Rose groaned as she rolled over to the sound of her alarm. "I know, I know." She grumbled.

Sitting up she quickly realized she wasn't wearing her night shirt, her eyes slowly traveled to her closet and the memories of last night came flooding back with vengeances.

"Oh no, no!" She panicked. "Please don't tell me he's still in there."

Rose made a mad dash for her closet when she heard Jackie's footsteps approaching.

Having a complete freak out Rose grabbed the nearest night shirt and dove back into bed.

A soft knock came on her door. "Rose?" Jackie whispered thru her cracked door. She opened the door a little bit further, before stepping inside. "Sweetheart, it's time to get up. The Doctor will be here soon." Jackie said stroking Rose's hair.

She slowly poked her head from under the covers giving the fakest yawn ever. "Mum, did you just get in?" She asked rubbing her eyes.

Her mum shrugged. "Well, Howard got sick on the dinner I made him so I came home early last night."

A muffled snicker could be heard in the room. Rose's eyes widen with fear.

"Is that the TARDIS?" Jackie asked.

Rose jumped out of her bed. "Uh no, I don't think so, well I know your busy mum so if you need to rush off that's fine." She answered quickly.

Jackie shot her a look. "Not so fast young lady, I need to gather your laundry first."

"O-okay." Rose said twitching. She nervously watched Jackie gather up her dirty clothes.

Looking around she frowned and said. "I know you had more than that."

"N-no, no I-I think that's it." Rose stuttered

Her mother wasn't satisfied. "No I think you had a shirt in the closet."

Rose looked on in horror as she cracked the door and reached inside.

"Please don't find him, please don't find him." She silently prayed.

A high pitched yelp startled Jackie from the door. "Rose did you hurt yourself?"

"Huh, oh yes I stubbed my toe but I'm fine,now." Rose grinned.

Jackie placed her hand on Rose's forehead. "You sure you're okay?"

Rose nodded. Jackie looked at her strange then bent down again before spotting the shirt near the dresser. "Ah, here it is." She said picking it up. "By the way Rose I think I found your twirling baton in there."

Rose suppressed her smirk. "Thanks mum."

Her mum then sighed and said. "I'll put this in the hamper and make you some breakfast while you get ready."

She nodded then hugged her. "Thanks."

Jackie smiled. "My sweet little Rose."

She started to breath a sigh of relief when Jackie walked halfway down the hall and yelled. "I'll fix you some breakfast as well, Doctor!"

Rose stood there gawking just as the Doctor poked his head from behind the door, scowling. "Next time I park the TARDIS in here!"