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Chapter III: Drop-Zone.

Last Time.

Suddenly Starfire flew in a purple shirt and jeans. "Friends... Where's my room?"

Wally walked forward smiling only to be pulled back by Artemis.

"I'll show you." She said as Starfire smiled, grabbed her, and flew down the hall.

"Thank you, friend, Artemis."

Soon everyone walked to their respective rooms and down the tunnel. Superboy stopped and looked at Megan. "Sorry." He said before walking away. Naruto puts a hand on her shoulder and smiled at her.

"Exciting first mission huh?" He asked making her nod.

He walked down the hall as Megan watched him with a blush remembering what Artemis said earlier. 'He's allowed more than one girlfriend.' She flew to her room passing Artemis who walked down the hall, hair in a mess.

"She's very... Joyful." Megan giggled before speaking up.

"It's like having another sister. I mean I have twelve on Mars. But it's not the same."

Artemis smiled sadly before speaking up. "I know what you mean." Walking down, Megan looked at her with confusion before shrugging and going to her room.


Santa Prisca July 19, 00:43 ECT.

(A/N: In the show, it was June by accident.)

A group of people all wearing red cloaks, and black masks in an old factory pointed their guns at three men with one standing out. He's a large, and tall Hispanic man. He has dark brown eyes, is muscular in appearance. He's wearing brown cargo pants and a sleeveless black muscle shirt that is tucked in his pants. His belt has a large buckle. He has black gloves and boots. He's also wearing a black and white Lucha Libre mask.

This is Bane, a criminal, and an enemy of Batman.

One of the cloaked men spoke in Spanish. "Our sublime Master proclaims he'll leave this facility if one of you beats his champion."

Bane stepped forward and smiled. "Just make it interesting."

He walked to a barred door and walked through. On the other side, two teenagers walked out a boy and a girl. The boy is a lean, pale teenager with shocking red hair. He's wearing a blue tank top that exposed his abdomen and a black collar, and pants.

The girl has short, red hair and green eyes. The right half of her head is bald and adorned with a black Kobra-tattoo. She's wearing blue lipstick and several earrings. Her outfit consists of sleek, black pants and a blue top with long, black gloves connected to her shoulders.

The cloaked man threw a device connected to a hose. Bane picked it up and raised an eyebrow. "You give me back my greatest weapon? What's the catch?" The cloaked man shook his head.

"No catch. It wouldn't test his champion's power if you weren't at your best."

Bane puts the device on his wrist and connected the hose to his mask as the red liquid went through the hose. "You want my best..." Bane grew taller and more muscular. "You got it!"

Bane turned to the teens as the girl injected the boy with a purple liquid. He fell to his knees as he transformed. He grew taller and muscular. His skin changed to a greenish-brown color, but he kept his red hair. His teeth became pointed. His skin cracked in places, exposing red muscles underneath, and his pants tore into shorts.

The teen dashed over, and attacked Bane, throwing him into a pipe, and then knocked him out. All the cloaked men started chanting. "Hail Kobra! Hail Kobra!"

A man walked out of the shadows above and smiled. He is very tall. His eyes are red, with black rings around them. He has high cheekbones. His skin is very pale, almost grayish.

He's wearing a red cape, which features a snake-like hood, with two fangs and sharp, orange eyes. He's wearing black pants with a yellow belt that features a snake symbol on the buckle. He has long red greaves, padded red gloves that cover most of his forearm. The gloves are primarily red but have a yellow streak encircling each end.

On the back of his hand, the gloves have small yellow 'eyes' and yellow fangs at the ends of each glove.

This is Kobra, the leader of the cult.

Gotham, Naruto's Penthouse, July 19, 19:00 PDT.

Naruto in a dark red shirt, black jeans, and tennis shoes checked his watch again as he waited for Artemis to get ready. 'Seriously? It's a casual date. It's nothing fancy.' He thought before hearing footsteps. Turning around he smiled. "Hey Artemis ready..." He stopped seeing her in black dress pants, and a dark blue shirt with the sleeves going just over her elbows showing her midriff.

"You look beautiful." She smiled walking up to him and wrapping her arms around him.

"Not looking too bad yourself." He kissed her for a minute before pulling back.


She nodded, and they walked out of the penthouse walking down the hall. Artemis glanced seeing no other doors. "It's nice having the top floor to ourselves." Naruto nodded as they stopped at the elevator, and pressed the down button.

