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Cindy closed her eyes for a moment before she stared at Spike's blue eyes intent on telling him that he was under her control, should learn to speak when spoken to, and wasn't as much of a bad-ass as had been rumored through the under-world. She changed her mind once again and decided to stare at the two bodies embraced in each other's arms wondering how could Dawn sleep with someone that she cared so much, but a small unnoticeable voice in her head told her that Dawn was not the one to completely blame for the situation that Connor and Dawn were in. As the voice in her head grew stronger, she gave into it, and decided that she shouldn't take away Dawn's soul because if Connor really loved her as much as she thought that he did, then he would be thinking about Cindy and the spell would not have control over him.

"I didn't catch it before, but I think I get it. Are you in love with Angel's little brat?" Spike said. She realized that his rudeness was coming back and she was loosing her control over his mind, but she couldn't concentrate as she watched the scene unfold in front of her eyes. "Listen, sweep, you may have the whole mystical power over me. You may be on top of the world, but I know about love. Trust me, I've loved the people that I knew I couldn't get involved with and would never love me back. I know its painful, to feel so deeply for someone, even when you don't realize that you are doing it. But, its unfair to these people that you don't have the heart to say that you love them when the time is right, to expect them to be fully committed to you. It doesn't make the love that you feel for the brat hurt less, but I guarantee you that it will hurt less than having him die in your arms. The prophecy is what you came back to do. You can't loose sight of that"

A tear fell onto her arm, and Cindy couldn't pin point the moment when she started to cry, but she knew that the Vampire's words were the truest words that she could ever hear. Her hand relaxed for a moment, and she walked away from the window.

"Come on, William, we have work that needs to be done"


Buffy still looked shaken up about the heart of the Earth. She could still smell traces of Angel behind her, and she kept checking over her shoulder to see if Angel was still there. She rested her mind for a moment as Xander and Anya attempted to make tea for everyone, and Willow laid in a corner trying not to say anything. Had she been pulled out of heaven again? Would her friends ever let her stop being the slayer and let her rest for a moment? The thought angered Buffy, and she realized that she was destined to be like a vampire as long as she had friends that would bring her back, she would be forced to live in hell. It wasn't fair to her. She looked at Willow, and for the first time in a while she felt as if one of her very best friends was standing in the way of something that belonged to her. A final thought ran through Buffy's mind, as the tea was being prepared and her eyelids felt heavy, would she have to kill Willow to have the opportunity to rest in peace?

As Willow watched Buffy's eyelids close she felt extremely guilty, but didn't have the courage to tell anyone about what she had done with all of her jealousy and rage. She felt so ashamed and wished that there was something that she could do take back the mean spirited spell she had just cast. The magic and the emotions had gotten to be so much for her, and she realized that in the moment that she had let her guard down magic had taken control of her. Willow wanted to tell her friends so badly about what she had done, but there would be no way that they could change the outcome of what happened. Plus, she couldn't bare telling her friends that she was not as in control of her magic as she originally thought that she was. It was hard to tell her non-addict friends that they couldn't understand how hard it was to be an addict


'At least I won't die a vrigin' Dawn thought as she pulled up her underwear, pulled up her jeans, and buttoned her shirt. It was funny that even though it was the end of the world Dawn was trying to still look presentable. She tried to convince herself that it wasn't the end of the world, and next Monday she'd be back in Algebra class like he normal kid that she was, maybe even a tad cooler because she had enough experience, now to be one of the experienced girls, but not enough to be considered a slut. Maybe, if they could research they would be able to save the world from peril. Even though, Buffy wasn't there to save them. Dawn looked out the window, she felt as if someone had been watching her, but when she looked out of the window no one was there. Maybe, she was expecting Buffy to come in and save her, but Dawn knew that Buffy would never have let Dawn have sex with Connor, because Buffy was always right on time to protect Dawn. In all Dawn's life, she had never known Buffy to be late when it counted.

