Her feet touch the dry, but rather cold sand and her eyes stuck upon the water a few feet away, glow blue from the morning mist. Wearing nothing but her short silk nightgown and a knit coat she notices someone sitting on the wooden chair in mid beach. Almost sure of the identity of the resting shadow, she approaches to touch her and eventually steal a kiss or two. Her arms wrap around the figure and squeeze it hard.

'What the hell?' The hug receiver cries standing up rapidly and backing away from her and the chair 'Delphine?'

'Oh my God, I'm so sorry!' pleads bare feet Delphine waving her arms 'I could almost swear it was Cosima!'

In an attempt to catch the blanket she was snuggling in, now wet with sand, Sarah tries to calm down and settle the French girl with her strong and low British accent.

'That's okay,-' Sarah's wearing her black leather pants and equally dark top, she trembles with cold.

'No! It's silly… I…'

'Jesus' whispers Sarah between her teeth 'She didn't tell you…'

Dauphine sighs 'No.'

A moment of awkward silence settles between the two. Clearly, Delphine had no idea of Sarah's existence, in fact she felt betrayed. Did Cosima just forget to tell her?

'I should probably go' says Sarah 'I'm going to wake up Kira.'

She walks around Delphine gently, the girl continues to stare at the sea. A little tear threatens the French's integrity but, she pushes it around with the back of her hand and walks towards the house.

The big white beach house with blue shutters and a wide porch stands alone amongst the greyness of the morning. This was to be her and Cosima's house, better yet, home. However, unexpected visitors appear to have invaded their… space. But Delphine had no idea what was, yet to come.

Sitting on the edge of her own bed Delphine waits with her arms crossed on her legs. As soon as Cosima enters the room there's no doubt that some yelling will invade the new house. The scientist wears a red top and sweatpants, she has been using these a lot since they moved and her sickness became stronger.

'Delphine…' Cosima says stopping by the door.

'No, don't Delphine me! How could you not tell me they were coming!'

'It was last night…'

'Oh come on, don't tell me you didn't want to wake me up when someone that actually threatens our safety, and her daughter, were coming to our house to spend the night!'

'Please keep it low.'

'No! This isn't all about you! I have feelings and you are supposed to tell me when people are coming to our home, we were supposed to be a family!' Cosima stares at Delphine, you can tell she's somewhat hurt and her answer does not stay shut for long.

'Oh really? Because the last time I checked, you were the one who agreed to be paid in exchange for monitoring me! So, yes it turns out it is all about me!'

Tears grow strong in Delphine's eyes, could she really be this selfish or was her partner the one being unfair?

'Don't do this, Cosima. I love you and I'm not your monitor anymore so don't do this…' her voice is low and shaky.

'Delphine…' Cosima nods her head. 'She's part of me. Sarah. I couldn't let her out on the street much less with Kira on her lap!'

Delphine stares blankly, she's right. As much as she wants to be important, nothing will be more fascinating to Cosima's eyes than Kira, the science miracle.

'I understand…'

'So, you forgive me?' the clone shows of a small grin approaching Delphine with her charm.

'I guess…' the smile is mutual.

They both kiss each lip touching smoothly and passionately. After separated they giggle.

'Great! 'Cause you're not gonna believe who else is here!' Cosima quickly runs out the door, and Delphine sighs closing her eyes and nodding her worried mind.

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