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Chapter II: Welcome To Happy Harbor.

Last Time.

Themyscira, July 08, 8:50 EDT.

Naruto landed the jet as several women in armor walked up to them. Walking out with Diana, and Donna they walked up to a building where a blonde-haired blue-eyed woman in white robes and a golden crown was sitting on a throne.

This is Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons and Diana's mother.

"Daughter, Naruto what brings you here?" She asked as Naruto brought Donna upfront.

"So you could meet... Your granddaughter Hippolyta."

Naruto went on to explain everything to her in great detail.

Hippolyta walked down and examined Donna. "Well. It's nice to meet you, granddaughter. Didn't expect to have one this soon. We'll start training you in our styles and be blessed to receive any gifts you didn't get from Cadmus." She said forcing the word Cadmus out.

Donna looked back to her parents and they nodded at her. "OK, Where do we start?" Naruto smiled as Hippolyta took Donna to get ready for training.

He grabbed Diana's hand and looked at her. "Stay here and get to know her." Diana smiled at him before kissing his cheek.

"OK. I'll see you later." She said following after her mother and daughter. Naruto smiled before going back to the jet and leaving.


Themyscira July 16, 9:00 EDT.

Naruto without his coat and bow sat in the stands of the training ground watching his daughter in a white shirt, and a metal skirt train against a red-haired Amazon.

'You know Kit... She has a little of my chakra in her.'

Naruto heard a voice in his head and sighed. 'Yeah, I felt that also Kurama. It must be like with Sora. They must have found some of your chakra from when I had to use it. Either that or there was some in my D.N.A. when doing the genetic process.' He thought before seeing the red-haired woman knock Donna off her feet.

He walked down as the woman helped Donna get back on her feet. "Thanks for doing this Artemis." He said stopping by the two.

Artemis smiled at him. "No problem Naruto."

Naruto turned to Donna, who was dusting off. "How are things going Donna?"

Donna smiled at him. "Great dad!" She exclaimed jumping excitedly. "But when will I start using chakra?"

"We'll start after you finish your mother's training. You have real large reserves and it'll take time in training to control them." She smiled before flying off to see her mother.

Artemis walked up to Naruto and looked at him. "She has a lot of energy. Even for our standards." She said as Naruto smiled at that.

"I guess she gets that from me. I was the restless type also, couldn't sit still for long unless I was bribed."

He walked off in the direction that Donna went off in, followed by Artemis.

Star City, July 17, 23:16 PDT.

A group of criminals was unloading a truck until a red arrow hits a crate, destroying it, and sent a pistol to a tall African-American male with red skin and a muscular frame. He has a short white goatee and has his hair in cornrows. He's wearing a grey suit with a yellow scarf.

This is Brick, a criminal, and an enemy of Green Arrow.

He picked up the pistol and aimed up to a crane that has Speedy on it. "You again?" Brick asked raising an eyebrow. "I'm getting insulted Green Arrow doesn't deal with me himself!"

He fired the pistol having Speedy run along on the crane. Speedy grabbed an arrow, back-flipped, and shot the pistol having it explode tearing the man's suit. "Do you know what the cost of a suit in my size is?!" Brick asked/yelled before turning to the others. "Get him!"

The others tried to grab their guns, but a yellow flash knocked the guns away as multiple black arrows were shot at them, split opened, and wrapped them up in rope.

"Rasengan! (Spiraling Sphere!)"

Turning around, Brick saw Kage before being hit in the stomach with a blue ball sending him back into a steel support beam. Naruto quickly tied him up, before dashing to Aqualad who was talking to Speedy. "The cave is perfect! It has everything we need."

Robin landed behind Speedy, leaned against a container, and continued. "For covert missions! You know spy stuff."

Kid dashed beside Naruto before speaking up. "And you should see Superboy, Miss Martian, and Wonder Girl... But I saw them first." Naruto slapped the back of Kid's head before glaring.

"Watch it, Kid! That's my daughter you're talking about." Speedy raised an eyebrow.

"If Wally's hitting on her she must be at least his age. How is it you have a daughter that would be at least two years younger than you?"

"Cadmus cloned her from mine and Diana's D.N.A., and super grew her. She's sixteen weeks old, but physically she's sixteen." Nodding Speedy turned to the others.

"So. You in?" Robin asked with Speedy walking away.