"Yeah, it is."

Getting to the first floor, they walked outside, and a red 2011 Dodge Charger pulled up. The Valet gave Naruto the keys as he opened the passenger door for her. Naruto got in, and drove down the road coming to a restaurant, and went in. Going to a table, Naruto pulled the seat out for Artemis. She kissed him on the cheek.

"Thanks, dear."

Naruto sat down, and they ordered their food. As they were waiting, Naruto looked to Artemis. "I think you should tell them."

Artemis raised an eyebrow at him. "Tell who what?" Naruto sighed before explaining.

"The team about your... Family." Her eyes widened before shaking her head.

"No! I can't Naruto, and you can't either." Naruto reached over and grabbed her hand.

"I won't. It's your secret to tell... But I still think you should tell them, so they don't hear it on a mission from someone else." He pulled her hand up and kissed it. "They won't care Artemis. I never cared."

Artemis shook her head before replying. "That's different Naruto. You grew up with us. Dad taught you how to fight again, and mom helped you learn English."

"I know. Back then, you and Jade helped out homeschooling me when you could."

Their food came, and they made small talk for an hour and left. They made their way back to the hotel and walked inside. As they got to the top floor, and out of the elevator, Artemis turned to Naruto and smiled. "A nice date without interruptions." He nodded and walked inside. They took off their shoes and walked to their rooms.

Naruto noticed a shadow walk under a locked room of his, and smiled. "Goodnight Jade."

Mount Justice, July 20, 21:32 EDT. (1.)

Wally was quickly going through channels as the computer spoke up.

"Recognized: Kage, 17. Artemis, B01."

Naruto in a black suit, red undershirt, and red pinstriped tie walked in with his arm around Artemis who's in her street clothes. Wally raised an eyebrow at Naruto. "What's with the suit?" Naruto smiled before replying.

"Date with Diana."

Naruto chuckled as a cloud formed over Wally.

"Recognized: Wonder Woman, 03. Wonder Girl, B06."

Diana in a black backless dress walked in with Donna who's wearing black pants, and a blue sleeveless shirt.

"I thought she could use a break from training and get to know the others," Diana said with a smile Naruto walked over to them and held his arm out for Diana.

"How's the training going Donna? I know I haven't been there for a couple of days."

Donna smiled before replying. "Great dad. Grandmother said I'm a fast learner and should be done sooner than expected."

Naruto smiled before speaking up. "That's my girl! You're like me then. I was a fast learner also." Donna smiled before turning and noticed Superboy looking a bit peeved at her.

Naruto and Diana walked out of the tunnel as M'gann walked in reading a book. "Hello, M'gann." Donna greeted as M'gann smiled at her.

"Hello, Donna, done with your training?" Donna shook her head before replying.

"No mom just thought I should get to know my teammates." Wally suddenly sped over to them.

"Hello, ladies."

"Hello, Wally." M'gann greeted as Wally smiled.

"Any plans tonight?" They shook their heads. "No," M'gann said before Donna spoke up.

"Nothing. I don't know what to do in a town." Wally chuckled as he spoke up.

"Well. We could go to the movies." M'gann smiled nervously.

"I would love to. But I don't have any money." Wally rubbed the back of his head.

"Right. I don't either." He suddenly struck a surfing pose.

"We could go surfing." M'gann raised an eyebrow at him.

"Wouldn't be better in the day for that?" Wally sighed before replying.

"Yeah... Well, it's a nice night. Why don't we sit out, and look at the stars?" The girls smiled at him.

"That sounds nice."

Wally nodded before continuing. "Yeah, and we can build a fire and everything."

M'gann looked worried for a moment. "A.. A fire?" Wally nodded again and continued.

"Yeah a big one, and we... Oh, right I'm sorry." He finished looking sheepish.

M'gann waved her hands and smiled. "No, it's OK. As long as I don't sit too close."

Nodding, Wally sped down the hall, and a minute later, came back with tents, and snacks.

"Alright, the pantry had stuff for s' mores, and I found tents..." He stopped seeing Robin, Superboy, Kaldur, and Starfire.

"We'll need more than that if we're camping," Robin said with a smile as Wally sighed.

M'gann gestured to the others. "I invited the others. Hope you don't mind."

Wally shook his head dejectedly as they left to the woods outside, and set up the tents, and fire.

