A/N: Well, this is super cheesy. I hope you enjoy it anyway.

Thanks, everyone! This was originally going to be a 2-3 chapter story, and I'm so glad you encouraged me to keep writing. I've already started work on something new, so keep an eye out!


"Remind me again why we have to go to this thing?" Emma was sprawled on her back on the bed, watching Regina fuss with her makeup.

"The ball is a major town fundraiser," Regina explained, watching Emma in the mirror. "The mayor can't exactly miss it."

"See, that sounds like a reason why you have to go. Why do I have to go?"

Regina got up and made her way to the bed, sitting beside Emma and giving her a fond smile. "Because you love me?"

Emma sat up, wrapping her arms around Regina's waist and nuzzling against her shoulder. "I love you best right here," she said. "And our bedroom has the added bonus of not requiring gowns."

Regina turned and kissed Emma before pulling away and returning to her vanity. Our bedroom, she thought with a smile. After she took Emma home from the diner that night, the blonde had never left, and Regina enjoyed the gradual shift from your to our. It had been several months now, just her, Emma, and Henry, and Regina didn't think that she'd ever seen any of them so happy.

She applied her lipstick carefully, a deep wine red to match the dress hidden in the back of her closet (the closet was one of the few places in the house that was still 100 percent Regina's). She glanced over her shoulder at Emma. "I look really hot in my dress," she offered as a final incentive.

"You look really hot in all your dresses," Emma replied petulantly, and Regina laughed.

"Are you complaining?"

"No." Emma got up with a groan, and soon her reflection appeared just behind Regina's. "I can see your dress after."

"Maybe I'll take Robin as my date, then," Regina teased, aiming to spark Emma's old jealousy. "Let him dance with me in my really hot dress."

"He's going with his wife. That's why Henry's babysitting, remember?"

"Hook, then."

Emma faked a gasp. "You wouldn't dare."

Regina lifted an eyebrow, smirking at Emma in the mirror. "Wouldn't I?"

That brought the possessive look into Emma's eyes, and she grabbed Regina tightly around the waist. "If he ever even tries to touch you I'll chop off his other hand."

"Come with me," Regina asked one last time, and she could tell that, protests aside, Emma would cave.


She had to give Regina credit – the high school gym had never looked so good. She'd magically transformed the interior to look like a real Enchanted Forest ballroom. And the people looked authentic, too, having spent months and fortunes on their custom gowns and suits. Emma was sure that she looked a bit out of place in the short black dress that she'd crushed Snow by deciding on, but Emma was pretty sure that one ballgown was enough for a lifetime.

Emma scanned the room for Regina. Since the mayor had been charged with the magical part of the setup, Regina had arrived hours earlier.

It only took one loop around the room to find the only other woman who wasn't wearing a traditional gown. Emma wasn't sure why she'd expected to see Regina in the usual corset and enormous skirt, seeing as Regina's Enchanted Forest fashion had been much more avant-garde and her Storybrooke fashion was sleek and tailored. Either way, she always managed to look much sexier than the norm.

Tonight was certainly not an exception. Regina was in deep red, a long dress that clung close to her body. And it was backless, which Emma enjoyed as she approached her from behind. Modest in the front, she'd discover as soon as Regina turned around, but devastatingly sexy from all angles.

Regina was talking to one of the town council members, but Emma didn't hesitate to cut in. "I hope you don't mind if I steal her," she said, not waiting for an answer before she put a hand against Regina's bare back and steered her towards the dance floor. "You look fucking amazing," she whispered.

"I told you it was worth showing up for." Regina guided Emma into the proper position and then into the easy waltz that the dancers were in the midst of.

The dances got more intricate as they continued, and Emma could have sworn she remembered one with a particularly confusing series of turns. "We did this that night," she said once the steps brought her back into Regina's arms. "The night you met me."

"You're still horrendous at it," Regina teased. This time, when all of the other dancers spun away from their partners, Regina kept Emma close. Certainly closer than would be proper at a real ball, but Emma was sure that a high school gym must have seen much worse.

"Yet you put up with me."

"I love you," Regina said. "And I love dancing with you."

"We should dance more," Emma suggested, wondering if Regina could tell how her heart was racing. "Just not at balls."

"If you think you're dragging me to The Rabbit Hole, you're sorely mistaken," the brunette teased.

"Something in between," Emma said, surprising Regina when she stopped swaying with her altogether. "Like a wedding?"

"Who…" Emma grinned as realization dawned on Regina's face. "Oh."

Emma turned one of Regina's hands palm up and closed her eyes, focusing her magic. When she opened them again, the ring that she'd been hiding in her car for a week was there in Regina's hand. And although she'd thought of a million different things she could say at this moment, nothing came out.

Regina was speechless, too. They just looked at each other, and Emma could read the answer in Regina's eyes. The love that was always there, but more somehow.

She didn't say yes. She simply closed her hand around the ring and kissed Emma breathless.