"Geek Girl Meets Sailor Jack"

The two strangers just sat there glaring at him as he tried to untangle his fishing line. The geeky boy glared at Jack as though Jack had just broken his favorite toy. And the geeky girl looked as though she might fall down on the deck and kick her legs in a fit of temper.

He wasn't sure why they were here in the first place, and he couldn't for the life of him think of any reason to offer his help to these two imbeciles. After all, they weren't his problem. He had left the Air Force eight months ago and he was enjoying his retirement ... well, most of the time. Right now things were a little boring, but he wasn't about to tell them that. He knew things would get better just as soon as he found a couple of sport fishermen who wanted to hire him to take them out for the day ... or better yet, for the entire weekend. Yeah, that would be great!

Jack looked at his watch and made the pronouncement that shut the proverbial door in their faces. He was not going to help them, and that was that.

"Oh, and hay look, your time is up!" Jack shouted gleefully. Then he watched as the two stood up to leave. The one called Daniel stepped up onto the seat and climbed out of the boat before removing his life vest, while Sam remained on deck, trying to pull the life vest off over her head. What the hell kind of name is Sam for a girl? I must have misunderstood. Jack motioned for her to step up on the dock before removing the flotation device, as per regulations. She did as he asked and the life vest finally came off with a whoosh, leaving her blonde hair standing up all over her head.

"Wait a minute," Jack told her, as she began following her geeky friend down the dock. She turned back and looked at Jack hopefully through the thick lenses of her glasses, her eyes appearing very large and very blue.

"What did you say your name was?" Jack asked her as he stood up, and her expression went from frustration to distrust.

"Why?" she asked, twisting her full lips into a crooked bow.

"Cause, I think you're kinda cute ... even under all that..." He gestured, waving his hands around while staring at her well-covered bosom. Sam blushed.

"I thought maybe we could hang out a while. Get to know each other better," he offered, and her mouth dropped open like a goldfish taking in a gulp of oxygenated water. Then she slapped her mouth shut and looked him up and down. Jack's toes curled inside his worn deck shoes as her eyes scanned his crotch before moving up to his face.

"I don't even know you," she said stepping backward. It was as though she thought he might be some sort of pervert or sex fiend, or at the very least he might be infested with cooties. He wasn't worried. He'd gotten that sort of look before, but he'd always been able to bed the woman he wanted.

"Ya, well, I thought we could do something about that. You know, have some dinner, a little wine."

"You mean like a date?" Sam looked doubtful, as though she didn't believe he was serious.

"You can call it that," he said agreeably. He thought he was too old to date, but he wasn't too old to have a good time in the sack. And he knew he could fuck this geek-girl until she screamed. But he wasn't about to tell her that because she'd probably run so fast that even an M1 rocket couldn't catch up with her. She was definitely a shy one. She seemed interested, he could tell by the purse of her lips and the lift of her eyebrows, but she still hadn't given him an answer. Instead, she chewed on her full bottom lip as she considered his proposal.

Jack could sense the irritation of the geek boy as he stood on the dock, staring down at them. He was listening to their conversation and Jack didn't like it. He wished the guy would just get lost!

"I don't drink alcohol; it makes me crazy," she finally stated regarding his offer of wine with dinner, and Jack smiled at her unpretentiousness and her frankness. Getting to know her better was going to be a challenge but an interesting one.

"Ya, it has a tendency to do that to some people. But I promise I'll take good care of you ... keep you out of trouble and all," he vowed.

He couldn't explain it, but there was just something about those pouty, pink lips and those big blue eyes that made his old pecker want to do things it hadn't done for quite some time. Not that it had forgotten how; his hand made sure of that. Truth be told, he hadn't gone on a date in over twenty years. Oh, sure, he'd had a few close encounters since his divorce five years ago, but they weren't really dates. He had just picked up some woman in a bar and went to her place, where he'd screwed her senseless and left her feeling glad he had come ... pun intended.