Los Angeles July 20, 19:00 PDT.

Naruto and Diana were eating their food in a restaurant quietly enjoying the evening. "You think she's OK?"

Naruto looked up to see Diana looking worried. "Yes, I'm sure. You've trained her for the last month."

Diana sighed before continuing. "I know, I'm just worried Wally might do something... She and Superboy don't know flirting or anything." She looked to see Naruto who narrowed his eyes for a second.

"He tries anything. He'll find out why I was called 'The Prankster from Hell' back home. He'll be lucky if I don't do worse." Diana sighed causing Naruto to speak up. "Something wrong?"

Diana shook her head before replying. "No nothing. It's just this is all new to me. Being a mother." Naruto smiled before grabbing her hand and squeezed it.

"I know. It doesn't help that she's a teenager already. But we'll power through it together." Suddenly, a slow song came up, and Naruto glanced to the small dance floor. "Want to dance?"

Nodding, she took his hand, walked to the floor, and wrapped her hands around his neck as he wraps his around her waist. They swayed to the music, and Diana rested her head on his chest.

"Naruto." Naruto looked to her, and she continued." Now that we have a daughter. Have you thought about where we go from here?" Naruto raised an eyebrow before speaking.

"Like...?" She leaned back and looked at him.

"Like... Us? Have you thought about our future?" Naruto thought for a second before speaking.

"Like marriage?" She nodded having him continue. "Yeah, I have thought about it. But I think we should wait until we're ready. Like a year or so." She nodded before kissing him.

Suddenly, his cellphone vibrated, and he picked it up.

'Text Message From Artemis.'

He opened the message, and read it before turning to Diana. "Artemis says they're camping outside the cave." She nodded as they continued dancing.

Mount Justice July 20, 22:45 EDT.

Artemis closed her phone as she looked to see everyone sitting near the fire, or a few feet away in M'gann's case, and roasted marshmallows.

"So this 'camping' have you sleep in these flimsy things called tents, and sit around a fire?" Superboy asked before M'gann spoke up.

"I love camping!"

Artemis looked to see M'gann finish her sixths more. "I think she's on a sugar high. And yes. You also tell stories." Artemis said before M'gann raised her hand, and turned to Kaldur.

"Oh, I would love to hear your story Kaldur." Robin chuckled before looking back.

"They're supposed to be a scary story. But I guess that works." Kaldur smiled before replying.

"I guess I could. If you won't find it boring." M'gann and the others shook their heads so Kaldur explained.

"Well, I grew up in the city of Shayeris, a city in Atlantis. Surface dwellers think all Atlantian's are the same, but our kingdom has many cities, cultures, and people." He looked around as he continued. "When I was twelve, I completed my education, and began my mandatory service in the Atlantian Military, which is standard for all at that age."

"After a while, I was transferred to the prestigious Conservation of Sorcery in the Atlantian capital of Poseidonis." He took a breath before continuing. "Queen Mera is the head Mistress of the Conservatory, and wife of King Orin, Aquaman. It was difficult, as it was for anyone at age fourteen I suppose, but also a time in my life where I met friends I know will be with me for a lifetime."

"Then came a day. A horrible day when the Ocean Master attacked Poseidonis. I can remember it like it happened yesterday. It was the day Aquaman almost met his end." He stopped for a moment to collect his thoughts. "Aquaman and Ocean Master fought for what felt like hours. When they clashed it seemed to shake the entire city."

"Ocean Master had gained the upper hand, and nearly defeated Aquaman. Correction, Aquaman was defeated." He smiled a little as he sighed. "Garth. A fellow student and I intervened on the King's behalf. It was the only thing we could think of, the danger didn't come to mind. All that mattered was that our King was in trouble."

"It may have been one of the most foolish things we've done as we nearly met our demise. We had no hope of defeating him, but we still fought against him to give our King time to recover. And that was all he needed as Aquaman triumphed over Ocean Master!" The others leaned in as he continued his story. "He was able to drive him away, and save us all."

"Aquaman is a being of two worlds. On the surface, he fights for justice for all beings. Under the sea, he is a leader to many, and both carry the weight of responsibilities even the best of men can only carry for so long." Looking up, Kaldur finished. "On the surface, Batman, and Green Arrow both have protégés, and he was contemplating the same idea."

"He approached both Garth and me on becoming his protests. We both considered the King's offer, and Garth decided to continue his study, and at the age of fourteen. I became Aqualad."

