Chapter one

" Veronica! Get up! The birds are already singing now~~!" Sun light pour into the kitchen, a middle aged woman whose hair casually up swept calls towards the bedroom while she is making waffles, "the first day of high school, you won't want to be late!" .

"Ye~~mom, give me more seconds!" a sleepy-eyed girl holding a toothbrush pokes her head out the rest room and replies, "I was too excited to get asleep last night..."

"yes~of course, first day of high school, besides, my princess always get her reasons~"Mom smiles while carrying the waffles out to the desk.

After combing her long blonde hair, dressing the pink floral dress up, Veronica sits down in front of the table with her chin in her hands, asks: "Where is my daddy?"

Her mom pours milk for her and says with eyebrow lifted : "Who knows? There are always something more important than the family for him to work on."

"Oh, come on, you know he loves us. It's just, there are too many things need the sheriff in this town, we need to be proud of him, OK?" The girl contradicts with slowing down but really firm voice.

"Maybe you are right, but now, eat the breakfast, Daddy's little valentine. You only have ten minutes left!"

"Fine!", the girl finishes the breakfast quickly and catches the school bus just in time for starting the first day of her high school.

In the school bus, she starts to imagine her new school life with a little excitement. As what she heard from those upperclassman, the rich and ordinary kids are playing in their own group in the Neptune High where she are going toward now. Some of the ridiculous rich boys even think they should walk on the road made by poor's bodies. But Veronica doesn't care about it very much.

She is that kind of girl who lives with love all the time. Her parents love her and her father is even kind of doting to support whatever she want to do. Although there may be some conflicts between his parents sometimes, but she considers it as a normal thing happening in every family. She always can makes many good friends in different situations since her family moved to the town Neptune at her 12th. And she is one of the most popular students in her high school. Speaking about her family background, her father is the local sheriff in this small town, the only one. So although her family is not so rich, people still shows respect to her.

Back to the reality, Veronica has already sat in the class room.

"Ding ling Ding ling" The class bell ran. This is the first class she take in Neptune High school.

"Hello everyone, Welcome to Neptune High~! I am your Writing professor Smith ! You can call me whatever you want."Professor Smith looked in to his classes with big smile on his face, "For instance, Handsome, Smart guy...whatever you want~" His voice was so large like he is talking with the megaphone.

Looking over his whole class, he is glad to see those flesh faces. They are so young, full of hope! Suddenly, his eyesight stops on a girl, she is the special one in this group, It's a difference he can't tell, maybe it's the curious eyes when there also exits a confidence that she knows everything. This trait draws his attention. " This young lady, may I ask your name?" He asks leaning forward.

"Sure, my name is Veronica, Veronica Mars." The girl answered.

"Oh, Mars, good name! you must have a good relationship with Neptune!" A sound comes from the back of class.

As the class move to looking back to find where the sound come from, a tall boy shows up in front of the back door. He wears a plaid shirt with a white t-shirt in it, his backpack stays on his shoulders tamely. "Sorry, did I interrupt the class?" he says with a grin.

"Oh my gad, this is Logan Ecolls! " girl A exclaimed.

"Son of the famous movie star Aaron Ecolls?" one asked.

" He is so cute!" Suddenly all the girls star to talking about him.

" OK! that's all right~ seems like you have a good morning,Sir" Smith says aloud and claps his hands, " Now choose a seat and lets get start the class!"

The boy looks around the whole class and when he see Veronica, a look of pleasant surprise passed over his face.

He walked straight to Veronica and sits behind her. But in this whole process, Veronica doesn't pay much attention because she was worrying about another thing which she think is a more important one.

That's a new case her father has been talking about recently. She is really interested in criminal investigations and because of her sharp minds and keen eyesight she really helps a lot. So the sheriff father didn't against her very hard. Of course, part of the reason is that he is confident enough about one thing. The thing is that he can protect his little daughter well no matter what happens.

As the Professor starts to talking about writing skills, Veronica's thought is appealed to the lecture again. Soon, it comes to the lunch time. Time always goes quick when you are concentrate on something.

There is an open-air square where have many tables for students to eat lunch on. When Veronica get there , most of the tables have been covered by students. It seems clear that freshman has already find out where they belonged to. Those girls and boys who speak loudly and laughs noisily with all kinds of piled on their patently the rich, they are like monsters care about nothing. And on the other side, ordinary ones are also chatting and laughing, but it's more comfortable. Veronica carrying the tray walks through those tables and choose an empty table because she doesn't want to be labeled now. As she sit down, the beautiful blonde hair shines under the sunlight. Her pink skirt which matches her sweet and gentle character making her just look like a girl next-door who you want to get close to !

Suddenly, a shadow blocks the light of Veronica, she looks up and finds a tall boy looking at her with gentle eyes standing beside the table.

"Hello, anyone else here?" the boy whose name is Logan asked politely.

"Oh, no...I mean you can sit here."Veronica looks up and gives him a bright smile.

Logan gazed blankly for a second, he looked into the pure eyes of the girl and nodded his head.

" So...Veronica Mars?" Logan asked hesitantly, "Have we ever met before?" His eyesight looks directly in to Veronica but his hands are wrung together under the table.

"Uh... I don't think so. But I know you", Veronica thinks for a while.

"Really?" Logan's eyes are shining brightly after hearing that.

"Yes, you are the son in the Ecolls Family, one of the most richest family in our town." Veronica Mars says with confidence, "And you are also the guy who high school girls want to date most." Those are all informations she get after investigations, she knows more in fact, but she doesn't want to show them now.

"Oh, that's just because of the money. But I wondered do you think in the same way?" Logan asked with a grin.

Logan's grin looks very familiar to her. But she can't remember where she had saw this innocent face. "Yes, innocent is the correct word" Veronica's strong brain start to running quickly again, "He looks like a child who need to be taken care of although he has a strong body. People like him must has suffered from somewhere. Maybe his family? His romantic relationship?...Oh, what am I doing!?" She shaking her head with chagrin in her voice: "Sorry, I am just distracted somehow."

But when she looks at Logan, he is also looking back at her with interests. Or we should say he has been staring at all Veronica's involuntary actions all the time." Doesn't matter, the stupid look on your face is funny." Logan laughs.

"What..." Before Veronica reacts to the overcome, Logan has left the table waving his hand with his head turns back to Veronica, still has that complacent grin on his face.

" Fine, discover a player on the first day~ " Veronica sticks the fork into her noodles with a smile on her face that looked faintly ironical, "good job, Veronica!"

But she doesn't notice that a girl sit in the rich group see all about this, her big and sly eyes shined with barely a trace of desire on his face.