Gifts of the Hated Fox

It was the beginning of another day of beautiful weather, birds flying in the sky, fish swimming in the rivers and oceans, and boys running in the woods? This one seemed rather short for his age and a poor sense of taste in fashion with that horribly orange jumpsuit that didn't do justice to his physique because it looked like this boy has been running forever and wasn't out of breath yet. On his forehead, was a head band that had a metal plate with a symbol of a leaf inscribed on it and in the boys hands were Kunai, a knife that ninjas commonly use; that must mean the boy is a ninja but what of shadow striker wears such bright clothes?

Had enough guessing? Yes? Well, here is the scope: That boy's name is Naruto Uzumaki and no it means 'maelstrom' and not 'fishcake'. He is running through the woods within Wave Country, located on the border between Fire Country and Water Country. His destination seemed to be an uncompleted bridge linking the two countries over the ocean.

'I hope everything okay. That Gato bastard thinks he can kill the client's only family while he is occupied? I will want dibs on that tyrant!' Naruto thought as he ran the fast he can from the house of the bridge builder and client, Tazuna, where he saved the daughter and grandson from a pair of bandits that snuck into the cottage while the others were at the bridge.


At the unfinished bridge,

'Darn it! Why can't my Katon affect his mirrors!?' Sasuke Uchiha, the golden boy from Naruto's village, was on the end of his ropes when his opponent trapped him in a dome made of mirrors of ice that seemed to be imperious to fire; they just won't melt!

"Don't tell me that is all you have, almighty Uchiha." A voice taunted Sasuke and it sure did the trick as the boy with raven hair shook in anger as his pride was being trampled on. Soon, all of the ice mirrors shown a figure in a battle kimono with a hunter mask on so Sasuke can't see the 'hunter's' face. In his hands, were Senbon or needles used to puncture numb points on the human body in order to relieve stress; this time, they are used as weapons to knock a target out. Sasuke could just wait with baited breath as every image of the hunter had Senbon in their hands, ready to make the Uchiha a human pincushion.

Outside, Sakura Haruno, the third genin in Team Seven, and Tazuna, the client for this mission himself, were getting worried about what is going to happen next since the teacher Kakashi Hatake was occupied by Zabuza in a deadly match of their own.

"Sasuke!" Now that was a voice that came out of nowhere and when everyone looked, they saw a blonde in orange racing towards the bridge hoping to help out his team.


At the same time,

'*phew* everyone is present and accounted for here at the bridge. That is good.' Naruto thought as he finally reached the bridge. Still, he never counted on seeing a dome made of mirrors that looked like they were made of ice; not bad for someone like him. That is until he noticed someone inside the dome, at least physically.

"Sasuke!" Naruto yelled out to get his teammate's attention; but pretty soon, the blond with get more than he wished for.


It happened in an instant; Naruto was going to jump into the dome to use his signature technique to shatter the mirrors. Instead, Sasuke used the Kawarimi no Jutsu to switch places with Naruto who had no time to dodge the Senbon. Now, they were littered all over the blonde's body, sticking out like thorns on a cactus.

"Sorry Dobe, but you should be proud to be used by the Last Uchiha. You just helped out the village by making sure I don't get scratched." Sasuke grinned at his 'accomplishment' until he noticed that anger and disappointment was in the cold air inside the ice dome. The Uchiha looked up to see that the images of Haku have twice the amount of Senbon than last time; he looked like he was about to make a pin-doll out of the selfish and power-hungry boy.

Instead, what happened next was going to be the point that will turn Naruto's life upside down and also be the start of a new legend.


It was like a miracle; Naruto was covered from head to toe with Senbon but he is still conscious and still standing. 'How is that? These needles could stop a wild boar or a Jonin-level ninja!' The hunter was ravaging in his mind while Naruto was also confused about what is happening.

'I hate to have a weak container but I also hate the Uchihas more including your bastard of a teammate!' That voice sounded ancient and as angry too so Naruto was shaken up from hearing it. 'So he thinks that betraying his teammate will bring him glory huh? Well, I will not stand by and watch these fools honor traitors and hate heroes. I am going to help you gaki!'

Naruto could do nothing but close his eyes and wait out what the voice had in mind until he woke in a place that looked like a sewer. Then, Naruto heard breathing and felt a draft coming from behind him. So, the curious boy decided to go in the same direction.

Later, Naruto came across a room with a huge cell inside; it was too dark to see anything inside but Naruto can still hear breathing and it sounded heavy to him. "So my jailer finally paid a visit to little old me. How soothing!" Naruto stirred at the volume of the voice that really sounded sarcastic and full of anger.