M'gann smile at him. "So you wanted to become Aqualad." Kaldur nodded before Wally spoke up.

"You think he wanted to be Aqualad was great, wait until I tell you my origin story. It goes back a few generations though. Each one started with a bang.. literally. Jay Garrek was a freak lab accident. In the 40s and 50s, he was the Flash. The very first one." Wally looked to the fire and continued. "A fan of his talked to him constantly, and Jay explained his accident."

Wally chucked before continuing. "He created the accident. But there was still an explosion. He became the Flash we all know... In hindsight, they should have used different names but.." He raised both of his hands and looked at them. "Then one day going through my uncle's journal. And found out he's Flash. I begged him to be his partner, but he was against it."

Superboy sighed as Donna sat close to him on a log. "Anyone else having trouble keeping up?"

"Let me finish, and you'll be caught up to speed," Wally said looking to him before continuing. "I memorized his notes and recreated the experiment. Resulting in an explosion... I didn't get powers... Not at first. It wasn't until a week later. And after convincing my uncle he needed a partner. The world got Kid Flash. You... Are. Welcome." He finished with a smirk.

M'gann smiled at him before turning to Robin. "How about you?"

Wally laughed before speaking up. "Please. Batman forbids him from telling us his name... You have a better chance of an origin story from Superboy and Donna." M'gann tilted her head before speaking.

"Isn't it that the four of you saved them from Cadmus?" Kaldur nodded before he replied.

"Yes but chronology, they're only sixteen weeks old."

Donna sighed before she explained. "Yes, we are. But the G-nomes gave us. Information on things, and taught us."

Superboy nodded before continuing after Donna. "Yes. We never even had to think until we go out."

M'gann raised an eyebrow at them. "Well. What do you think about now?" Donna and Superboy looked at each other before speaking at the same time.

"To destroy/replace Superman/Wonder Woman."

Robin was staring at the fire lost in his thoughts before being nudged by Wally. "Dude, did you hear their story?"

Donna sighed before turning to Superboy. "That's not why you were created. At least the main reason. There's only a small chance he'll go rogue."

Donna turned to the others. "Only thing else I can say is that I've been training in the Amazon arts in the last few weeks. And got the power of flight from Grandmother." She felt Superboy stiffen, and send a small glare at her.

She sighed before M'gann spoke up. "Are you serious Superboy?" Superboy nodded before speaking up.

"Sometimes. Thoughts happen."

M'gann smiled at him before speaking up. "Well, those are silly thoughts. You should get them out of your head."

Wally nodded before Robin spoke up. "He was a valid point. We don't know what they did to him in there." Wally nodded as Donna fixed a s'more. "We know he's a good guy. And he's part of the Team."

Donna walked over to Superboy and gave him the s'more. "Thanks, Won-Donna." Donna blushed a little before walking back.

"How about you Artemis?" M'gann asked as Artemis looked over to her. "What's yours, and Naruto's story?" Artemis looked to the fire before explaining.

"Well... As you know Naruto came here six years ago. My sister, and I-!" Wally soon interrupted her.

"Sister? She as good-looking as you?"

Artemis snorted before crossing her arms. "She's out-of-state. Anyways, she and I were at the park playing, when a flash came just behind some bushes. When we got there we saw a ten-year-old boy with torn clothes." Looking at the fire, she continued. "He couldn't speak English. But we had a fun time with him."

"We took him home, and told mom, and dad everything as they got back from... Work, and after convincing them. They help him learn English. At first, he didn't know anything, but we chalked it up to amnesia." She smiled before continuing. "We taught him everything we could from fighting and school. One day after he turned thirteen, my sister, and I caught him walking on the walls of his room."

"When he saw us, he fell on the bed and explained he was from another dimension. Kind of like Superman with him being from another world. About a year after he was Kage. I was doing... Vigilante work basing my costume after him. Of course, I didn't tell him. He found me after I stopped a robbery from a store... And decided to train me in taijutsu from his world, and we've been together ever since."

"When did you get... 'Together'?" Donna asked as Artemis blushed.

"A year ago. I develop feelings for him when he started being a hero. He was clueless about it. I had to kiss him after a mission." She finished before turning to Starfire. "How about you? How was your life before being kidnapped?" Starfire sighed before looking down.

