's Sawyer?" Ritsuko asked turning to Shinji who was frozen in place.

He followed the directions over to Rei's home and found that it reminded him of some of the slums back in Roanapur, he was busy trying to remember if he was up to date on his vaccinations after seeing the tower block that Rei was occupied in.

"Apartment 402. What a shit hole." Shinji mumbled as he ringed the intercom several times and waited for an answer, Ritsuko had told him yesterday that she would be in but three minutes passed and still nobody opened the door, opening the unlocked door he began to think what kind of girl this Rei was.
"Hello. Anyone in?" shutting the door behind him he flipped his sandals off, wishing that he didn't have to since the floor looked like it was alive, "It's Shinji Ikari. Ritsuko told me to come over." he called out and could only hear the passing of a train.

It was just a single bedroom at the end of the hallway and the contents or lack thereof was what surprised him the most, on her bed was a pillow with several large blood patches along with her school uniform, his thoughts went back to when he first saw her and remembered she had been badly injured somehow.

"Does she know what the word 'clean' means?" he wondered aloud as looked over the Spartan room, there was a small fridge with a bag filled with empty boxes and bloody bandages and on top of it was a bottle of pills, however a dresser just next to it was what stood out to him, or what was on top of it.

A set of glasses which were broken, they belonged to his bastard father. The temptation to crush them in his hand began to surface but put them back down when he thought about Rei laying on the gurney, "I'd love to ram these down his throat." he was about to continue when he heard soft foot steps from behind him, spinning round he saw Rei. And was surprised to say the least.

She was naked except for a towel around her neck covering her breasts, also he noted that her blue hair was actually her natural colour, somehow. Walking past him she began getting changed, "Are you always like that?" he asked as he turned away as Rei began to get changed, not knowing if she actually was aware that he was standing in front of her, or she just didn't know what modesty was.

When she didn't answer he started tapping his foot, "You know its rude to ignore someone?", "What about entering someone's apartment?" she said in a monotone, "I did announce myself and you shouldn't leave the door unlocked." she didn't answer as she walked past him in her school uniform, "Wait a minute." he held out the I.D card that Ritsuko had given him, "The good doctor forgot and asked if I could give it to you." she took it and just walked off in silence.

When the door to the apartment slammed shut it was then he realised that there was something very odd about the girl, most people wouldn't leave strangers alone in their own apartments for starters. He let himself out and went on his way and what he didn't notice on the way out was a dark haired girl spying on him from an alley wearing plain clothes with an eerie smile.

Sawyer ducked back into the alley when the target she was following turned and looked in her direction, she truly didn't what it to come to this but without knowing how long that Shinji would be gone the need to see him took control of her. The only downside she believed was that she wasn't able to bring her chainsaw which she felt slightly naked without.

But clicking her heels she felt truly happy that she could be in reach of her target, she couldn't wait to see his face when she turned up in his class, she'd have to thank the stupid nun from the church of violence for getting her the transfer papers so quickly.

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