Part 2

Sam had clearly had too much to drink and Jack was feeling no pain. Even so, his mind was still clear enough to argue with his libido about what he should do next. Should he fuck her or shouldn't he?

"Sam, come on, let's get outta here. I'll take you to your hotel before I'm too drunk to drive," he said, pulling her up out of her chair. She swayed a bit and then leaned against him as he tossed some money onto the table. He grabbed her eyeglasses at the last second and shoved them into his pants pocket as he hauled her toward the door.

"G-night all," Sam called out in a very cheerful voice, and Jack just waved and grinned stupidly at Sally and the others.

Almost everyone in the place turned and said good-night to the pair, who would no doubt be the main topic of conversation in this usually boring diner for the remainder of the evening and then some. Right before they headed out the door, he heard Mac yell from the kitchen, "Don't forget to practice safe sex, Jack!"

"Smart ass," Jack replied under his breath.

When they got to the truck, there was no way that Sam could climb into the cab, so once again Jack had to lift her. First he hoisted her up onto the seat. Then he hauled her legs around so that she was facing the front. Her skirt had slid up her thighs again, and this time Jack got a good look at the crotch of her white panties before her modesty woke up long enough for her to tug her skirt down.

While he was reaching around her to fasten her seat belt, her upper body fell heavily over his shoulder, her right breast pressing into the side of his face. Apparently she had just fallen asleep or passed out. Well, wasn't that just great! He used his weight to push her back against the seat and fastened her seat belt securely around her. Then he spread her coat over her and shut the door, wondering how this evening would end. He still had qualms about her being a virgin, but part of him kept saying that someone had to change that, so why shouldn't it be him?

He got into the driver's seat and looked at her relaxed face for a minute, marveling at her beauty. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was steady and relatively quiet. He was about to start the engine when he remembered that he had no idea where she was staying. Very carefully he searched her coat pockets till he found the key card to her hotel room. He wasn't surprised to see that it didn't have the hotel's name on it. Next he took out her wallet and looked for some sort of note, credit card receipt, or something that would give him a clue as to where she was staying. But there was nothing but some cash and a couple of credit cards. Damn! He would have to wake her up or take her back to his boat.

"Sam! Sam, wake up! Sam!" He shook her gently and her head began to roll back and forth against the head rest. "Sam, what hotel are you staying at?"

"No, you idiot, that's not right! It won't work unless I re-calibrate it," she said. Obviously she thought she was someplace else. She kept murmuring things that didn't make sense, at least to him, so he finally decided to let her sleep and head for his home on the water. After a short drive they arrived back at the marina parking lot. Jack decided the only way he could carry his sleeping beauty all the way to his boat was over his shoulder, so that is what he did.

Jack was relieved that he didn't run into anyone on the dock, as carried her across the parking lot and along the dock. Carrying her was not easy, especially in his inebriated condition. While Sam was not particularly heavy, her body was long. Jack pressed her long legs into his chest with one hand, his arm wrapped tightly around them while his other hand was braced against her ass to keep her from sliding off his shoulder. Unable to resist her curvy butt, which was right next to his face, he smoothed his hands over the soft, tempting mounds beneath her skirt. He squeezed once and then again, feeling his groin swell with desire. It was all he could do to concentrate on getting her below into the cabin without banging her head, but somehow he managed it.

Finally Sam was stretched out on her back on his bunk and now Jack stood over her, wondering if he should remove some of her clothing. Using the excuse that she'd be more comfortable undressed, he began undressing her. First he removed her black shoes ... what used to be called Mary Jane's back in his youth ... and then he sat her up and let her body lean against his as he pulled her arms out of her utilitarian sweater. He was finally able to maneuver her and get the black, bulky sweater over her head. Now came the part he had been anticipating for longer than he had even realized. The soft thin material of her blouse buttoned down the front, and Jack carefully pushed each little, round, pearl-like button through its corresponding hole until all twenty of the annoying little buggers were undone and Sam's upper body lay before him, covered only by her bra. She doesn't go in for fancy lingerie either, he said to himself, marveling at how sexy the simple white, cotton bra looked with Sam wearing it.