"Well. I had a good childhood. my sister and I were the princesses of Tameran." She stopped seeing the shocked faces of everyone. "What?" Wally spoke up pointing at her.

"You're a princess?!"

Starfire nodded at him. "Yes, I am. That's why we were kidnapped to force my parents to surrender." She explained before going back to her story.

"We did train in fighting so we weren't spoiled. Much. A little over six years ago my planet was attacked by the Gordanians, and we were captured. The last thing I remember seeing from my planet were the ships flying around. After years of being their... Slave, I escaped, and crash-landed here."

Wally not wanting to have her dwell on her home turned to M'gann. "How about you M'gann?"

M'gann looked thoughtful for a moment before nodding. "OK. You all shared your stories. So it's only fair I give mine. So I'm from Mars.." She stopped as she slapped her forehead. "Ung! Hello, Megan! You already knew that."

"All Martians live in underground tunnels because the surface is uninhabitable. Our family lives are very intertwined. As you know. We mostly communicate telepathically. We use helps large families maintain a sense of community, and stay closer."

Wally asked a question interrupting her. "How large are we talking about?"

"Well. In my family, I have twelve sisters, and seventeen brothers. In my extended family, I have three hundred cousins." Wally sped over to her and smiled.

"Are all of them babes like you?"

Artemis pulled him away before looking at him. "Down boy. You're drooling." Wally chuckled sitting back down as M'gann continued.

"Over half are males. But all Martians look roughly the same. But some Martians are red and white. And some on my planet looks down on the whites. My parents were both green, so I was raised in a 'Liberal' type of environment. My family... I... Have no problems with white Martians." She looked down for a moment, before continuing.

"Treatment on the whites were horrible."

Kaldur puts a marshmallow on a stick before speaking up. "How did you come to Earth?"

"Out of all my family. I was closest to J'onn. We watched everything he did with the Justice League, and he became the most famous Martian in history. One time he came back. He was looking for a protégé to take. And made a contest to see who would be his." She smiled and continued her story. "I knew I had to win. J'onn... I think didn't want me to. Because of the danger. But I wasn't going to let that stop me."

She smiled and continued. "Everything I heard and saw of Earth I found out. I loved it! I won the competition." She threw her arms up and finished. "My heart soared... I was coming to Earth. And soon, here I am."

"And we're glad you are," Kaldur said as everyone stood up.

"Well, I'm beaten. I'm going to bed." Artemis said as M'gann quickly followed.

"Yes, I'm excited to sleep in a tent." Wally walked over to her. "Right behind you-!"

Robin grabbed him before he could go further. "This way lover boy."

Kaldur noticed Superboy looking at the fire. "Would you like company?" Superboy shook his head before replying.

"No. I'm going to stay up for a little longer." He looked at the fire intensely thinking about something. 'No Superman what are you doing?!' He took a deep breath before looking at the sky. 'These are my thoughts. This is why I was created.'

He felt a hand on his shoulder, turned, and saw Donna looking at him. "You OK?" He nodded making her smile causing him to turn with a small blush.

Caribbean Sea, July 22, 20:08 ECT.

The Team with Wonder Girl, now in a black bodysuit with red coming down from her neck with two red stars, to her chest with two silver 'W's, red boots with the red going up to her sides with silver stars at the top. She has silver bracelets with her right going to her elbow, each having red stars on them. She also has a left shoulder band in the form of 'W's, and a full one on her right. (2.)

And Starfire, her outfit is mostly purple with a belt, her neck, and arm plates being silver with dark green jewels embedded onto the wrists. She wears a sleeveless top showing her midriff, a purple mini-skirt, and thigh-high purple boots.

(A/N: Picture her in the Teen Titans show.)

Everyone was silent as Naruto checked his arrows. "Everyone remembers the plan?" Everyone nodded before M'gann spoke up.

"We're approaching Santa Prisca now."

(Flashback Earlier Mount Justice.)

Batman, along with Red Tornado was telling the team about Santa Prisca. "Isla Santa Prisca. This island is the home of a dangerous strength-enhancing drug known as 'Venom'."

Naruto walked up as an image of a factory came up, and spoke up. "Shipments of it have been cut off. But they're still making it. Finding out why is where this team comes in." He looked to everyone before continuing. "This is a covert mission. Information gathering only. I'll be with you, and radio for help if we need it."

"We'll split into two teams-!" Naruto was then interrupted by Robin.


