So, I must have had a dose of stupid with that ice cream sandwich and forgot to load the epilogue and set this story to a complete status. This has been rectified, *Snape voice* obviously. Enjoy Lovelies!

3 Months Later

Song: For the Nights I Can't Remember by Hedley

"David, I swear if you drop that, I will magically remove all of your hair," Regina sniped and punched her hands to her hips.

He swallowed and readjusted his grip while Ruby smirked from the other side of the gigantic box. Emma rolled her eyes and jogged to her father, taking part of the weight and appeasing her partner in the process. She and Emma had finally decided on a house in Old Salem instead of Boston. Regina gave the owners a cash offer, and they officially owned property outside of Storybrooke. Emma protested using Regina's money, feeling guilty that she hadn't contributed anything, right up to the point Regina confided that her bank account reflected her coffers from The Enchanted Forest.

Today, they left for Massachusetts just as soon as the last few items were loaded.

"What's in here anyway, Regina?" David puffed, out of breath from carrying the heavy box down the stairs of the mansion.

"Our sex swing," Regina answered seriously, eyes leveled at her partner's father.

Emma sighed. Ruby's grip on the box slipped and she barely controlled its descent to the floor. She folded her arms on top and hid her face in them, muffling her obnoxious laughter. Snow tripped up the stairs of the foyer, catching herself clumsily, eyes wide and staring at Emma. David glanced between Regina and the box, mouth moving like a fish out of water, unsure if the woman told the truth or messed with him.

Over the past three months, they'd developed a tenuous relationship which probably would have been much more advanced if Regina managed to be civilized to the man more than thirty seconds into a conversation. At least they weren't trying to kill each other anymore.

"Uhh, Mom, what's wrong with Grandpa?" Henry asked at the top of the stairs. Captain and Belle flanked him, and Regina smirked. Her little Charmer.

"David has revealed his darkest fantasy of become a merperson, Henry. We'll visit him on our trips to the beach," Regina informed her son cordially. "Captain, please assist Miss Lucas with this box," she asked.

The former warrior shoved Henry's box of books into David's stomach and glared at a still giggling Ruby. Regina admired the woman's impressively muscular stature in her new deputy uniform and beamed with pride. She may have been a soldier in The Evil Queen's army, but she was definitely the best choice to replace Emma in the police department. When Stacy called to inform Regina that she'd applied for the position, the former mayor immediately gave her endorsement.

The group trouped out behind Ruby and Captain, but Regina lingered. The house she'd lived in for 28 years wasn't quite barren. She'd left her sofas and many decorations. She'd demanded everything from her study be brought, her bed, and her wardrobe. Emma picked everything else that she'd wanted. Regina wanted their new home to feel like theirs, not Regina's house that Emma happened to live in. Emma managed to slim everything down to fit within one truck, not used to having more things than would fit in the back seat of her bug. They agreed to buy everything else as they found need for it.

They'd immediately bought a dining room set and sofas. Every time Emma found something she truly loved, she glanced at Regina hesitantly for approval. Regina always smiled and nodded, unless she absolutely could not find something to like about the item. She needed Emma to believe this home was hers, too, something she'd never had before now. It helped that they'd spent the rest of the weekend sexually christening each new item and room of the house. Regina now knew how the other woman felt when she asked Emma not to watch her dress.

"Hey," came the soft voice of the rest of her life. Hands slid over her stomach a moment before a warm body pressed into her back.

"Hey," she answered and leaned back into Emma. She wore tennis shoes today since they'd be hefting boxes most of the morning and driving until early evening. Without her heels, Emma stood a good 3-4 inches above her, and secretly, she loved it. It made her feel more feminine somehow, more beautiful in Emma's arms.

"Truck's ready," Emma informed her.

"I'm ready," she breathed, turning in Emma's arms. She wrapped her arms around the taller woman's neck and pressed her mouth up to Emma's.

"Hey, get a room, these are all taken!" Ruby shouted at them and leapt up the foyer stairs. Belle followed, a bit more somber.

"Indeed, they are," Regina agreed and released Emma. She pulled her set of keys out of her pocket and handed them to Ruby. "Miss French, do get Captain to instruct you in the handling of a vehicle. Miss Lucas is a menace to society behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle," Regina barbed the young wolf lightly. Everyone chuckled as they filed back into the foyer.

"You'll keep Henry's room as he left it?" Regina ensured, and the two women nodded.

"You'll come back and visit every month like you promised?" Ruby asked, crossing her arms over her chest and scuffing her toe into the hardwood floor.

Ruby had struggled a great deal since her time in captivity. She'd not allow Regina further than the distance from her room to the guest room most nights, some days, too. Belle finally convinced her a month ago to stay in the library apartment with her. The first week saw a nightly anxiety attack and Regina rolling out of bed in the wee hours of morning to go calm the woman. So, she felt their departure more than anyone else.

"I will always come for you," Regina reminded her of their promise to each other and pulled the wolf into a hug.

Everyone else, except Captain, filed around the two women and hugged Emma goodbye. Belle set her hand on Ruby's shoulder, silently telling her that it was time to let go. Ruby stepped back but kept her hands on Regina's shoulders. Her eyes caught Emma's over Regina's head. They nodded to each other in unspoken understanding. She'd protect Regina and Henry, and Ruby would protect her parents. Ruby stepped back and wrapped herself around Belle, probably to keep her hands from reaching for Regina again.

Emma sat behind the wheel quietly for a long moment. Henry sat by the other door and Regina in the middle. Emma stared at the steering wheel. A warm hand touched her thigh, and her eyes pulled to Regina's caramel.

"What is it, Darling?" She asked quietly, barely audible.

"Accepting you," Emma answered, slightly freaked out. "Accepting this, accepting me. I can't change who you are, who you were born to be. I've never given myself to someone I love before, and I want to knowing in my heart exactly who she is," Emma repeated verbatim the words Regina spoke the first time they'd made love, and Regina blinked rapidly at the sudden emotion that swelled in her chest.

Emma smiled and started the truck. Neither of them would ever be alone for another birthday.