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Teddy Bears Picnic

"Catch, Daddy, catch!" squealed little four year old Amelia McGarrett, racing around the back yard with a smile on her face that matched her daddy's perfectly after throwing the football in his direction.

Amelia watched carefully as her Daddy ran for the football with a smile on her face, a smile that was ready to burst into laughter from watching her Daddy as he fell to the ground with the football and pretended to wrestle with it.

"You're silly, Daddy!"

"Are not!" Steve replied, smiling at his Daughter and sticking his tongue out at her in a playful fashion, standing up and holding the football close to his chest and looking to his girl's adorable awaiting expression.

"Are too, I'll tell Mommy!" Amelia ran towards her Daddy with her arms stretched out and jumped for the ball just as her Daddy lifted it above his head, playing keep-away.

"Daddy, stop it, I wanna play", Amelia knew that her Daddy was only playing but it didn't mean she wanted the ball any less. Steve could see the frustration in his girl's chocolate coloured eyes; the same eyes that matched her Mommy's and he lowered the ball from over his head with a sly smile.

"Ready then?" he asked, poised with the football, ready to throw it for his Daughter to catch.

"Yeah, yeah, go, go!"

Steve threw the ball as far as he could down the back yard and out towards the beach and the water and smiling when he saw Amelia running as fast as her little legs would carry her out towards the sand to pick up the ball after it landed just short of the water. He really couldn't believe how lucky he was, to have a beautiful Daughter that looked just like her Mother with her dark eyes and chocolate coloured hair but had his temperament and personality. His Daughter was a diamond in the rough and he couldn't wait to see what she got up to next, as spontaneous as her Daddy.

It was then that Amelia spotted a figure coming out from the side of the house, somebody coming around the side gate and into the back yard with her and Daddy. Then she recognised the blonde mop of hair that was slicked back as usual.

"Danno!" she shouted happily, putting the football down and running back up the back yard with her arms held out playfully. Amelia would always say that Danno was her best friend, as well as Grace.

"Mia!" Danno shouted back playfully, bending down with his arms out too and almost landed with a thud when Amelia ran into him at almost full speed and then wrapping his arms around the little four year old. Steve failed to recognise that anybody had come into see him, so heavily involved with playing with his girl and letting his guard down on his days off from work. He always loved weekends to spend with family and friends without worrying about any cases to work on and solve.

"Danno, hey. Didn't know you were coming over, man", Steve smiled and patted Danny calmly on the upper arm as a friendly greeting.

"What? I can't come over and see my favourite adopted Niece whenever I want?" Danny smirked in Steve's direction while Amelia still held onto him when she grabbed onto his hand.

"Didn't say you couldn't, s'good to see you", Steve replied.

"Me and Daddy played football", Amelia said happily, looking up at Danny's handsome face and then looking up at her Daddy with a cheeky grin, showing her off her delicate smile that Steve loved and recognised so much, she definitely had his smile.

"Really? Score any touch downs?" Danny asked, smiling at Steve's Daughter.

"Not yet, cause Daddy throwed it too far and then he always catches me", Amelia pouted and stuck her bottom lip out but knew she always enjoyed playing with Daddy, no matter what it was.

"Aw c'mon, Steven, you have to give her a chance. She's no Rambo like you, not yet any how", Danny chirped, knowing how Steve can be a little rough and tumble sometimes, even with his Daughter, but with the best of intentions.

"Aw, Danny, you know she's a tough cookie", Steve added, bent down to Amelia's level and wrapped his arm around her petite shoulders and hugging her to his side.

"Anyway, speaking of Rambo, where's Ramboette?" Danny asked, wondering where Catherine was.

"She's gone out for lunch with her Mom, decided to have me and Mia a Daddy/Daughter day… but I see that's kind of turned into a Daddy/Daughter/Danno day now", Steve could see Amelia's face light up at the thought.

"You bet! I love this little squirt", Danny grinned and ruffled Amelia's hair playfully to which she started squirming and trying to straighten her hair back out and smooth it down to which Steve laughed admiringly.

"So like your Mother", Amelia grinned at hearing this and wished her Mommy would come home soon.

"Where's Grace?" Amelia asked curiously, looking up at Danny quizzically.

"She's on a camping trip this weekend, Sweetheart. I'm sure you'll see her next week".

"I miss Grace; I haven't sawed her for ages".

"We'll you've got me and your Super SEAL Dad", Danny spoke to Amelia calmly, trying to bring her around from her idea of missing Grace and to focus on the present.

"How about we built a fort in the livingroom, Mi?" Steve asked his baby girl, knowing she loved to build a fort and tents and pretend to hide.

"Yeah! I want to do that!"

Steve knew that would turn his Daughter's frown upside down, changing her attention to something she found entertaining. He was glad that four year olds could be so easily distracted.

"C'mon then. What do we need?" Steve always loved to hear his Daughter giving the order so gave her the opportunity to tell him and Danny what she needed and wanted in order to build their fort.

"Eeemmmm….." Amelia thought carefully, holding her index finger to her bottom lip, "The couch and pillows and….oh and sheets and all my teddy bears!" Amelia giggled when she mentioned her teddy bears, knowing that Daddy and Danny would have to play too.

"Teddy bears? Really?" Danny asked, looking to Steve and then to Amelia, flashbacks of Grace as a four year old coming back to him and being forced to play with teddies.