"Pass." He said looking over his shoulder before continuing. "I'm done with Arrow and the League telling me what to do. I don't need a babysitter or a clubhouse. Go hang out with the other kids." Naruto growled a little as Speedy continued. "Your Junior Justice League's a joke! Something to keep you busy."

Naruto walked up to him and punched him. "Watch it, Roy! These are mine, and your friends you're bad-mouthing. And the team was my idea. I was willing to give you a second chance. But I don't want you even near the team with this attitude unless you need our help."

Speedy got up and left. "That's fine. I don't want any part of this." Naruto glared at him before speaking up.

"I'll keep that in mind for the next meeting on discussing who'll join the League."

Kid dashed in front of him and glared. "Hey watch it Roy's our-!" He stopped as Naruto directed his glare at him.

"Shut up Kid! Stop trying to get him to join. He doesn't want to, and I don't want him to. He blew both his chances." Naruto finished before turning to the criminals. "Go to the cave. I'll meet you there shortly."

Robin went to Kids side and spoke. "Dude! Don't get on his bad side! Roy called his idea, and technically his daughter a joke... I've seen what he did to men for less! Roy got off with a slap on the wrist." They looked to Naruto who was talking on his communicator for a pick-up before leaving.

Mount Justice, July 18, 11:16 EDT.

"Recognized: Robin, B02. Kid Flash, B03."

Robin and Wally walked in from the tunnel in their street clothes to Aqualad, M'gann, and Superboy who are standing in front of computer screens.

Robin ran over to Aqualad. "Is he coming?" Aqualad nodded before smiling.

"He'll be here any minute."

"Recognized: Kage, 17. Artemis, B01." Naruto rode into the hanger on a Black Dodge Tomahawk with Artemis on back.

(A/N: For a better image type Dodge Tomahawk but picture a passenger seat.)

"Red Tornado's just behind us." He said taking off his helmet and getting off the motorcycle.

Wally and Robin dashed passed him as the others calmly walked to the hidden opening, and saw Red Tornado float down on a tornado. He looked to the group before speaking up. "Greetings. Is there a reason you intercepted me outside the Cave?"

Aqualad stepped forward and cleared his throat. "We'd hope you'd have a mission for us."

Red Tornado shook his head. "Missions assignments are Batman's and Kage's responsibility."

Robin walked up and continued after Aqualad. "But it's been a week-" Naruto walked forward stopping him.

"I've asked Batman not to give us anything for a while." Wally looked at him in shock.

"What?! Why?!"

"Because you need to get to know each other. Know each other strengths and weaknesses. You don't know how each other fights. Mainly Artemis, M'gann, Superboy, and Donna; who's not here."

Red Tornado nodded before continuing. "Yes, Kage will test you when the time comes." Aqualad looked back to the others.

"This isn't a social club." Tornado raised his hand.

"No. But I'm told it's a good team-building exercise. In the meantime keep busy by familiarizing yourself with the cave."

He and Naruto walked towards the cave, as Wally nudged Robin. "Keep busy."

Naruto stopped and turned his head. "Don't go there. Don't doubt this team, and don't doubt yourselves. If you do, the bad guys have already won."

Wally snorted before whispering to Robin. "Do they think we're falling for this?" M'gann smiled before turning to the two heroes.

"I'll find out." Concentrating, she couldn't read Red Tornado's mind. "Nothing... I forgot he's inorganic." Trying on Naruto who was waiting at the bottom, she suddenly heard his voice inside her head.

"Nice try. But I've got a fail-safe for mind readers." Turning to her, he winked making her blush.

"I guess you found out Naruto has a way to keep people from reading his mind." M'gann turned to Artemis who spoke. "There are villains who have the power of mind control and reading. Naruto has an... Ace in the hole for them so he wouldn't be affected." She finished before Wally dashed to M'gann.

"That's a shame. You know what I'm thinking right now?" Artemis slapped him in the back of the head.

"We don't need a mind reader to know what you're thinking."

Aqualad sighed before looking down. "And now we tour the clubhouse." Artemis narrowed her eyes before Naruto yelled at them.

"What did I just say?!"

Everyone stiffened before M'gann broke the tension. "Well... Superboy, Donna, and I live here. Even though she's still training with her mother. We could give you a tour."

Artemis noticed Superboy stiffen at that before he spoke up. "Don't look at me."

Wally shrugged before turning back to M'gann. "Don't worry. A private tour sounds fine."

Robin nudged him before speaking up. "She never said anything about a 'private' tour." Aqualad sighed again before speaking up.