He'd been married for twelve years and they'd had a son. But both the woman and the boy belonged to another man now, and Jack spent most of his time alone or with a bunch of drunken fishermen on his boat. And that was the way he liked it. Well, usually. But right now he was sensing something he hadn't felt in a long, long time, and it made him feel alive and young again!

"So, what d'ya say? Will you stay here with me? It'll only take me a few minutes to clean up, and then we can go get that dinner," he told her, dangling the proverbial worm under her cute little nose.

"Yes! Yes, I'd like that," she told him enthusiastically with a teeth-flashing smile.

Jack was feeling great until he heard an annoying sound. It was the geek-boy Daniel and he was clearing his throat as though a large piece of bait fish was stuck in it. Jack frowned at him and waved him away with one hand. "Go on now! She's staying here with me," Jack growled at the baby-faced boy who jumped as though struck. But Jack had to give the boy credit; he didn't give up.

"Sam, are you sure you wanna do this?" the boy-man asked her, his face full of concern for his friend.

"Yes, Daniel. Go back to the hotel. I'll be fine. I'll phone you tomorrow," she said, without even turning around to look at him. Her blue eyes were focused on Jack's brown ones, as if there was no one else in the world for her, and Jack's ego soared.

"My name is Samantha, but people call me Sam," she told him, and Jack nodded.

"Sit down, Sa-man-tha, and I'll go below and clean up," Jack said, pronouncing her name slowly. Running his hand over the bristles on his jaw, he disappeared below into the tiny cabin.

Jack had never been one for fancy dress-up clothes. Hell, it had even been hard for him to wear black socks with his dress uniform, so it was no surprise that he had nothing much in his wardrobe but some beige Dockers and a few knitted shirts from which to choose. Oh, and two dozen or so white, cotton socks!

It's a good thing Little Miss Librarian isn't much of a dresser, he told himself as he pulled on a black knitted shirt which buttoned at the neck. But he left it unbuttoned and splashed a bit of spicy cologne on the triangle of bare skin exposed there.

Taking one last look in the small mirror above the tiny sink, he considered the wrinkles and lines on his fifty-five-year-old face. He knew he was good looking because women had told him so all of his life, but lately he thought he was beginning to look old.

Sam was obviously much younger than him. Mid-thirties? Did she think he looked old? She had accepted his offer of a date, but was it because she was still hoping to convince him to help her and geek boy, or was it because she found him attractive?

There's only one way to find out, Jacko, he told himself and then he grabbed his leather bomber jacket and climbed the stairs.

Sam sat watching for him, and as his head appeared through the hatch her eyes seemed to grow to twice their normal size, as though she was looking at him through the bottom of a bottle. It was those damned eye glasses! He hated those ugly things and he intended to get them off her … along with everything else … as soon as possible! But wait, was that lust he saw in those sapphire eyes?

"Okay?" He turned around slowly, giving her time to look him over.

"Oh, yes! You clean up nicely," she said with a little embarrassed chuckle, as she rose to greet him. He stepped up beside her, and he could see her nose wiggling as she sniffed the air.

"Mmmm, what is that smell?" she asked.

"Eternity. I've worn it for years; my ex-wife use to buy it for me by the gallon, so I've still got a big, huge supply," he joked as he offered her his hand.

"I really like it," she told him, taking his hand and giving him a big, flash bulb kind of smile.

Jack smiled back and her eyes went to the dimples in his tanned cheeks. And for a few seconds they both just stood there, locked in the moment.

When they came out of it, Sam climbed up on the bench before carefully stepping onto the dock. Jack followed closely behind her, placing a firm hand in the center of her lower back. They walked side-by-side down the wooden planks till they reached the parking area, where Jack unlocked his big, black truck.

"Up you go," he said, putting his big hands around her waist and lifting her up onto the seat.