Naruto turned to him and replied. "Yes?"

Robin sighed before speaking up. "I've been wondering. Since you 'help' the League out. Who'll be in charge for times when you can't be with us?"

Naruto smiled before speaking up. "We'll find out on this mission. As I'll try not to take over. I really want to see how you all do as a team first."

Donna walked up to Naruto. "Dad. Can I go?"

Naruto shrugged before smiling. "Sure. You still have some time off from training." She pumped her hand in the air and smiled.

"Hell yeah!" She flew off as Naruto turned to Starfire.

"You'll be going also. I want to see how you'll do."

(Flashback End.)

"Drop Zone's in thirty," M'gann said as Aqualad stood up, his chair dissolving into the ship.

He pressed his 'A', and his shirt changed to black. Starfire did the same changing her purple to black by pressing one of the wrist jewels. "Ready."

M'gann nodded and stopped the ship. "Putting the bio-ship in camouflage mode." The ship turned invisible as Aqualad and Starfire jumped out, swam/flew to shore, put a device on a generator, and called the others.

"Heat and motion sensors are patched, data now on a continues sweep, move in."

The ship flew to the other drop zone and hovered. Wonder Girl and Kid Flash hit their emblems, and their suits turned to full black as 'cables' came down. "Pretty cool huh?" Kid asked as M'gann nodded. Her costume changed into a full black suit. Kid smiled at her.

"That works too. Hey Supes. Kage, sure you don't want to try the new Stealth Tech?"

"Capes and tights no way. I'm fine at this." Naruto said as Superboy nodded in agreement.

"They work for/look good on you." M'gann and Wonder Girl said together as Naruto, and Superboy looked at them. "I-I mean that you can work in those clothes," M'gann said nervously as Wonder Girl shrugged.

"I meant it for Superboy." Naruto sighed pinching his nose.

'She sure gets her bluntness from my side of the family.' He thought before looking to see M'gann pulling her hood over her face. He walked over and leaned in her ear. "Yours looks great on you." He whispered getting her to pull her hood up and turn invisible.

A hole opened up, and Naruto grabbed Artemis by the waist. He threw down a tri-pronged blade and disappeared as Wonder Girl, and Miss Martian flew down.

Robin and Kid lowered down on the 'cables', and Superboy dropped down creating a small crater. "Told you I didn't need a cable." Naruto stood up and looked at him.

"Yeah. But we'll be lucky if you didn't alert anyone."

Miss Martian floated up before speaking in her communicator. "Aqualad. Starfire. Drop B is a go." After a second, Aqualad replied.

"Head for the factory. We'll rendezvous there. Starfire was kind enough to give me a lift." Naruto turned to the other.

"OK team. Let's see how you do." Robin brought up a map.

"OK let's go."

They ran along the path for a while. Both Naruto and Superboy suddenly stopped. "You hear that?" they both said as the other stopped as Artemis looked to Naruto.

"What Kage?"

Wally sighed before speaking up. "Is this a 'super-hearing' thing?" Miss Martian looked to Naruto and smiled.

"You do have good ears."

Wally turned around and found Robin gone. "Dude really?!"

Suddenly, Aqualad's voice came over their earpieces. "Superboy Kid. Switch to inferred."

Doing that, they saw two groups of people each group dressed differently. Suddenly their guns went off. "No need for super hearing now."

Wally tried to run, but Donna pulled him back. "Wait. Robin knows what he's doing. Besides, maybe this will teach him not to run off before we make a plan."

Artemis bent down and drew in the dirt. "Let's flank the two groups. Wonder Girl, and Superboy. I want one of you in each group in case this doesn't work you can take the groups down."

Naruto smiled as they worked out a plan. Naruto, Artemis, and Superboy were in one group as Wally, Wonder Girl, and M'gann were in the other. "OK take them out quick," Artemis said taking out a sleeping gas arrow.

Going to each group fighting, two arrows flew down creating smoke. A black flash went around one group as several men flew in the air. Soon, each group was down with Robin jumping down. "What did I miss?"

Aqualad and Starfire came down and helped tie up the two groups. Robin spoke up, after studying the group with red cloaks. "I know them. They belong to a cult under Kobra."

Aqualad looked to him before speaking up. "Did you or Batman know about this Kage?" Naruto shook his head.

"No... Otherwise, I probably would have taken this over, instead of taking a back seat." Wally got in Robin's face and glared.

