Author's note: This is the fist episode of my upcoming series 'The Chronicles of the Ubermobs' Horrible name but that's all I could think of. By the way guys phinabella: their life has only one chapter left and I'm done. I sorta kinda epic failed for my first fan-fic. Also this episode doesn't have much talking because that's how the first episode will be. Technically this is like a script for the show. Enough of my rambling lets get started.

Blaze290 POV

"Why you little.." blaze said interrupted by sallyslayer's explosion.

He kept blowing up everything till they fell straight down to bedrock because of a large cavern.

I was so confused by the look of the cave that I had forgot why me, crystal dragon and sallyslayer were fighting. I looked down to see a groaning lump on the floor. It was a Person! I turned him so he was facing me. He weakly opened his eyes just slightly and looked at me. He looked very weak so I gave him a notch apple. He lifted it to his mouth with my help and ate it. Then he shut his eyes and suddenly in a split second we were all pinned to the wall by him. He was three blocks tall. Then he opened his eyes got a upset, apologetic look on his face and put us down. His eyes were white and glowing but he definitely wasn't herobrine, he was too nice. Then suddenly there was a flash of light and herobrine was standing behind us. The mystery figure charged towards us flipped over me and tackled herobrine. Apparently whoever he was, he was on our side.

Herobrine said "How are they and how did you heal so quickly, Awsomemobs?"

"That isn't any of your business except they aren't evil like you are." Awsomemobs said clenching his fists and suddenly swords appeared.

He did a surprised look and smashed the sword into the ground. Making a pedestal with all of us on it surrounded by lava. He put his swords away (more likely just made them disappear) and stood up. He helped hero up and stepped back. Then lightning shot out of hero's hand and hit mobs which made him go back two blocks, but stand back up getting struck over and over again with lightning, seeming to make his eyes brighter and brighter until we had to cover our eyes. Then there was a change in sounds we heard a change in sound from lightning sounds to explosions coming from mobs. I uncovered my eyes to see mobs throwing balls of energy at hero. Then out of nowhere a lightning strike from hero hit ethereal dragon. Then dragon hit the ground almost dead. Mobs seemed to get even more mad and zapped the ceiling to make it start to fall. He then grabbed us and flew out of that part of the cave.

Looking at dragon he said "give me a ender eye and 8 ender pearls, NOW!"

I did so and placing down a crafting table he crafted what looked like a big black ender pear with little purple electricity going through it and placed it on dragon's back.

"It has a 50% chance of dieing instantly, 45% chance of destroying the world and 5% of surviving but time will tell." Mobs said.

Then the pear absorbed into dragon and mobs got a terrified look on his face, but instead of exploding dragon got up and opened his eyes. Me and slayer jumped back but mobs smiled. Dragon had one normal eye and another reddish, orange eye that had a snake like pupil. Just then herobrine exploded out of the rubble and charged at mobs. Dragon suddenly got this purple electricity over him just like the pearl and started morphing into a giant dragon and charged and hero was hit by his claws and disintegrated.

"He's not gone. He has to be defeated 100 times before he isn't evil, so we're at 99 lives. By the way I'm Awsomemobs2000." (I'm not breaking the 4th wall I'm just that character it's as simple as that.).

I said "I'm blaze290, This is sallyslayer and crystaldragon."

"What version is this?" he asked.

"1.8 official, why?" I said

"Because, I haven't seen daylight since infadev."

Dun dun dun. Don't worry that's not a cliff hanger. It's just a crazy fact. The actual animation will not be in blaze's POV but you should read this story so you know what she's thinking. Most of the chapters will be in Awsomemobs' POV though. T.T.F.N (tata for now)