Freud crouched down on the grass in Leafre, extending his fingers towards a little fluff ball. It came closer and closer, then butted its head against his hand.

For some reason, all of the cats in the area had been following him around lately... The scholar didn't mind, yet it was quite the oddity.

A quick swoop of his hand and he was holding the kitty, who seemed to be a girl. He hummed happily, smooshing his face against hers and feeling her whiskers tickle his cheeks.

"I think I'll name you after Mercedes. You seem as haughty as her, after all," Indeed, the cat seemed quite disgruntled to be held and nuzzled. Mercedes began to bat at his robes, until a little ball of... Something... Fell out.

Freud narrowed his eyes. ...Catnip? How had that gotten there?

Off in the distance, Phantom laughed loudly.


Loud purring. The little, cream colored cat would not stop following him around. Before Freud could shut his door, Mercedes had slipped inside, tail swishing with that smug assholeishness that cats tend to have.

Freud sighed resignedly and laid down in his bed. A few minutes of sleep wouldn't hurt...

Hours later, Eun Wol walked in through the door, words on his lips about an important meeting, only to stop dead in his tracks.

Freud was laying on his bed, fast asleep and covered in sleeping cats.

...It could wait.

Cuddling Freud could not.