Forcing himself to stop gawking at her and continue, Jack pulled her up again and held her against his chest as he pulled the sleeves of the blouse down her arms. In the moonlight that slanted in through the small round windows, Sam's skin seemed to glow with an almost ethereal light. She was perfect, smooth and silky to the touch, and Jack couldn't stop himself from tasting that heavenly skin. Just a few kisses won't hurt, he reasoned. His hot lips met warm, pale skin as he left a trail of kisses from her shoulder, down one arm and across the tops of her breasts. Sam moaned and for a second Jack felt like a boy getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He quickly laid her down on her back and began unzipping her skirt, but he was stopped before he could get the zipper all the way down. Sam moaned and rolled to her side, and Jack froze, thinking that if she woke up now, she might be frightened and scream her head off. And he really didn't want to be arrested for attempted rape. So he left her the way she was, covering her with a blanket before hanging her blouse up in his closet.

Ignoring the other bunk in the tiny cabin, he went up on deck to try and get comfortable for the night, figuring that a lady like her needed her privacy. After removing his trousers and hanging them over the back of a chair, he sat down and put his feet up on another deck chair. After an hour of shifting about, he had finally given up on the uncomfortable canvas folding chairs and had traded them for a place on the five-foot-long bench which housed the life preservers. He was just dozing off on his back when he heard someone climbing the stairs.

Figuring it had to be Sam, Jack stayed where he was, curiously watching as she walked toward him. He couldn't help but notice that her skirt was gone and all she was wearing were her white bra and panties. And the moonlight appeared to give them an effervescent glow, as though she were some sort of sea siren, coming to have her way with him. He hoped.

"Jack, come below. You can't possibly be comfortable here," she said, her hand out-stretched toward him.

Well, at least she didn't scream rape and order you to take her home, he observed to himself, feeling very relieved.

He sat up and swung his bare feet to the deck, the blanket that had protected him from the cool night mist becoming tangled with his legs. He jerked it aside and stood up, and his body collided with hers. They stood face to face, his growing erection pressed between their bodies. And even though he wanted her more than he'd wanted anyone in a long, long time, he still wasn't sure he should make love to someone like her. What if he hurt her? What if he wasn't good for her? What if she had regrets tomorrow?

"Sam, are you one hundred percent sure you wanna do this? I have to be honest, once I start I won't be able to stop," he admitted, staring down into her eyes where a twinkle of moonlight was reflected in their depths.

"Yes, I'm sure. I have to admit I'm a little scared, but for some reason I feel like I can trust you," she told him, tilting her face up toward his.

"That's good because you can. We'll take it slow and easy," he said, gently pressing his lips to hers as his arms encircled her body. Her arms became trapped between their bodies as he pulled her tightly against him, grinding his lips on hers. She grabbed onto the collar of his shirt before managing to slide her hands up around his neck as Jack's tongue licked over her lips, seeking entrance.

He could tell she'd had little experience kissing; her lips were way too stiff and unyielding. He'd have to teach her how to kiss him too. Well, that was certainly all right with him, since practicing would be a lot of fun!

"Sam, relax your lips and open your mouth," he instructed, and Sam did as he asked, allowing his tongue to taste and explore her sweet innocence. Soon she was getting the hang of it, her mouth molded to fit his. Even her tongue was getting into the act, skimming softly over his thin sculpted lips.

"Let's go below," Jack suggested, turning her around and guiding her with a hand in the center of her lower back. He couldn't resist sliding his palm lower over her ass and giving one rounded cheek a little pinch. Sam let out a little shriek and her whole body shivered. She might protest but he could tell she was enjoying herself.

"Shhhh! There are other people here at the marina, so we'll have to keep it down, honey. But someday I'd love to take you some place where you can scream your head off," he told her, as they stepped down into the mostly dark cabin.

She hung on tightly to the railing as she slowly descended the short flight of stairs. It was dark and she obviously didn't want to fall head first into the cabin.

"Do you want the light on?" he asked as she stopped suddenly at the foot of the stairs, her hands going out to feel her way to the bunk. Jack, who was used to navigating the boat in the dark, was right behind her and he guided her in the right direction, his hands at her waist.

"No, that's okay. It's just that I'm not wearing my glasses and everything is kind of a blur. But I'd rather keep the light off, if it's okay with you. Getting naked with a guy is kind of daunting," she admitted.

"Except when you're drunk and you take off your bra and flash people from your bedroom window," he teased, and Sam giggled.