"Have you been here all this time?" Naruto was shocked but not startled by the whole thing so he took to curiosity to find the answers. His 'answer' was a laugh that filled and rocked the whole room.

"Yes Gaki I have! I don't even remember the last time I have been outside for longer than an hour!" Naruto can now point out a giant fox with red fur and nine tails like a Kitsune Spirit. Then, the blond remembered something from history; yes, he reads the history of the village he lives in despite how boring and useless it looked in the eyes of ninjas. Naruto saw learning history as a hobby of his back home.

"Were you really controlled by an Uchiha named Madara?" Naruto asked out of the blue that caused the laugher to cease. The silence that followed started to make Naruto nervous so he decided to break the ice, "I will take that as a yes. Still, why are you angry at me? I am the one who is keeping you from being used a puppet again. As long as I am alive, no one with the Sharingan like Madara's will ever control you again." Silence still followed and Naruto took a huge sigh as he sat down and focused.

Soon, the surroundings began to change around both Naruto and the giant fox. Instead of a yucky and sticking sewer, the landscape was like a grass clearing with a lake nearby and a lust forest going on endlessly. While Naruto was enjoying the change in location, he was wondering how the giant fox was doing.

The sight that invaded his eyes really surprised him; the giant fox that was full of hatred and anger was lying around trying to get a firm grip on the grass in the landscape while flooding his eyes with tears. "Kit, I was scared that you would think of me as a menace to the whole world. I was born in this world as a beloved son so I was scared that everyone started calling me a monster by just glancing at me; I had to live through such a life many times you can ever." Naruto heard and even saw the sadness and fear in that tone that moved him to tears as well.

"I have seen how you will always live through the pain with a smile and I wanted to feel what you humans call 'hope'; it always made others feel safe and good, like things will get better and we know that." The fox tearfully stated that caused Naruto run and embrace his tenant on one of his legs. "I want you to share this feeling with everyone around you so no one will have to share my misery. I know I can trust you, will you do the same?" The fox asked of Naruto who just sniffed and nodded.

Then Naruto started to feel like something was pulling him from the landscape with the fox, "It seems that my work with your body has caused you to start to walk up. Don't worry, you can always visit anything you fall asleep." The fox explained and Naruto smiled,

"Then I will! Oh, I forgot to introduce myself." Naruto said with a sheepish look while scratching the back of his head. "My name is Naruto Uzumaki! What is yours!?" Naruto then felt the urge get a hundred times stronger and the sudden event had caused Naruto's grip to go loose at once.

Fortunately it was after Naruto heard the words, "My name is Kurama!" that the blond blacked out again which meant he returned to world outside.


There, in the world of reality and bridges and water and ice mirrors,

Sasuke was just sitting on the ground wondering why Naruto still hasn't fallen to his knees since he is covered in Senbon. Haku was getting impatient and actually used his bloodline to create Senbon this time to kill. They hit their mark but Naruto was still on his feet. That was when it happened.

Naruto's body started to glow a red color that then covered the needles stuck in his skin. Then, the needles on Naruto's left side started to become adsorbed to create a mist that actually was standing-by right on the left hand while the needles on Naruto's other side had melted and turned into steam that centered around Naruto's right palm. Finally, a blue cloak appeared and covered Naruto' body in a protective fashion that expelled the rest of the Senbon, the ones made of metal, out of Naruto's skin.

Then, Naruto's eyes opened to reveal the fiercest blue color you can ever see; they managed to cause Haku, a high-Chunin near Jonin-level ninja, to halt in his tracks. Then, Naruto inhaled a deep breath and let loose a roar that seemed to fill fear in the hearts of the blonde's enemies and yet also hope in the hearts belonging to allies.

"You said that we will be friends if we meet again. But no friend of any type will try to kill me when I can't protect myself." Naruto spoke in a tone that made his enemies shiver and his allies beam. Naruto then preformed the standard hand seals for a Suiton which he summoned a body of water from the mist to resign on his back. "Suiton: Suikan!"

The next happened was a wide-range geyser shoot and expanded at a speed that Haku and his mirrors of ice couldn't keep up with and caused the dome to shatter, sending the pieces of ice into the air. Yet, these pieces then stopped in midair and retracted into Naruto's left arm. "Let's rumble."

End of Chapter 1

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Suiton: Suikan – Water Release: Water Crown (Personal Creation)