He had surprised her, and she gave a little cry of shock as she was lifted through the air. She quickly tried to recover her composure, pulling down her plaid, pleated skirt which had slid up to reveal a wide expanse of pale, smooth thigh.

But Jack's eyes had caught the luscious sight before she could cover up, and he winked at her, causing her to blush once again.

"Nice...skirt, Sam," he told her, wondering how far the blush continued. Did it reach down below the neckline of her blouse?

Jack went around and got in on the driver's side, tossing his leather jacket into the back seat. He might need it later, but right now the temperature was perfect. He couldn't help wonder why she was wearing so much clothes. Did she always dress in so many layers?

"Are you sure you're not hot with all that on," he asked her, glancing over at her taupe-colored coat as he steered the big truck out onto the highway.

"Well, I am a bit warm actually," she admitted.

"Why don't you take your coat off?"

She followed his suggestion, and slipped out of the long sleeves, letting the coat rest on her shoulders. Under the coat she had on a long-sleeved back sweater with a V neck and under that a brown and white blouse that tied in a soft bow in the vicinity of her collar bone.

As he drove he continued to make sidelong glances at her clothing and her chest, which he noted was certainly far from flat. She was about a 36 D if he wasn't mistaken; a woman's bra size was one thing Jack had always been good at guessing.

"So, you like sea food?" He turned left onto a little road that led down to the beach and a small, family-owned restaurant that he liked.

"Yes! I love it!"

"Good, cause that's about all this places serves," Jack informed her, as he pulled the truck into an empty spot in the sandy parking lot.

The place was almost packed with diners, which was typical for a Friday night. He wondered if any of his friends would be here, and he also wondered what they'd say when they saw him show up with a woman. Since moving here six months ago, he had become a regular on Friday nights, but he always came alone.

"Wait, and I'll help you down," he told her, realizing that the height of his truck was a little awkward for most women. He also wanted an excuse to touch her again.

Jack opened her door and Sam turned toward him, her hands on his shoulders as he grabbed onto her waist. He pulled her toward him and allowed her body to slide through his hands until her toes touched the ground between his legs. For several seconds she just stood there, her hands still on his shoulders and his hands firmly about her ribcage.

Without thinking Jack brought his thumbs up over the sides of her breasts, feeling their fullness through her clothing. Their faces were mere inches apart as she remained standing on her toes, her head tilted back. He looked down at her, their eyes locking as he bent his head toward hers.

His lips got to within four inches of hers before he pulled back. He didn't want to scare her off, and he was pretty certain that kissing her so soon would do just that. So he slowly withdrew his hands from her, and she stepped back, letting out the breath that she'd been holding. Then she tugged at her skirt and smoothed her sweater before reaching into the cab of the truck for her coat.

"No, you don't need that. We'll be inside," he told her, but she clutched it to her chest like a shield.

"My wallet and hotel key are in it," she explained.

"Leave it. My truck has an alarm," he assured her, so she laid the coat on the seat and stepped away from the truck.

Jack slammed the door and activated the security system with the remote. It made two little chirping noises, and Jack looked at her and smiled.

"See? All safe and sound!"

Sam smiled at him, the dimple in her left cheek making an appearance for the first time since he'd met her. It was cute, and he hoped she'd smile a lot more tonight, because he really wanted to see that dimple again!

Sally, the teen-aged daughter of the owner, saw him and waved him over to his favorite table. It was in a corner by the window, and had a really great view of the ocean. Of course the girl had immediately noticed that Jack was not alone, as had her mother who was working behind the bar.

The woman called out a friendly welcome to Jack, and several men who were sitting at the bar turned and waved or said 'hello'. And they all noticed Sam and gave her a good once over, as they did with all strangers who entered their little town. But Jack noticed that their reaction to Sam was more than just the usual perfunctory glance; they looked and then they looked again.

And then they began to talk amongst themselves, and Jack knew that Sam was making an impression. He just wasn't sure what kind of an impression it was! It was time to go have a chat with his friend, Mac.

