The full moon was out. The night was calm but only a scream was heard inside the castle. "My Queen Aleena! Hang in there I see the baby head! "The maid said tried to control the Queen breathing. It been an hour since was put into labor. The maid gave her queen medicine to ease pain but it barely did anything to help her. There was another person who was in the room as he wait in corner waiting for any order from his queen. He was young blue cat with a scar across his eye.

"AAAhhhh!" Aleena screamed for her life. She turn her head weakly to the knight "John. Please go check ugh! On the children."

"Yes my lady" John said as one of the top warriors that protect her and her "heirs"

John head down to the children room were. He saw two of them sleeping in there beds, there were the youngest of them Sonia and Manic twins. They were innocent as they were as 4 year olds can be. Second pair of twins she gave birth to.

'good their asleep" John quietly said. Glad that they don't heard all the screaming going on.

"Mr. John why are you here?"

John turn around to see silver the third youngest

"uh, prince silver! I-I was check up on you guys and-"

"And to see if we are o.k."

silver finish his sentence. John sweated a little as he know that Silver can read his mind. It was one of their gifts that they have received.

"Sonic and Scourge is over there" Silver pointed to the room next door.

John nodded "Thank you"

"ma'am is getting weaker. Isn't she?" silver said for showing for once emotion and worry towards his mother, John was silence. I know her getting weak her getting birth to the 7th monster. He was hope that Silver didn't read his mind. But he can tell he did as he was looking down then walked away from him. John walked away to go to next door.

"Hello?" John said as enter the room looking around to see who else was there. S onic and scourge look up to look at John, they look creepy to him because their complete opposed of each other sonic was blue fur and green eye. While scourge was green fur and blue eyes. They were also the first pair of twin the queen gave birth to.

"Is mom o.k.?" Scourge said

John sigh "could be doing better."

Sonic then got up "Shadow is on the roof." John growled "Again?! Damn that boy need to stop going up there. he know that he not allowed to go outside the house at night, now I have to go get him!" John left the room head toward the roof.

"Shadow! Shadow!" yelled John as he looking a roof he saw moon. It was bright as always, but tonight it seem more sinner then usually he noticed that the moon was red. Which made him more worried. He finally found shadow as he was looking up at the moon

"oh there you are' John saw young hedgehog look up at full moon. "Mother is very weak." Shadow said John nodded "yes, she asked for you to come inside." Shadow eyes glowed bright red. "He coming." He said as if he was in some sort of trances. John was asked who was coming but heard a howled that he got answer from. Shadow get your brothers and sister and meet me at main. Shadow nodded as jumped from roof and back into his room. John was about to head back to his Queen but was stop by voice.

John. Please take children and take them far away from here.

But my lady you're in danger.

I know but he after the children please protect them that is my last order.

John gripped his hand know that he shouldn't follow this order but what choice does he have. He can't go against this monster and he know it.


"AAhhh!" Aleena screamed her life out. hoping the pain would go away soon." one more push my lady and.."

"Waahh!" Aleena stop scream as he heard a baby cried. She was happy knowing that her child is boy.

Aleena stop to see her 7th child "He beautiful."

"Yes he is."

Aleena and Maid turn toward the window and saw figure of a hedgehog. His eyes was bright red. He was wear a robe to cover himself so no one can see his face. But Aleena know who he is.

"No! Thought we told you leave us alone." Aleena yelled but cough up some blood. After all this her body was weak.

"You have kept my child. Now I'm going to take them was rightfully my back." the man pointed at the new born child. As he move to grab the newborn child from the maid

"No!" Maid was about to run but got her head cut off, blood splattered everywhere. Aleena was shocked. Then her eye glowed red with Angier. "You won't win have seen it you will fail." Aleena cursed as her body was about give up on her. The roded man just grin. "You do know I like a challenge. If his sons think they defeat me let them try." He said as he left the room. But not before setting the room on fire. The fire soon spread thought out the whole castle.

"Sorry Aleena but it over." robe man look back at the dying Queen, then the house busted in to flame. Aleena looked out the window one last time look up at the red moon. Please stay safe.

John was looking back at the burning castle, having the royal children with him. He saw them all cry as the heard there mother last thoughts.

A few mile away from them the shadowy figure was looking down at the group smile. The child that was in his arm was cry. "Soon kingdom will be mine." robe man look at child

"Isn't that right Mephiles?"

This story is actually pretty old. So I'm know edit because the plot probably the best plot I ever made. In DA it called wolf high but I change the name because it sounded lame to me. So please enjoy this. By the way if you see any grammer or spelling error please tell me!