Chapter 1

"We're through, Ron!" Shouted Hermione.

"Fine!" replied Ron, storming out of the restraunt and disappearing around the corner .

Hermione sighed with a mixture of annoyance and relief. She and Ron had always been argumentative, but in the five months since they started dating it seemed all they ever did was argue. All things considered it was surprising their relationship had lasted this long. Hermione took out her cellphone and dialled home. "Mum, could you come and pick me up please."

"Is something wrong, Hermione?" said her mother over the phone. "I thought you were on your date."

"Ron and I broke up." replied Hermione.

"All right, dear, I'll be there soon." said Mrs. Granger, hanging up.

Hermione walked out of the restraunt and waited for her mum. She didn't have long to wait before her mother's car came round the corner.

"I'm sorry to hear about your breakup." said Monica. (in case you're wondering that's Hermione's mom's name.)

Don't worry about it," replied Hermione, getting into the seat next to the drivers seat and closing the door, "Ron and I were better as friends anyway."

"That's good to hear," said Monica. "Right, let's get going."

As the car started moving, Hermione switched on the radio and Thinking of You by Katy Perry came on.

"Cause when I'm with him I am thinking of You..."

Hermione thought to herself. She had always liked this song because it summed how she had felt about Harry since her third year at Hogwarts.

"You're back early for a Saturday evening," said Mr. Granger when Hermione came in. "By the way you've got a letter from your American penpal Gwen."

Hermione took the letter from her father and opened the envelope. She and Gwen had been penpals for a few years and knew about each others secret lives, although Gwens wasn't so secret anymore since her cousin Ben had been outed as an alien superhero. She began to read the letter;

Dear Hermione, I'm coming to London for a vacation and I can't wait to finally meet you in person. If you could come to the airport tomorrow at 11 O clock that would be great. Signed Gwen.

"So your penpal's coming over tomorow?" asked Monica.

"That's right," replied Hermione. "I'll have an early night tonight so I'll be ready for tomorrow."

Author's notes; So that 's the first chapter of Penpals typed up. it might be a little boring, don't worry, it WILL heat up. In the next chapter Hermione and Gwen meet for the first time.

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