"I can't believe I actually told you about that," she cried.

"I can't believe you actually did that! I wonder what else you've done while under the influence."

"Well, apparently I asked some boat captain to have sex with me," she said, giggling nervously

"That's true; you did. You're not sorry, are you?" he asked, still willing to give her an out.

Sam turned around as she felt her thighs touch the bunk. Now they were standing face to face again and Sam put her arms around Jack's neck and pulled his head down toward hers.

"You talk way too much, Captain. Kiss me," she demanded.

"Yes, doctor," he said before their lips locked in a searing kiss that went on for several minutes. Finally they broke apart and sucked in breaths of air.

"Wow, you're a fast learner!" Jack remarked into her hair before covering that side of her neck with kisses.

"Teach me more, Jack," she begged, and he felt her body shiver in anticipation.

She leaned into him, hip to hip, and he wondered if she was aware of his growing erection. He certainly was and had been for quite some time, but she was such an innocent…

"I'll gladly teach you more, Sam, but let's get these clothes off you first. I wanna see the whole package," he admitted, and reaching around he unfastened her bra with one quick flick of his wrist.

A little cry of surprise escaped her lips. The bra began to slip away from her body, but Sam caught it and held it to her chest with trembling hands.

"No Sam, it has to come off. Here, look, I'll take my shirt off. See? Now I have nothing on my chest. Your turn," he exclaimed, tossing his shirt over his shoulder while grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

"It's not the same thing, Jack. Men always go around without their shirts on," she whined, and Jack grabbed hold of a bra strap and began to pull. The other strap had already fallen off her shoulder, and Jack used the opportunity to place a kiss there as his hand continued to tug on her bra.

"Come on, Sam, let go," he begged, leaving a trail of kisses from her shoulder and down over the tops of her breasts. "Come on. You'll like this, but you've got to relax and let go, Sam," he assured her, and finally she did let go, the bra falling away,revealing her firm, high breasts. Jack gazed in awe at two of the most lovely tits he had ever seen. "Sweet!"

"They're okay? They're not too small?" she asked dubiously. She rested her hands on his shoulders as he bent down to take a closer look.

Brushing each turgid nipple with his nose as he inhaled her scent, he almost wished she'd let him turn on the lamp so he could see them even better. But he didn't want to spook her, so his hands cupped and weighed each breast as his cock grew until it pressed hard against his zipper. "Too small? Hell, no! They're perfect," he assured her, and he meant it.

Jack swung her around and sat down on the bunk. Now Sam was standing between his knees and his eyes were level with her breasts. His long tongue came out and licked a pert nipple, causing Sam to gasp in shock. Then she began to hum and dig her fingers into his neck and scalp as Jack sucked an entire areola into his mouth. His tongue rubbed and flicked across the nipple as his hand massaged her other breast, squeezing it and rolling the nipple between his thumb and index finger.

Sam pressed his head to her chest, a clear signal that she wanted more. Jack responded by sucking harder on her nipple and actually pulling on it with his teeth. She cried out, folding him in her arms, her chin coming down to rest on top of his head. She was practically suffocating him with her breasts, but Jack didn't really mind. All he was concerned about was that Sam enjoy her first sexual encounter.

He switched his attention to the other breast, tugging on the nipple with his teeth as he had the first, before sucking it into his mouth. All the while his hands were roaming over her buttocks, sliding over the nylon of her bikini panties. Suddenly he let go of her nipple and hooked his thumbs in her underwear, pulling them down her long, slender legs.

Sam didn't resist this time, and Jack figured she was too far gone for her earlier shyness to reassert itself. The wetness glistening in the crotch of her panties confirmed that he was correct; she was definitely lubed and ready for him. But now that Jack was feeling confident again, he decided to see how many times he could make this virgin sea nymph come before satisfying himself.

With his mouth on her breast his hands were free to go exploring her untried flesh, and that is just what he did. Slowly and expertly Jack slid one hand down between her thighs...making slow circles on her smooth skin before his fingers found their way between her labia...seeking the entrance to her treasure chest.

Sam parted her feet and gave him permission to enter, and Jack inserted a long finger into her vagina, feeling her tense up a little as he pushed it deeper. She was very wet and at first his finger slipped in easily. Then he felt a narrowing of the passageway and a barrier to his penetration. 'Damn, she's still got her cherry!'