"And where were you?"

They bickered as Donna, M'gann, and Superboy looked at each other. "Do either of you want to lead?" Donna asked as they shook their heads.

"No. I wasn't much help with Mr. Twister. Or calming Starfire down quickly."

Naruto smiled before wrapping his arm around her shoulder. "You did alright." He said getting her to blush.

Artemis roughly pushed him away. "OK, OK, we're on a mission."

Suddenly the other group whispered in Spanish, and Naruto recognized the man in a Lucha Libre mask. "Bane?" He asked walking over to Bane.

"Well, Kage. It's been a while." Naruto snorted before speaking up.

"Yeah, last year during that Arkham breakout. Batman hit you with his car, and sent you into the bay." Bane chuckled before speaking up.

"Why don't we. Compromise. I want Kobra out of my island. And you get the new 'Venom' they're making... I can take you to a secret entrance."

Naruto looked over to Miss Martian. "Miss Martian read his mind to see if he's hiding anything."

Miss Martian's eyes glowed. "There's a secret entrance. But he's reciting futball scores in Spanish. Could take a while."

Bane smiled before speaking up. "It's not complicated. The enemy of my enemy's my friend." The Team looked to Naruto.

"Hey, it's your call. I'm just here as a 'back-up' to help if anything or anyone come in that you can't handle."

Bane took them to a cliff overlooking the factory. Robin looked through his binoculars and saw the Kobra group putting crates near a helicopter landing. "It's a big shipment. If Kobra's not selling to the usual suppliers. Then-" Aqualad interrupted him.

"There must be a new one." Bane walked to a boulder and lifted it revealing a mine shaft.

"Follow me."

After walking down the hall, they came inside the factory, and Robin ran ahead.

"He really needs to remember we're not Batman," Naruto said before Artemis looked to Starfire.

"Can you keep an eye above outside?" Starfire nodded.

"Yes, friend Artemis. I won't let you down." She flew up through a window, and Kid dashed forward.

Artemis sighed before looking to Naruto. "There's a computer room just above us. Robin should be there." Picking her grappling gun, she went up and saw Robin and Kid looking at a computer with a recipe for Venom.

She walked over and slapped both of their heads. "Ow! What was that for?" Robin asked as Artemis stared at him.

"For leaving before we could think of a plan."

She reached into her pouch, and took out a portable USB, and copied everything on the computer. "They're mixing the Blockbuster formula with Venom?"


A helicopter landed, and a tall, strongly built man walked out. He has short blond hair and a gray hockey mask, which only reveals his brown eyes, covers his face.

He's wearing what seems like a sleeveless blue muscle shirt, with a collar that covers some of his neck. He has arm and elbow pads on both arms and fingerless gloves. On his left arm, he has metal plates attached. Black pants with pockets, a belt that looks very much like a utility belt.

This is Sportsmaster, a criminal.

He walked up to Kobra. "Lord Kobra."

Kobra nodded as a teen girl walked up holding a suitcase. "Sportsmaster."

The girl opened the case reviling tubes with purple liquid in them. Sportsmaster picked one up. "The new Venom?" As they talked, they never noticed a shimmer above them.

"Aqualad. Sending you an image of the buyer."

Inside on a catwalk with the others, Aqualad's eyes widened. "Sportsmaster?! He's the buyer?" He puts a hand to his ear. "Aqualad to Red Tornado do you read?" He sighed as he heard static. "Can't reach anyone. We need a plan."

Bane smirked before jumping down and attacked. Suddenly the former teen boy jumped in and crashed through the catwalk having everyone fight.

Artemis ran out, saw Sportsmaster, and she glared. "Sportsmaster!"

Looking up, Sportsmaster chuckled. "Hey, there, baby girl. Didn't think I'd see you here."

Artemis screamed before jumping down and shot a few arrows at him. He dodged them and ran to her. He threw a few punches as she blocked them with her bow. "Miss Martian link us up!"

"Everyone hear me?" After getting yes from everyone, Aqualad continued. "Retreat now!"

Artemis continued to fight as Starfire flew over, and grabbed her. "Come now. We need to leave."

They passed Superboy, and Wonder Girl fighting Mammoth. Wonder Girl flew to him, hitting his jaw and sending him up in the air. She and Superboy grabbed his leg and threw him towards the group that's been shooting at them.

