Chapter 1

The day started of clear and sunny. Walking through the halls of the base was a femme and in her hands was a transfer order from her last unit. She carefully walked through the base, trying to look for Optimus Prime's office. Unfortunately she wasn't having any luck.

"Are you lost?"

The femme snapped around, "Excuse me?"

The mech, white with red crosses on his shoulders, spoke once more. "Are you lost?"

"Oh! Yes I am. I'm trying to look for your commander's office. I have orders to report to him."

"Follow me. What is your name?"

"My name is Moonfire. I take it you are Ratchet, Chief Medical Officer of this unit?"

The mech smiled, "I am indeed."

After what seemed like an eternity, Ratchet led Moonfire to a door and knocked.


Ratchet opened the door, "Sorry, Optimus. New recruit for you."

Moonfire stepped in at attention. Optimus looked up from his reports and got to his feet.

"Thank you, Ratchet. You may go."

Soon it was just Optimus Prime and Moonfire. The femme watched as her soon to be commander came over and held his hand out. Without asking, the femme handed him her transfer orders.

"How long have you served the Autobot cause?"

"A little less than ten years sir, this will be my second unit."

"It says you that you requested the transfer?"

"I did, sir. My last unit wasn't training me satisfactorily and I requested to be transferred here where I knew my training would be complete the way it should be, sir."

"And what is your specialty?"

"I have several. I'm a sniper as well as an arsonist. On top of that I can put together grenades fairly quickly."

"It seems you'll be getting along with Ironhide and Wheeljack then. Very well, welcome to my unit, Moonfire."

"Thank you, sir!"

Just then the door sounded once more. Optimus called for them to enter. In came a white mech with red and green highlights.

"Ah, Wheeljack. I want you to show Moonfire around the base. And see if you can't find her some quarters that she can use."

He looked to Moonfire and spoke to her, "I want you to report for your duties tomorrow at 0730. Understood?"

"Yes, sir!"

Optimus smiled softly behind his mask and dismissed the pair. Moonfire followed Wheeljack to the base, meeting a few of her fellow Autobots along the way. Among them were Bumblebee, Prowl, Jazz, Kup, and Hot Rod. The femme was in awe of how organized everything was and how everyone seemed to respect each other… AND were friendly.

"Wheeljack? Er… sir…"

"Just Wheeljack. What is it?"

"Well… why is everyone so friendly with each other? Aren't you of higher rank than say… Bumblebee?"

"I am, but you have to understand. This isn't a unit so much as it's a family. We care for each other like family and treat each other as such… and as a warning, watch out for Sideswipe and Sunstreaker. They're our resident twins and enjoy pranking others."

"Consider myself warned."

Wheeljack smiled, "Good. Now… why did you ask?"

Moonfire looked away with a sour look. "My last unit didn't act like this. If you so much as jumped out and said BOO to someone you got an automatic detention. And even if a small group of us were off duty and were spending some time in the rec. room to relax and enjoy ourselves, our commanding officers would find something for us to do."

Wheeljack frowned. "I hate units like that. If you're off duty, you're off duty. Sure our commanding officers might look for some help in the rec. room, but only if you want to help. It isn't required that you have to work 24/7. Ah! Here's my lab. This is where I conduct all of my experiments."

Moonfire glanced in to the destroyed lab with amusement, "Something gone wrong?"

Wheeljack gave a sheepish grin. "Yeah. I like to experiment with new weapons and chemicals, trying to find the perfect balance to be able to use on the battlefield. As you can see my last attempt was a failure."

Moonfire smirked, but didn't say a word. They moved on and Moonfire was shown the rec. room, monitor room, as well as the weapons area and firing range that was Ironhide's domain. It was empty at the current moment, Ironhide currently out on patrol. Moonfire then followed Wheeljack to a door and he used his code to unlock it.

"And here is where you will sleep when you're off duty. These will be your quarters while you stay with this unit. Anything else?"

"No I think that's it. Thank you Wheeljack."

"No problem, Moonfire. Give me a holler if you need anything. You're free for the rest of the day until 0730 tomorrow. I'll come get you to show you where you need to go."

Moonfire nodded and stepped into her new quarters. Aside from the berth, shower racks, and a mirror, the room was completely sparse.

We shall see about that. She thought to herself.

She left her new quarters to go explore. Along the way she heard a shout and went to investigate. A pair of young mechs came running out of the room, laughing. Frowning, the femme tripped one of them and he went sprawling with a startled yell. Right behind them came Ratchet. Seeing the downed Mech, the medic grabbed his arm and looked at Moonfire.

"You stop him?"

"Yes, sir."

"This is Sideswipe. Hopefully you don't have to fall to their pranks like the rest of us have."

Moonfire watched as Ratchet dragged Sideswipe to Optimus Prime's office for his punishment. Sunstreaker was already long gone, not yet realizing that his brother had been caught. Moonfire continued her way to the rec. room. Inside there was a wide range of mechs and femmes sitting around and chatting. Upon her entering the chattering stopped and many pairs of optics looked at her. Face flushing, the femme started feeling self-conscious and started backing away. However, a solid wall stopped her.

"Is this any way to treat our newest member? You've all been trained better than this!"

Moonfire looked up to see a new face. She later learned that this was Ironhide, weapons extraordinaire. The femme looked around meekly when no one moved.

"I'll just go." She muttered meekly trying to step around Ironhide.

"Nonsense! You sit with me, Moonfire. I for one am rather curious to know more about you."

The femme had no choice but to sit with the older mech now. She crouched low while everyone continued to stare at her. It suddenly became too much. With a frustrated look the femme got to her feet and bolted from the room. The shouts of Ironhide could be heard behind her, but the femme did not stop, not until she got to her quarters. Maybe the transfer had been a bad idea. Maybe she should have just stayed in her last unit.