As he attempted to push through the barrier, he felt Sam's leg and stomach muscles tense up and her fingernails dig into his shoulders. It had been a long while since he'd broken a girl's hymen, but Jack was up to the challenge. Even so, he knew there was no way to do this without some pain.

"Sam, I may have to have to hurt you a little. Your hymen is still partially intact," he told her.

"It's all right, Jack. I trust you," she said for the second time that night.

He knew that if he was going to spare Sam any pain, she would have to be beyond caring. Jack stood up and exchanged places with her. Then he helped her get settled on her back in the middle of the narrow bed. He quickly shrugged off his boxers and climbed on the bed, positioning himself on his knees between her legs. Then he bent down.

Sam had obviously not been expecting what happened next. Because when Jack's tongue began licking her vulva, she let out a loud gasp and craned her neck to look down at him, her knees automatically coming together around Jack's head. Jack pushed her thighs apart and patted her leg.

"It's okay, Sam Just lay back and relax. Forget about everything except how good it feels," he told her, and her head fell back to the bed with a thump.

With the flat of his tongue he licked hungrily at her labia, drinking in her juices as he tormented and teased her. Sam's back arched as her hands sought his head, her fingers weaving through his silver hair, pulling and tugging as he feasted on her sex with lips and tongue.

He drew ever nearer to her clitoris, always stopping just short of touching it, until Sam could stand it no longer. Her hands pushed at his head, trying to move him toward the little bundle of nerve endings. Jack finally gave in and dragged his tongue over her clit, causing her to respond by thrusting her pelvis up to meet his mouth.

A muffled scream escaped from between her gritted teeth, as her first orgasm peaked. She continued to tilt her hips up and down, as Jack's tongue flicked her clit relentlessly, dragging out her climax. He felt her body shiver and her muscles tense one last time, and then she relaxed down onto the bed, spent and satisfied.

But Jack was not finished with her just yet. Inserting two fingers just inside the entrance to her vagina, he began rubbing at the rough patch of skin that he knew was even more of a turn-on than the clitoris for some women. At first he stroked it gently, listening for Sam's reaction. It wasn't long before her hips were lifting and swaying again, and her cries were filling the little cabin.

Jack looked up and was rewarded with the sight of Sam reaching for her breasts with both hands. She squeezed and pulled at her nipples as Jack pressed harder on her G-spot, which was now no longer rough but smooth and swollen. Dipping his fingers in the moisture that was gushing out of her, he slicked his fingers over and over the little mound until Sam screamed loudly, her thighs clamping tightly around his arm.

And this time he was certain he'd be hearing the sirens as the local cops arrived to investigate. But what the hell! He'd gone this far, so he may as well go all the way, he reasoned.

Now was the time he was waiting for, so he quickly climbed over her and positioned his aching cock between her labia, with just the tip inserted into her tight, steamy opening. Then he grabbed her by both hips and pulled her toward him while thrusting his pelvis forward, his steel-like shaft tearing past the barrier that had protected her virginity, before settling deep within her womb.

If Sam felt any pain, her acknowledgment of it had been dwarfed by her cries of ecstasy. She cried out his name, as she lovingly caressed his back and shoulders...her nails scraping his skin as she urged him to move harder and faster.

"Oh, God, Jack, I never imagined it could be like this! I love you," she cried, as Jack continued to thrust into her.

"I love you too," he said, suddenly realizing it was true.

Now he was a man wanting to please the woman he loved. He really wanted for her to come just from having him inside her, and he thought he knew exactly what she needed to achieve a vaginal orgasm.

Lifting her right leg onto his shoulder, he wrapped his arm around her thigh, while his other hand went around the back of her neck for leverage. Now her body was slightly turned on its side, and he knew she could feel the difference as he thrust into her. The new angle increased the friction of his penetration, and very soon he could feel her arousal building once more as his hardness rubbed over her tender flesh.

On every third or fourth thrust Jack withdrew almost all the way before sliding back into her, quickly bringing Sam to another climax. This time when she came, and he felt her vaginal muscles contracting around his aching erection, Jack could no longer deny himself man's most primitive reward.

Afterward, Jack held Dr. Samantha Carter in his arms and the two of them fell asleep in his bunk, which turned out to be just big enough for a geeky girl and a captain in love.


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