"Lighten up, Danno", Steve smirked and quickly followed Amelia as she ran back into the house, Steve guessed to grab her teddies.

Into the livingroom Steve watched as Amelia ran upstairs to her pink bedroom and knew she would be back down any moment with her arms full of as many of her teddies as she could carry. He knew he would have to move the two sofas until they were touching each other for the sheets to place over, to create that tent effect that Amelia loved so much. Together Amelia and Daddy had created so many forts together; large ones and little ones and they always had fun, even with Mommy telling them to be careful and to not wreck the furniture. Where was the fun in not being a little dangerous?

"Give me a hand, Danny. We need to get the sofas together"

Danny looked to Steve like he had two heads, wondering how a man of his status could be so easily wrapped around a four year old girl's fingers but then remembered how Grace could easily get him to do everything any anything too.

"You really are an animal, Steve, but I can see why Mia loves it, she's a miniature version of you… but better looking", Danny smirked playfully in Steve's direction.

"Yeah, you're right, especially since she's Cath's double."

"Excuse me… what was that? You're actually admitting I'm right for once?"

Steve grinned and then heard Amelia racing back downstairs, "Just help me move the couch."

Even happier now, Danny grabbed onto the end of the couch and helped Steve to lift it over into the centre of the room just as they heard a loud thud and tumble and then an ear-splitting high pitched cry that filled the room quicker than any of the men could turn to look to each other.

Looking towards the bottom of the staircase, Steve and Danny both saw the array of teddies that were scattered across the floor now and a hurt and crying Amelia lying amongst them after she had fallen down the stairs.

"Mia!" Steve called to his Daughter and ran quickly over to her and helped her to sit up, being careful and handling the four year old gently. He then noticed the blood that was escaping her mouth and running slightly along her chin, "Are you alright, Sweetheart? What happened?"

"I… I felled, Daddy, I felled", Amelia hiccupped and bubbled just as her Daddy picked her up in his strong arms, hugging her tightly.

"I'll fetch the first aid kit", Danny said carefully, watching Amelia carefully. She seemed okay, just upset and disorientated.

"Thanks, Danny", Steve appreciated Danny being there while he held onto his baby girl, trying to calm her down, "Ssshhhh, it's okay. You need to be more careful", Steve held Amelia tightly and carefully, smoothing her hair over and looking to her lip and rubbing his thumb across her chin causing Amelia to wince.

"I hurted my teeth, Daddy", Amelia sobbed and touched her lip with her index finger, "It's sore!" she continued to bubble and hiccup, trying to be brave.

"Let me see, hold on and we'll sit down", Steve carried Amelia over to the sofa, where he sat down, holding his Daughter in his lap, keeping his arm tightly around her little waist just as Danny came back from the kitchen with the small green fabric case and put it into the arm of the sofa next to Steve and Mia.

"Is she alright?" Danny asked awkwardly, feeling uncomfortable around a crying and upset little girl that wasn't his own.

Checking Amelia out, Steve held her arms and checked her elbows which were fine and only one of her knees were scraped slightly from the wooden stairs. As gently as he could, he used his thumb to pull down Amelia's bottom lip to look at her gum and saw a cut on the inside of her lip caused by her front teeth while falling down the stairs.

"Yeah, she'll be fine, just a bad cut on her mouth. Can you hand me a wet wipe?"

"Daddy… I want Mommy," Amelia hiccupped once more and looked up at her Daddy's intense blue eyes as Danny opened the first aid kit and took out a few wet wipes from the packet inside, handing them to Steve who then thumbed down Amelia's bottom lip again and patted at the inside of her mouth, cleaning her cut and wiping some of the blood from around her lip.

"Want me to phone her for you?" Steve asked, looking at his Daughter's upset face, he knew she wouldn't be in any mood now to play at building forts, but maybe another day.

Amelia nodded carefully, her redness of her flushed cheeks slowly fading.

"I want Mommy to come home".

"Alright, I'll tell her", Steve pulled his cell from the front pocket of his navy jeans and dialled Catherine quickly, holding onto Amelia still and looking up at Danny who had a strange smirk on his face. It only took a few rings for Catherine to answer.

"Steve…hey, what's up?"

"Hey Cath… Mia wanted you to come home, she's had a bit of an accident…", However, before Steve could finish his sentence Catherin butted in.

"What kind of accident? Is she okay?"

"As I was saying, yes she's fine, she fell down the stairs, she's cut her lip but she'll be fine. She's asking for you to come home".

"Good… but how is it she always ends up bruised when I leave her alone with you?" Catherin's tone was light-hearted with an edge of laughter, Steve and Amelia always managed to end up in sticky situations, "I'll be home soon, I'll bring Mom with me, she hasn't seen Mia for a while".

"Okay, see you soon, love you".

"Love you too, Sailor".

Steve shut off his phone and put it back into his pocket and looked up at Danny who still had that look on his face like he was going to start laughing any moment.

"You're face will stay like that, y'know".

"It's just nice to see you so… so human for a change. That girl has you wrapped around her fingers", Danny smirked and smiled in Amelia's direction who had been stuck to her Daddy's side since she fell from the stairs, he didn't blame her, every little girl wants their Dad after they've hurt themselves, he found that out with Grace almost every day and week he could see her.

"and she always will have me wrapped around her fingers", Steve replied with a small smile and leaned down to kiss the top of Amelia's head.

Mia smiled and lifted her hand out palm first towards Danny, feeling better now, and grinned when Danno high fived her back.