As they ran into the mine, Aqualad looked back. "Wonder Girl. Superboy, the supports!"

They knocked the supports down causing the cave to fall. Aqualad pulled out glow sticks and snapped them. Robin sighed as he crouched. "My first mission as Leader and it all goes wrong." Naruto opened his mouth but was interrupted by Aqualad.

"Maybe that was why you're unprepared. You're used to fighting with Batman, your roles are.. defined, you don't need to talk to know what the other is thinking. But this team is new. And a leader needs to be clear. And not one that leaves them alone as he runs following an unknown plan."

Robin quickly turned around. "And I'm supposed to hold everyone's hands?!"

Naruto walked over before speaking up. "No. But a leader doesn't leave his team to fend for themselves. You did it twice, at least work out a plan before going off." He turned and walked over to Artemis who had her back to him. He wrapped his arms around her and rested his head on her shoulder. "You OK.? I know you, and Sportsmaster. Are not the best of friends."

Artemis leaned against him before sighing. "Yeah. I just saw red back there. I'll be fine now."

They turned back to the others who voted Aqualad as second in command. "OK let's put together a plan.

Later, they ran down the mine, talking about who's really behind the ultra-venom, and came up to Bane at the end. "Halt Niño's." He said dropping a vial of venom. He held up a remote, and bombs lit up above them. "I'm feeling. Explosive." Naruto deadpanned at him.

"Well, that sucked." Aqualad looked to Kid before looking back to Bane.

"You betray us? Why?"

Bane went on to explain he used them to get back his factory, or die, and get the Justice League to step in. He tried to push the button on his remote but Kid took it.

"Looking for this?"

Bane tried punching him but was lifted off the ground by Miss Martian. Superboy and Wonder Girl walked down. "Drop him." As Bane was dropped, both Wonder Girl and Superboy punched him.

"OK. Let's go." Naruto said as they ran to the factory where Sportsmaster was walking to the helicopter.

Kid dashed around hitting Kobra's gang as everyone attacked whom he or she could. Mammoth ran to Superboy, and Wonder Girl who smirked. Suddenly, a stream of water by Aqualad hit him. Sportsmaster aimed a gun at them, but an arrow knocked the gun out of his hand.

Naruto created clones; and helped to attack as Starfire attacked with her beams from the air. Naruto turned and saw Kobra take off his cloak revealing a bald head, and dashed to Robin. Naruto dashed over and blocked a punch.

"Robin. Go help the others out. He's out of your league." Naruto threw a punch but was blocked by Kobra. "Think an insect can hurt a god?"

Naruto snorted before creating another clone and dispelled it. "Please. I've faced people like you before. and I kicked their asses as well.

Suddenly Naruto gained orange pigmentation around his eyes and dashed forward. Kobra leaned back as Naruto punched him. His chest suddenly gained a form of a fist in it and was punched back, and through a couple of trees.

He heard an explosion and saw the helicopter was able to fly and was falling to the factory. He looked back and saw Kobra was gone. He walked back as Robin laughed. "It's good to not be the leader. You two are going to explain this to Batman." He said trying to control his laughing.

Mount Justice, July 23, 01:06.

Batman was pacing back, and forth, as he berated the team. "A simple recon mission. Observe, and report. You'll each receive a written evaluation detailing your many mistakes." Naruto stood behind Batman with his arms crossed watching them. "Until then... Good job." The team looked on in shock as Batman walked to Naruto.

"No battle plans survive first contact with the enemy. How you adjust to the unforeseen determines success. And how you'll choose who leads. Shows character."

Naruto smiled before he picked up. "Good news is that you cost Bane at least a few months from making Venom. Along with cleaning up Gotham for a bit." He walked to Batman and brought up a screen. "Recognize this?" He asked bringing up the new Venom.

Batman's eyes widened at the recipe. "It's like-!" Naruto interrupted him bringing up a similar recipe.

"Yeah. It's like 'Titan'. The one Joker tried to make in Arkham last year." He finished looking at the screen.

Unknown Location.

Sportsmaster looked to several screens as outlines of people looked at him. "Only one vial of Kobra Venom survived. "

One of the people spoke up with a French accent. "Maybe it can be reversed engineered. First Cadmus. Then Mr. Twister. Now Santa Prisca."

Another spoke up with a deep voice. "Three times is enemy actions. And enemies of the Light... Will not stand."

To Be Continued.

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