"I'm gonna go into the kitchen for a minute and say hey to the owner. He's a good friend. Do you mind?"

"No, of course not!"

Sam looked down at the menu that the teenager had handed her, while Jack got up and went around the end of the bar and through the swinging door into the small, hot kitchen. Mac, the owner and head cook, was filling a deep fryer with frozen French fries.

"Hey, Mac, how's it goin'?" Jack asked.

"Pretty good, but not as good as it's goin for you apparently," he said, and Jack knew that he had already seen Sam through the pass-through window above the counter.

"Yeah, isn't she somethin'? I just met her this afternoon. She's a scientist from Washington, D.C. She works for the government...designs rockets or something."

"Well, she sure is a looker! But she sounds way smarter than you, Jack. What on earth could you two have in common," Mac asked him as he removed two lobsters from a pot of boiling water and set them out to drain.

"You're not sayin' I'm dumb, are you?" Jack asked the man who appeared to be about Jack's age. They both had graying hair, but Jack was in good shape, while Mac had a big, protruding stomach.

"Nah, you're not dumb. But a scientist for Christ's sake! What on earth will you two talk about?"

"Don't know that we'll be doing that much talking, Mac," Jack joked, and the other man laughed.

"Well, if that's the case, I hope you can remember how, Jack," he teased.

Jack grabbed a French fry from the basket and dodged Mac's big hand as it aimed for the back of Jack's head.

"It's like ridin' a bike, Mac. And I've always been very good at riding a bike," Jack told him with a big shit-eating grin on his face.

By the time he got back to their table, his usual beer was there, and Sam had apparently ordered one too. That sort of surprised Jack since he had gotten the feeling that she was more of a cola kind of girl.

Sally came back and asked them what they wanted to eat. After they both ordered the Friday fish and chip special, she left them to put some more quarters in the juke box. The song that played next was a new one that Jack had heard a few times and he liked it. The male singer had a nice voice too, and he reminded Jack of Frank Sinatra.

"So, am I gonna have to watch how many of those you drink?" he asked, watching as she took a sip of her beer.

"Oh, no, two is my limit. One time when I had three I did something really stupid," she confided, rolling her eyes.

"And what was that?" he asked lifting his eyebrows.

"Well, I was told that I took off my bra and flashed my breasts out the dorm window, but I don't remember doing it," she confessed, a little snort following her last word.

"You what? Nah, I can't believe you'd do that. I bet your friends were putting you on, Sam. Say, would you mind if I..."

Jack reached out and removed her eyeglasses, placing them on the table.

"I like your eyes. It's seems like such a crime to hide them," he told her as she tried to focus on his mouth.

"It's difficult for me to see without them, but I suppose I could leave them off for a while. So, how long have you lived here?"

He tried to wipe the vision of Sam's bare breasts out of his mind, but all he could think about for the next couple of minutes was a naked Sam, her breasts hanging down as she bent out of a window...or as she leaned out of his truck window ... or as she sat straddling his thighs … or…

"Jack? Jack?"

"What?" he barked grumpily. He had totally zoned out, and he wasn't sure for how long.

"I asked you how long you've lived here?"

"Almost six months. I retired last year from the Air Force. Then I sold my house in California and moved up here to get away from the crowds. I like it here; it's more relaxed, not as fast-paced. I like the weather better too."

"Is there any circumstance in which you would consider leaving here?"

"Leave here? You mean to return to the Air Force? I don't know. I guess I might if it was for a good reason, like to save the planet or something," he said in jest.

"What if I told you that is exactly what you'd be doing, Jack?"

He frowned thoughtfully, and was about to answer when Sally showed up with their baskets of fish and chips. He and Sam had both finished their beers, so he ordered another for each of them.