Dawn and Connor resumed looking at the books, and Connor studied Dawn's face as she looked at demon after demon. He admired the way that she was persistent and knew what she believed in, but the passion that was between them earlier when they first gazed at each other before they had sex was gone. He admired, appreciated, even liked Dawn, but he knew that he didn't love her. His shoulders fell as he sighed, he had just had sex with a girl that he didn't like, and he couldn't understand why he had sex now that he looked at her. Even more, he couldn't understand why he wasn't in love with her because he should have loved her long brown hair, blue eyes, and open personality. Connor kept telling himself to love Dawn, but for some reason he couldn't, and he couldn't lie to her by saying the words after the moment that they shared together. Instead after about 30 minutes of silence he decided to bring up the moment.

"How was it for you?"

Dawn looked perplexed as he asked her. She thought for a moment, and then realized he wasn't talking about the demon researching.

"It was different. You?"

"The same"

"I can't understand why I did that with you just now. I don't mean to lead you on Connor. I mean I like you and all, but I kind of feel like I was using you to feel safe and secure for just a moment. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that."

Connor nodded his head, and he completely agreed with Dawn for a second time this crazy night. "I did the same to you Dawn, and I'm really really sorry about that.You're a great friend"

"You to, now lets get back to researching," but before Dawn's neck could bend to the book she looked at Connor and said "Do you think that it would be silly if I thought that I could wake up and this could all be a really bizarre dream?"

Usually, Connor would have thought in his mind that this was the dumbest thing that he had ever heard. He would have seen it as a way to think of himself as superior to others because he had been in hell, but something about the delicate hopeful way Dawn said it made Connor think about his own life, and how he had earlier tried to kill himself hoping that death was the way out of his nightmare, and he looked beyond Dawn's mask and said "No…It wouldn't be strange. In fact, I'd be a little worried if you didn't think that way."

Dawn went back to looking at different demons and Connor's eyes looked at page after page as his mind wasn't taking anything that he looked at in to thought, but going over the nights Bizarre chain of events that happened. As he looked at the books he realized that they were trying to research a target demon. They were starting in the wrong place. What they should be looking for was…

"Dawn have you thought about the name Target Demon?"

"No…I've been looking for it though, but I haven't thought about the name at all."

"What do you think that we can draw from the name?" he said scratching his chin and sounding like a professor.

"That it shops at Target" Dawn laughed "I'm kidding…that it has a target…some kind of target."

"Why do you think that we are the targets? I mean you and I?"

"I'm the key to hell…you've been in hell its all your guess"

"Other than that. Just think most people don't know that about us do they?"

"No…most people don't know that…I mean I tried to get Buffy to make a shirt, but she said it would look tacky, and she had just died so she really didn't take the idea too seriously."

"Who would know that we even want to deal with demons? They could send a vampire after us if they wanted us dead.I don't think this Target Demon attack is as random as we think it is. I say we should stop trying to figure out about the target demon. And figure out who would send it to kill us.?" Connor said slamming a book shut. "so…how do we go about it?"

"OMG!!! GET UNDER THE TABLE!" Dawn shouted at Connor as he thought that this wasn't how he expected to solve the problem, but as he caught a glimpse of Dawn's eyes. He dove underneath the table just before a chair came crashing on top of the stack of books.

"Did you bring some weapons?" Connor asked

"Of course. We aren't taking this one sitting down are we?"

"Hell no"

Connor stood up with Dawn right behind him. He looked around and saw nothing. Almost, as if they had hallucinated the whole chair throwing"

"What the hell" Connor said ready to fight "Where did it…that is really random"

"What does all this mean, Connor?"

"It means that you and I are finally asking the right questions. I bet that hallucination means we are on the right trail of whoever has been sending this demon after us. Lets make a list. Things might get rough, it looks like whoever is trying to kill us doesn't want us to know who is doing this."

"What if it isn't someone that we know?"

"Its like you said earlier, before that weird chair incident. This can't be at randomn."

"You know what would be even better?"

"What?" Connor said writing the names down on his paper.

"If we went over tonight's events as we wrote everything down"

Connor and Dawn went to work.