Annabeth's POV

IT WAS NOT THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. It was the second semester so everyone already had their cliques suited out. A few new kids had joined and I was paired up with one. Her name was Thalia. I had never met her because she would start today. Each new kid was paired up with someone from the school. I waited for her with a big sign that said THALIA GRACE with big letters on it. A girl with choppy short black hair came up. She was wearing a navy tank top, ripped black skinny jeans, combat boots and a leather biker jacket. Her eyes were intimidating. They were bright blue with jet black liner around the entire eye.

"What are you looking at?" She demanded. I realized I had been staring.

"Oh nothing, sorry. I'm Annabeth." I replied.

"Aren't you going to show me around the school?"

"Oh yeah! Sorry. Follow me!" I threw away the sign on our way to the school.

In the hallway I passed my friend Piper.


"What's up?" she replied.

"This is Thalia! She's the new student I got paired with."

"Hey! I'm Piper! Holler if you need anything!" Piper walked away giving a thumbs-up. She wasn't paired with anyone.

"She's perky." Thalia said.

At lunch I sat with my usuals: Piper, Leo, Hazel, Frank, Reyna, Silena, and Rachel. I invited Thalia to join but she said we weren't 'punk' enough. She sat by herself. There were a few other new kids at our table. Frank was paired up with Percy Jackson, Reyna with Drew Tankana, and Hazel with Katie Gardener. I introduced myself to each of them and ate my lunch.

"Hey, Annabeth. Did you get paired up with anyone?" Leo asked.

"I did, with Thalia, but she didn't want to sit with us. We're not 'punk' enough."

"Oh." Hazel said.

"I like to consider myself punk." Leo said.

"Shut up, Leo." Reyna said. He looked hurt. Leo has a 'secret' crush on Reyna (every girl really) but Reyna doesn't dig it.

Leo quickly recovered. "Reyna, babe-"

"Shut up, Leo." We all laughed.

"So, Annabeth. How's Thalia?" Percy asked me.

"You say that like you know her."

"Yeah. She's my friend Jason's sister." He replied.

"She's ok. Not the nicest." I looked over at her. She was staring at her plate.

"She's better once you get to know her."

Suddenly, the fire alarm went off. We were all ushered out in a single-file line. I was squashed between Hazel and Percy. I felt Percy sniff my hair.


"What." He replied.

"What are you doing?"

"Sniffing your hair. It smells like raspberries."

Weirdo I thought.

"Is that not at all strange to you?"

"Quiet!" The teacher barked.

"No" Percy whispered.

"Well it should be." I whispered back.