Thundercats Ho! 2011

Episode 1: The Doom Gaze of Ta- She

~Shortly after failing to seize the Tech stone in Avista City...

Deep inside the black pyramid~

"Lion-O still possesses the spirit and war stones. Your numbers wear thin, Mumm-Ra. Recruit more warriors. Expand your armies. Kill the cats and all who would fight beside them...Lead the cats astray then to slaughter..."

"Yes..." thought Mumm-Ra as he renewed his strength in his cold, airless sarcophagus. "I'll have those stooges dredge up all the cannon fodder this miserable rock inhabits. As for the cats, Ta-She will keep them wrapped around her accursed finger long enough to seal their fates... Lion-O can only delay the inevitable for so long. I tire of him." His carcass squirmed in his tomb at the mere thought of the boy king. "Once I rip the other stones from Lion-O's pitiful clawsheild I will rid myself of his existence forever...!"

Mumm-Ra's thoughts began to twist around cruel calculations and dark motives. He dreamed of ultimate control; for undeniable godhood. He dreamed of it for a millennial since he first pledged his unwavering loyalty to the Ancient Spirits of Evil who bound him to the Black Pyramid. Using the collected might of the four evil gods, Mumm-Ra conquered entire galaxies and species, destroying others in a mad effort to procure the power stones and take complete control of the universe. Despite Lion-O's efforts, Mumm-Ra will recover full strength soon, then continue his mission throughout the cosmos.

One issue still remained concerning his rule that gnawed at the back his ancient, undead skull. How can he have full control over the universe while he remains a slave to the Ancient Spirits of Evil…?

"No more shall I be bound by this tomb and cowed by the rising sun...Mumm-Ra is slave to no being!" He vowed internally with a vile scheme already forming. He would seek a mortal body of living flesh to siphon his demonic spirit into. With the four stones in his grasp to enhance his sorcery further he could grant HIMSELF immortality in a vessel of his choosing! Once his new form proved superior to his current he would use the power stones to enslave the very same gods who enslaved him.

Then and ONLY then could he truly call himself the lord of the universe.

Grune might have made a perfect avatar, but the spirit stone consumed his mortal body. Mumm-Ra thought it best to let him rot in limbo for his disobedience for the time being. Who else could be worthy to harbor the ever-living Mumm-Ra's spirit? "Someone will turn up. In the meantime, the fourth stone is top priority."

Mumm-Ra's ghoulish eyes popped open, illuminating the inside of his crypt in red. His tomb mechanically unlocked with a low hiss. First to emerge from the tomb was a foul-smelling mist, behind it Mumm-Ra dragging his old red cloak and some bandages along with his decrepit carcass. He approached the casting pool. At the edge of the water he lowered his head and knelt on one knee ready to play puppet once again.

"I am ready my lords..."

The idols came to life. "Send for your Generals."

Author's note: I would like to apologize to everyone who has read and reviewed for this fan fic already. I moved into a new apartment a while back and have been without internet, so I went through and quadruple edited previous chapters. There was so much to correct I thought it would just be easier to erase the old story and just slap up the edited one.

Don't write on catnip, kittens. Oh and stay in school I guess.

Anyways, despite the setbacks I do intend to finish this story and hope you stay along for the ride. To reassure this here is the episode list I have planned for the first half of Thundercats Ho 2011

1: The Doom Gaze of Ta-She

2: To El-Dara part I

3: To El-Dara part II

4: Sick Pack

5: Of What May Be

6: Revenge of the Rats

7: Seven Ways to Skin a Cat

8: Pumyra's Atonement

All feedback is greatly appreciated. If anyone has any suggestions or requests for an episode please let me know. I won't promise that I will use the idea, but I'm always open for something different. Thanks again, enjoy!