He was strange, this man with the past of a mercenary from far off lands.

Eun was an intriguing person. He had proven himself to the other heroes easily. He was quiet and oddly charming, as well as skilled in battle.

Phantom found his sense of curiosity piqued. And once that happened, he was bound to dig his nose in somewhere, regardless of whether or not it was wanted.

The master thief had decided; he was determined to find out more about this mysterious man who was joining them. And, as many things involving a thief tended to begin, it all began with a window.

The night air attempted to nip at Phantom's skin, yet he was protected by his thick, fancy clothing. His gloved hands fought for handholds on the wall, while his feet boosted him up. Finally, he managed to get a firm grip on the windowsill and haul himself up and over.

Phantom nearly, completely ungracefully, fell back down when he was met by a curious face peering down at him, early dawn colored eyes calm and serene. Eun Wol was dressed in nothing but a white night-shirt that didn't exactly do much to hide anything.

"What are you doing awake?" Phantom hissed.

Eun tilted his head to the side, brunette streams of hair flowing over his shoulder. "...What are you doing climbing up my window, Master Thief?"

"I'm sorry, was I supposed to call 'Eun Wol, Eun Wol, let down your hair'?" Phantom muttered sarcastically.

Eun cocked his head to the side.

"I'm afraid I have nothing for you to steal..."

Phantom perched on the windowsill and wondered how someone could sound genuinely regretful that they didn't have any valuable possessions to be thieved of.

"I didn't come to steal. Honestly! I'm trying to mend my ways," Phantom huffed. "The reason that I came is that you're going to tell me all about yourself."

Eun stared and stared until finally, his face took on an expression other than blank. He smiled softly, brightening his muted eyes.

"Well then, master thief. I'll make you a deal."

"A deal with the devil?" Phantom smirked. "How interesting."

"Come here every night and I'll tell you one thing about me, if you're so curious."


"Because," Eun murmured softly, turning away from the window before glancing back over his shoulder. Phantom found himself strangely entranced by the locks of warmly colored hair cascading down his back. "I think someone needs to teach you a lesson of patience."

Phantom's eyes narrowed. Patience, eh?

"I'll show you," Phantom boasted, his lips quirking in a smug smirk. "I can be patient."

"Then, the first thing," Eun hummed. "I used to be a mercenary."

Phantom immediately protested. "But I already knew that!"

"I never said that it would be something you didn't already know," Phantom was left spluttering incoherently as the window shut in his face. No one spited the Master Thief like this.

Well, two could play at this game!

"Colette. I'd like you to find out all the information you can on a man named Eun Wol, who was previously a mercenary. His name may not actually be Eun Wol."

Phantom was pacing back and forth upon the Lumiere, watching as Colette's eyes scanned her computer, the screen reflected in her glasses. "Description, please."

"Long, dark brown hair, violet eyes, wears a red ribbon around his waist."

With that, Phantom left the woman to her own devices. It would do no good to hover over her shoulder while she gathered information.

He relaxed on his bed, awaiting when Colette would awaken him with all of Eun's dirty little secrets.

Ah, revenge was sweet.

"Sir, I've been able to found zero results on anyone named Eun Wol, or matching that description."

"What?!" Phantom shrieked.

Oh, Eun was going to pay that night...