A/N: Emma and Hook have gone back in time, but Rumple doesn't believe that there's any way they can return home. They appear to be permanently trapped in the past, so they've accepted the fact that they're going to have to change some things to survive. Emma has not screwed up her parents' story in any way.


Regina: Storybrooke

"Stop the car." Ruby was out the door almost before Regina could comply. Regina quickly put the car in park and got out after her.

"Be careful," she warned as Ruby approached Zelena's barn. "The portal could still be open." But Regina had been able to feel the magic crackling in the air when she'd been there only a few days before, and today there was nothing. Emma and Hook must have closed it somehow.

The light from the barn was gone, too, and the two women stepped gingerly inside, looking around. "The trail ends here," Ruby said after one final sniff.

Regina conjured a ball of fire, throwing light into the dark corners. But Emma and Hook weren't in any of them. "Emma?"

Nothing. They left the barn to see if maybe the missing pair was somewhere else on the farm, but Regina stopped short when she stepped on something hard. It was a phone, she realized when she bent to inspect it. A phone she recognized. And a touch of a button filled the screen with Emma and Henry's smiling faces.

"I'm not getting anything," Ruby called from the porch. "And there's no way Hook hid his trail. He's pretty pungent."

Regina stood up again, looking around for any other evidence. That's when she noticed the drag marks in the dirt, starting near the phone and stretching towards the circular ridges carved into the barn floor. There was another set, too, but Regina didn't particularly care what happened to Hook.

"They're gone," she said softly, clutching Emma's phone.

The ride back to town was silent and uncomfortable. Walking back into Granny's was worse. Ruby went straight to Snow and Charming, and Regina turned towards Henry, who looked up at her with a smile.

She didn't know how she was supposed to tell him. He'd just lost a father, even though Regina was loath to give Neal that title. But Emma, especially after this past year, was his mother.

He read her face easily enough. "You didn't find them?"

Regina held out the phone. "We found where they were last, Henry. They went into Zelena's portal."

She watched helplessly as her son crumbled in front of her, grateful that he reached out to embrace her. Glad that she could hide her own tears as she tried in vain to comfort Henry.

Regina: Enchanted Forest

As usual, Regina was beginning to wonder why she'd come to the wedding. She'd always hated events like this when her mother or husband was forcing her to attend, but now she was supposed to be free.

But freedom was not something that came easily, even now that she'd destroyed everyone who was supposedly holding her back. She needed to keep balance between the kingdoms, she needed to keep fear in the hearts of even the wealthiest royals. If that meant withstanding one more spoiled princess's wedding, she supposed she was up to the challenge.

She promised herself that she wouldn't stay for long. These things were always uncomfortable. No one dared try to talk to the Evil Queen, so she stood by herself, trying to look imposing rather than impossibly bored. But it wouldn't take much time to leave an impression; in this sea of golds and pinks, her stark black gown drew everyone's gaze.

Her gown, and the red one that a particularly clumsy dancer was wearing. Clumsy, but stunning. It was impossible not to notice her.

Regina raised her glass to her lips to hide her chuckle as the girl turned the wrong way and collided with her partner. The blonde clearly had shirked her dance lessons, and while the man beside her knew all the steps, he wasn't skilled enough to guide a partner who had no clue what she was doing.

The girl, flustered, looked away from her partner. And when her eyes locked briefly with Regina's, the Queen just knew. Whoever this girl was, she had to have her. It had been far too long since she'd last had a beautiful girl in her bed, and this one was the most beautiful thing Regina had ever seen.

And that was from a distance. She needed to get closer, no matter what people would say.

She handed her glass to one of the guards stationed behind her and strode towards the dance floor, guests parting in front of her. All except the girl's partner, who stood protectively in front of her.

The blonde did not look frightened. If anything, she looked amused, and the little smile she gave Regina sent a thrill through the Queen.

"May I cut in." It was decidedly not a question.

The man – certainly not a prince, not with that stubble – raised an eyebrow. And the blonde's small smile was suddenly bigger, reaching up to sparkle in her eyes. Regina could see just how green they were.

"Go ahead, Charles," the girl said with a laugh, but Regina didn't let go of her gaze for a second.

"I don't want to dance with him, dear." With a wave of her hand, Regina had Charles stumbling away from his partner. Regina took a good look at the girl now that there was nothing between them, admiring the way her red gown fit her to perfection. She held out a hand, waiting for the blonde to take it and accept the dance.

The girl laughed again, and Regina found it both irritating and somewhat charming. And then her slender hand took Regina's. "Is this a thing, women dancing together here?" She glanced nervously down at her feet. "Who leads?"

Regina put her hand on the girl's waist and pulled her close, perhaps closer than was strictly necessary. "You have no idea what you're doing," she said in a low voice. "And I always lead." She turned her attention to the music for a second and easily picked up, guiding her new partner into place. "Tell me your name."

"Princess Leia," she said with another one of her quirky smiles. "And you're Regina."

"You will call me Your Majesty," Regina insisted, although she could imagine a few other choice words Leia could call her once they were alone.

"Aren't we past the formalities?" Leia asked. "You do have your hand on my ass."

It took all of Regina's carefully crafted control not to blush at that. She shifted her hand back up, having hardly noticed that it strayed in the first place. "Such language from a princess."

"As you can tell, I'm not exactly that type of princess." Leia nodded at Princess Abigail, who was across the room looking petulant about something.

Regina grinned, and although the dance called for her to spin Leia away, she ignored the music and the other dancers and only pressed the blonde closer. Leia sucked in a sharp breath, and the Queen wished that her dress was less elaborate and heavy so that she could feel her partner pressed against her. Leia could clearly feel her through the fairly thin material of her gown.

Regina leaned in, her lips mere inches from Leia's ear. "Thank goodness for that."

Emma: Enchanted Forest

Emma knew that she really shouldn't be enjoying this as much as she was, but she couldn't help it. Hook had very pointedly reminded her that this was the Evil Queen, not Regina, but she certainly reminded Emma of the Regina she'd first met. Prickly and sarcastic and thrillingly dangerous. And while the blonde had been glad to see the woman change so much, that didn't mean that she couldn't enjoy a bit of a challenge.

And while Emma had spent a lot more time than strictly necessary looking at the pictures in Henry's books, those did not do the Queen any justice.

If nothing else, this would be a funny story to tell the real Regina. Emma couldn't even imagine how the Storybrooke incarnation would react to the idea that she'd been instantly attracted to the blonde.

Hook gave her a sharp glare over the frill of Regina's collar, and Emma's heart sank as she remembered. Rumplestiltskin couldn't help them, and unless Emma could miraculously get her magic back, there was no going home. There was no seeing the real Regina again, or her real parents. And Henry had no doppelganger here, so Emma would really never see him again.

"You're distracted," that familiar, sultry voice said, and Emma brought her gaze back up to the Queen. "Do I need to do away with your prince?"

"It's not him," Emma told her, seeing the dangerous flash of jealousy in Regina's eyes. "And he's not my prince."

"He's not yours, or he's not a prince?" Regina asked with a smirk. "He might know all of the right moves, but he is certainly not royalty."

"He's not mine, either."

Regina laughed. "Then why is he looking at me like I stole his favorite toy?"

"Well, I'm not his," Emma clarified.

The Queen leaned in closer, eyes glittering as she took in her partner. "Would you like to be mine?"

This was really, really stupid. "Yes."