"Team exercise... We all go."

Naruto watched M'gann become a tour guide for the others before smelling something. 'Should get that before it burns.' He walked to the kitchen that's right beside a large screen TV, and couch before taking out a tray of cookies.

"What he means is. We're hiding in plain sight." He heard Wally's voice before Superboy spoke up right after.

"What's that smell?"


M'gann flew right in and saw Naruto putting the cookies on a plate. She sighed in relief before turning to him. "Thank you, Naruto. I wanted to try Granny Jones's recipe from episode seven-Never mind." Naruto raised an eyebrow as the others walked in.

"It was sweet of you to cook for us M'gann," Aqualad said before Naruto walked to the sink.

"Well... We're off duty. Why don't we introduce ourselves." He said as Artemis walked near him. "I'm Naruto Uzumaki, and This is Artemis..." He glanced to see Artemis look a little worried so he motioned to Aqualad.

"I'm Kaldur'ahm, but my friends call me Kaldur." Wally, who was eating the cookies looked to M'gann with a 'sexy' look.

"I'm Wally. See I already trust you with my secret identity. Not like Mr. Dark Glasses over here." He pointed to Robin before continuing. "Batman's forbidden him from giving his real name to anyone." Robin glared at him before M'gann spoke up next.

"Mine's no secret I'm M'gann M'orzz. But you can call me Megan. That's an Earth name, and I'm on Earth now."

Superboy walked away, and Megan looked at him. "Don't worry Superboy. We'll find you an Earth name." Superboy stopped and looked at her.


She looked confused before looking at everyone else. "What's wrong? Back on Mars, everyone talked telepathically." Everyone but Naruto and Artemis cringed at that.

"Megan stop. That's an invasion of privacy here on Earth." Aqualad said causing Megan to look down in sadness until Naruto spoke up.

"Hold it Kaldur. She didn't know about that. And J'onn does that for when the League needs to have radio silence on missions. Something we'll be doing." Superboy glared at him causing Naruto to do the same. "If you don't want it, you can wait until you're more comfortable for that along with Donna."

Naruto turned to Megan. "Sorry about their rudeness. Like I said they're not used to fighting with anyone but their mentors." He turned back to the others and continued. "This is one reason why I'm not taking you on missions now. Also because Donna's not here." Megan slapped her forehead, her sadness completely gone.

"Hello, Megan! I know what we can do." Naruto blinked at that before Megan, and everyone left leaving Naruto, and Artemis behind.

He turned to Artemis for a second before speaking up. "Did that look familiar to you?" She nodded before replying.

"Yeah. Do you think..?" Naruto raised a hand stopping her.

"Maybe J'onn sent stuff up so she could learn about Earth." Megan flew back to them and raised an eyebrow.


Naruto and Artemis followed after her to the hanger and saw a giant red, and black egg.

"My Martian Bio-ship." The others looked confused at the 'ship' before Wally spoke up.

"Uhh. It's cute but not very aerodynamic." Megan giggled before waving her hand.

"It's in rest silly, I'll wake it up." The ship turned into a big aerodynamic ship.

(A/N: Type her ship for a better image.)

They walked in, and seats for each one came up with Megan sitting in the middle with two lighted circular 'handles'.

"Red Tornado, please open hanger doors," Megan said before the doors opened and they flew out. Wally looked to Megan and sighed dreamily before Robin spoke up.

"Incredible." Wally picked up after Robin.

"She sure is." Megan looked at him as she quickly sat up. "The ship! All ships are she's." Naruto chuckled.

"Not the fastest with his mouth huh?"

"Dude!" Wally yelled to Naruto who was looking at Kaldur who was whispering to Superboy.

"I know what you're thinking. You over-reacted, and don't know how to apologize. Just say you're sorry." Naruto looked back to Megan.

"Don't worry about him... He'll come around."

Wally leaned over and whispered. "You know he has super-hearing right?" Naruto shrugged before replying.


Artemis looked to M'gann from her seat beside Naruto. "Can you transform?"

Getting up, Megan sifted into a female Robin, and Wally in their costume.

"Is it wrong that I think I'm hot?" Wally asked before Naruto spoke up.

"Yes. Yes, it is."

Robin clapped before speaking up. "Very good. But those won't fool anyone." Megan looked sheepish before sitting back down.

"Mimicking boys is a lot harder." Kaldur turned the chair he was on around.

