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Synopsis: We all know about the act of kindness that endeared Chuck to Sarah's heart way back in the pilot episode; an act that paid huge dividends later on in Chuck's life. And as we are about to find out, it paid off even more than we originally thought.

Chuck Bartowski's spirits had just been lifted to the highest they've been in the last while. His best friend had just reminded him to look into his heart to find his missing wife. Of course Chuck always had the tendency to over analyze things, so he used his huge brain instead, at least initially.

Where could she be right now? Is she even still in Burbank? She could be half-way around the world by now. Although she said she wanted to be alone the last time I saw her, so maybe she's at her old hotel room? It's as good a place to start looking.

Chuck goes to the hotel and takes the elevator to where Sarah used to live. He's been here enough times that he knows the floor and room number by heart. As he walks to that room, he notices the door is open. Could she really be here? Chuck knocks on the open door, and a cleaning lady steps into his view.

"Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me if the occupant of this room is a beautiful, tall, blonde goddess. Kinda like a mix between an angel and a Valkyrie?"

"Sorry, Mister but I don't know who lived here. The room was empty when I came in to clean it this morning." the housekeeping lady responded.

Chuck disappointed at her answer, thanked her anyway, and left quietly. On a hunch he stops by the reception desk where a young man was standing.

"Hey, I was wondering if you can tell me if a beautiful blonde happened to be staying in 16C for the last few days?" Chuck inquired.

The young man who was busy typing at a computer terminal, replies without looking at him "Sorry, that's against company policy, Sir. I can't tell you that."

Chuck's mood darkens immediately. "Sorry for troubling you." As Chuck is about to give up the search and go home, the young man looks up.

"Oh, hi Chuck, I didn't recognize you at first! You've changed since I last saw you!"

"Sorry, do I know you?"

"Yeah, don't you remember me? It's Herman. Last time you were here, it must have been 2 years ago, you helped me with a computer problem in our reservation system. I was new back then and didn't know what I was doing. You saved my job!"

"I did? Oh yeah, Herman, it must have completely slipped my mind. How are you doing?"

"Great! I was recently promoted to assistant manager!"

"That's wonderful, I'm really happy for you!"

"Thanks Chuck! I owe it all to you! Hey, you don't look so good, is something the matter? Does this have something to do with Ms. Sarah?"

"Yeah, I'm kinda looking for her. Can you help me out?"

"Well, I know it's against company policy and all, but since I feel like I owe you one. I can tell you she was staying here the last few days, but she checked out early this morning."

"That's a start! Do you know where she went? Did she say anything to you that would indicate she's leaving Burbank or travelling somewhere?"

"No, sorry, she's always been the quiet type. I wouldn't have even known her name if you didn't introduce her to me last time. She's really pretty, I sure missed having her stay here. I was surprised when she came back earlier this week."

"Thanks Herman. Here's my number, if you think of anything else or if she comes back, can you give me a call?"

"Sure Chuck. What are friends for? See you around!"

As Chuck leaves the hotel, he thinks to himself, "Okay, at least I know she's still in Burbank. Or was. Could she really be leaving?" That last thought depressed him. "Well, if she's leaving, she might have to buy some last minute travel accessories. I heard Morgan say the Buy More was having a sale on those this week, maybe I should look there?"

Chuck rushes to the Buy More but there's no sign of Sarah. Big Mike who was watching the store today as it was Morgan's day off, told Chuck he hasn't seen Blondie for ages. The trail has gone cold and Chuck feels defeated once again. Where could she possibly be? Did she already fly out? Not knowing where to look next and utterly dejected, Chuck leaves the store, bumping into a man just coming in.

"Sorry, Sir, all my fault. Wasn't looking where I was going. Sorry! Hey, I know you!" Chuck apologetically exclaims.

"Yeah, you are just the guy I'm looking for! It's Chuck, right?"

"Yes, it is and you are that little ballerina girl's dad! How are you? How is she? Still dancing?"

"Yes, I am! I'm great! My daughter's not so little anymore, and she's still dancing. In fact, she's been accepted into the Burbank School of the Ballet! That's actually why I'm here. I need a new camcorder, the old one died on me last week."

"Oh, well, actually I don't work here anymore. I'm sure Big Mike can help you out?"

"Please Chuck, it'll only take a few minutes! I'm not really good with technology, and I know I can trust your opinion."

"Well, okay. I was kind of in a hurry, but I can make an exception for an old friend".

"Thanks a lot Chuck!"

Chuck didn't know exactly why, but he felt compelled to help this man once again. As they walk into the store, Chuck explains to the man that the new digital camcorder he held in his hand at the moment doesn't even need digital tape anymore.

"No tape, wow, what will they think of next? Next you you'll be telling me that I can bring my computer with me wherever I go."

"Err, actually, mobile computing isn't that new, we've had laptops for many years now!"

"Mobile computers? Wow, that's crazy! Imagine if they could cram a computer into a cellphone".

"Smartphones! Those actually exist now!"

"Get out! A computer on a phone? No way? What about a watch?"

"Yep, it's been done!"

"Really!? Err, how about glasses?"

"Yes! Those exist too."

"That's so wild! Pretty soon we won't even need devices to put computers in. They'll just implant them right into your brain!" The man laughed out loud.

"Ha ha, now you're talking crazy!" Chuck laughs sheepishly. "If you only knew!" he thought to himself silently.

"Hey, where's your lady friend? You know the one you were talking to last time? You know, I didn't even apologize for interrupting you guys. Both of you looked so incredibly happy, I almost didn't want to bother you. It's just that I was desperate and you don't know how much you helped me back then. Thank you again!"

"No, no, I should be thanking you! It's a long story actually, but by helping you out that day, the most beautiful, intelligent, and kickass woman in the world fell in love with me."

"Wow, that's so romantic! She reminds me of my wife. You know today is our 15th wedding anniversary? I'm buying this camcorder for her as a present. We always go to the same place to celebrate. The same restaurant where we first met, actually the same place where I proposed to her on our first date! I asked her to trust me and the rest is history."

It was then that Chuck knew exactly where to look next. He was sure that Sarah would be there. This time, he knew it in his heart...