Teenage Dream

Chapter 1

*Jonny and Jac have been going strong for a little over 6 months now, after the custody battle and mind games. In this fic Jonny is shocked when he learns that Jac has never been to a concert in her life, so he set himself a goal to take her to a few concerts to experiences the thrill and atmosphere and let her live her 'teenage Dream*

* Got this idea when I went to the Katy Perry Prismatic Tour on 13th may*


Jac and Jonny had been together now, as boyfriend and girlfriend, or 'partners' as Jac liked to out it, for just over 6 months, jony. Even moved in with Jac and Emma, after much persuasion, so they could be a proper little family and be there for each other. Like any couple, they had their disagreements and fall outs, but they were nothing compared to what they have been through in the past few months, such as,

- the return of Paula Burrows, the women who calls herself Jac's mother, who returned to Holby twice in need of medical help, taking part of her daughter before running off again and coming back to aid Jonny with his lawyers fees for the battle for Emma, using the £20,000 Jac gave her to stay out of her life for good.


- the whole 'BonnieMac relationship and death blame... Just to name a few.

The day had started off its usual busy self, resulting in Jac, Jonny and Eliot spending most of their time in theatre and Mo running between consults on different wards and treating pre op and post op patients up on Darwin.

Around mid day they finally hit a quiet spell, managing to grab 10 minutes peace and rest, which this whole conversation began.

Just as the quiet spell began, Jonny was updating his Facebook status, attaching a picture of Emma playing with her new Minnie Mouse and Peppa Pig soft toys, with Jac watching on in the background, her hair free flowing to one side, followed by the message,

' Busy morning at work, but knowing I get to see my two girls faces makes it worth the while - Feeling Blessed'

The pair sat there in silence, enjoying a few moments peace before to equally as busy afternoon began. Jonny was never one to sit in silence and relax, it gave him to much time to reflect on past events and his future prospects, sobering like the Jonny everybody knew

"I wonder what Emma will be like when she's a teenager, I'm curious to know what she will be into, what bands she will like... I remember my dad taking me to my first concert, we went to Glasgow to a small home grown band, can't remember the name but it was an experience... I can't wait to take our little girl to her first concert! Did you ever go to a concert when you were little?" Jonny said, reminiscing o his childhood, wondering if his daughter will have the time of her life when they go to her first concert.

Jac sat there, frozen as she thought back to her painful upbringing, how she wished that she had a normal upbringing, whatever that may be, and experienced half of the things that her peers had done when they were teenagers, she kind of felt cheated of her childhood, forced to grow up and be the person that she is now at such as young age.

"No, never have been, not quite sure I would like to either!" She replied, quickly, turning her attention back to the computer.

"What ! You have never been to a concert, not even a little one?... I can not believe that you have never been to a concert in your life Naylor!" Jonny exclaimed as him and Jac lounged around at the nurses stations after a busy morning on the ward.

"Well, if you don't remember Jonny, I grew up in care and could never afford to go and now I'm a busy surgeon with a 9 month old and a boyfriend to look after!" Jac replied, throwing a sarcastic smile his way once she had finished speaking.

"I know, I know I'm just shocked! That's what every teenager and young person did, spend their life at gigs, drinking and having the times of their lives!" Jonny gasped, shaking his head at Jac

"Well, excuse me if I wanted to save what little money I did have to get myself a career... And I'm pushing the wrong side of thirty, I'm hardly a 21 year old anymore Maconie! Although you do act like a 21 year old rather than a 36 year old father!" Jac said, bluntly as she looked at her phone for any messages.

"Ouch! Geez Naylor you sure know how to rip my heart apart!" Jonny said, sarcastically, clutching his chest.

Jac sat there, smiling at Jonny's stupidity, his ability to make her smile without even trying to, filled her heart with so much warmth and love. Jac the. Stood up, slipping her phone into her scrubs pocket and stepped over to Jonny,

"And that's the very reason why you love me!" Jac said, leaning down and placing a kiss gently on his lips, making him stand up and return the favour.

Later on in the day, after being summoned to theatre for an emergency aortic valve repair and a few elective surgeries, Jac and Jonny came to the end of their shifts. They both came bursting through the theatre doors, instantly cupping their hands together as they strolled down the empty corridor.

"I've been thinking..." Jonny began, swinging his free arm in front of him as they slowed down a bit,

"Be careful, wouldn't want you to use what little brain cells you have left Maconie!" Jac said, laughing to herself as Jonny bumped into her purposely.

"Hey, I have you know I am quite smart! Anyway, I've been thinking about what we were talking about earlier, you know going to concerts" Jonny answered, as Jac turned to face him,

"Yes, what about it?" Jac asked, sounding confused at where he was about to take this conversation

"Well, how about me and you, go to a concert..." Jonny said, getting straight to the point. Jac looked at him a little startled at the suggestion, not knowing how to answer, whether to say yes or no to him, let alone how to react.

"Erm.. Wha... When? What about Emma? We have to think about her now, who's going to look after her?" Jac said, fumbling her words as she came to a standstill.

"I'm sure Sacha or Mo wouldn't mind watching her a few nights if we went to a few and we could go to London, the O2 arena" Jonny replied, sounding quite desperate for her to agree to this.

"If I was to say yes, who would we go and see?" Jac asked, hoping that Jonny wouldn't come out with any stupid, cheesy bands like prince or something

"Well I was looking on Facebook the other day and saw an advertisement for a Katy Perry concert, she's at the O2 on 27th may, how about it? You could live your 'Teenage Dream'?" Jonny said, placing his hands on Jac's waist and pulling her closer to him.

Jac didn't know what to say, of curse she would love to go and experience a concert, but didn't want to seem eager and excited about the prospect of going to a concert and acting like a teenager. After um'ing and ah'ing about it she finally agrees to go with him, as long as he asks Mo or Sacha to watch Emma.

"Erm... Go on then, why not you only love once I suppose, but this doesn't mean that I'm excited or looking forward to it in any way, I'm only going because your eager to go" Jac replied, trying to word it differently.

"You keep telling yourself that Naylor! I know your secretly excited about going to a Katy Perry concert!" Jonny said, before kissing Jac passionately on the lips,

"Bore off Jonny!" She replied sarcastically smiling, before they both continued walking down the corridor back to the ward to collect their things.

10 minutes later, Jac and Jonny came bursting through the locker room doors, armed with their bags and phones in hand, before trudging down to the nursery, located next to Paeds, to collect Emma...


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