"And your clothes...?"

Megan smiled and pulled on her jacket. "They're organic, like the ship. They respond to my mental commands." Superboy snorted before speaking up.

"As long as they're the only ones." Naruto narrowed his eyes before speaking up.

"Superboy. Calm down."

Superboy stared back at him. "As she said, that's what they do on Mars. And unless something drastic happens, you don't have to do the mental link until you're ready."

Wally broke the tension by turning to Megan. "Can you do that ghosting through walls as Manhunter does?" Megan looked to him before replying.

"Density shifting? No that's an advanced technique."

Naruto spoke up as he stared out the window. "Well... We'll help you train along with J'onn."

Robin chuckled before pointing to Wally. "Flash can vibrate his molecules to go through walls. But when he does, bloody nose!" Wally stared wide-eyed at him.


Megan smiled before one of the 'handles' glowed. "Here's something I can do.." The ship turned invisible as they flew. "Camouflage mode."

Suddenly, Red Tornado spoke up over the radio. "Red Tornado to Miss Martian, and Kage. An alarm went off at the Happy Harbor Power Plant. I suggest you investigate. Covertly."

Robin sighed dejectedly but keep his mouth shut while staring at Naruto. "Guys. Remember Cadmus. A simple investigating led you to discover Superboy and Donna."

They flew to the factory with Megan speaking up. "I wonder what caused the alert?"

Superboy looked to their right and saw a twister. "I'm guessing that!"

The twister sucked the ship in, causing Megan to land the ship down. Naruto pulled a scroll out of his pocket along with his glasses. Opening it up, he puts his hands on two seals and out popped both his and Artemis's bow along with her mask.

"Robin, are tornadoes common in New England?" Aqualad asked turning around and saw... Nothing. "Robin?"

Naruto took a glance around and cursed. "Damn it!" He unfolded his bow before a gust of wind blew the windows of the factory out. "Alright, let's move!" Running in, they saw Robin get blown into a stone pillar.

Aqualad ran to him and knelt. "Friends of yours?"

Robin sat up and shook his head. "Nope! But he packs a punch." Looking over, they saw an android with a scarf around his 'face', and blue wires on his arms, and back.

"My apologies... You may address me as Mr. Twister." Lifting his arms, he blew wind at them. Naruto used his glasses to scan him. (1.)

"Guys! It's an android, we've got to disable him!" He yelled out pushing the red button on his handle having the bottom of the quiver rotate.

Superboy tried dashing over but was pushed back into the wall. Naruto glanced to the others before nodding, and Kid, who put his goggles on, Artemis, Aqualad, and Megan dashed over but was blown back. "Come on I was-!" Mr. Twister stopped as he felt someone on his shoulders. Looking up, he saw Naruto with an arrow with a blue glowing tip.

"See ya." Shooting the arrow, Mr. Twister suddenly started sparking, and eventually fell on his back. Naruto saw a line in his chest, which opened up showing a Caucasian man with longish brown hair and thick sideburns. He has green eyes and is wearing a green/white suit.

He twitched before exploding, sending an eye over to Wally, who picked it up. "Cool souvenir."

Artemis looked a little creeped out at that. "Really? That's what you're taking? Nothing like oh... The scarf or something?"

Naruto saw the man's other robotic eye was blinking red and picked it up. "He was recording us." He destroyed the eye and turned back, only to hear a whistle. Looking up, they saw a small pod fall just outside the city. Naruto sighed and pinched his nose. "It's never easy is it."

"OK, let's check it out. And no running off before we know what we're dealing with." He directed the last part to Robin. Flying to the park where the pod crashed, they saw it opened reviling an orange-skinned teen girl with long red hair, and green eyes in a black silver-trimmed suit walking out.

She saw them and spoke in an alien Language forcing Naruto to speak up. "What's a Tamaranean doing here?"

The girl continued speaking getting confused looks out the group. Seeing both of Naruto's and Artemis' bows, She dashed to Superboy and punched him, sending him flying into a tree. "Crap! OK. subdue only! She probably thinks we want to harm her." Naruto ordered before turning to M'gann. "Are you able to talk to her, or at least calm her down?"

M'gann looked to the others fighting the girl, who shot green beams of energy out of her hands at them. "I could try. But I can't promise anything." Nodding Naruto smiled.

"Just do your best. That's all I ask for." Running over, he yelled out to Artemis. "Sleeping gas, and non-lethal arrows only!" M'gann stayed back, tried to concentrate, and felt anger coming off the girl.

