"You will pay for the pain you put us through. The abuse and suffering we endured…"

Starscream woke with a start, having had yet another nightmare about that dreadful night when the mighty Megatron gave up his long desire to rule, and the night that he was brutally raped by Shockwave's dreadful children. The Seeker forced himself out of his berth, groaning at how stiff his joints felt, the age of the metal that made up his ancient body slowly catching up with him, it wasn't the pain in his body that got to him the most however, it was the scars in his mind and last night wasn't even the worst of the nightmares that had plagued him for so long. He thanked Primus that in the four million years after the war his nocturnal terrors have greatly reduced in intensity, he only had them every few cycles and now they rarely even woke him in the middle of the night so much as made him suffer until it was actually time for him to wake, although he was grateful for the sleep he often wondered what was worse, being woken by the nightmares or having to suffer through them.

The former Decepticon went through his usual morning routine; washed, refueled, anything to get his processor off of the previous night's terrible dream. He checked his mental calendar to see what today's boring agenda would be. Apparently today was the day he saw his new physician; since the last one had had neither experience nor knowledge of Seeker anatomy so he looked around and found one that had plenty of experience. He didn't know the name of his new medic, in his current mental state he was somewhat reluctant to go and meet with this new medic at all, but he'd have to sooner or later. He needed to see a physician often because of what the Predacons did to him, it permanently caused his interface array to static and spark occasionally, he'd also suffered some damage to his wings, but they had been able to fix that, but not his more serious injuries the problem was the more serious injuries he'd sustained required particular knowledge of the seeker body type; all of which caused him great stress, discomfort, and, worst of all, excruciating pain.

Once Starscream was done getting ready, he walked out of his house and transformed, getting to the clinic within no time; he was grateful it was right there in Vos. He transformed and walked in, signing in and sitting in the waiting room. He didn't notice the medic as he came out to check the list for the next patient and said, in a rather shocked voice, "Starscream?"

The Seeker looked up to see none other than Knock Out, ex-Decepticon medic, and ex comrade to the ex-SIC. Starscream stood up and stepped over to him. "Knock Out… It's been a long time…" He said, his voice somehow different to Knockout. It lacked that ego that Knockout was so used to hearing in it.

Knock Out nodded, a friendly smirk spread across his face, though he noticed how the Seeker didn't walk with the same confidence anymore. "Indeed it has Starscream, please, come this way." He motioned to a door and held it open for the Seeker. "So what has you coming to my quaint little clinic?"

Starscream sighed as he sat down on the med berth in the middle of the small office room. "It's a long story I'd rather not relive, so I'll give you the technicalities. My interface array is… damaged. My previous physicians have told me it is not fixable though. I need to see a physician every so often because it causes me great suffering in my life."

Knock Out didn't know how to take this information, it was shocking and slightly unsettling. "Starscream, if I'm going to treat you I need to know what happened." He said somewhat hesitantly.

Starscream was silent a moment before he sighed, looking away from the red medic. "I was raped by Predaking and his disciples. Four million years ago. That is what happened. Now, are you going to start your examination or not?" He snapped the last part, laying on his back.

Knock Out's optics widened at the information, but he shrugged off his surprise, putting on a professional air. "Okay. Let me have a look."

Starscream was hesitant, though he didn't know why. The medic had already seen his interfacing equipment before, both in professional situations and otherwise. The Seeker took a deep breath before spreading his legs wide and opening his panel with a click, and some effort.

Knock Out choked. This was the worst he'd ever seen the Seeker's panel, even after Starscream had had a rough fragging with the ex-warlord Megatron. Wires were ripped and exposed, sparking every once and a while. Knock Out wouldn't be surprised if there were dysfunctional sensory nodes inside his valve. The Seeker's anterior node wasn't there, looking as though it had been ripped off of the Seeker brutally.

"Well get on with it!" Starscream spat. He wanted to get this done and over with.

Knock Out cleared his vocals, and looked over at Starscream. "I'm just going to take a look around to see what I'm dealing with. If you feel any pain, just let me know" Knock Out waited for Starscream to nod his permission before placing a gentle, practiced servo over some exposed wires. The seeker hissed in pain, and Knock Out backed off from those wires. The medic continued with inspecting the outer folds of Starscream's valve. He hummed in approval when he didn't get any reaction. He looked back up at the Seeker. "Now, I'm going to take a look inside. Again, let me know if you feel any pain." With an expert servo, Knock Out took two digits and placed them tenderly over the first nodes. The medic jumped when the touch received him a blood-curdling scream. Knock Out quickly removed his digits, shushing the Seeker.

Starscream glared at him, tears flowing down his faceplates. "DON'T DO THAT!" He slid his panel shut and closed his legs. It hurt so badly. The Seeker offlined his optics, trying to ignore the searing hot pain inside him.

Knock Out looked at him with apologetic optics. "I'm sorry Starscream. I didn't know how badly you were damaged." He looked away, not able to look at the Seeker.

Starscream onlined his optics, looking up at the cherry-red medic. It was nice to see a familiar face after so long. A friendly face. While they had their differences, Knock Out had been the only one to ever let the Seeker rant and actually helped him feel better. He was an amazing physician, maybe he could make him feel better again? "F-Fix me, Knock Out… Please…"

Knock Out looked up at him again, promise in his optics and determination on his faceplates. The Seeker had been Knock Out's only ally, perhaps even friend, after Breakdown was offlined. Starscream had even promised him a place as his Second-In-Command when he plotted to overthrow Megatron. The red medic nodded, no hint of his usual ego or sass. "I will. I promise, Starscream."