For the next ten minutes they sat eating quietly. Then Jack asked her to tell him more about the tape that had been found in Egypt. After she told him the entire story as she knew it, Jack sat back in his chair and looked out the window at the sunset.

"It's beautiful," Sam said, and then she looked back at Jack and found that he was staring straight at her.

"Yes, you are," he told her. She took a few quick gulps of her beer.

"No, I'm not. You're just trying to change the subject."

"Yes, you are beautiful, and I am not trying to change the subject. In fact, I'll do it," he said, and Sam's eyes grew wide.

"You will? You'll do it, as in you'll go with us and fly that space craft?" she asked, her tone incredulous.

"Yes. But only on one condition."

"And what condition would that be?" she asked, before taking another gulp of her beer.

"That you let me make love to you first," he said as he leaned toward her. He spoke quietly, romantically, and Sam's face turned three shades of crimson.

"I ... I ... don't know what to say! I've never ... I mean no one has ever wanted to… Oh, golly!"

Jack gazed at her with a look of disbelief on his face. Could it be that this beautiful woman is still a virgin? he asked himself as he gazed into her big blue eyes. "You've never what? You're not saying that you've never been with a man before, are you?" Jack gulped his beer, needing something cold to put out the fire he felt burning in his groin.

"Yes. I mean no! I've never been with a man before. Does it matter? I'm a fast learner," she assured him, and Jack nearly choked on his beer. After a one minute coughing fit, which garnered curious looks from almost everyone in the restaurant, Jack was finally able to speak again.

"Of course it matters! For Christ's sake," he hissed, "what do you think I am? I'm not going to take advantage of your innocence. I'd feel like I was raping you or something," he whispered, not wanting anyone to overhear.

"But if I want you to take advantage of my innocence, then what harm is there?" Sam had finished her second beer and had just signaled Sally for another. She was getting wasted and Jack knew he had to step in.

"Sam, I think you've had enough to drink. Come on. I'd better take you back to your hotel now," he said, standing up.

"No! Jack, don't treat me like I'm some kind of fragile flower or something," she complained, remaining in her chair. "I am not leaving here until you promise to take advantage of me," she said a little too loudly. Several people snickered and Jack sat down and put his head in his hands.

"Oh, God, I'll never be able to show my face in here again," he told her. Sally brought both of them another beer, and Jack decided that maybe if they were both drunk as skunks she'd probably pass out, and he wouldn't be able to get it up. However, thus far the beer wasn't having a detrimental effect on that part of his anatomy. In fact, he was so damned ready that it was all he could do to remember where he was. What he wanted to do was pull her across the table and fuck her right there!

He took several gulps of the cold brew and belched quietly, trying to swallow the sound. Sam giggled.

"You shouldn't suppress your belches, Jack. It'll give you a belly ache," she told him, and then he giggled.

My, God, now she's got you giggling like a girl, he told himself, dismayed. He lowered his voice an octave and tried to sound very macho. "Bull shit! Where on earth did you hear a stupid thing like that?" he asked her in his best cave man voice.

"My suite mate in college told me. She knew a lot of stuff ... about drinking and boys and sexual stuff. She was fast and hot or so I was told. The guys used to crawl in and out of her dorm window. That was in the days when the boys and girls lived in separate dorms. Today they're all co-ed. Can you believe it? All those men in the same dorm with the women! It's no wonder I never got laid," Sam told him, shaking her head with disappointment.

"Wait a fricken minute! Let me get this straight; you think you would have had sex if you had lived in a co-ed dorm?"

"Well, it certainly would have increased the odds. God, I wish I'd had sex when I was younger! Now no one will want me, and I'll die a shriveled up old maid," she said with a sob.

Not if I have anything to say about it, Jack said to himself, as he made a decision that could affect both their lives forever.


AN: Geeky Sam will always be one of my favorite Stargate characters and Amanda Tapping's performance was brilliant! I hope you are enjoying this version of what happened when Captain Jack met the geeky scientist.