"Please calm down. We don't want to hurt you."

Wally was punched by Naruto who jumped over him and shot an arrow with white foam hitting the girl. Struggling, the girl broke out and flew to him. "Crap." Naruto dropped his bow and added chakra to his arms and legs. He grabbed her fist with his hand sending a shock wave around them. "It's alright! I only want to help."

She kicked him; only to have battarangs hit her. Robin landed beside her and the girl stopped, and everyone heard M'gann's voice inside their heads.

"I got her to calm down. But I can't really make out what she's saying. Only bits, and pieces." Robin walked up to her holding his hands up.

"It's OK. I'm Robin, and we only want to help."

Looking at Robin, the girl walked up, grabbed his head, and kissed him.

"Holy crap!" Wally exclaimed before the girl pulled back leaving a red-faced Robin.

"Where am I?" She asked in English with Naruto walking forward.

"You're on Earth. How did you get here?" He asked having her sigh.

"I was kidnapped a few days ago and managed to escape my captors."

Before anything could be said, Red Tornado and Wonder Woman flew down as Naruto walked up to her. "Hey, Diana. I thought you were with Donna?" She looked to the pod as she answered.

"I got called for a mission earlier and as I was flying back, Batman radioed me saying a small pod crashed here." She looked at the orange-skinned girl and raised an eyebrow. "Who's she?"

The girl bowed before speaking. " I'm Koriand'r. Or in English. Starfire." She continued explaining that she and her sister were kidnapped for ransom, and she was able to escape.

"And was your sister able to escape?" Wally asked making Starfire shake her head.

"I don't know... She was on another ship."

Naruto walked up to her and smiled. "Well, we'll search for her or the people who kidnapped you. OK, team... Let's head back."

Everyone but Artemis, Wonder Woman, and Naruto walked to the ship or flew. Naruto turned to Wonder Woman and smiled. "There's a carnival coming up here soon, we should take Donna, and the team to it." Wonder Woman smiled before wrapping her arms around him and leaned in.

"Sounds like a date."

"Diana what are you do-HMPF!" He was cut off as she kissed him before leaning in, wrapping his arms around her waist.

"Hey, guys you come-!"

Artemis looked to the ship and saw Wally staring wide-eyed, and his jaw dropped. He quickly dashed over to Artemis and pointing to the kissing couple, who was oblivious to what was going on. "How come you're not clawing her eyes out?!"

Artemis raised an eyebrow. "Why? I know he's dating her."

"Say what?!" Artemis shrugged before explaining.

"Yeah. An old law that was up when his village was founded was that the last male of a clan. Or like a royal family here must have multiple wives to bring it back. Naruto is the last known man from his."

Wally fell to the ground with a rain cloud over his head. "Some guys have all the luck." Naruto and Wonder Woman separated, and she stepped back.

"I'm going to see Donna. Her training's going well by the way."

Nodding, she flew off as Naruto took Artemis' hand and left for the ship, leaving a depressed Wally on the ground.

Mount Justice July 18, 21:08 EDT.

Everyone gathered what was left of Mr. Twister with Red Tornado standing at the head of the table. Naruto spoke up after bringing a holographic keyboard, and screen up.

"I wasn't able to gather much. But there's garbled speech talking about... Destroying you or replacing you." Red Tornado nodded.


Suddenly Starfire flew in a purple shirt and jeans. "Friends... Where's my room?"

Wally walked forward smiling only to be pulled back by Artemis.

"I'll show you." She said as Starfire smiled, grabbed her, and flew down the hall.

"Thank you, friend, Artemis."

Soon everyone walked to their respective rooms and down the tunnel. Superboy stopped and looked at Megan. "Sorry." He said before walking away. Naruto puts a hand on her shoulder and smiled at her.

"Exciting first mission huh?" He asked making her nod.

He walked down the hall as Megan watched him with a blush remembering what Artemis said earlier. 'He's allowed more than one girlfriend.' She flew to her room passing Artemis who walked down the hall, hair in a mess.

"She's very... Joyful." Megan giggled before speaking up.

"It's like having another sister. I mean I have twelve on Mars. But it's not the same."

Artemis smiled sadly before speaking up. "I know what you mean." Walking down, Megan looked at her with confusion before shrugging and going to her room.

To Be Continued.

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1. It's the 'Detective Vision' from the Arkham game series.



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